7 Best Cooling Mattress Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Believe it or not, heat affects your quality of sleep. You sleep quickly in a cold environment, while it’s always hard to sleep when you feel hot.

Night sweat is a common phenomenon for more than 35 percent of pregnant women, while 75 percent of women experiencing menopause and perimenopause also turn out to be hot sleepers.

Even when those with low testosterone levels experience night sweats. Excessive sweating wakes you up at night. In that situation, nothing helps more than a cooling mattress.

Home is a place to rest, sleep and recover. But how would you feel if it did the opposite? What if your body gets cramps and aches while sleeping on a mattress? The image is undoubtedly uncomfortable.

I don’t want that either, so I started my hunt for the best cooling mattress of 2023. And with extensive research, experiments, trial, and error, I finally found my partner for 2023.

This article is a goldmine for sleepers who want to cool their bodies down, relax and enjoy deep sleep. This list contains the 7 best cooling mattresses by consumer ratings and reports. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Quick Picks

Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in, depending on your budget…

Best Cooling Mattress Consumer Ratings & Reports

  1. Ssecretland 10-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress with Breathable Cover
  2. GhostBed Flex 13 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam & Innerspring
  3. Sleep Innovations Marley Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress
  4. Layla Memory Mattress
  5. Tuft & Needle Mint King Mattress
  6. Chitta mattress King Mattress Certi-Pur US Certified
  7. ZINUS Cooling Mattress innerspring

7 Best Cooling Mattress Reviews 2023

I have compiled a list of the 7 best cooling mattresses based on consumer ratings and reports 2023.

1. Ssecretland 10-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress with Breathable Cover

Features at a glance
  • 2 inches of HD comfort foam
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Ergonomics design
  • Washable Cover

When you are looking for a mattress to regulate your body temperature, it comes right from S Secretland. This gel foam regulates heat and dispenses temperature properly.

It is designed with triple layers where the first layer is made of 2 inches HD gel memory foam; the second layer is 2 inches of HD comfort foam layer, and the third is all about Support that is possible with 6 inches of HD base support foam.

From this triple-layer structure, you can expect both comfort and convenience. It will offer relaxation and relief to your body aches.

This high-density foam offers super responsive relief. It provides support to your pressure points. It offers a striking balance between firmness and softness.

It’s firm enough to provide support while soft enough to offer 30 percent breathability. This memory foam cooling mattress can be used for almost any base, such as box spring, flat platform, or over an adjustable bed.

The manufacturer offers a ten-year warranty to customers. So, if anything goes wrong, you can make a claim.

What We Like!
  • Ultra Soft Fabrics
  • Perfect level of Support
  • Super comfortable
  • Easy to Clean
Things to Consider!
  • It starts sagging after a year.

2. GhostBed Flex 13 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam & Innerspring

Features at a glance
  • Hybrid Cooling Mattress
  • 7 Layers of Comfort and Support
  • Contouring Memory Foam
  • Suitable for all kinds of sleepers

Night sweats make you super uncomfortable, and you can bring comfort back into your night routine by getting a Ghost bed cooling gel mattress.

The flex’s soft mattress has a cooling cover. It promotes proper airflow and ensures that you don’t experience discomfort. This 13-inches cooling mattress has seven layers of comfort.

The first layer is a quilted cover that is super soft that offers a super plush feeling to your body.

Its cooling cover is like one inch of cooling fibers woven directly into the fabric. The third layer of 1 inches gel memory is added to its cover.

The fourth layer is all about supporting your spinal cord and keeping the mattress aligned as per your body contour.

Its fifth layer is the Ghost bounce layer (Signature layer). This hybrid layer is super responsive like latex and offers the best contouring support like memory foam.

Six layers is a reinforced coil for letting foam get back to its position fast so that you can prevent the feeling of sinking inside your foam.

Its high-density base layer is all about keeping foam useful for the years to come. It offers a medium feel. This cooling mattress is neither too firm nor too soft. Thereby, it’s a perfect choice for all kinds of sleepers.

This USA-made Mattress is CertiPUR-US certified. It means this mattress doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, and you will be sleeping in a very safe and sound environment.

High-quality material is used to make this hybrid mattress. Wrapped coils are reinforced in the design to offer steady Support.

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What We Like!
  • Support plus convenience guaranteed
  • Made in the USA
  • Offers the best Back Support
  • Maintain proper airflow
  • CertiPur-Us Certified
Things to Consider!
  • Customer service is not responsive.

3. Sleep Innovations Marley Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Features at a glance
  • Highest safety standards
  • Hypoallergenic
  • CertiPUR-US certified,
  • Supercooling effect

Are you searching for the best mattress for hot sleepers? This 12 inches memory foam mattress has cooling gel. The Top layer is gel memory foam that offers the best cooling effect to prevent night sweats.

There is a supportive center inside this memory foam. This support area supports your body contour while relieving pressure from multiple pressure points. As a result, you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

It has a triple-layer design where the first layer is made of gel and the second layer is all about airflow and breathability. Your body temperature is regulated properly, and it won’t make you feel hot at night.

You won’t wake up from night sweats after setting this Sleep Innovation gel memory foam in your bed base.

Whether you sleep on your side, stomach, or back, its medium Support seems like a good idea for all kinds of sleepers.

This memory foam mattress is hypoallergenic. If you have some allergy problem or breathing difficulty, this foam will work for you.

There is edge support, so you don’t have any sinking feeling. If you are looking for motion isolation, this mattress will offer you that feature.

Triple-layer design has proper airflow channels that will bring Support alongside breathability.

Manufacturers use premium quality material to create this foam. So, you can expect to get its benefit for a lifespan of eight to ten years.

What We Like!
  • Contouring foam for restful sleep
  • Offer Pressure point relief
  • Extra Support and durability
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Medium-firm support
Things to Consider!
  • It smells like body odor.

4. Layla Copper Infused Memory Foam Mattress

Features at a glance
  • Natural Cooling Technology
  • Thermal Gel
  • Flippable Design
  • Made in the USA

Layla stores provide comfort and quality with various options and designs. This memory foam mattress by Layla ticked all the things in our box and surprised us with its benefits.

The mattress material is mixed with copper, which acts as a cooling agent. Copper helps with sleep by lowering the body temperature. It indeed provides firmness and coolness at the same time and is becoming a favorite feature.

The mattress comes in six different sizes ranging from twin size to king. It is possible to lay it on any board or foundation we want. Therefore, this mattress is a friendly product and easy to adjust.

This best cooling mattress of 2021 uses memory foam, with many benefits. Memory foam uses pressure relief techniques to get rid of cramps and helps you sleep better. In addition, with three sturdy layers, this mattress will hold up against any abuse, wear and tear.

Some people like to sleep on firm and substantial mattresses, but others like me prefer softness. Thus, this mattress is the best cooling mattress for back pain because it provides both options.

Its firm side has a suitable level for firm-sleepers, but people with back, hip, or joint pain can flip the mattress and use its cozy and snuggly side.

What We Like!
  • Copper-infused durable material
  • It keeps the temperature cool
  • Firm and soft size for comfort
  • Comes in six sizes
  • Comes with two extra pillows
Things to Consider!
  • It can be firmer than expected.

5. Tuft & Needle Mint King Mattress

Features at a glance
  • 100-Night Trial
  • Luxury Look and Comfort
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Extra breathability

Nothing can offer you better comfort and relief on the hot and humid summer night than the luxurious mattress from Tuft and Needle.

It is made of 30 percent more graphite in the top layer, while the open-cell design of its adaptive film lets heat dissipate quickly while you sleep. It offers super breathability and a cozy feeling to its user.

The Mint is one of the best-selling cooling mattresses for hot sleepers. Its innovative design is a beautiful blend of one layer of proprietary T&N Adaptive foam and the second layer of a super-luxe knit cover.

Manufacturers created this mattress to ensure that you always get relief for your sore pressure points, especially hips and shoulders.

The best part of this foam is its progressive support provided through gel beads, which stack together to give support where needed the most.

The manufacturer uses 4 inches of extra-firm foam in the bottom of the foam that offers super edge support.

The best feature of this T&N cooling mattress is its HeiQ HyProTecht guards. You should know that this antimicrobial foam keeps your foam durable and prevents degradation from microorganisms. It stops the growth of bacterial odors.

However, this foam doesn’t protect you from germs or bacteria. You can use mild detergent and cool water to clean its top from time to time.

Investment in this cooling mattress will be risk-free. There is a 100-night sleep trial that allows you to use the mattress first before keeping it for a long time. Besides, there is a 10-year warranty that offers peace of mind to the shopper.

What We Like!
  • Progressive Support
  • Open Cell Adaptive foam
  • Super Luxe knit cover
  • HeiQ HyProTecht guards
Things to Consider!
  • It has a strong chemical smell.

6. Chitta mattress King Mattress Certi-Pur US Certified

Features at a glance
  • Six layers of comfortable mattress
  • Anti-slip bottom cover
  • Ice Cool fabric cover
  • 365 days Night Trial

Your search for a super breathable cooling mattress will undoubtedly come to an end at the Chita store. The manufacturer uses a super innovative egg-crate foam design that boosts internal air permeability.

In other words, the new design of this mattress makes it extremely breathable while ensuring comfort and ease for the user.

You can say goodbye to night sweats once you start resting your head on this super convenient mattress.

It is designed with six layers of comfort where the top layer is ice-cooling fabric cover; the second layer is made of two inches of gel air memory, its third layer is 2 inches of egg-crate foam, the fourth layer is soft foam in the middle while an anti-slip cover covers six inches of base bottom foam.

Its cooling cover contains almost 45 percent cooling particles to keep your body temperature at a normal pace. The egg-crate foam design gives an ice-cooling effect.

One thing that makes this mattress a better choice than other ones is that it is free of Fiberglass. Manufacturers give more priority to customer health. Therefore they don’t use any harmful chemicals and materials.

You won’t have to believe in the manufacturer’s claim of quality and comfort. There are 365 days night trial options. You can first try and test its quality before finally committing your sleep to it for years.

What We Like!
  • Antimicrobial
  • Cooling Cover
  • Ten years Warranty
  • Breathable and Cool
  • Free of Fiberglass
Things to Consider!
  • It is a little too firm

7. ZINUS Cooling Mattress innerspring

Features at a glance
  • Independent coil system
  • Cooling Swirl Foam
  • Motion Isolation
  • Jacquard knit cover

This gel-infused foam moves heat away from your body and regulates your body temperature to a great extent. As a result, you have a good night’s sleep.

This Zinus Cooling mattress is designed to ensure your comfort and breathability. This foam is designed in a way that supports the contour of your body.

This foam will align well with your spine if you have joint aches and back issues. Thereby, you can expect support alongside pressure point relief.

If your partners move around a lot to disturb you, its independent coil system brings a worthy motion isolation feature. Besides, it offers edge support alongside a supportive structure.

The steel coil base is made of an individually wrapped innerspring. They will offer a good level of spinal support.

Cooling gel infusion in the foam offers pressure point relief. If your back is hurting and has some spinal issue, you can have a peaceful sleep at night.

What We Like!
  • CertiPUR US Certified
  • Ten years limited warranty
  • No More Night Sweat
  • Spinal Alignment and support
Things to Consider!
  • It has a chemical smell.

Cooling Mattress Buying Guide

Cooling Mattress comes in a variety of sizes and styles. So, when it comes to picking the best one for your home, you should consider some main points.

You can’t finalize any deal unless you know what factors to look into. Here are some main features that make a cooling mattress the ultimate right choice.


When it comes to getting a cooling mattress, you will come across a wide variety of types. Before you get any of them, you must have a clear idea of what will work.

  • Memory Foam- This kind of mattress retains more heat than others. If the foam has gel infusion or some other cooling technology, it will help you get rid of excess body heat. However, if nothing is mentioned and it’s traditional memory foam, you won’t be able to benefit from heat control.
  • Innerspring mattress- It is a mattress that can provide better airflow than other kinds of mattresses. Spring coils have space that removes heat from the body and provides extra durability.
  • Hybrid mattresses – It is a mattress with a combination of foam and coils. You may need to spend a little more on this specific kind, but it works better than other types too. The coil structure of foam dissipates heat. Latex coil is a natural aerated material, so you can expect a good level of heat dissipation.
  • Latex mattresses – They are the best choice of mattresses designed for a hot sleeper. It won’t let heat trap inside the foam while regulating body heat to a great extent.

Cooling technology

It’s not just a type you need to look into while getting a cooling mattress. You will have to consider its cooling technology as well.

Some mattresses have gel-infused ones that offer comfort and breathability. Other kinds have more amount of graphite that brings proper airflow.

Sometimes, manufacturers add an extra cooling layer with a cooling cover. It will absorb and release heat fast. Foam layers are perforated; their open-cell structure boosts up airflow to a great extent.

Night Trial

It would be best if you considered getting a mattress with a night trial. It will make your investment safe and reduce the risk of investment.

Before committing to a mattress for a very long time, you should use it first. With regular use of 100 to 365 days, you would be able to test its firmness, comfort, and ease.

If it’s user-friendly, you can keep it. Otherwise, you can replace it as and when you need it. With the night trial option, users can sleep with peace of mind that money investment won’t go down the drain.


Always look into the firmness level of a cooling mattress. Soft mattresses are very comfortable. But you shouldn’t opt for a medium-firm mattress.

It’s neither too soft nor too firm, so you get softness with support side by side. Medium-firm mattresses strike a good balance for all types of material.

Don’t go with an extremely firm mattress that doesn’t blend perfectly with all kinds of sleeping styles.


Breathability is not the only thing to probe into; you should always ask for support. Your mattress must have strong edge support so you can quickly get in and outside of it.

The support is also essential for your back, pressure point, and spine. Some manufacturers come up with top-quality material and multiple layers.

When checking layer info, make sure that it has a suitable support layer. Usually, this layer comes after cooling technology or gel layer. If a mattress doesn’t offer support, it will ache your muscles and joints.

Motion Isolation

If you share a bed with a partner, motion isolation is another feature to consider before making any deal. You won’t like to get disturbed when your partner tosses and moves his body around.

So, you won’t get disturbed when you have a motion isolation feature as the mattress absorbs movement and lets partners move freely without annoying anyone.

Final Verdict

If you have night sweats that disturb your routine sleeping pattern and disrupt sleep quality, you need to embrace the best cooling mattress in your life.

They bring features of optimal breathability alongside the right amount of support to provide pressure point relief. Since tons of brands unwrap a cooling mattress, you may find it hard to make the right choice.

I’m here to assist you in the cooling mattress selection process. My detailed buying guide will help you pinpoint the right cooling mattress for enjoying a night of restful sleep.

If you are not in a mood to shop and need recommendations from sleep experts, then simply explore my 7 best cooling mattresses. This list contains those types of mattresses that let you sleep peacefully and without night sweats.

FAQs About Cooling Mattress

Do cooling mattresses work?

Yes, they are a good choice for your bedroom when you have night sweats and feel uncomfortable during pregnancy. People with night sweat conditions can enjoy maximum breathability with this kind of mattress.

Is memory foam cool to sleep on?

Yes, a memory foam mattress is very cool to sleep on. They are made with either gel foam or plant-based foam. An innerspring mattress is highly breathable as it has coils that allow proper airflow.

Are our gel foam mattresses any good?

Gel memory foam is well-known for its cooling properties. It works as the best sleeping surface that offers excellent spinal support and alignment.

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