10 Best Luggage Sets Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Whether you’re a travel enthusiast or first-time traveler, your trip is incomplete without the perfect luggage set.

Travel is fun but finding the right luggage set is daunting. As soon as you plan a trip, you start searching for the best luggage sets.

They are available in various styles, sizes, and designs, so selecting the best one isn’t a piece of cake.

My purpose in writing this post is to make your next trip shopping super enjoyable.

In this post, I am going to review the top 10 best luggage sets according to consumer ratings and reports in 2023. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Luggage Sets Consumer Ratings & Reports

We have compiled a list of the 10 best luggage sets according to consumer ratings and reports in 2023.

1. Samsonite Luggage Set with Spinner Wheels

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Features at a glance
  • Scratch-resistant case
  • Oversized 360 spinner wheels
  • Expandable to offer extra space
  • Push-button locking handle
  • TSA compatible combination locks

Samsonite has been manufacturing durable luggage for generations after generations.

This brand is a name of quality and durability. Your mother must have a complete idea of how well-performing luggage sets from this brand are.

If you buy its latest version of a 3-piece set with spinner wheels, you won’t have to look for another set for the next 10-years.

In this set, you will unlock a 20″ Carry On that you can take with you only on any domestic flight without worrying about exceeding the limit or requirement.

There are 24 and 28 inches spinners that bring ample packaging space. You can grab them out when you have a long trip plan with your family.

Cases are designed with micro-diamond polycarbonate texture. As the case surface is resistant to scratch, the luggage’s sleek finish won’t go away no matter how many trips you have completed.

This luggage set is designed with multidirectional 4-spinner wheels that move in every direction at 360 degrees.

Rolling luggage from one place to another will be an effortless experience. Samsonite engineered these wheels with advanced technology to make them lightweight.

To ensure safety during the traveling, the manufacturer integrated side-mounted TSA-locks. Your belongings will remain safe. Only you and the TSA agent can have access to it.

Expansion of each model offers you extra packing space, while compression tech allows adjustment in confined spaces.

Handles will be stored inside the bag casing. You can grab them out by pushing a button. The ergonomic design of the handle offers superior maneuverability.

What We Like!
  • scratch-resistant textures Sturdy
  • polycarbonate construction
  • 6 Visually appealing colors
  • Cross straps for neat packaging
Things to Consider!
  • You can’t find a replacement for plastic wheels

2. American Tourister Stratum Expandable Hardside Luggage

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Features at a glance
  • Easy to Organize
  • Excellent Maneuverability
  • Lightweight
  • Mesh Pockets
  • Beautiful color options

Do you want to travel with style? Grab a 3-piece sleek silver luggage set from American Tourister.

Every case in this package is expandable. You can organize clothing items easily in its large front panel.

There is a mesh modesty pocket to store personal items in the main compartment. There are compression straps to pack clothing items without creating any mess.

This compact space-saver design has an inside handle that you kick out with a push-button. An inside handle stays protected from environmental wear and tear.

The external shell is durable and rugged, withstands hundreds of long trips without getting damaged.

You will enjoy a firm grip and hold through its multi-stage ergonomic trolley handle. Moving luggage around won’t hurt your wrist at all.

The sturdy hard case is easy to roll around and well-built. The suitcase adheres to airline requirements and is extremely lightweight.

The bag has a zip flap mash to keep many delicate things in one place, while its classic criss-cross band will keep cloth at its place intact.

What We Like!
  • Solid construction
  • Expandable design
  • Impactful Designs
  • Durable Shell Case
Things to Consider!
  • There are no side handles.

3. Amazon Basics Hardside Spinner Suitcase Luggage

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Features at a glance
  • Perfect Set for Every Trip
  • Telescoping handle
  • 4-double spinner wheels
  • Ample storage space
  • Protective hard shell

A problem with many suitcases is that their beauty doesn’t last long. After a few trips, you start noticing wear and tear.

In case you need a luggage set whose beauty remains intact for years, you better make a deal for Amazon Basic Hardside Spinners.

Unlike other brands that use thin ABS-Shell, Amazon has used a thicker shell version to enhance strength and durability.

No matter how harsh the weather condition is, your belongings won’t get damaged.

Best of all, this protective hard shell has a scratch-resistant feature. So, the beauty and finish of this black amazon suitcase set won’t deteriorate with constant use.

You can expand and lock its telescoping handle for rolling luggage around. Its short handle will offer quick and easy lifting. Inside the pack, you will uncover 21,26 and 30 inches suitcases.

Set is engineered with top-quality double spinner wheels that move in all directions. So, you can expect outstanding mobility.

Inside the pack, you will explore zip pockets for keeping small items, a polyester organizer for medium-size stuff, and a handy divider.

Holding it all together and organized won’t be a challenge on your trip.

What We Like!
  • Scratch-resistant finish
  • Durable
  • Fully lined interior with divider
  • 150D-polyester interior organizer
  • Three zippered pockets
Things to Consider!
  • There is no curb protection on case

4. Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside Expandable Luggage Set

Features at a glance
  • Polycarbonate construction
  • 10-year Limited Warranty
  • 5 inches expansion, extra space
  • Self-Retracting handle
  • Easy to Roll Around

When a big part of your job is to travel around domestically and internationally, then you can get the best value of your money through this Charcoal luggage set.

Samsonite has set industry standards through its backpacks and bags. This particular set unlocks a leisurely roll around 20 inches carry-on bag and two large 24 and 28 inches bags.

You can make the most of carrying a bag on weekend trips, while large bags have organizers to keep it all at one place during long trips.

You can rely on this brand as it offers a 10year limited warranty. The set is aggressively tested to meet quality standards and to ensure user convenience on-the-go.

Its zipper-lock mechanism is convenient while you can boost the safety net through its side-mounted TSA locks.

Each case brings its well-engineered and lightweight spinner wheels. They offer excellent mobility even on cobblestone roads.

Interior divider lets you pack different items without mixing them all. There are ten oversized zippers to make luggage organization a hassle-free task.

Scratch and scruffs are part of the journey as you move from one airport to another.

Thankfully this brand offers unified brushed pattern custom design to camouflage these imperfections beautifully.

Although I like its charcoal shade, you can choose your desired one from 12 available color palettes.

Samsonite has designed every case with a self-retracting handle to maintain a low profile of this sleek design, especially when you don’t need handles.

What We Like!
  • Multi Directional spinner wheels
  • TSA Locks
  • Elegant brushed pattern to hide scratches
  • 10 Oversized Zipper
  • Slider and Divider for Easy organization
Things to Consider!
  • Case surface isn’t scratch-resistant

5. Travelpro Maxlite 5-Softside Expandable Luggage Set

Features at a glance
  • Flexible and expandable
  • Ultra-Light Soft-sided Spinner
  • Ideal for a long and short trip
  • 4-wheel 360 degree rotating spinners
  • Limited lifetime coverage

Do you need an ultimate travel companion? You should make up your mind about luggage set from TravelPro.

It has a limited lifetime guarantee alongside a one-year repair promise; all this is good enough to have some faith in quality workmanship and durable construction.

This 2-piece luggage set from Travel Pro unlocks a21″ Carry-on spinner and a 25″ Checked spinner. The set is ultra-lightweight, so rolling it around will always be a comfortable experience.

With its 2-position adjustable handle, you can set height as per your preference. You can extend handle height from 38 to 42 inches. Glide this handle that has a patented contour grip to offer perfect hold.

You can make the most from this 2-piece Travel Pro Luggage set on your short and long trip. Its 4-swivel wheels move multidirectional to ensure optimal mobility.

When it comes to packing your luggage, you won’t have to do much. The bag is designed with side pockets, a full-length front pocket, and an extensive interior compartment.

Adjustable hold-down straps keep clothing fully organized. There is a high-tensile expandable zipper, so you can add a bit of extra space to keep additional items.

What We Like!
  • 2-position adjustable PowerScope lite handle
  • Polyester fabric with DuraGuard
  • H20 Guard offers moisture protection
  • Trusted companion promise
Things to Consider!
  • Cheap quality Fabric

6. Kenneth Cole Reaction 3-Piece Lightweight Luggage Set

Features at a glance
  • Retractable Push-Button Handle
  • Protective hard shell, sturdy bag
  • Available in 13 Shades
  • Enjoy Double-side Packing
  • Self-repairing zippers

When you need a fashion-forward luggage set design that doesn’t compromise quality and functionality, simply purchase one from Kenneth Cole.

The Renegade collection of this brand is integrated with 8-wheels that move at 360 degrees and comfortably let users move bags in all directions.

Its 20-inch carry-on adheres to domestic and international requirements. The lightweight construction ensures that you won’t have to pay any extra luggage fee at the checking gate.

The bag is designed with a protective hardshell case that can withstand harsh weather and careless handling.

Molded corner guard reinforcement will protect the case from frequent wear and tears. You can embark on your journey with confidence, thanks to its long-lasting zippers.

You can find a handle on the side, so lifting the bag during travel won’t hurt your wrist at all.

The interior compartment offers generous packing space. The front lid has a U-Shaped zip pocket to tuck some lightweight items.

The garment retrains strap will hold all your clothing and content tightly during travel. You can keep all accessories safe in a zipper accessory pocket.

The best part of the case design is its retractable and telescopic trolley handle that lets you roll bags on all terrain with one hand only.

You won’t have to run to the repair shop when the zipper gets stuck. It’s because the manufacturer has offered you a gift of self-repairing zippers to enhance comfort in your life.

What We Like!
  • 2-inch additional Expansion
  • Molded corner guard reinforcements
  • 8-wheel moves in all direction
  • Retractable trolley handle
Things to Consider!
  • The Main Compartment isn’t deep enough

7. Rockland Hardside Spinner Wheel Luggage Set

Features at a glance
  • Ergonomic aluminum Handle
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Hard suitcase made of ABS
  • Multi-directional double spinner
  • Expandable

Rockland has been offering top-quality luggage and bags since 1998. In case you are out in the market to find something durable and highly functional.

Rockland Luggage set will meet all the requirements you set in your list. This set confines within your budget limit and offers you everything you desire, from telescoping handles to multi-directional wheels.

The exterior of this 3-piece set is made of ABS that is a lightweight and durable material. Thick ABS is used to ensure that the case lasts longer than customer expectations.

The reason for making these cases lightweight is the luggage requirements from the airline. You can pack more without worrying about excess weight surcharges.

To maximize your packing capacity, simply unzip the case, and it will bring 2-inch extra storage space to tuck more items safely inside.

Interior has a zipper pocket, mesh, and elastic pocket to store varied size and delicacy items.

As this model is integrated with 8-wheel dual spinners, you will never feel too much pressure on your wrist. It’s because the wheels move at 360 degrees for easy maneuverability.

Its internal handle is made of aluminum. Thereby this telescopic handle is extremely durable. Push the button and extend the height of the handle as per your needs.

What We Like!
  • Interior mesh zip compartment
  • Internal Telescoping handle
  • Affordable
  • Choose Favorite Shade from 33 Colors
Things to Consider!
  • The case scratches easily.

8. COOLIFE Luggage 3 Piece Lightweight Set Suitcase

Features at a glance
  • Spacious Interior
  • Accessible Mesh Pocket
  • Easy to Organize
  • Multi-directional spinner wheels
  • Quiet Wheels

Luggage has to deal with roughness during travel. Thereby you should invest money in impact-resistant suitcases.

These bags are designed with lightweight but extremely durable 100 percent ABS. This material is strong enough to offer the ultimate protection to your luggage.

With the push of a button, you can start using a telescopic handle. No matter how long you walk on the street with this bag, its ergonomic design offers a soft feel.

Thereby you never experience wrist strain or shoulder pressure.

When you are ready to roll the case, push the handle button and adjust it at your preferred height.

You will enjoy peace of mind during your trip as this set has a TSA-compatible lock. There is no need to spend money on additional locks when you can have the best one integrated into the design.

With the mesh pocket, you can easily access packed items. There are some zip pockets in the case interior so that you can organize your luggage quite well.

The best thing about this set is that CoolLife has brought sturdy and silent wheels that are multi-directional. Rolling luggage around is a simple and comfortable experience.

What We Like!
  • 100 percent ABS made
  • Height adjustable telescopic handle
  • TSA-approved locks
  • Interior skirted division
Things to Consider!
  • Durability is questionable.

9. SHOWKOO Luggage Sets Expandable Durable Suitcase

Features at a glance
  • Made of thick PC+ABS materials
  • Impact-resistant Surface
  • 360° rotate double wheels
  • Silent wheels with lubricating balls
  • Adjustable ergonomic aluminum handle

Are you searching for the best luggage set for your next business trip?

I will recommend the 3-piece set from SHOWKOO as it has been made with improved and upgraded PC plus ABS material.

The hard shell will keep your belongings well-protected. Besides, the surface is impact-resistant.

Travelers always complain about scratches that are caused by the careless handling of handlers at airports.

If the luggage look is your main concern, don’t worry too much, like the textured finish of this hard side luggage keeps beauty intact trip after trip.

Unlike other models where wheels make too much noise when you roll the luggage, this one is different.

You can move luggage silently as the manufacturer has used new soft TPU and lubricating balls to ensure noise-free mobility.

You can rely on this luggage as it has passed the walking test and 100 percent perfect drop test.

If you need the best set for long trips and international travel, this bag can become your ultimate companion.

TSA-compatible locks are integrated into this modern design to boost travel safety levels.

When it comes to moving the luggage around, its 3-step telescoping handle offers easy to hold. You can wander on up and down the road smoothly.

Traditional hardshell tends to crack when you lift a heavyweight, but you won’t face that problem with this model.

The brand has added 2 reinforcement brackets on its side, and top carry handles to prevent cracks.

Interior has a complete capacity storage design with a full-zip interior divider. Few pockets prove helpful in keeping luggage well-organized.

What We Like!
  • 3-step telescoping handle
  • Two reinforcement brackets
  • Rubberized handle
  • Side-mounted TSA lock
Things to Consider!
  • Carry on isn’t expandable

10. American Tourister Moonlight Luggage with Spinner Wheels

Features at a glance
  • Extremely lightweight
  • 4-multidirectional spinner wheels
  • 10-year limited Warranty
  • Carry on plus Spinner
  • Available in 10 colors

Style-conscious travelers always want to buy a luggage set that looks super adorable inside out.

American Tourister has brought 10 various color assortments in its Moonlight hard side collection.

I picked rose gold as it has an eye-catching interior pattern while the exterior shade merely is stylish.

Apart from style, the case is highly functional. Taking it everywhere around with you won’t be a problem because it has engineered lightweight, multi-directional wheels.

When you need extra packing space, it lets you unzip the case to have 1.5 inches additional room to keep more items.

As you know, every luggage bag from this brand is tested rigorously. Thereby you can rely on its product. Besides, there is a 10-year warranty that you can use against defects and artistry.

There is a push-button locking handle that offers excellent mobility and a comfortable grip.

Its main compartment has a classic criss-cross strap so you can pack cloth neatly. The book opening case has a mesh divider where you can keep some makeup or toothbrushes for easy access.

What We Like!
  • Lightest ABS/PC construction
  • Expandable,1.5 in extra space
  • Easy to Organize
  • Push-button locking handle
Things to Consider!
  • The surface isn’t scratch resistant.

A Complete Guide For Luggage Set

In the presence of too many options, try making a deal for one with features like durability, practicality, and maneuverability.

The right set choice should be based on your travel preference, budget, and capacity requirements.

A short trip only requires a backpack or duffel bag, but an extended family trip lets you explore 3-to-5 piece sets. It’s time to know what important factors to keep in mind while choosing a set.

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Select the Type

Luggage sets unlock different types of luggage bags, from backpacks to duffel bags. The kind of bag you need depends on your trip.

  1. For a short trip, you can make the most of backpacks. If you think that these backpacks are only suitable for hiking or camping, you are wrong. Travel backpacks are also ideal for foreign flights. This kind of version is designed with handles and wheels to enhance maneuverability.
  2. For a long trip, always rely on a traditional suitcase or roller bags. They have ample storage space, allowing you to store various things in separate compartments and pockets.
  3. A duffel bag is good when you go out for a quick weekend trip. However, it would be best if you didn’t grab a duffel or backpack when traveling to a large airport. In that case, you will carry bags and other things on your shoulder, and the whole traveling experience will become tiresome.

Pick the Size

The size of the luggage set ultimately depends on your family size and travel requirements.

  • In case you have a plan to travel with your family, you need at-least a medium size bag.
  • For a four-person family, two large size rollers bags are good enough.
  • You can rely on a carry-on bag on a short trip, while a duffle bag is suitable for weekend travel. When you plan a trip to stay at a place for a long time, it means packing more things, and thereby a big capacity bag will meet exact trip requirements.

The most important consideration while selecting the size of luggage bags is the airline requirements.

Standard requirements for a bag size is 22″ x 14″ x 9″. In case you get a bigger size, you need to pay an extra luggage fee- that you never want to pay in the first place.

Whether it is your foreign or domestic flight, it’s vital to know what size is allowed and what’s the weight capacity.

Don’t know how to get this information? The simple answer is to check the airline website and connect with the customer care center. Get a clear idea and then buy a perfect size accordingly.

Hard or Soft Material

You can find luggage sets either in hard or soft material. You must know about the pros and cons of both materials to pick the best one.

  • Soft material bags are flexible. You can squeeze them to adjust in a confined space. They are expandable, so when you have gifts for people on your way back home, you don’t need an additional bag. It’s because the existing one will offer you adequate space. Besides, they are affordable.
  • Hard material bags are incredibly durable and easy to clean. If you travel often, never buy a soft bag but a hard one to survive rugged checking, belt area, and other challenges without getting damaged.

If you like to organize your luggage item, a soft bag offers more interior and exterior pockets than a hard one.

Hard material usually has clamshell-style where two halves interior provides ample storage space without pockets (most of the time).

Number of Pieces

When it comes to picking the best luggage set for your next adventure, the most important thing to decide is the number of pieces you need.

The exact selection is based on your travel preference and family size. A set of three bags is good enough for a couple.

However, when you have four kids, you better shop a collection made of more than five pieces. This extensive set will completely meet growing family needs and offer ample parking space.


When traveling with a big family, you should skip duffle and shoulder bags and rely on either 2 or 4 wheel bags.

You can’t carry it all with ease, no matter how strong you are. Ensure to buy those bags that offer excellent maneuverability in tight areas.

Telescopic handle and swivel wheels are two things to look into while picking the best set for your next trip.

Security and Safety

In your bag, you will have to keep many precious items and electronics. Thereby, you should seek security features in your luggage set.

You should purchase a bag that is designed with either an internal or external locking design. Another must-have investment is TSA-lock.

No matter how good and efficient a locking system is, you should also buy some traditional locks to secure your luggage. Colorful cable ties keep your luggage safe and make it distinctive.

Two Wheels Vs Four Wheels

Two wheels luggage sets are suitable for all-terrain as they offer excellent maneuverability. They are lightweight, and moving them around is quite simple.

As you have to deal with a rocky ground out of the airport, this kind of bag set is easier to work with.

Four wheels luggage sets have wheels that move at 360 degrees. When you have more than one bag, the 4-wheel style brings balance, and bags don’t slip easily. The shortcoming of this design is that extra wheels take more space.


What should you pay for a luggage set? I will say that the price of a luggage set is directly related to its quality.

The more you are ready to pay, the better quality you will get. It’s because top-quality brands add more features, functionality, and performance, thereby charging high.

In case you travel frequently and want to buy a set that lasts longer, you should be ready to spend more than $500.

On the flip side, a cheap luggage set is suitable in a situation where you plan to travel only once or twice in your life.

Expandable Vs Rigid

If you are a person who likes to shop while traveling, you should think of buying an expandable version.

It allows you to add up some extra space as and when required. The only problem with this design is more weight and expandable cases usually tip over, and you find them hard to move.

Rigid designs are compact, and people like to invest in them as they offer more security and offer an expandable version. They bring locks instead of zipping that you use for fastening.

Handles and Wheels

It would be best if you bought travel sets with ergonomic handles. When a handle isn’t well designed, moving your bag around would always create wrist strain.

Always buy a set where handles are integrated inside the bag, as this specific design will keep the handle protected from any outside damage. Invest money in comfortable and sturdy handles.


One big problem with luggage bags is their low-quality zippers. I always prefer metal over plastic ones.

If you find a set with a self-repairing zipper, go and get it. The reason for choosing it over other designs is that in case zippers stop working.

All you have to do is move the zipper up and back repeatedly until it reseals. You don’t have to take the bag to the repair shop.


The best luggage is the one that comes with big pockets that makes luggage organization simple and more accessible.

Soft side bags are best designed for organized people as hard designs usually have limited or small pockets- not enough to tuck oversized items.

Smart Features

Modern luggage set designs are usually integrated with a USB charging port. It lets you fuel up your smartphone on the move.

This feature brings extra comfort during a trip, so you should think of purchasing it.


Gone are the days when luggage sets only had standard colors. Today, the market is saturated with a variety of designs and colors.

Now the question is what color you should pick. Color selection depends on your personality and lifestyle.

A professional should stick with primary colors like black, brown, and blue as he won’t look great with fancy colors.

Girls, on the other hand, should consider getting some bright and funky colors. Floral pattern luggage sets look eye-catching, and spotting your specific set from the crowd becomes an easy task.

If you have kids around, please don’t buy light colors. Kids are never careful around luggage so that any juice splash will deteriorate the whole finish. So, you better purchase black or dark brown as they tend to withstand these incidents.

The most important factor at this point is that you shouldn’t buy standard colors and designs. No matter what color you choose, it shouldn’t be pretty standard.

If you make a mistake, your bag search will take forever at the airport. Keep that point in mind when choosing a luggage set.

Wrapping it Up

When buying the perfect luggage set, you should consider features like durability, design, handles, wheels, etc., in your mind.

If you travel frequently, a durable set will offer the best value for your money. Fancy designs and intricate patterns look great, but delicate bags won’t last long.

Thereby, one must keep in mind the practicality of design and style while making any deal.

It’s good to become clear about future travel plans, airline, and packing requirements first and then start shopping for the best luggage set.

This way, you will base your selection on the factors that matter the most. An ideal luggage bag set will bring ultimate comfort to your life during and after the trip.

People Also Asked About Luggage Sets 

Hard or soft luggage: Which one is the better option?

Hard luggage is always the best choice, especially when it is made of aluminum.

This set is durable, and no one can rip open it, thereby adding to travel security. Soft luggage has pockets and is usually expandable, but it doesn’t have an integrated lock, making this type less secure.

What is a budget-friendly travel set?

You should think of grabbing a Merax Travelhouse 3-Piece Luggage Set as it is super affordable and brings practical design.

What is the best luggage set for families?

You can invest your money in American Flyer 5-Piece Set. It’s available at Amazon for a quick shopping experience.

What is the best time to buy a new luggage Set?

It would be best if you bought new luggage sets in March because summer is on its way and thereby you can find a variety of designs.

Even it’s the month where you can have your hand on the best deals on last year’s models. Manufacturers are introducing new models, so you can save money on shopping for old ones.

Are two-wheel luggage sets better than 4?

You need to move two wheels on your back, and they are usually lightweight. Moving them in rough areas is effortless.

You can enjoy more internal capacity on 2-wheel. Besides, they are affordable.

Should you buy spinner bags?

Yes, one should invest in spinner bags as they let you walk comfortably on cobblestone streets and rough dirt roads.

You need to tilt this bag at 45 degrees and pull it from behind for excellent maneuverability.

Do spinner luggage wheels break down easily?

Yes, they are more prone to damage than other kinds. It’s because the spinner moves in all directions.

Wheels on the upright models are durable as they don’t move around too much to become susceptible to breakage.

What luggage brand offers sturdy wheels?

You should consider buying sets from Away, TravelPro, Delsey, Rimowa, G-Pro, etc.

What Happens if my carry bag is too big?

In that case, you won’t be allowed to pass the boarding gate. Your bag will be checked, and you will pay a checked bag fee. So, be careful while picking bag size.

Is a 29 Inches suitcase big?

Yes, it is a big size for both domestic and internal flights. The carry bag should be 21 inches maximum (including wheels).

For a check-through bag, the standard length is 27 inches. You better check with the airline to get an exact size idea.

How Heavy your carry-on can be?

Your carry-on bag shouldn’t be heavier than 26 pounds.

How to protect spinner bag wheels?

You can use a cover that will work as a buffer against dings and scrapes on a rough road and bring ultimate protection for wheels.

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