Latex Mattress Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Latex Mattress is in trend these days. They have gained huge popularity due to their Hygienic, eco-friendly, temperature regulation, and contouring features.

There have been great discussions on which is better, Late, or memory foam mattresses but this is not what we are here to discuss, we are here to help you pick the best latex mattress.

Although there are mattresses solely consisting of Latex material, it is the right blend of Latex with other materials which make them ideal for quiet and comfortable sleeping.

It is the combo of other materials with thick layers of Latex that makes the Latex mattress popular, and user-friendly.

In this post, I am going to review the best latex mattresses according to consumer ratings and reports 2023. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Quick Picks

Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in, depending on your budget…

Latex Mattress Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports

I have compiled a list of the best latex mattresses based on consumer ratings and reports 2023.

1. LUCID 12 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress

Features at a glance
  • Four Layer formula
  • 5 inches Gel Infused Latex Foam
  • 2 Inches Transition layer
  • Thick Individually encased steel coils layer
  • Dedicated edge support

If you are looking for one of the most affordable Late Hybrid mattresses, I would suggest having a look at Lucid-designed 12 inches Late mattress.

It comes in hands under $400 price, obviously one of the cheapest priced mattresses with all the comfort features you want from a Late mattress.

I would not say that this is the most comfortable mattress, but under budget or mid-price, this is the winner. And that’s the reason, this is the leading Hybrid mattress in budget-priced mattresses.

What I noticed in this mattress, and one of the best things as well is its responsiveness. Then I learned the layers in the construction of the mattress, the response is because of its 3.5 inches Real Late and Gel-infused memory foam which makes it provide a good response, support, and conforming comfort.

It has dual transition layers of 2 inches to make it provide the required contouring on contact. It is not an all-foam mattress, so do not expect too much softness from it, on the firmness scale on the scale of 1 to 10, it falls at 7, one being the softest and 10 being the firmest.

Its edge support is way better than even premium designed mattress. This is because the brand has paid special attention to the edge support, to help you have a holding-like experience even on the edges to prevent you from falling off the mattress.

The mattress is great for back sleepers, it provides the right spinal alignment to make them enjoy a quiet sleeping experience without any hips or lower back pain issues.

Yes, for the side sleepers for those who are heavy, it might not be as comfortable, for light body side sleepers though, it still got the support, provides contouring body sleeping.

It got 6.5 inches Individually Encased Steel Coils to not only improve the airflow but minimize the motion.

It is good with heat regulation but the motion transfer is still there, the transfer would not be as much as memory foam mattresses, but still, that is there and for the light sleepers, it can be felt.

In total, for a budget Latex mattress in my view, this got more than expected. It is a right comfortable mattress for side sleepers as well as back sleepers, with the right temperature regulation, response, and contouring.

What We Like!
  • Budget price range ($400)
  • Got thick Coil layers, individually encased steel coils
  • Thick Latex layer with Gel-infused to regulate temperature
  • Prevent from sagging due to constant coils support
Things to Consider!
  • There is still motion transfer

2. SleepOn Pure Green Organic Latex

Features at a glance
  • Organic Latex constructed mattress
  • Cotton Constructed Fabric Quilted Cover
  • Thick Latex base for support
  • Good at the response and pressure relief

If you think that it is hard to buy a natural Latex-made Mattress and searching it hardly, I think you should stop your search, as SleepOn is there to help you with Pure Natural and Organic Latex Foam made mattresses.

SleepOn has long been producing latex mattresses, but they were not satisfied with the performance until they collaborated with a company in Sri Lanka to make the natural Latex that they are currently using for mattresses as well as Topper and Pillows.

Latex Foam constructed mattress absorbs the pressure immediately and provides contouring to your body on contact to provide a comforting and soothing sleeping experience.

These mattresses are hand sewen ones to help increase the overall life span. No Polyfoam or synthetic Latex foam is used in the making, assembled, and packaged onsite.

On the top, there comes its Pure cotton constructed Quilted Fabric cover. This pure cotton constructed top layer is good for temperature reregulation and moisture Wicking to help you enjoy supreme breathability even in the hottest weather and hot climate.

After this first layer there comes 2 inches Natural 100% organic Dunlop latex layer to provide your body the right contouring and pressure relief without getting sagged into it.

It provides the right comfort and support even to the heavy-weight sleepers, provides support to move your body without lifting.

There are six inches of Latex layer in the end, as a core layer to add support, longevity, and resilience. This core layer is there to provide support and holds all the top layers in their place to provide the right comfort, convince and support.

The best thing I loved about this product is it allows one to choose the firmness scale. The one we are reviewing is 5 on the firmness scale, 10 being the firmest and 1 being the softest. This one is good for side sleepers, lightweight back sleepers, and combination sleepers.

For those suffering from back pain, choose 7 firmness, it will help you hold your body posture right and without sagging your body into the mattress provides support to the pressure points.

It is a bed in a box mattress, shipped in a box to help you move this to any portion of the home. It also comes with a 100-day free trial, you can send it back after using it 100-days in case you do not like it and get your full money refunded.

What We Like!
  • 100-Days free trial
  • Pure Organic Latex constructed bed no memory foam or springs
  • Top Cotton constructed Quilted Fabric Cover
  • Good for side sleeper, back sleeper as well as combination sleepers
Things to Consider!
  • Firmer mattresses, hard to sleep on for heavyweight sleepers

3. LINENSPA 10 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress

Features at a glance
  • Three layers designed
  • Top quilted Pillow Top Cover
  • Hybrid mattress with memory foam, latex, and coils
  • Thick pocketed coils encased

For those who are short on budget and looking for Latex hybrid mattress, this is the option to get hands-on.

If you are new, you might not know that this Linespa and Tuft & Needle are direct competitors, that’s why you will find both competing on almost the same type of products.

It is a Hybrid mattress with a base layer of pocketed coils and a responsive comfort layer containing memory foam to help provide contouring and comfort to your body. It is a Hybrid mattress made of Coils, memory foam, and latex.

On the top of the mattress, there comes a comfort layer, constructed using Polyurethan Foam and Latex Foam. The second layer is a mixed Latex Foam, and the last layer as mentioned is pocketed Coils layer to improve breathability, response, and motion isolation.

Well on the firmness scale it falls on 7 out of 10, but the quilted top memory foam plus Mix of Latex Foams provides the bounce, contouring, and comfort and provide a shield to the sleeper from the firmness of the coils.

The top quilted layer also shares Polyfoam inside, which makes it fluffy and airy. The pillow-top cover is what makes this mattress comfy and fluffy with improved breathability and air-circulation to help you enjoy a cooling sleeping experience.

Well for the side sleepers who love to sleep on a too-soft mattress, maybe this is not the option. This is good for back sleepers and lightweight side sleepers. The motion isolation is there due to the encased pocketed coils, still, for the light sleepers, the motions do the transfer.

It got the bouncy feedback; you feel the bounce when you jump on it. The temperature regulation is amazing, it is because of its thick coils, in total, this mattress is great to go with an option if you are on a budget and want something amazing without spending arms and legs.

Beautyrest Mattress Reviews

What We Like!
  • Thick pocketed coils layer for temperature regulation
  • Quilted Pillowtop cover for a comfy sleeping experience
  • Good for hot climate
  • Cheapest price possible
Things to Consider!
  • Not for side sleepers who like a too-soft mattress

4. Sunrising Bedding 11″ Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress

Features at a glance
  • Coils plus Latex constructed
  • Plush Pillow Top Breathable Cover
  • Flippable
  • Reinforced edge support

Sunrise bedding is not a very well-known name in the bedding world, and I can guess you too might not have heard this name before, this is because of the brand’s very low expenditure on promotions. That’s why they are growing organically and earning names slowly.

This 11 inches Natural Latex Hybrid mattress in performance and quality construction is as good as any of the models listed here. It has a total of three profiles to choose from; 8 inches, 10 inches, and 11 inches, budget price is another added aspect of the mattress.

As mentioned, it is a hybrid mattress that combines the super conforming response of Air memory foam, latex, and encased pocketed coils to provide smoother and enhanced edge support for the ultimate sleeping experience.

On the top its sharers a Tencel cooling cover. This quilted cover provides amazing breathability, comfort, and cooking.

This breathable cover is also great for those with sensitive skin. The quilted top cover is made of all-natural and organic products, with no chemical Polyester added in the making.

The most dominant and worth mentioning aspect is its Flippable. Yes, you might not hear any mattress with a quilted euro top with this feature.

This 11-inch extra foam support mattress with coils can be flipped. You can flip the sides; it has extra foam layers under the coils which makes it good to flip in hot summers when you want more airflow near you.

Its edge support feature is also worth mentioning. The edge support has especially been ensured for those who like to sleep on the edges, you can sleep on the edges, as well as there would be no fear of falling off the edges.

The thick pocketed coils layer is also there to lend its support. In this 6-inch-thick layer, each coil is pocketed separately to minimize the motion and to help partners sleep quietly without disturbing each other if they move a lot.

In total, this Latex and Coils encased Hybrid mattress is good to get a hands-on option. It is Flippable, got a quilted top cover, got thick layers of coils, and has good edge support to provide a smoother and seamless sleeping experience.

What We Like!
  • 11 inches Flippable Mattress
  • Separately encased coils to minimize motion transfer
  • Plush Pillow Top Quilted Fabric Cover
  • Thick coils layers
Things to Consider!
  • Too Firm even for light body side sleeper

5. Jacia House 12 Inch Pillow-Top Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress

Features at a glance
  • 10-layers design mattress
  • Quilted Pillow Top Cover
  • Latex Foam Layer included
  • Pocketed coils

If you have been suffering from back pain for the longest time and now looking for a reliable mattress to help you fix your back pain issues along with providing a cool night sleeping experience, there comes Jacia House designed 12 inches Pillow Top Pocketed Spring Latex Mattress.

This mattress is one of the best-constructed products you have ever seen, sharing around 10-layers including pocketed coils, quilted top cover, Latex foam layers, Air foam layer, and many others.

Each layer has its dedicated purpose, that’s why this mattress is good for any type of sleeping position or preference.

It is a medium Firm mattress, offers good support and comfort like any premium designed mattress. The comfort and breathability graph further elevates due to Natural Latex infusion, and Spring systems.

Each coil in the system has been separately encased to help minimize the motion and soothe your body curves like never before.

Its Knitted Fabric Pillow Top cover adheres to plushness, coziness, and comfort to make your sleeping as seamless and error-free as you want to be a back pain or chronic pain patient.

It is a medium-firm mattress, good for the light body side sleepers as well as back sleepers. The 7.8 inches 15-gauge independently encased coils also lend their support to making this mattress as pressure-relieving as it is now.

For those who live in a hot climate, the coil mattresses are a lifesaver, and this one got a good number of coils to prevent hot particles from tripping into the thick layers of foam.

The mattress comes as a rolled-up compressed in a box for seamless carrying around and transporting.

The mattress expands by itself within the next 20-hours, this is what the company says, but actually, it would not take more than one hour to get fully expanded.

What We Like!
  • Excellent Pressure-relieving experience
  • Thick 7 Inches pocketed coils individually encased
  • Latex Foam quilted in the top cover as well as a second layer
  • Medium Firm mattress to promote spinal alignment
Things to Consider!
  • Not good for combination sleepers who roll out through the night

6. CopperRest Sleep Copper/Gel Infused Latex Bed

Features at a glance
  • Gel and copper-infused foam
  • Accord Comfort Reflex layer for improved sleeping
  • Six layers designed mattress
  • Made in the USA

If you want to buy the world’s healthiest mattress to sleep on which comes with all-natural construction, I suggest you buy CopperRest designed Copper Gel Latex Infused mattress.

This mattress shares Copper infusion with Latex foam to improve the breathability and airflow and wicking out hot air particles to improve the cool sleeping experience.

It comes in three sizes, 9 inches, 11 inches, and 13 inches. We picked 13 inches profile for you, which comes with a total of six layers including Gel Infused Foam, Copper Infused Latex, Gel Infused Visco Foam, Gel Latex, accord reflex layer, and HD Support foam.

Accord Comfort Reflex is a patented design by the CopperRest Sleep brand, known for its pressure-relieving and comfort-providing experience. This layer unlike coils mattress supports you without worries of generating pressure points.

This mattress is going to provide you the best of the best sleeping experience if you like cool sleeping.

It’s mixing with copper and gel makes it the coolest mattress which without being firm provides a plush feel and removes all the hot particles generated from our body and prevent them from tripping into foam layers.

As I mentioned, this is the healthiest mattress you are going to sleep on. It is because CopperRest has been very curious about making their mattress great for the pressure points and relieving joints and muscle tensions.

That’s why you see here, Gel, as well as a copper infusion with latex, Gel, and Copper, are known for their cooling and healthy benefits, latex foam, on the other hand, lends its support to make the mattress as responsive as you want.

This mattress is manufactured in the USA, so it is not a China-constructed product, it comes with all the benefits the USA-made products can have.

The right check on the price as well as on the quality has been made by the related departments, it is a CertiPUR Certified product, no harsh chemical is used in the making.

What We Like!
  • The USA made product
  • Copper and Gel-infused Latex foam mattress
  • Six-layer design to improve softness and cushiness
  • One of the healthiest mattresses
  • CertiPUR certified product
Things to Consider!
  • Expensive

What is a Latex Mattress?

Natural Latex comes from Rubber trees, do not worry, they are not sourced after cutting the trees, Rubber trees produce latex under the bark and it comes out as a white substance.

This white substance is then molded into foam and forms different layers or sheets to use in the mattresses and other bedding products.

Not all Latex mattresses are made of natural latex, some are made using other substances such as Polyurethan foam and pocketed coils or other types of foams.

So before you buy any Latex mattress, it is important for you to learn the different types of latex and their construction, to learn their benefits and disadvantages in a particular use.

Types of Latex

In the reviews section, you must have noticed that there is a different type of latex used in the making of latex mattresses. These are some types of latex and their unique benefits.

1. Synthetic Latex

Synthetic latex is used in the making of mattresses under the budget price range. Synthetic Latex is made of chemical processes and used as fillers, these mattresses are made of Polyurethane foam, as a replacement for natural latex.

Synthetically produced latex at the laboratory looks almost the same with the same scale of benefits except for off-gassing effects when you open them, this type of constructed mattresses is not good for those allergic to the chemicals or smells.

2. Dunlop Latex

It is also a natural type of latex, just some construction hacks are used into making them differently shaped.

In the manufacturing processor, the natural latex is poured into a mold, then it goes through a vulcanized process. In that way, then the Dunlop Latex gets a firmer feel than regular Latex.

3. Talay Latex

This is also a natural latex, just like Dunlop Latex, here, some manufacturing hacks are applied to give the natural latex some different shape.

Here, the mold where the latex is poured is partially filled. After some hours, the partially filled latex gets expanded by vacuum to complete the mold.

4. Latex Foam

Here, the natural latex is mixed with the memory foam to make a Latex Foam. In this way, we get the best of both worlds, pressure relief of Latex material, and the cradling sensation of memory foam.

In the products we reviewed, mostly latex foam is used, so you will get a better and smoother sleeping experience.

Things You Should Consider in A Latex Mattress?

Before you step out and buy a latex mattress, there are some checks. These checks will help you buy a great product, the one which helps you get a smoother and breathable sleeping experience.

Sleeping Position

In the checklist of things or features you should look into a latex mattress before buying, the first should be the sleeping position. It will help you pick the right latex mattress for you.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers require a mattress that not only soothes their curves but prevents their pressure points such as Hips and shoulder areas from pains.

And Latex if you read the advantages or positives of Latex mattresses you will notice that these naturally pressure-relieving foam, are responsive and mold with the body curves to provide a soothing and comfortable sleeping experience.

For side sleepers, the Latex mattress is the best thing, you will get pressure relieved from your pressure points as well as get the right comfort and coziness.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleeping is the most unnatural type of sleeping. Whatever mattress you go with, there would be of some level uncomforted.

With a latex mattress, you should buy firmer than regular ones. For stomach sleeping, like side sleeping, you need a mattress that relieves pressure off their hips and shoulders areas.

A too-soft mattress can never be a good option for stomach sleepers. Because it sinks the sleepers into the mattress, which can lift the shoulder and head area, making it pretty uncomfortable for sleepers.

Back Sleepers

For back sleepers, A medium-firm mattress is a right option to get hands-on. A medium-firm latex mattress maintains the natural curves of the spines, provides required contouring enough to conform to the body curves as well as spines.

With a medium-firm mattress, the back sleepers’ lower back areas would not sink into the mattress without running the right alignment.

Budget Price Range

Latex mattresses are considered one of the most expensive mattresses because of their complicated latex taking processors from rubber trees and manufacturing.

Still, there would be budget options that you can get hands-on, still, that budget options would not be the natural latex constructed mattress. Those would be a blend of synthetic or Talalay processing mattresses, for the budget users.

If you are insisted on buying a naturally-sourced latex mattress, you will have to spend the right cost.

Body Weight

Bodyweight is also an important consideration to keep in mind before buying a latex mattress.

It has been noticed that average-weight sleepers feel the same as mentioned in the description by the brand, on the other hand, lightweight or heavyweight sleepers can feel different.

Light bodyweight sleepers could feel the mattress a little firmer than average and heavyweight sleepers can feel the bed softer than the mentioned.

So, check the weight range mentioned and firmness scale before you give it a shot.

Pressure and Pain relief

Pressure relief is referred to as the elevated pressure applied by the mattress at the pressure or sensitive points of the body normally are hips, shoulders, neck area, and lower back.

A soft mattress with cushioning provides more relief to these areas and helps support the joint points. Well, one mattress can’t provide the same amount of cushioning or pressure relief to all body types and sleeping positions, it varies from body weight as well as sleeping preference.

For instance, the back sleepers to relieve their pressure points will require a firmer mattress than side sleepers. For side sleepers, you require a softer mattress that allows the hips and shoulder area to sink into it.

Motion Isolation

A latex mattress is mostly responsive. They respond to body curves and help you enjoy a contouring sleeping experience, as long as the motion transfer is concerned, Natural Latex-constructed mattresses are usually not that good in motion isolation.

For couples, it can be unfortunate, buy a mattress which lots of motion transfer to disrupt their partner’s sleep.

Airflow and breathability

Latex mattress in itself is pretty breathable, but if you live in a hot climate and want a more cooling sleeping experience, you have options.

Latex Hybrid mattresses offer you more airflow through the air channels of coils encased in the mattress.


Off-gassing in latex especially synthetically processed Latex is common. It is the period mattress needs to rest, which allows the packaging or chemical smell to dissipate.

Some mattresses even after days of opening their seals do not dissipate all of the smells or off-gassing.

Trial Period

Most of the brands offer sleepers to have their bed and use them, if they do not like send them back and get their full money refunded. This trial period can be of 50-days to 100-days and in some cases one year.

This period allows you to check your bed to its full and learn if it’s right for you or not. Some brands do not offer a trial period, so it is always better to go off with a mattress that offers a trial period.

Benefits of Latex Mattresses

There are obvious benefits that make the latex mattress better than their counterparts. You see latex mattresses are getting more fame and popularity.

You must have noticed that new brands have launched their Latex mattress with the blend of some other materials such as Coils, even with memory foam. These are the top benefits of Latex mattresses over other mattresses:

1. Longer Life span

Yes, Latex-constructed mattresses tend to last longer than memory foam or other Polyfoam mattresses. Yes, it should be natural Latex taken from Rubber trees, not synthetically produced or constructed. The reason for it being last longer is the density.

Due to the higher density of the latex foam, it does not sag, unlike many other memory foam mattresses. So, if you are into making a long-term investment, it is good that you buy a latex mattress.

2. Responsiveness

Well although responsiveness is more a personal preference, still most of the users prefer the mattress which is more responsive than others.

Bouncy mattresses are great for couples, easier to switch positions and help combination sleepers to toss around the bed.

3. Support

Memory foam mattresses are amazing but if you are a heavy body sleeper, you feel stuck and find it hard to get up or switch positions without lifting your body.

So, in that case, the Latex mattress offers more support and provides the right response to your body, helping you easily switch positions without feeling like sinking into the pool of sand.

4. Hot sleepers or Hot climate

If you are a hot sleeper, sink in your sweats middle of the night, latex mattresses are the right option.

Their construction makes them breathable naturally, they dissipate heat due to their open pores improve airflow, and prevent hot air particles trap into the layers of foam-like Memory foam mattresses.

5. Hypoallergenic

Latex resists dust mites, mold, or mildew. Due to their construction, they keep the airflow circulated through the layers of the foam, making it dry for the hot sleepers.

If you are buying a natural organic constructed Late mattress, you are not going to get any mildew or dust mites trapped into the layers.

Final Verdict

Latex Mattresses are getting popular these days due to their organic construction and improved breathability. Yes, they tend to last longer due to their all-organic construction and provide support and response for the longest time.

Yes, they are expensive but the investment is going to be worth a lot as you are going to healthier sleeping without any disruption due to the hot climate or hot sleeping.

In this long guide we have reviewed the top best latex mattress, and also mentioned some key points to keep in check before buying any of them.

We also mentioned the top benefits of latex mattresses over other types of mattresses to help you learn whether or not the latex mattresses are right for you.

I hope this guide proves helpful for you and makes you pick the right mattress.

FAQs About Latex Mattress

Which are better, memory foam or latex mattresses?

If you like a soft mattress that adopts your body position quickly and provides contouring may be Memory foams mattresses are better.

But if you like durability, breathability, and pressure relief from the pain points or pressure points, maybe Latex mattresses are better.

It is more a personal preference; it is up to you what makes you comfortable and adapts your climate or sleeping preference.

Why are latex mattresses so expensive?

Latex is an organic white substance taken from Rubber trees. It is not produced in the United States, mostly Latex is imported from Thailand and Sri Lanka.

It is a difficult source that costs energy as well as time to take out from the rubber trees. So, all these factors accumulate and make the Latex constructed mattress more expensive than memory foam or other material constructed.

Do latex mattresses sleep hot?

The Latex Organic substance structure of Open cells does not retain the heat. In other words, unlike memory foam or other foams, they do not trap the hot air particles released from our body to trap into the mattress and then get into us to make our sleeping experience hotter.

Rather, they dissipate heat, and et the hot air particles pass through the systems and layers to dissipate out.

Are latex mattresses good for a bad back?

Latex Mattresses due to their open cell structure and higher density are more responsive without sagging the sleepers.

They provide pressure relief to the pressure points areas of the body. They are bouncy and provide the right support to the lower back resulting in spinal alignment.

And lower back pain is the result of unnatural spinal alignment in sleeping due to the unresponsiveness of the mattress. If there is the right support and response, you would not get any back pain.

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