TUFT & Needle Mattress Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Buying a new mattress is a challenging task especially if you want a simple mattress under a budget price range. And when it is about budget Tuft & Needle is a charm.

Tuft & Needle has been producing qualitative mattresses and bedding products for the longest time and has a variety of products to suit every user’s need and preference.

TUFT & Needle-designed mattresses are reliable and comfortable without a high price tag.

The brand manufacturers mattresses in three categories; Tuft & Needle, Mint a Hybrid mattress. While Tuft & Needle mint is all-foam mattresses, Hybrid are encased with coils and memory foam for added benefits.

It is not just the mattresses the brand has been producing, it has many other bedding products including Frames, sheets, pillows, blankets, duvets, and many other products.

Here in this post, I am going to review Tuft & Needle mattresses as consumer ratings and reports in 2023. So without further ad, let’s get started.

Quick Picks

Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in, depending on your budget…

TUFT & Needle Mattress Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports

Here are the Top 3 tuft & needle mattresses by consumer ratings & reports in 2023.

1. Tuft & Needle Original Adaptive Foam Mattress

Features at a glance
  • 3-layer designed formula
  • 3 INCHES adaptive foam layer
  • Knitted breathable top cover
  • 7 Inches base foam layer
  • 100-nights trial

Tuft & Needle Original is the most sold mattress online, this is the company’s best-selling product, and you can say it is the face of the company. Why this particular all-foam mattress is very hot in the mattress market, the reasons are obvious.

This mattress is very responsive, it adapts your body position quickly almost instantly, and helps you get the right comfort for the whole night.

Second, this comes in hands at the budget price range, despite its hot sales and despite its all-premium features and performance, the brand still sells this mattress at way affordable price than many other brands.

Coming to its construction, it got a top knitted cover, the cover is extremely breathable and helps you stay cool sleeping on all-foam mattresses.

After that there are 3 inches Adaptive foam layer, this is the foam that pulls the magic and makes this mattress this much comfortable and adaptable.

It instantly adapts your body, it moves and switch adeptness with you, when you switch your position, the memory foam layer change position and always remains there to soothe you.

This layer is also infused with ceramic gel and Graphite both of them are known for heat dissipation and making the mattress as cool as you need.

Right below the adaptive foam layer there comes a 7 inches support or base foam layer. This thick foam layer supports the other layers and provides you with the right support for sleeping and tossing on the bed.

If you love to move around on your mattress and like to switch positions, the base is there to support you.

About the firmness, this mattress falls at 6.5/10 on the firmness scale. It is kind of medium-firm, the top layer is pretty soft and pressures you into the mattress, but the base layer is there to support to prevent you from sagging into it.

Well, firmness also hugely depends on the bodyweight of the sleeper. The scale I mentioned is for the average weight sleepers, for heavy body sleepers, this could be firmer, as their body presses the mattress farther to the base layer, they can feel it firmer than medium bodyweight sleepers.

This mattress got amazing response and softness for side sleepers. You know that side sleepers get pressure on their hips and shoulder areas, and due to the Adaptive foam layer, they get the right softness and adeptness for cool night sleep.

For back sleepers also, it got good responses and required firmness to prevent them from back pain.

Stomach sleepers might sink their lower body into the mattress and might feel sagging. It’s because of their unnatural sleeping position, they might need a mattress firmer than this.

In total, I find this mattress way amazing at this price range. It got an amazing response, adeptness, softness, pressure relief and coziness required.

Yes, it is an all-foam mattress, and like any other it gets hot and if you are a hot sleeper, it might be an issue for you.

What We Like!
  • The super responsive and adaptive top layer
  • Breathable knitted top cover
  • Graphite and gel-infused in the adaptive foam layer
  • Thick base layer to support your body and sleeping position
Things to Consider!
  • Gets hot due to all-foam construction

2. Tuft & Needle Mint Full Mattress

Features at a glance
  • Four layer designed mattress
  • Top adaptive foam layer mixed with Gel
  • Gel Beads layer for cushioning
  • Thick Foam base layer

Tuft & Needle Mint is another right option for you if you are on the prowl for an all-foam mattress with the right comfort and softness.

It is an all-foam mattress and has been one of the hot choices among folks due to its Luxurious vibes.

Unlike Tuft & Needle Original it is a four-layer formula with a breathable knitted top cover for a cool sleeping experience.

Under the cover there comes an adaptive foam layer, aka Tuft & Needle adaptive foam layer which contours the body shape and provides you a super comfy sleeping experience.

This adaptive layer has been one of the best things in this mattress. The layer also mixes Gel and graphite for a cooler sleeping experience and to dissipate heat out of the foam layers. It relieves the pressure points and makes those comfortable suffering back pain, hips, and neck pains.

This layer makes this mattress ideal for side sleepers, combination sleepers, and back sleepers. It helps them switch their position without lifting their body, it molds with the body and provides constant supports to the body curves.

After This adaptive foam layer there comes a ceramic gel bead in the middle layer between the foam to provide you soft and cushioning without getting your body sink.

This bead layer provides support to your body and acts as an air channel. The hot particles released from the body can easily be passed through the layers prevent a hot sleeping experience.

The last layer is a strong base layer. It is a firm foam that provides extra firmness around. This layer holds up other layers and provides reinforced edge support to prevent you from falling off. For those who like to sleep on the edge, this mattress got the right support.

About the motion transfer, you know that a memory foam mattress is not that good in motion isolation, the same goes with this mattress too.

It is bouncy, and it is responsive which makes it good for the couples, to help them change their position. But there is motion isolation, but it would not be that big compared to other foam mattresses.

Compare to Original this mattress is cooler. Due to its gel beads under the adaptive foam layer, it is good at handling heat, provides you with constant heat transfer through the layers, prevents tripping in the layers, getting back to you.

In short, if you want a cooler mattress than the original, but want the same scale of softness and adaptiveness, go with the Mint mattress designed by Tuft and Needle. It is as good as Original, got the same layers with an added layer of Gel Beads.

What We Like!
  • Adaptive memory foam layer to adapt your body position
  • Gel beads layer to dissipate heat out
  • Thick mattress good for heavy body sleepers
  • Thick base layer to provide firmness, prevent sagging
Things to Consider!
  • Too soft for back sleepers

3. Nod by Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam and Innerspring

Features at a glance
  • Adaptive Foam layer on the top
  • Knitted breathable fabric cover
  • Innerspring coil layers for motion transfer
  • Good temperature regulation

As I mentioned, Tuft & Needle manufactures three types o mattresses, and this Hybrid one is one of them.

This Mattress is great for those looking for a cheaper option designed by their favorite brand, plus the Innersprings support for enhanced airflow and motion isolation.

Believe it or not, all-foam mattresses are hot and their motion isolation is also not that good.

The mattress is crafted using Polyurethane Foam, unlike Memory foam, you would not feel stuck in quicksand. The foam is responsive and adapts your body position as you move.

Tuft and Needle, on the other hand, is known for its adaptive top foam layer, like its original mattress, this one too comes with a top adaptive foam layer that adapts the body and provides pressure relief.

Compare to the other two mattresses, this one is cooler. Not only the breathable knit cover but the open cell foam integrated with cooling gel and graphite along with 6 inches innerspring layers add up to making this mattress as cool as you want.

This mattress is great for side sleepers as well as combination sleepers. For side sleepers, you know that they need a soft mattress that adapts the body position and molds with the body curves to soothe the curves and provide pressure relief to the pressure point areas. T

his mattress provides that all, and make the mattress a one-stop-shop for the side as well as combination sleepers.

About the motion isolation, unlike its above reviewed two mattresses, it is good at it. The innerspring encased in the memory foam help into making the mattress as quiet as couples need.

Without hearing the squeaky noise of your partner tossing around on the bed and changing position, you are going to enjoy a silent sleeping experience.

The mattress seems a right fit for those like budget-priced mattresses with the right softness and proper airflow.

It got innerspring encased to regulate the temperature as well as for motion transfer. It also has the right adaptive foam layers to adapt your body position and to soothe your curves.

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What We Like!
  • Innersprings encased individually regulate temperature
  • Cheap priced Tuft & Needle mattress
  • Got adaptive foam layers patented by TUFT & Needle
  • 100-NIGHTS trial
Things to Consider!
  • Can be firmer for heavy body sleepers

Tuft & Needle Mattress with Sleeping Position and Body Weight

We have to believe that TUFT & Needle has designed an innovative product with minimal design.

Its mattresses share a simplistic design of 3 to four layers but provide constant support, comfort, and breathability that even the most expensive and premium construction mattress can’t.

So, how would you know which T&N mattress is for concerning the sleeping position you prefer. Let’s break it down into pieces.

Side sleepers

For side sleepers, Tuft & Needle-designed original mattress is the right option. Its adaptive foam layer plus breathable top cover is going to provide them the right support, pressure relief, and cushioning.

Side sleepers’ pressure points are shoulders and hips areas, if these areas do not sink in the mattress, side sleepers would not find it comfortable.

This is what the Original is going to offer, adapt their body curves and provide them constant pressure relief to the pressure points.

Back sleepers

Back sleepers as well (not heavy body) are going to get the best out of the Tuft & Needle mattress.

They may opt for the Mint variant because it is thicker and provides the right firmness to their lower back area for the right spinal alignment.

For back sleepers, too soft a mattress sinks them into the mattress, making it awkward for them to sleep on.

Stomach Sleepers

For stomach sleepers, Original would not be the right option. Because stomach sleepers can’t find relief on a too-soft mattress, they want a firmer mattress so that the lower back could be right-aligned without lifting their head.

So, for them, the Hybrid option is the right. It provides the right firmness and aligns their spinal cord to provide constant support through the night.

Combination sleepers

I find Tuft & Needle Mattresses ideal for combination sleepers for obvious reasons. Its original mattress is a foam mattress with a top adaptive foam layer.

This layer is what makes it perfect for combination sleepers to help them switch their position without feeling stuck.

You know that combination sleepers switch their positions through the night, but they mostly find it suitable side sleeping.

So, the top foam is going to adapt their curves and provide the softness they require for a comfortable night’s sleep.


For couples, they want a responsive mattress for obvious reasons. The Tuft & Needle mattress due to their adaptive foam layer are responsive and provide bouncy feedback.

Their cooling properties are world-known due to gel and graphite inclusion in the making, so they are good for couples. But motion isolation is what couples especially those with light sleep are going to suffer.

It is not that these are pathetic at motion isolation, they are good. But like any all-foam mattress, they still transfer motion which can disrupt couples sleeping.

Final Verdict

The TUFT and Needle is one of the best mattresses around the world. It might not be perfect but there is way a lot more to like and love about the brand and its mattresses. They are comfortable, accommodating, and reliable.

Their adaptive foam layer is what spills the real magic. The layer adapts the body position and its mixing with gel and graphite makes it cooler than other mattresses.

Yes, the motion transfer is not that ideal compared to other mattresses but this is how all-foam mattresses are designed and performed.

I hope that you like the guide and it is going to help you pick the right mattress for your sleeping preference and position.

FAQs About Tuft & Needle Mattress

Are the Tuft & Needle mattresses any good?

Tuft & Needle is one of the renowned names in the mattress construction world. The brand has mattresses like Original which has made its mark in the industry and is one of the best-selling products due to its less price and great performance.

If you need a soft mattress under a cheaper price range, go with the Original it adapts your body curves and molds with you. The Mind is a greater choice for those who want a thicker mattress with more cooling properties.

In the same way, Hybrid is for those like spring mattresses integrated with foam for heavy-weight users and larger people.

Can I try TUFT & Needle before I buy it?

TUFT & Needle provides a 100-nights trial for all buyers before they give it a final shot. It is because the brand has the fullest confidence in its products and it allows you to check it properly at home, in the environment you sleep in, and in all positions with your partner.

So, buy the mattress, pay the price, and check it for 100-days in case you don’t like it, or the mattress does not suit your sleeping position or sleeping preference, you can return it and get the full money refunded right away.

Is Tuft & Needle right for couples?

Yes, compared to many other premium brands and the mattresses which come in hands at an expensive price, it is good for couples due to its good motion transfer. I am not saying this is the best in motion transfer, but it is better than most premium brands.

Whatever memory foam, or all memory foam mattresses you buy, it is going to transfer motion due to the foam layers.

So, if you are concerned about the motion transfer way too much, it is good for you to buy innerspring mattresses, which are individually encased for preventing motion transferring.

Is Tuft & Needle Is Suitable for Hot sleepers?

Yes, it is. Being an all-foam mattress, it is pretty cool for hot sleepers. It is because the foam comes integrated with graphite and gel which are natural ingredients for heat dissipation and cooling the environment.

How long should I let my T&N mattress expand?

T&N officials say that the mattress gets expanded to its full shape and form within 24-hours. And after cutting the wraps you should not use them for at least 24-hours.

But in reality, the full expansion does not take more than 2-3 hours, in most cases, it gets expanded within a few hours. But you should not use it for at least 24-hours for off-gassing and packaging smell.

Let it be in your room with windows open so that all gasses or smells could get away from it.

Do Tuft and Needle mattresses sag?

Although all foam construction mattresses sag with time but with TUFT and Needle it is different. It is durable and denser due to its Polyfoam layer integrated. This foam prevents it from sagging along with the thick base layer.

As per the brand, the mattress can easily last for almost 10-years, and if it says you have every right to send it back and get your full money refunded.

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