Best Innerspring Mattress Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

We grew up sleeping on traditional innerspring mattresses. No doubt that memory foam mattresses are in lead these days, but innerspring matters even now have their charm because of their impressive support, breathability, and durability.

These are not those spring mattresses that we use to jump onto. They are changed in a good way, and now with latex, or memory foam topping, they are more plushy, comfortable, and provide a smoother sleeping experience.

So, if you have been sleeping on innerspring mattresses for a long time, and want to buy a new one, you come to the right place.

In this post, I am going to review the best innerspring mattresses according to consumer ratings and reports 2023. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Quick Picks

Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in, depending on your budget…

Best Innerspring Mattress Consumer Ratings & Reports

  1. ZINUS 14 Inch Green Tea Cooling Innersprings Hybrid Mattress
  2. Inofia Full Mattress, 12 Inch Hybrid Innerspring Double Mattress
  3. Sweetnight 12 Inch Memory Foam and Hybrid Innerspring Mattress
  4. Modway Jenna 10” California King Innerspring Mattress
  5. Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress
  6. Ssecretland 10 inch Individually Wrapped Coils Innerspring Mattress
  7. Crystal 10 Inch Memory Foam Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

Best Innerspring Mattress Reviews

I have compiled a list of the 7 best innerspring mattresses based on consumer ratings and reports 2023.

1. ZINUS 14 Inch Green Tea Cooling Innersprings Hybrid Mattress

Features at a glance
  • Knitted Fabric cover
  • Individual pocketed springs
  • A thick gel-infused memory foam layer
  • Comes in a compact box

If you are a light sleeper and a light move on your bed awakes you, you should buy ZINUS designed 14-inches Green Tea cooling Innerspring Hybrid mattress.

This mattress is famous owing to its motion isolation feature and even if your partner is tossing and switching positions, you would not get disturbed.

This mattress qualifies every criterion of an impressive mattress. It is cool to prevent you from hot sweats in the middle of the night, it is comfortable with a thick memory foam layer on the top of it, and a knitted fabric pocket cover, and it is calm due to its isolated pocket spring construction.

The isolated pockets of springs do not transfer the motion to the other, so whenever you move, the movement would be limited to the springs under you, and would not get transferred to your partner sleeping alongside you.

Keep in mind, it is not just the memory foam on the top layer, it is mixed with gel. You know about gel-infused memory foams, they banish excessive heat and provide you a peaceful, temperature-regulated sleep without any turbulence.

There comes the third layer, ZINUS Fusion Foam to provide you extra support and comfort. It prevents you from sinking into the bed and helps in getting up when you want, without feeling stuck.

And its independent coil system in pockets provides you cooling sleeping experience. This layer isolates your motion and makes your bed more breathable so that hot air particles without tripping into the thick layers of the mattress could go out.

For those sensitive to the smell of a newly rolled mattress, the second layer of it comes with a green tea scent to prevent you from bad odor.

It would be near to crime not to mention the amazing packaging and shipping. The mattress comes shipped in the box, rolled up into a tiny box that can easily be taken around. You can take it upstairs, without awkwardly taking an opened or expanded mattress.

In total, if you want a cushy mattress that also provides reinforced support, and amazing breathability, you must not skip this product.

What We Like!
  • Four-layer formula
  • the thick gel-infused memory foam layer
  • Green tea scent to cater bad odor or smells
  • Pocketed coils for motion isolation
Things to Consider!
  • Still smells

2. Inofia Full Mattress, 12 Inch Hybrid Innerspring Double Mattress

Features at a glance
  • Seven-layer formula
  • Enough cushioning to provide a comfy sleeping
  • Impressive ventilation
  • A strong layer of springs

If you do not like very comfy mattresses as they tend to get hot, and do not like firmer mattresses because they give you a soared body in the morning, buy Inofia designed Hybrid Innerspring double mattress.

This mattress is the right soft mattress which without giving you blow of heat sweats in the middle of night provides a cool night sleep.

Its construction is amazing, it is a seven-layer formula with inner springs, to regulate temperature, and to support a cool night’s sleep.

On the top, it has a breathable dual layered soft knitted fabric cover which provides impressive breathability.

This cover regulates the moisture and, in any environment, supports cool sleeping. Do not forget the airy meshes on the sides, which are designed to dissipate the heat our body produces.

It is not like a traditional innerspring mattress. With a good enough memory foam integration, it is one of the comfortable mattresses that you can rely on in any position sleeping.

It has a memory foam layer, breathable open-cell foam layer, and pressure relief eco memory foam layer after the knitted fabric cover.

Each of the memory foam layers has their dedicated tasks to do, to provide support and cradling sleeping experience.

The supportive springs layer is the most important and vital layer. Each spring is encased individually, to provide motion isolation, to make your sleeping smoother and more peaceful.

Those who toss a lot and switch positions in sleep, and their partners get disturbed due to this, can surely be on this mattress.

A high-density base layer and dual fiber layer come after the encased springs to provide more support and make this mattress stand out in the crowd.

Another clear advantage this mattress has over its competitors is its strong edge support. Its edges have been strengthened to provide users a comfortable and safe sleeping experience, they would not just be tossed off the body due to their weight if they sit on the edge.

Besides its impressive motion isolation, I liked this mattress as because it produces less noise compared to innerspring mattresses.

Yes, innerspring mattresses are noisy, but this one is less noisy and makes it quiet for you to enjoy a cool night’s sleep.

What We Like!
  • Seven-layer formula to produce the best innerspring mattress
  • Strong edge support
  • Individual encased springs for motion isolation
  • Airy mesh on the sides
Things to Consider!
  • For light sleepers, the springs can be noisy

3. Sweetnight 12 Inch Memory Foam and Hybrid Innerspring Mattress

Features at a glance
  • CertiPUR certified mattress
  • Gel Memory foam infused
  • Pocketed coil
  • Impressive motion transfer

It is very hard to find a good mattress that molds with your body and provides a comfy sleeping experience even in summers. In summers memory foam mattresses without Air Foam layers become hard to sleep on due to the condensation they offer.

To help you enjoy a cool night’s sleep, and to make your sleeping undisturbed there comes Sweetnight Hybrid mattress.

This mattress got a dedicated layer of coils with a topping of memory foam to provide a smooth, cushy base to lay on.

What makes this Hybrid mattress stands out? Its individual pocketed coils layer isolates the motion of the localized region and lets you sleep in peace even when your partner is watching a movie on the bed, and laughing hilariously or switching positions in the middle of the night.

Do not worry it is not like a regular coil mattress or traditional squeaky mattress, it would not disturb your peace with coils or spring noises, each spring has been designed with top and below memory foam layers to get the right use of both memory and springs.

This mattress is designed for any body type, no matter your position or sleeping, it provides you the right comfort.

The isolated springs get pressed with respect to the weight of each body region. The lower back area will be pushed a little more to provide relief to your pressure points.

Its breathable knitted fiber skin-friendly cover is another amazing aspect to praise about. Not only the cover but the entire mattress and its every layer is constructed and designed using no harmful chemicals.

It is a CertiPUR certified mattress, those allergic to the chemical smells would not have any problem with it at all.

The mattress is packaged and shipped smartly, rolled in a box to make t easier to move upstairs or through narrow spaces.

You would not have to put your all energy into making a plan about how to take it upstairs, as most brands ship mattress expanded.

It takes around 24-hours to regain its true shape and size and manufacturers recommend not to use this for at least 48-hours until it regains its true shape and volume, and all packaging smell is gone.

What We Like!
  • Packaged smartly in a box in a rolled shape
  • Each coil is encased separately in pocket shape
  • Amazing motion transfer
  • Gel memory foam layer on the top to regulate heat
Things to Consider!
  • For overweight guys, they may feel like stuck in quicksand

4. Modway Jenna 10” California King Innerspring Mattress

Features at a glance
  • 2 inches memory foam layer on the top
  • Individual springs encasing
  • The quilted polyester tight top surface
  • Budget price
  • Suit all sleeping positions

If you are experiencing the worst night sleeps because of an unresponsive mattress and you wake up with the soared body, pain in the neck, shoulder, and hips, you should right away change your mattress, and buy Modway designed Jenna 10-inches Innerspring mattress.

Maybe if you have been using a multi-layered memory foam mattress and are addicted to extra cushiness, maybe the bed you had been using last long, but one thing I reckon about this Modway mattress is its supreme breathability and cool sleeping experience.

The cool sleeping experience is because of its individual wrapped pocket coil layers. It is not a traditional designed mattress; it is an innerspring mattress but a hybrid one.

The incorporation of memory foam made one of the finest Hybrid mattresses which provides you a comfortable base to sleep on.

We are living in a digital world, where our partners may have a different schedule of sleeping and waking up.

If that’s your case, you may go with this mattress because it’s isolated innerspring encased in the memory foam layers absorbs motion and limit the motion to localized areas or regions.

It is one of the safest mattresses to invest in. It is fire-resistant, would not catch fire even if an accident happens. Its integration or resistance to polyester barrier meets the flammability standards and ensures that it would not catch fire.

This mattress suits any position. Whether you like back sleeping, stomach sleeping, side sleeping, or mixed sleeping position, it helps and assists you everywhere.

Its quilted Polyester tight top surface relievers pressure from hips, shoulders, back, and neck and provides a cool night sleeping experience.

In total, this Jenna-designed 10-inches hybrid innerspring mattress is one of the best options to get hands for anyone suffering from a sleep disorder or having problems due to an unresponsive mattress.

What We Like!
  • Individual encased spring with memory foam
  • Quilted top cover to suit your body and relieve pressure
  • Suits all sleeping positions
  • Innersprings absorbs the motion and prevents its transferring to your partner
Things to Consider!
  • Weight range is limited

5. Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

Features at a glance
  • Cozy knit cover on the top
  • Memory foam layer
  • Thick innerspring layers for durability and breathability
  • Motion isolation

When it is about breathability and support, no other mattress can beat innerspring mattresses. Linenspa comes with one of the innovative innerspring hybrid mattresses that have memory foam topping to provide a contouring sleeping experience.

It is a relatively firmer mattress, great for overweight persons. It would not sink them into a quicksand, provides constant support and make their spinal cord aligned, prevent back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain.

Keep in mind, it is not a regular or traditional innerspring mattress. If you look at its construction or layers, you can easily see that it has three layers plus a fabric cover to make it as comfortable as memory foam mattresses, and more breathable than them.

The first layer is memory foam, which is a contouring memory foam, molds with your body, and relieves pressure points. The second layer comes comfort layer, this too provides comfort and distributes your weight evenly through the bed without making your bid dip.

And there comes an innerspring layer. This layer enhances the breathability of the mattresses and prevents condensations.

For those who live in hot regions, this mattress is going to be a life-saver, prevent tripping hot air particles, provide them an open channel to go out of the thick mattress.

This mattress comes shipped in a box, rolled up in a box that makes it easy to carry even upstairs. Do not take it awkwardly, grab the box and take it anywhere you want, without taking too much space.

So, say goodbye to hot night sleeps, and say welcome to cool night sleep with Linenspa designed Hybrid innerspring mattress with memory foam on the top.

What We Like!
  • Comfortable mattress with enhanced breathability
  • Memory foam layer on the top to provide a cradling sleeping experience
  • Great for college dorm rooms, guest rooms, and stomach sleepers
  • Good weight range capacity
Things to Consider!
  • Not for side sleepers or back sleepers

6. Ssecretland 10 inch Individually Wrapped Coils Innerspring Mattress

Features at a glance
  • Enhanced breathability
  • It comes in three sizes
  • 3d Knitted Dual Layer
  • Individual Wrapped coils

Do you know that those suffering from back pain can sleep on neither too firm nor too soft mattresses?

If that’s the case for you, go with Ssecretland designed hybrid steel coil pocketed mattress. This mattress is right soft, neither too soft nor too firm, and supports your body from head to toe.

I have seen larger guys really suffer when it comes to buying mattresses. It is hard to pick a mattress that supports a long guy and ideally distribute the weight on the mattress and provide a smooth sleeping experience without dipping.

But during the research, I found that most of the larger guys were more than happy with this mattress, its breathability, and support system.

It comes in three sizes, 10-inches, 12-inches and 14-inches. Pick the size you like, and get a cool night sleeping, say goodbye to hot full of sweats night sleeps, and welcome a cool, error-free overnight sleeping experience.

It shares a unique construction from top to bottom. On the top, it shares a 3d knitted dual layer cover which allows impressive breathability and permeability.

It is a seven-layer formula mattress, after the knitted fabric dual layer cover there comes one-inch exclusive ST Foam. One-inch comfortable memory foam follows the ST foam, after that there comes fireproof foam.

Non woven foam and bio clean foam are also integrated, to provide a super amazing support system and distribute the weight of the body uniformly through the mattress.

Its stand-out aspect is its 8-inches individually wrapped steel coils. Tempered steel coil provides unbelievable support to each part of your body and provides pressure relief.

Not only reinforced support, and pressure relief these coils provide but breathability.

If you are allergic to chemicals, rest assured, this product is certified by CertiPUR-US which means, no harmful chemicals are used in the making of this product. And it comes with a 10-years limited warranty, with a 100-days refund testing warranty.

What We Like!
  • 3D Knitted dual layer cover
  • Individual steel coil encased in the layers of memory foam
  • Multiple memory foam layers to support and mold with your body
  • Impressive breathability
Things to Consider!
  • Not good for side sleepers

7. Crystli 10 Inch Memory Foam Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

Features at a glance
  • Multiple memory foam layers integrated
  • Air foam integration for super breathability
  • Individually pocketed coil layer of 8-inches
  • Ships and packs in a box vacuum

If your old mattress has reached its natural age, and now you are into buying a new mattress and decided to buy an innerspring mattress, you should check this Crystli designed 10-inches memory foam innerspring mattress.

It is a mild foam innerspring mattress with a high-end knit fabric to provide impressive breathability.

It is a seven-layer formula mattress. Each layer of it has a specific task to handle, to make your overall sleeping experience undisturbed and peaceful.

Its super-stretch Knitted fabric cover is very comfortable and cushy and molds with your body to make it super pressure relieving.

Under this knitted cover fabric there comes a pressure-relieving memory foam layer. Ventilated Base foam layer comes after that to provide super impressive breathability.

Due to this layer, hot particles would not be trapped into the thick layers of the mattress, but easily gets out of it.

There are many other memory foam layers after that and under the wrapped coil system. Each steel coil is wrapped in individual pockets to absorb the motion. Its unique coil system makes it easier for couples to sleep in their desired position and enjoy unlimited switching and tossing without disturbing their partners.

This mattress provides impressive full-body support and movement and provides a super comfy sleeping experience for all positions.

I liked the way this mattress is packaged and shipped. It comes in the compressed and vacuum-sealed form, neatly rolled in a box to provide super comfortable and portable reach.

You can take it upstairs and get it to unbox to easily put it on the desired frames, it fits all the frames from slatted base to flat platform or hospital bed.

What We Like!
  • Multiple memory foam layers integrated
  • Air foam integration for super breathability
  • Individually pocketed coil layer of 8-inches
  • Ships and packs in a box vacuum
Things to Consider!
  • Short not as wide as regular queen size mattresses

What is an Innerspring Mattress?

Innerspring mattresses are the traditional mattresses most of the people in their 50’s grew up sleeping on. They are also referred to as the coil mattress or metal coil mattress.

The invention of memory foam gave another dimension and the memory foam was taken as the mainstream material for making mattresses and many other bedding or seating products including chairs, sofas, etc.

Today’s innerspring mattress also sees layers of memory foam or Latex or Polyfoam in them. So, as a base to sleep on, the material used in innerspring mattresses is latex or memory foam.

There is a tiny difference between an innerspring and a hybrid mattress. If in an innerspring mattress, just one layer of memory foam or latex is being used after the cover or top layer, then it is innerspring, if there are multiple layers on the top as well as on bottoms, it is a hybrid mattress.

Types of Innerspring mattresses

Innerspring mattresses come in a variety of types and set of advantages and disadvantages.

It is important for you to learn those tiny differences narrow down the option or types that will suit you the most and provide the set of preferences you have set for yourself.

Individual Pocketed Spring mattresses

Individually pocketed spring mattresses are often knowns as pocket spring mattresses. They come with lots of other advantages but the aspect which stands out the most is motion isolation.

Each coil is encased individually, in other words, every coil absorbs the motion and prevents it from transferring to the other coil.

For example, if you move or switch position at the night, the springs under you will absorb the motion and prevent the motion transfer to your partner.

They are the expensive and most purchased type of innerspring mattress.

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses incorporate more than two layers of other material memory foam or latex.

More than often, Hybrid mattresses come with a topping of the memory foam layer, innerspring, and one more memory foam or latex layer, to provide super breathability and comfortless.

Other types

There are two or three more types of innerspring, but they are less common and are getting obsolete such as Offset coils. In offset coils, springs are attached in spiral shape wires.

They are considered the durable ones, but are noisy and make it hard for sleep not only for those who sleep on them but for others sleeping in the other room adjacent to yours.

Buying Guide For Innerspring Mattress

I am sure now you have narrowed down the type of mattress you should buy for yourself. Now, there comes the features or things one should look into before buying to enjoy a super comfortable, sleeping experience.

Coil Count

When it is about buying an innerspring mattress, the first thing that should come to your mind is spring count. How many numbers of coils are there, what is the gauge of the steel or wire in the springs?

So, the rule of thumb for coil count is, the higher the number of coils or springs, the smoother and super comfortable sleeping experience you will enjoy.

But it is not just the coil count or the number of springs that matter, the other thing which is equally important is, the gauge of the wire.

If you buy an innerspring mattress with a good number of counts of springs, but the springs are cheaply made or of lower quality.

So, buy a mattress with a good number of coils, made of quality steel.

Comfort Level

Comfort level is the most important aspect of any mattress. In my view, the comfort level is directly influenced by your sleeping position. One mattress which seems very soft for one might feel firm for the others.

For instance, side sleepers like a very soft mattress. Very soft mattresses provide them better sleeping experience.

For a back sleeper, a little firm mattress is the right option. For stomach sleepers or mixed sleeping positions, a little firmer than for back sleepers would be the right option.

Price range

Innerspring mattresses are the best just because of their performance but because of their price range. They do not cost arms and legs, unlike memory foam mattresses.

If you go with an innerspring mattress, you can easily buy one under $1000.


Warranty is another important attribute to look into when buying an innerspring mattress. Keep in mind, I am talking about a trial warranty as well as a longer-term warranty.

Buy a mattress that comes with a trial warranty, because when you buy mattresses online, you can’t test them like the way you do in stores. So, a trial warranty gives you a chance to test whether or not that particular mattress suits your sleeping preferences or needs.

And in longer terms warranty, you get peace of mind. As you are spending a big money on buying a mattress, a longer-term warranty secures you. Like if your mattress gets dipped or goes sag, you can return it back, and get a replacement.

Final Verdict

Innerspring mattresses are the best traditional mattresses choice. They are popular because of their breathability, reinforced support, durability, and cool sleeping experience.

We have mentioned the top factors one can consider before buying the best innerspring mattress. You can take the number of coils in the count, type of coils, comfort level, durability, and price point into consideration, we have explained each of the mentioned terms in detail.

We can hope that this guide helped you not only in picking the best option for you but making it easier to pick the right option.

FAQs About Innerspring Mattress

How do I know if innerspring mattresses are good for me?

Memory foam mattresses are in trend. And they rightly should be enjoying these top positions, because they are such great performers in providing the comfy cushy sleeping experience. But despite the memory foam mattresses surge, innerspring mattresses are still in action.

Because they provide you cooler sleeping experience. They provide lots of bounces and a low-temperature feeling. They are more durable and last for as long as 10-years.

So, if you live in a hot region, and want some cool sleeping experience, go with innerspring mattresses.

How long do innerspring mattresses last?

The coils or springs encased in the mattress can wear down with the passage of time. They lose their bounce feeling or spring back to their full potential or original height. When this starts to happen, the mattress can go dip or feel sag.

So, as per the user’s experience, and as per experts, they can easily last 6-10 years.

How much does an innerspring mattress cost?

Well, the general rule of thumb applies here too. The more you spend, the quality product you will be able to get hands-on.

But on average, innerspring mattresses are not that expensive compared to memory foam mattresses which can easily cost around 3000-4000 dollars. Innerspring mattresses, on the other hand, costs around 1000 dollars less or more.

What’s the difference between pocket coils and innerspring?

Pocket coils are not different from innerspring mattresses but they come integrated with individual or isolated coils to absorb the motion.

In that way, pocketed coil mattresses are best in motion transfer prevention, with them, your partner can’t feel the motion of you tossing on the bed or switching the position.

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