7 Best Mattress For Platform Bed Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Homeowners get platform beds to make the most of their space and get firm support for the posture. But when it comes to picking the best mattress for a platform bed, they become confused.

Any mattress works with a platform bed as a general rule of thumb. Well, this rule becomes unfollowable once you tap into the market and realize that hundreds of options are out there.

You can close your eyes and pick any one that comes first. As a wise person and savvy buyer, you would like to know how to choose the right mattress for a platform bed. Well, I got a complete guide that directs you toward the right factors to pay attention to.

In this post, I am going to review the 7 best mattresses for platform beds according to consumer ratings and reports 2023. They are super compatible, which means they will fit well into your standard bed and help you enjoy comfort, coziness, and support. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Quick Picks

Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in, depending on your budget…

Best Mattress For Platform Bed Consumer Ratings & Reports

  1. Brooklyn Aurora Cooling mattress
  2. Nectar King Comfortable Mattress
  3. Ghostbed flex Spring Support Mattress with Warranty
  4. Olee sleep Comfortable mattress
  5. Sleep innovation 10 Inch Mattress Warranty
  6. Perfect Cloud Elegance
  7. Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam

7 Best Mattress For Platform Bed Reviews 2023

I have compiled a list of the 7 best mattresses for platform beds based on consumer ratings and reports 2023.

1. Brooklyn Aurora Cooling mattress

Features at a glance
  • 1″ high-density base foam
  • TitanCool™
  • 5″ Copper Gel Energex
  • 10-year Warranty

If you sleep hot at night and need a mattress that can regulate temperature well, the best option comes from Brooklyn Aurora Mattress. It is medium-firm and suitable for all kinds of sleepers.

The minute you start sleeping on this mattress is the time when you realize that it will keep you cool. You can enjoy the maximum level of breathability from it.

Apart from breathability, it fits perfectly into your platform bed. The best thing about Brooklyn Aurora is that they have their factory to create individually pocketed springs.

The manufacturer keeps control over components, and thereby, they can offer top-quality products.

Since the manufacturer has its own unit, they provide quality and control the cost. You can get a luxurious mattress at a price you can afford.

This triple-layer hybrid mattress offers a perfect blend of quality, comfort, and support.

The first layer is a 1.5″ Copper Gel Energex™, while the second layer is all about comfort and has 2″ TitanFlex™. If your body needs pressure point relief, you will make a good decision after spending money on it.

Its 1″ transitional layer of Gel Memory Foam offers deeper compression. You can expect a good level of motion isolation from it.

Thanks to 1,189 individually encased Quantum™ Edge coils, this mattress won’t give you a hard time at all. You can get in and out of bed comfortably.

Investment in this mattress pays a good return as a 1″ high-density base foam offers ultimate durability.

In case you have safety concerns, you should know that the brand created it by following the Consumer Product Safety Commission rules.

It has CertiPUR-US certification that means it is free of ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP .

What We Like!
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Pressure Point Relief
  • Cooling Comfort
  • Deep compression support
Things to Consider!
  • It is not very comfortable.

2. Nectar King Comfortable Mattress

Features at a glance
  • 365-night trial
  • Gel Memory Foam
  • 5 Layers design
  • Cooling Cover

Are you looking for a very comfortable yet supportive mattress for your platform bed? Nectar brings a premium quality mattress with a good blend of support and comfort. It fits perfectly into the platform bed.

The manufacturer offers 365-night trials. You can decide whether you want to keep it or not after using it for a year. It seems like a great deal.

You don’t have to rely on the manufacturer’s claims at all. After testing all the claims about comfort, quality, and firmness, it’s who you will decide.

This gel foam mattress is quite suitable for all kinds of sleepers. Its comfort is great for side sleepers while enough support is provided to back and stomach sleepers.

It is designed to distribute weight well and maintain proper air circulation throughout the foam. You won’t experience hot and cold spots.

The Nectar King mattress is designed with five layers. Its first layer is designed with a cooling Tencel mattress cover that ensures your body stays cool.

In the second layer, the manufacturer used gel foam so weight is distributed well throughout your body and your body doesn’t go under stress.

The brand integrated a transition layer with an adaptive response to prevent the feeling of sinking. The base layer will reinforce support, so you get the support you need from this well-designed mattress.

There is an anti-slippage layer at the very bottom of the mattress. This layer will avoid slippage and provide stability.

It is the best mattress for a platform bed as it ensures the right level of support. The mattress is neither too firm nor too soft. So, whether you are a side or back sleeper, it will keep your spine well-aligned.

When the temperature is high outside, it will help you sleep cool by regulating heat and temperature all night long.

What We Like!
  • Breathability
  • Ideal Support for All Sleepers
  • Nectar forever warranty
  • No Sinking Feeling
Things to Consider!
  • Its chemical smell after unpacking lingers around for weeks.

3. Ghostbed flex Spring Support Mattress

Features at a glance
  • Made in the USA
  • CertiPur-US Certified
  • No more back pain
  • High-density durable foam

Do you hate to sink in your mattress? It would help if you opted for a gel memory foam mattress by Ghostbed.

This bed offers a medium-firm feel with reinforced individually wrapped coils. These springs prevent sinking feeling to a great extent.

Once you set it on your platform bed, you can quickly get in and out of bed without making a struggle and putting pressure on your knees and muscles. It will be super easy for you to move around.

This gel memory foam offers a good amount of airflow. Your body heat will disperse nicely in the air and won’t make you sleep hot.

The high-density foam with a gel layer makes it super durable. It will stay helpful for a very long time. Once you have it, you don’t need to look for a replacement for at least five years.

This well-balanced mattress is a good choice for all kinds of sleepers. They can expect comfort plus support.

This USA-Made mattress offers you peace of mind that the manufacturer didn’t use harsh chemicals to create them. Its CertiPUR-US certification is proof that it is free of chemicals and safe to use around kids.

It is soft enough to guarantee comfort for your body while firm enough to deliver you support. Your body pressure point will enjoy relief.

People had complaints that their backs were hurting. They used this bed and shared their reviews that this mattress helps them deal with their back and muscle aches well.

What We Like!
  • Optimal Airflow
  • Suitable for all kinds of Sleeper
  • Cooling Cover included
  • Comfort plus support
Things to Consider!
  • Customer support is inefficient

4. Olee sleep Comfortable mattress

Features at a glance
  • Motion Isolation
  • Polyester 100% Cover
  • Durable fabric
  • Independently-encased coils

After experiencing restless nights due to body heat, you may be on the hunt for a mattress that fits well in your platform bed while giving you proper airflow.

This 13-inch mattress is designed to bring you comfort. It is specially designed for hot sleepers. This hybrid foam is infused with gel that ensures the maximum level of breathability.

This soft memory foam will conform to your body shape well. It will offer perfect alignment to your spine and help you get a good amount of support.

It is designed with five layers, including a pocket spring. The purpose of this design is to offer relief to your body pressure points such as shoulders and hips.

The coil inside this mattress is well protected with Multi HD memory foam layers. They add an extra cushion for comfort while quality is matchless.

Its neutral grey design looks super luxurious. A 100 percent polyester quilted cover offers great protection to the mattress.

Besides, it brings comfort for side sleepers. You won’t have to buy an additional cover as the manufacturer offers it all to you.

If your partner moves around from time to time during sleep and you feel disturbed, it’s a kind of mattress that will reduce this disturbance and help you sleep well at night.

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What We Like!
  • Multi HD Protected Coils
  • Five layers, including pocket spring
  • Super Adaptable Memory Foam
  • Keeps Body Cool
Things to Consider!
  • The chemical smell stays for weeks.

5. Sleep innovation 10 Inch Mattress

Features at a glance
  • Soft to touch cover
  • CertiPUR- US Certified
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Durable

One common problem you experience while searching for the best mattress for a platform bed is that not every mattress is super compatible.

In other words, some mattresses are firm and suitable for back sleepers; others are soft and well-designed only for side sleepers.

In that scenario, sleep innovation creates something you like to grab for your home. This 10-inch mattress is ideal for all kinds of sleepers.

No matter what position you prefer while sleeping, it will give you comfort and your body the support you always wanted.

If you have health issues, breathing problems, or allergies, it’s a kind of mattress you can get for yourself without thinking much. Its cover and foam are hypoallergenic and won’t cause any allergy or breathing difficulty.

This foam is made in the USA and Mexico, following quality standards and guidelines. The manufacturer didn’t use harmful chemicals for its construction. It means you can get a safe product to use around kids and pets.

Besides, CertiPur-US certification brings top-quality material for ensuring good quality, safe, and sound night sleep.

Your sleep won’t get disturbed due to heat or pressure because this memory foam offers the best cooling effect.

This premium air channel foam brings proper air ventilation. You will sleep cool and comfy all night long. Thanks to its sturdy base, it will remain helpful for quite a long time.

Its topper is very soft to touch; you feel like sleeping on a cloud – No more stress on your hips and shoulder, no more sinking feeling.

What We Like!
  • Support and comfort
  • Air Ventilation with a cooling effect
  • Medium-firm support
  • Suitable for all sleepers
  • 8-10 years lifespan
Things to Consider!
  • Its uncomfortably firm

6. Perfect Cloud Elegance

Features at a glance
  • Motion isolation
  • Weightless Sleep
  • Charcoal infusion, no smell
  • Cooling gel effect

Are you looking for a super-compatible mattress for a platform bed? Stop searching now, as Perfect cloud has just the right option for you. It fits nicely in your bed and doesn’t require you to spend extra money.

The manufacturer designed it to promote healthy spine alignment, which in turn reduces pressure on your body and prevents back pain.

Pregnant women can make the most of this medium-firm bed as it’s not very soft to hurt the back and not very firm to give any ache.

It is protected with a soft and breathable cover. You and your babies can rest over it and feel comfortable without breathing problems.

When you look closely at its design, you find five layers. The top layer is a stretchable knit cover, while below this, you will discover 1-inch quilted plush air-infused foam. It provides all the softness and comfort you need.

Thanks to its 1.5-inches of ventilated gel-infused foam, you won’t feel suffocated during sleep.

The manufacturer infused this foam with a 7.5-inch charcoal layer. It will ensure that your mattress won’t smell bad and stay fresh all night long, even when you are sweating/

It will regulate your temperature and align with your body contour. You can experience a weightless night’s sleep with your partner.

If you get disturbed at night as your partner moves a lot, worry not manufacturer added an excellent motion isolation feature in it for your ultimate convenience.

What We Like!
  • 30-day sleep trial
  • PURFoam-certified, made in the USA
  • Soft and breathable cover
  • Perfect spine alignment
Things to Consider!
  • It is not very plush

7. Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam

Features at a glance
  • Green tea,charcoal-infused memory foam
  • No more smell
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Open-air pockets to prevent overheat

Are you looking for a mattress that offers perfect spine alignment alongside joint support? If yes, then this green tea gel memory foam from Zinus is something you should consider.

Excellent support to the body is ensured through its medium-firm design. The purpose of infusing green tea gel inside the foam is to offer the user a cooling and refreshing effect.

The manufacturer created its design by following industry standards. They follow the rules and regulations governing the best mattress foam.

The user can have a beautiful blend of quality plus support and peace of mind are guaranteed with CertiPUR- US certification.

If you experience aches in your joint, this Zinus Comfort Foam layer is added to the design to offer nothing but relief and ease to pressure points.

Users will experience long-term dependability through Zinus base foam that brings both edge and body support.

The best part of its design is its jacquard knit cover, which gives a modern appeal to your bedroom and lasts longer than you expect.

Another reason for adding green tea to this foam is to improve sleep quality. You will notice that your sleep schedule gets better over time.

The charcoal addition into the mattress will soak all the moisture and sweat; thereby, you won’t have to deal with bad odors or smells.

Open-air pockets inside the foam bring an extreme level of breathability and give your body a strong cooling effect even during hot summer nights

What We Like!
  • 10-year worry-free warranty
  • No more joint ache
  • It keeps your bedroom fresh
  • Beautiful Cover
Things to Consider!
  • It’s not an ideal choice for people having back pain.

Best Mattress for Platform Bed

Are you going to pick a suitable mattress for your platform bed?

Here is a detailed buying guide that helps you consider all essential factors before making up your mind for anything.


The first thing to decide while shopping for the best mattress for a platform bed is its type.

The exciting thing is that the platform bed is compatible with any kind of mattress, from memory foam to innerspring.

However, there are some plus and negative points about these types. You should know both sides before picking the best type of mattress for a platform bed.

  • Memory Foam: You can find thick and thin memory foam mattresses. A thin one comes at a budget-friendly rate, while a thick one is expensive. The thick one works great on the low-profile bed, but some people hate it when they climb in and out of it. A thin memory foam mattress, on the other hand, seems like a good sleeping partner for a tall platform bed with storage space. However, it won’t be an ideal choice when you have a platform bed with slats because it will push through the slats and bring you some trouble.
  • Latex Foam: When you have a platform bed with slat, you should get a latex form as it offers good support plus stability. However, the main issue with this choice is that it may be too firm of side and stomach sleeper.
  • Innerspring: In case you plan to add a bit of height into your platform bed, you should go with this option.
  • Hybrid mattress: It is a type that is neither too firm nor too soft. It’s a perfect balance of support and comfort. But you should be ready to spend a little extra on it.


The first thing to consider is the size of the mattress that will go with your platform bed. If you have a standard bed, you can get a mattress of any size except XL for it.

When you are unsure what will work with it, a good idea here will be to check the user guide. A platform bed manufacturer always mentions what kind of mattress size a user should get.


Another aspect to look into the mattress is its thickness. You should know what different brands use different layers of mattresses. Some mattresses are very thick with five layers, while others have only three.

You can go with a thin mattress if you have a low-profile platform bed. On the flip side, you should consider getting a thick mattress when you have a high-profile platform bed.

Many platform beds have storage, and getting a thick mattress means adding to the height. And it would help if you jumped from the bed to access this storage area.


It would be best to get a mattress as per your sleeping position. The hybrid bed is suitable for all kinds of sleepers with medium-firmness.

Side sleepers should get a memory foam, while latex and innerspring is good for back and tummy sleeper.

Sleep Trial

No matter how much you look into material quality or certification, you can’t tell precisely about a mattress unless you use it.

Thereby, always get a mattress with a sleep trial. It will offer you the advantage of using a mattress before committing to it on a long-term basis.

Final Verdict

Picking the best mattress for a platform bed is always an overwhelming experience. From taking the exact measurement to digging into thickness, you need to consider a lot during shopping. Worry not.

I have created a list of the seven best mattresses for platform beds. This list will save you time and energy. No matter what mattress you grab from this list, it will ensure durability, breathability, and a good fit.

Still, want to follow the DIY approach for picking the right mattress for your bed? Please unlock my detailed buying guide.

FAQs About Platform Bed

What kind of mattress is suitable for a platform bed?

You should get memory foam, latex, or hybrid mattresses. They are indeed the best kind you can get. You should get a budget-friendly memory foam mattress.

Can you put a traditional mattress on a platform bed?

The best thing about a platform bed is that they are very supportive. You can get any traditional mattress on it, even one without a box spring.

 How thick should a mattress be for a platform bed?

It would be best if you got at least a 12-inch thick mattress. When a mattress has three to five layers, it works well on a platform bed.

Is a platform bed suitable for your back?

Platform bed won’t give any direct benefit to your back. They offer good support to your mattress, though. If you need support for your back, you should go with a mattress with medium firmness.

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