7 Beautyrest Mattress Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Never sleep hot again, with Air cool mattress.

A mattress line that has record less return and won the customer’s trust by its high-quality cooling effects, durability, and comfort level.

Simmons Beautyrest is a reputable brand that is committed to providing you with a relaxing sleeping experience.

The brand is best known for providing high-end thickness mattresses and pillow tops.

Beautyrest collection is focused on providing durability, good firmness level, design features, and supportiveness.

In this posts, I am going to review the 7 best beautyrest mattress according to consumer ratings and reports 2023.


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Beautyrest Mattress Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports

I have compiled a list of the 7 best beautyrest mattress based on consumer ratings and reports 2023.

1. Beautyrest Silver Luxury Firm Pillowtop

If you prefer a high-end mattress that is both affordable and luxurious then the Beautyrest Silver is the product for you.

The key and obvious features of this mattress are its pressure-relieving and cooling technology foams.

When it comes to the build, this queen-sized bed has a pocketed coil support unit that also has 900 coils.

Moreover, it has added edge support due to a foam edge perimeter.

The pocketed coil technology has pressure-relieving properties as well as enhanced conformability for undisturbed sleep.

If you prefer your bed remains cool all night that you’ll love the dual cool technology this mattress has to offer.

It consists of layers of special material and gel memory foam that has multiple properties. This includes moisture-wicking, heat-wicking, and anti-microbial properties.

This dual cool memory foam technology conforms to your body and dissipates heat from the surface of the mattress.

The Beautyrest mattress has layers with different materials.

The surface layer has an open cell structure that is quite soft. It provides airflow and guarantees a long life for your mattress because it is durable.

The second layer is called the Aircool Foam that has been designed to enhance airflow throughout the mattress.

It also offers stability and support right to the edge.

The third layer is the Backcare Support, whose sole purpose is to give you comfort. The soft gel foam has exceptional conformability and gives your back the necessary support it needs.

Apart from the mentioned features, the plushness and the cushion depth allows you to sink deep into slumber. It gives a floating-on-the-bed kind of feel.

  • Motion isolation capabilities
  • Good pressure-relieving properties
  • Recommended for people who prefer to sleep on their back, stomach, and sides
  • Supportive coil system
  • Prevents overheating
  • Not too firm

2. Simmons Beautyrest Hi-Loft Inflatable Air Mattress

Wouldn’t it be great if whenever you wanted a plush and comfortable mattress would just pop up? It isn’t that far fetched because with Beautyrest’s Hi-loft inflatable mattress it is quite possible.

This mattress in the Beautyrest series quickly inflates and deflates if you use an electric pump. This allows you to have an extra mattress in a matter of minutes.

Whether you are traveling, camping, or having guests, you have a sleeping solution in the form of this mattress.

One of the more interesting features of this mattress is the patented one-touch control system.

This feature lets you switch from firm to plush and vice versa so you can adjust to your ideal comfort level.

One thing that people want out of a mattress besides comfort is good support. Nobody likes a rocking bed. That is why this mattress comes with a vertical beam construction.

This feature has been exclusively added to stop swaying, rocking, side-to-side movement with the help of built-in edge support.

The edge support system is due to the upper angle, while a 2-inch recessed lower panel is created due to the lower angle bean. This provides a suction effect on the floor.

This mattress’s velveteen and plush surface doesn’t let the sheets slip. It can easily fit standard size sheets.

Moreover, it is 100% leak tested while it also features a heavy-duty puncture-resistant vinyl.

  • Adjustable firm to plush control
  • Vertical beam construction for support
  • Standard size sheet fitting
  • Heavy-duty puncture-resistant vinyl
  • Velveteen plush surface
  • Not highly durable

3. Beautyrest Silver Hybrid Firm 3000

Ever wanted a queen size mattress that has it all and lies within the range of affordability?

You can have all that in the Beautyrest hybrid mattress that will rewrite your definition of comfort.

The Beautyrest hybrid mattress is a high-end mattress that delivers comfort with support.

They are particularly popular because of their support underneath and conformity on top, which is due to the memory foam.

This hybrid mattress is the ultimate solution for people who complain about sinking into their mattresses.

Some mattresses with memory foam aren’t supportive enough.

That is why this hybrid mattress comes with innerspring that are supportive of the top memory foam layer.

Nobody wants their bed to feel like a sauna. Therefore, hybrid mattresses have this InfiniCool Max material that feels cool to the touch.

It keeps the surface cool and dissipates heat throughout the night. The gel memory foam promotes airflow, which maintains a comfortable sleep temperature.

Like the other mattresses in the series, this hybrid mattress is also equipped with the pocketed coil technology that relieves pressure points.

If you hate the fact that your mattress feels like it’s always slipping, then you can find comfort in this hybrid mattress. The pocketed coil technology also provides undisturbed sleep with motion separation.

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  • Advanced cooling technology
  • Pocketed coil technology for a support system
  • Reduced motion transfer
  • Good for pressure relieving
  • Conforming memory foam
  • Memory foam can produce a temporary odor

4. Simmons Beautyrest Comforpedic Tight Mattress

If you are looking for the ultimate cooling mattress then you’ve come to the right place.

Get an upgrade and experience real comfort with the Beautyrest Comforpedic mattress.

Unlike other mattresses, this one has multiple layers of air-cooling memory foam. It is furthermore infused with a temperature-control gel. This allows good airflow and regulation of temperature.

Air cooling edge that is made of air-cooling foam further supports the gel memory foam. This increases the usable surface of the mattress while also providing a solid seating surface.

Apart from the exceptional cooling effect, you can also expect good support from this mattress. This is especially for people who have problems with sleeping postures.

The independent support technology used instead of innerspring provides proper support and sleeping position.

Apart from being incredibly supportive, the mattress also has an ample level of durability. You can expect it to last you a while.

When it comes to being soft and plush, the Beautyrest comforted tight top mattress is second to none.

You can feel the mattress conforming to your body without letting you sink in too much.

  • Proper sleeping posture due to support technology
  • Superior support and durability
  • Solid seating surface
  • Air cooling memory foam
  • Good temperature regulation and air flow
  • No innerspring

5. Simmons BeautySleep Plush Pillow Top

Don’t you just love having that enveloping feel when you hit the bed after a long day?

But wait, you don’t feel it because your mattress is as hard as a rock. What to do?

Get a BeautySleep plush pillow top mattress!

The BeautySleep collection has high-quality mattresses, among which the plush pillow top 450 is one of the softest.

If you are a side or a back sleeper, then you would surely enjoy your long slumbers on this mattress. It is not only plush but also provides considerable support to your body.

The material used for this mattress is SurfaceCool Fiber that functions to dissipate heat. This creates a neutral sleeping temperature on the surface.

Another layer works alongside the SurfaceCool Fiber, which is the AirFeel Foam that sits at the top of the mattress. It closely contours your body and gives high airflow as well.

This mattress provides relief to pressure points through another layer of AirCool Foam. It also increases airflow.

Moving on to the 2.5-inch GelTouch Foam, this is where real comfort lies. Its contouring and conformability properties are exceptional.

This means that it reduces tossing and turning to a minimum.

The comfort of this mattress doesn’t end here, as the gel memory foam in the center third is beneficial for supporting your back.

Moreover, if you want motion transfer to a minimum then choosing this mattress would be in your best interest.

Its wrapped coil system is exceptional in this regard.

  • Soft and plush
  • Relieves pressure
  • Minimum motion transfer
  • Good back support
  • Recommended for those sleeping on their side and back
  • Not preferred for people sleeping on their stomach

6. Beautyrest Recharge Simmons Luxury Firm Pillow Top Mattress

Here we have is another luxury mattress from the Beautyrest series of high-end mattresses.

If you want a perfect combination of comfort and support, then you can certainly consider the Beautyrest recharge luxury pillow top.

The many layers of foam consisting of air-cool foam, air-cool memory foams, and gel touch – each serving a different purpose.

For those who can’t stand body heat at night, the AirCool BeautyEdge foam encasement improves airflow while giving you edge-to-edge support.

Furthermore, to increase independent support and improve sleeping posture, the mattress is provided with pocketed coil technology.

Coming to the gel-touch foam layer, it’s been specifically designed to give you a plush yet supportive surface.

It conforms to your body’s curves allowing you to relax completely.

This mattress is the ultimate heat removal product you’ve been looking for.

Its multiple layers of SurfaceCool Fiber and AirCool foam are all dedicated to maintaining your sleeping temperature.

Each layer tries to dissipate the heat from the surface all night, along with providing ample support.

This mattress provides you the luxury and plushness of a high-end quality mattress. You get an extra luxury feel due to the additional 2-inch of performance in the pillow top.

The pillow top layer not only gives you a cloud-like comfort but also gives your back extra firm support at the same time.

  • Improved airflow throughout the mattress
  • Edge-to-edge support
  • Keeps you cool throughout the night
  • Handlers to adjust the mattress
  • Durable knit-cover
  • Sags a little after a while

7. Simmons Beautyrest Silver Plush Pillow Top Mattress

The pocketed coil technology of the Beautyrest silver plush pillow top mattress has increased its popularity like never before.

Apart from the increased comfort and plushness, the new features focusing on enhanced back support and conformability are making this mattress a public favorite.

Starting with the pocketed coil technology, this feature helps reduce motion separation so that your sleep is undisturbed.

Moreover, since it conforms to your body’s curves, it also relieves pressure points.

Another new design feature that you’ll love is the patent-pending layer of vertically oriented Tencel fiber.

This incredible orientation of the fibers not only dissipates body heat but allows it to breathe better.

The usual gel memory and AirCool foam work to provide greater surface contouring along with a cooling effect that lasts all night.

Moreover, you get an ample amount of support through the AirCool beauty edge foam encasement.

If you prefer minimum tossing and turning relieving pressure points, and a plush surface to sleep on then definitely go for this mattress.

  • Draws body heat away from the surface
  • Plush and soft sleeping surface
  • Pocketed coil technology for conformability
  • Enhanced air flow
  • Unique fiber vertical orientation
  • Not firm enough

How To Choose The Best Beautyrest Mattresses

Once you step out to look for a new mattress you will be utterly overwhelmed by the sheer number of options.

Luckily, if you know your preferences, then it would be quite easy to choose a mattress for yourself. Brands such as Beautyrest and others offer an incredible range of mattresses.

You can choose from the level of comfort to the features that provide support to your back and curves.

Just so you know which features to look for when choosing the best mattress.

Here is a complete buying guide that will narrow down the best choices for you.

Level of Comfort

First things first, the most basic requirement of choosing a mattress is the level of comfort.

Some people prefer firm mattresses that don’t sink, while others want a cloud-like feeling when they hit the bed.

Therefore, decide which type of mattress you want. If you prefer something firmer, then I would suggest you go to memory foam.

Memory foams help in relieving pressure as they have less spring. The key is to choose the mattress that has the right thickness and density of memory foam.

Fortunately, all the latest mattresses these days offer several different layers of material that come in combination with memory foam.

They will generally have a lighter layer at the top for comfort and coolness and a heavier one at the bottom for support.

If you prefer a velveteen and plush surface, then the innerspring mattress is a preferred choice.

You can choose a mattress that has either a foam outer layer or a fiberfill that is covered with quilted ticking. However, make sure that it is still firm enough to support the mattress so that it doesn’t compress.

Sleeping Position

There are mattresses that suit different types of sleeping positions. For instance, if you are a side sleeper, then a mattress with soft foam that also has pressure relief points would best suit you.

Innersprings may also support your body weight better than latex.

If you sleep on your stomach, then either an air-filled mattress or one with a firm foam would be perfect for you.

A firmer bed will provide better support than something soft.

Finally, if you sleep on your back and also prefer less tossing and turning, then mattresses with pocketed coil technology or air-filled mattresses have good motion isolation.

Cooling Benefits

If you are not bothered by body heat, then you can go with any mattress that has good support and comfort.

However, if you absolutely cannot bear body heat, then there are brands that offer mattresses that give a cooling effect.

This cooling effect is due to different layers of material used that have good heat dissipation properties.

Don’t choose anything with latex or foam as they are said to retain heat.

Joints and Back Pain

People with joint and back pains should be extra careful when choosing a mattress. You might think that a firm mattress would simply resolve this problem.

However, along with firmness, you should also look for a mattress that offers good conformability and aligns your back properly. Gel memory foam and latex are best for back pains.

Final Verdict

Allow your relaxation time more worth it by adding just one product to your life that is the Beautyrest mattress.

My favorite most item is Beautyrest Recharge Simmons Luxury Firm Pillow Top Mattress that can even invite you at first look to relax and have it. Enjoy the comfort of your mattress and elevate the freshness with ultimate relaxation by just adding Beautyrest, so don’t think anymore. Get a one now.

FAQ’s about Beautyrest Mattresses

How beneficial is a hybrid mattress?

A hybrid mattress is referred to as the category of mattresses that feature multiple technologies. For instance, one of the most common types of hybrid mattresses consists of a blend of coils and memory foam.

In this mattress, there is a top layer of decadent foam where the core of the mattress consists of coils. This lets you have the best of both worlds – support and softness.

What is the difference between latex and memory foam?

Memory foam is a synthetic material, while latex is a naturally based material. Latex is a bottomless and uplifting material that is cooler than memory foam and breathable as well.

Memory foam is dense, and you sleep in memory foam because it conforms to the body and gives that sinking feeling. Therefore, it is generally warmer to sleep in. Memory foam has a slow response, while latex has a fast response.

What does an adjustable base do to a mattress?

An adjustable base mattress is the one that adjusts to your needs, unlike the traditional flat foundation. It helps in relieving pressure and allows you to elevate your feet and head when you want to sit up.

There are many benefits to an adjustable base, including relief from muscle pain, hernia, neck, and back pain. It also allows for better circulation throughout the body.

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  1. We purchased Beauty Rest Black Class C 2 twin XL mattresses in Oct 2020. We do have a adjustable bed. In Sept. 2021 my husband mattress started to sag Raymour and Flanigan came and measured his side measured 1 1/2″ sag my side measure 1/2″. They exchanged his side with new mattress. On Dec 19 2021 I complained again so they measured again now it’s 1″ sag. I’m told it has to be 1 1/2″ sag before they will exchange my mattress. I’m in my late seventies I weight just over 100 pounds and I do have back problems and this mattress isn’t helping me. Now husbands said his side is sagging again but hasn’t been measured. We paid $2399.00 for each mattress and feel we have been ripped off with Beauty Rest standards. If your thinking of buying Beauty Rest Black C class mattress this is a warning “DON’T”!!!

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