Nectar Mattress Review Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

What do you imagine when someone says ‘Comfortable Mattress’?

I don’t know about you, but most people imagine a mattress that contains memory foam. And when it is about a memory foam mattress, no other brand can compete with Nectar.

Nectar is one of the most popular foam mattresses which has revolutionized all memory foam mattress world in the shortest period. Nectar Sleep is right now one of the most popular and in-demand mattress brands.

Yes, there is a huge role in Nectar’s aggressive marketing strategy, but the brand could not have been this popular if it had sub-standard or below-average product performance.

But Nectar has arrays of different mattresses, how would you know which one of them is the right suit for you?

This is where I am going to help you, to make you know the right mattress for you, for your sleeping preference and type.

In this post, I am going to review the nectar mattress as per consumer ratings and reports 2023. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Nectar Mattress Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports

Here are the best nectar mattresses by consumer ratings & reports in 2023.

1. Nectar 12 Inch Medium Firm Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Features at a glance
  • Five-layer designed formula
  • 365-Night’s trial
  • All foam mattress
  • Provides cushiness and pressure relief

If you are looking for a great memory foam mattress that provides the right replica of your hard-earned money, invest in buying Nectar designed All foam gel-infused memory foam mattress.

Before I move on and review it in detail you should learn that this mattress comes with a 365-night trial period.

Yes, you can get it reached at your doorstep, check it for one entire year, and if you did not like it, send it straight back to the company and get your full money refunded.

This mattress is all foam constructed mattress with a total of five memory foam layers. It is good for side sleepers as well as back sleepers who like a little cushy mattress.

Yes, it is also good for hot sleepers who still want a good cushy memory foam mattress that provides pressure relief and provides a cushiness to the body.

Again, it is an all-foam mattress but good firm. On a scale of 10, 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest, it falls at 6 on the firmness scale. So, it is a good firm mattress, but Nectar’s unique constriction balance the firmness and provides a hugging-like experience. You without feeling being stuck in the quicksand gets a cushy comfortable sleeping experience.

Those who suffer from back pain due to a too comfy mattress would not feel it at all. It supports the spinal alignment and helps distribute the weight evenly through the mattress. It is designed for lightweight side sleepers, as well as back sleepers, for stomach sleepers, it can little firm and their lower back area would not be aligned rightly with the head.

Again, it is a five-layer designed formula, on the top, it is a quilted breathable cover with cooling technology-induced. The second layer is of Three inches gel-infused memory foam layer and the third layer you can call a transition layer that dynamically adjusts the foam.

Its sturdy 7-inch foam layer in the end with the shift-resistant cover prevents it from slipping.

About the heat regulation, Nectar Paid special attention to this aspect. It has a gel-infused memory foam layer under the quilted cover, but there is no airspace foam layer induced, so heat still traps into the foam layers and makes it hot. But it would not be as hot as we see in all memory foam mattresses, but for those who live in a hot climate, it is going to be very hot.

The edge support is not as promising as it could have been. Still, it is good to prevent you from slipping or falling off the edges, but you would not be able to sleep on the edge, it is good to help you get up and lay on.

It got a transition layer, so good to help it for motion transfer. In the end, it is a memory foam mattress, an all-foam mattress, so there is still motion transfer, but it would not be disturbing like others.

What We Like!
  • Good for back sleepers who want a cushy mattress
  • Supports side sleepers as well
  • All-foam mattresses with gel infusion
  • The transition foam layer prevents motion transfer
Things to Consider!
  • Gets still hot

2. Nectar Twin Mattress 2 Pillows Included Gel Memory Foam

Features at a glance
  • Two free Premium Pillows
  • 180-night free trial
  • Five-layer memory foam design mattress
  • Relives pressure points

Nectar is one of the fastest-growing beds in a box mattress, as per the latest stats this brand is getting great appreciation compared to its competitors, even those are working in the bedding world for more than a century.

The reasons can be many, from its budget price to a free one-year trial and quiet cushy sleeping experience.

This too is an all-foam memory mattress, comes with 5 layers formula. It has a top quilted cover that can be removed for washing. This fabric cover is breathable, helps sleepers enjoy a cooler sleeping experience.

After the quilted top cover, there comes a gel memory foam layer. This memory foam layer infused with gel circulates the temperature and helps sleepers have a cooling sleeping experience.

But it would not be as cool as an innerspring or Hybrid mattress, it is an all-foam mattress, so there would be still hot particles trapped in the layer.

There is one Transition foam layer after gel-infused memory foam, and one thick base to help in isolating motion and holding all memory foam layers respectively.

It is not a very soft mattress like a regular memory foam mattress, it is a little firm. From the looks, it might seem like a firm mattress for back sleepers or stomach sleepers but when you lay down on it, within a few minutes you will feel the transition, the foam layers molds around your body and provide a cradling or hugging like sleeping experience.

It is not like a regular memory foam mattress which makes it hard for the sleepers to change position or stuck into them.

It is responsive due to its thick base layer, the mattress responds to your movement or switching position and helps you change position without getting lifted.

For motion transfer, it reduces motion transfer due to the transition layer. For couples, it is good to sleep without disturbing one another, but for those light sleepers who get up on the tiniest movement, might not feel comfortable on it.

Do not forget that it comes with two Nectar Premium Pillows. These are of around $150 cost, come in the box folded with the mattress, the addition of pillows makes the purchase little more affordable.

With a 180-night Free trial, Nectar mattress allows you to check this mattress in your home, test every angle and every possible feature, and take it only when you are fully satisfied, or send it back to the brand within 180-days with full money refunded.

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What We Like!
  • Added two premium pillows of $150 cost
  • A medium-firm mattress which molds with your body
  • Five-layer design mattress with top quilted fabric cover removable
  • Transition memory foam layer to prevent motion transfer
Things to Consider!
  • Not for those side sleepers like too cushy or comfy mattress

Nectar Memory Foam Construction

Nectar all-foam mattresses are constructed using five layers. These are layers and the construction of the mattress.

Tencel Cooling Cover

Nectar is very meticulous about the covering or laying foundation of its mattresses. Its all-foam mattress comes with a quilted cover with staple cotton and Tencel.

It is a breathable cover, good for those like cooling sleeping experience, it prevents overheating and let hot air particles disperse through the layers preventing condensation.

Quilted Gel Memory Foam Layer

Quilted Gel memory foam construction is an expensive process. We have seen that many even top brands do not make them due to their cost, but Nectar at a budget price made you avail with a quilted gel memory foam.

It has a fully quilted gel memory foam layer under the quilted cover top to provide extra loft, comfort, breathability, and a cradling sleeping experience.

Gel Foam Layer

There comes another gel-infused memory foam layer. This lush foam holds five patents and is one of the premium constructed gels.

Gel temperature regulation properties are well known, it absorbs the heat and makes it cooler for sleepers.

Adaptive Transition Memory Foam Layer

This transition layer aka Adaptive Hi core memory Foam layer is what prevents sleepers from sinking or getting a sagging sleeping experience. This layer provides support and response and helps sleepers get up easily without lifting their bodies for movement.

This layer provides rebounding and bounce, isolates motion to a minimum to help couples enjoy cooler and quieter sleeping.

Base Layer

This last layer is a breathable base layer, this layer draws fresh air through the molded channels and makes it cooler for sleepers.

Final Verdict

Nectar is a great producer of all-foam mattresses. That’s the reason you see this band getting attention in the shortest period in the presence of the biggest mattress producers.

Its mattresses are extremely comfortable for light sleepers and due to thick layers of the foams get mold with the body and prevent you from body aching or soaring body.

The best thing about this mattress is despite being an all-foam mattress it minimizes motion transfer. Yes, it is good for couples, no motion transfer when one of them gets up or toss around on the bed.

The biggest complaint about these mattresses is sleeping hot. Yes, they are all-foam mattresses, and like any other all-foam bed, they too get hot and trips the hot particles emitted from the body and make the sleeping experience quite hotter.

But Nectar’s mattresses are amazing if you want to enjoy a cushy sleeping experience, with the required support, pressure relief, and motion isolation, get them on board right away.

FAQs About Nectar Mattress

How Long Does Nectar Mattress Last?

Nectar Sleep is a brand that produces all-foam mattresses. Its mattresses are of thick layers constructed, with a base layer to support upper thinner foam layers, transition layers, and top cover. All-foam mattresses usually last longer than Hybrid or innerspring mattresses for obvious reasons.

You know springs encased in the innerspring or Hybrid mattress start to lose their responsiveness, and with time they would not be as efficient as they should be.

So, for them, 5 years is the max period to use. About all-foam mattresses constructed by a premium and well-reputed brand such as Nectar, they should easily last 7-10 years.

Are Nectar Mattresses Any Good?

As a user, you might be astounded to see the online prices or shipping charges of this mattress because they are comparatively lower than its competitors.

But in use and after sleeping on Nectar-designed mattresses you would verify that they are incredible in comfort and support and provide the required cushioning, pressure-relieving, and comfortable sleeping experience for a side sleeper as well as Back sleepers.

Is Nectar or Purple better?

No mattress is good for all. There is nothing like one fit for all that exists in the real world. And when it is about mattress or bedding, we all know that it is a personal preference.

So, Nectar, as a marvelous brand, has been producing quality mattresses for a good long time, its mattresses are perfect for side sleepers and combination sleepers with a lightweight body.

If you are a large guy or a heavy sleeper, this might not be your cup of tea. Heavyweight sleepers mentioned how they feel stuck or sink into the mattress, or find it hard to get up.

What is the Free Trial Period of Nectar?

Nectar Offers a free trial period to help users test their mattresses at home in any sleeping position, in your desired atmosphere or climate.

If you like sleeping on it, that’s good, and if you have any queries or you do not like it for any reason, you can send it back within 365-days, or in some mattresses 180-days which is more than required a trial period.

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