7 Best Cooling Mattress Pad Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Do you feel extra pressure on your butts and shoulders on a mattress?

Or maybe You wake up all sweaty and uncomfortable in the middle of night. Whatever the case it is, you should embrace the cooling pad mattress in your life.

The soft stuffing of the cooling pad is skin-friendly. It hugs you every night while maintaining proper airflow.

Optimal breathability is what you get every night. So, you fall asleep quickly and can say goodbye to insomnia.

Since tons of cooling pad mattress brands are out there, picking one that can offer the right level of comfort and support is still a tiresome task.

I don’t want to burden you with a comparative analysis of all features that matter during shopping. So, I’m going to review the 7 best cooling mattress pad by consumer ratings and reports in 2023. let’s get stared.

Quick Picks

Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in, depending on your budget…

Best Cooling Mattress Pad Consumer Ratings & Reports

  1. TEXARTIST Queen Mattress Pad Cover Cooling Mattress Topper
  2. EASELAND Twin XL Mattress Pad Pillow Top Mattress Cover Quilt
  3. Exceptional Sheets Bamboo mattress pad
  4. ST Starcast Sleep Solution Extra Thick
  5. Oaskys Cooling mattress pad
  6. Zen Bamboo Cooling Mattress Pad Cover
  7. eLuxurySupply Double Thick Rayon Cooling Mattress Topper

7 Best Cooling Mattress Pad Reviews

I have compiled a list of the 7 best cooling mattress pads based on consumer ratings and reports 2023.

1. TEXARTIST Queen Mattress Pad Cover Cooling Mattress Topper

Features at a glance
  • Skin Friendly
  • Breathable
  • Wrinkle-Resistant
  • Quick Drying time

Are you looking for a comfortable and easy-to-wash cooling pad for your mattress? It comes right from Texartist. It’s machine washable.

Thanks to its quilted polygon with stream pattern style, fill doesn’t shift from its location, and you get long-lasting comfort.

This cotton mattress pad is very calm and skin-friendly. Thereby, you can get this mattress for pregnant women, babies, and the elderly.

The manufacturer used an innovative combination of 4D spiral fiber with high-quality 400 TC combed cotton.

This combo becomes the ultimate solution for your heating problem with memory foam and odor issues in the feather-down mattress.

This combination of spiral fiber and cotton brings comfort and breathability for its users all night long.

Your fresh morning always starts the night before; once you have a peaceful night’s sleep, you can wake up fresh and energetic.

For the last ten years, the brand has been creating soft and comfortable pads for its customers. You can expect quality with ease and comfort.

You don’t need to worry about its wear/tear or shape changes because you will get a well-tested product at a good bargain from Texartist.

It has been through 109 wash cycles in the machine, and its shape didn’t change. Don’t you want this kind of durability in your mattress cooling pad?

The deep pocket design of the mattress hugs any mattress up to 21″ quickly. You feel relaxed when you lay your head on this soft cotton cooling pad mattress.

When cleaning, put in a top-loading washing machine and give it a gentle wash cycle; you can keep up with hygienic and feel great to explore its quick-drying and wrinkle-resistant features—no more wasting your money on electric bills.

What We Like!
  • Durable
  • No Shape changing
  • Ultra Soft and Supportive
  • Deep Pockets Hold Mattress Tightly
  • Machine Washable
Things to Consider!
  • It won’t last longer than two years.

2. EASELAND Twin XL Mattress Pad Pillow Top Mattress Cover Quilt

Features at a glance
  • Breathable
  • Very Cool
  • Fitted Sheet Style
  • Thick and Soft
  • Good Quality

When you need nothing but a good quality cooling mattress pad, it comes straight from EASELAND.

The manufacturer designs a comfortable pad for your ease with 100 percent cotton and down-alternative fill.

If you want to bring softness to your firm mattress, indeed, it’s the right choice to make. You can add a soft touch with its 30oz down alternative fillings.

People who sweat a lot on the mattress should consider getting this bed. It is made of 300TC 100% cotton surface that effectively absorbs sweat and regulates body temperature. The 21 inches deep pockets are breathable and maintain excellent airflow throughout the surface.

You won’t have to struggle with this pad when it comes to setting it all. Its design is based on Fitted Sheet Style. It means you can stretch it up to 21 inch quickly with its 130GSM Single-track Elastic Fabric.

The best part of this pad is that it won’t give your mattress a messy look. No matter how you move around, it stays wrinkle-free.

It has a box design that ensures that filling stays put, and you won’t have to deal with a messy pad anymore.

You don’t need to go with professional cleaning as this cooling pad is 100 percent machine washable, clean it on a gentle cycle.

It won’t make any noise, thereby you and your partner can have a very peaceful night’s sleep. You will never wake up sweaty as High thread count makes this mattress very breathable.

What We Like!
  • Skin-friendly
  • Deep Pocket Design
  • Box Stitching
  • Machine washable
Things to Consider!
  • It doesn’t have much stuffing on the pillow top.

3. Exceptional Sheets Bamboo mattress pad

Features at a glance
  • Fitted Skirt
  • Revoloft cluster fiber
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Breathable

Are you planning to create a calm and comfy environment for sleep? This bamboo cooling pad mattress will help you execute that plan pretty well.

You can expect unbeatable comfort with the right amount of support from this well-designed pillow-top mattress pad.

Manufacturers filled this topper with 25 oz per square yard of cluster fiber. This fiberfill will offer authentic down feeling without poking and feathers.

If you have quality concerns, you should know that the USA makes the pad.

Manufacturers want to satisfy their clients with good quality. However, if you don’t like it or feel satisfied after use, you can make the most of its 30-day money-back guarantee.

The best thing about this mattress is that it’s super compatible. It means feel free to use it with innerspring, latex, or memory foam.

It is made of Plush rayon from bamboo cover with h down alternative. The backing contains 30% of cotton with 70% of polyester. The skirt comprises 76% polyester, 16% nylon, and 8% spandex.

It is designed with a fitted skirt that you can stretch to fit perfectly to a mattress up to 18 inches thick.

If your partner moves around all the time, this pad won’t fall. It will stay put to its exact place where you set it all the time.

Bamboo fabric Rayon is a material that is well-known for maintaining optimal airflow. So, when you don’t want to wake up sweaty and tired, it’s the kind of mattress you need in your space.

What We Like!
  • Keeps you Cool
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Gentle Support ensured
  • High-quality mattress pad
Things to Consider!
  • It does make a crinkly sound

4. ST Starcast Sleep Solution Extra Thick

Features at a glance
  • The 2-inch extra thick filling
  • Brushed microfiber fabric
  • Egyptian Cotton fabric
  • Skin-friendly

After a full day of hard work and constant pressure, your body needs relaxation. You can get it quickly with this gel-form cooling pad mattress.

If you have a bad mattress, you should seek rescue in this cooling pad. It helps you sleep comfortably even when your mattress is uncomfy and plastic.

Manufacturers used new technology to compress the mattress into its box fully. Once you receive your order, you can easily take it to your bedroom.

After unboxing, unroll this mattress and give it 30 minutes to resume its shape. The ease of handling makes it an excellent cooling mattress topper.

This mattress cooling pad has temperature sensitivity. It will regulate the temperature as per room temperature and your body, so your sleep temperature is neither too cold nor too warm.

The best thing about this topper is that it doesn’t leave any negative force on your body. If you are exhausted, it will help you sleep with utmost relaxation.

It will never offer you a sultry feeling because the topper has holes in the proper places. It will absorb your body heat and won’t cause overheating. You sleep relaxed and comfy all night long.

Toppers get a quick brushing of microfiber fabric that increases softness level. It is made of Egyptian Cotton fabric. If you have a dust allergy or sensitive skin, you need to get this skin-friendly cool mattress topper.

No matter what sleeping position you like, it is a suitable topper for your comfort and ease. When it comes to coziness, you can feel it utmost. It’s because the manufacturer used 3D Snow Down Alternative Fill.

This advanced fiberfill offers an incredible feeling of authentic goose and ducks down without the feathers.

Even when dealing with allergies, this mattress pad is an ideal choice for you- no more runny eyes and stuffy nose.

What We Like!
  • Smooth and Comfortable
  • Maintenance Free
  • 8-12 inch deep pockets, fits well
  • Breathable, Maintain Proper airflow
Things to Consider!
  • It is not very thick.

5. Oaskys Cooling mattress pad

Features at a glance
  • Breathable
  • Luxury feeling
  • New Jacquard Square Design
  • Natural filling

Do you need a perfect solution for your overheating mattress? It is available in the form of an OASkys mattress cooling pad.

This pad does wonders for you, from regulating your body temperature well to offering you a peaceful sleep at night.

If you are a side sleeper and your mattress is too firm to bear, you should get this soft topper. It makes you feel cozy. Once you start using it, there won’t be any pressure on your muscles and body.

It is made of 100% Cotton Top and Down Alternative Fill. Once you unpack it, you need to let it lay in the sun for a few hours to get an entire fluffy mattress top to use .

The manufacturer changed its design from a regular diamond quilting seam to square jacquard. Why? Well, it will protect the filling that won’t run around.

When installing it over your mattress, you won’t have to wrestle with it at all. All thanks to its 360-degree design of Elastic fabric pocket. The whole fitting will be quick and straightforward.

If a fluid spills on this pad, you can wipe it clean. To maintain your family hygiene, you need to wash it in the washing machine twice a year.

Your body doesn’t feel extra heat and sweat because this pad is high quality and offers utmost breathability.

What We Like!
  • Keeps You Cool
  • 360-degree surround design
  • 18 inches deep pocket
  • Easy to set up
Things to Consider!
  • It creates noise upon moving around.

6. Zen Bamboo Cooling Mattress Pad Cover

Features at a glance
  • Non-slip fit
  • Honeycomb pattern
  • Bamboo blend
  • Easy to clean

You feel sultry when heat traps into your body overnight. If you wake up in the middle of the night due to sweats, it’s time to take this cooling mattress pad from Zen.

A beautiful combination of soft microfiber and natural bamboo offers you a comfortable feel. It regulates your body temperature and keeps you cool.

Apart from its cooling feature, what you adore the most is the unique honeycomb baffle pattern, which you hardly find in toppers.

You can expect softness, all thanks to its 40% rayon and brushed microfiber materials. When it comes to keeping it clean, you would love it.

This mattress is maintenance-free. Simply wash it in a machine and tumble dry at low to keep it valuable and fresh all the time.

It is designed with large corner-fitting pockets. So, you won’t have to set your mattress pad while sleepy. It will stay put at its place all the time.

This well-design cooling mattress pad offers excellent spine support. It would let you maintain the ideal alignment of body and posture, which helps you fall asleep comfortably.

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What We Like!
  • Dissipate body heat
  • Good Spine Support
  • Properly Stitched
  • Easy to Clean
Things to Consider!
  • It is not very thick.

7. eLuxurySupply Thick Rayon Cooling Mattress Topper

Features at a glance
  • Extra plush
  • Bamboo Rayon cover
  • Made in the USA
  • Revoloft fiberfill

If you are dealing with an allergy problem and need a top-quality thick cooling mattress pad, only eLuxury can help you make the right choice.

It is filled with hypoallergenic down fill that doesn’t scatter and has no feathers at all. Under your body, it feels very soft and gentle.

This queen-size mattress pad perfectly fits a mattress up to 18 inches. Thanks to its fitted skirt, the whole installation won’t take more than ten minutes.

Bamboo is a material that ensures proper airflow throughout your body and helps you calm your body’s temperature down quite well. You won’t wake up sweaty once you set up this pad over your mattress.

It is made of extra plush bamboo rayon with double thickness. You can get a soft and cooling touch from it. The skirt is 76% polyester, 16% nylon, and 8% spandex.

When you hate the feeling of sinking into a gel mattress, this cooling mattress pad offers the right blend of comfort and firmness.

What We Like!
  • Money-back Guarantee
  • Extra Thick
  • Breathable fabric
  • Easy to clean
Things to Consider!
  • It doesn’t offer hip pain relief.

Cooling Mattress Pad Buying Guide

Don’t know what pad will fit your sleep pattern and mattress well? No worries, I’m here with a detailed buying guide.

It shed light on all the factors you need to look into before getting any pad.


A cooling mattress is usually cotton, latex, wool, or bamboo. It’s you who will decide what material will work for you.

  • Cotton- If you need optimal breathability, this mattress pad can do the real magic for you. However, cotton is very thin and won’t offer you the extra cushioning and softness you expect. Besides, the cotton pad is weaker and less durable than other types.
  • Latex- If you need extra support for your spine and body, it comes from a latex pad. Some people hate to sink in their mattresses. For them, this kind feels like a good choice. Another thing that makes this mattress pad a suitable option for you is its durability. It can withstand more than you expected.
  • Wool – If you live in a damp environment where mold and dust mites are a common phenomenon, you should consider getting a wool or bamboo mattress pad. They are highly absorbent. So, they keep you sweat and moisture-free overnight.

Cooling Factor

It would be best if you always looked into the cooling factor of a mattress. Some mattresses are designed to dissipate heat quickly. Other pads are firmer, and they offer support plus cooling impact.

It would help decide what matters the most for you to pick one mattress that can serve a good purpose. Always read reviews to find out whether a mattress keeps you cool or not.

If it doesn’t, there is no point in spending money on it. The main reason for getting this product is to avoid night sweat and prevent a sultry feeling. If it doesn’t do what it is supposed to do, you better look around for another option.


You need to check the size of your mattress pad carefully. A queen-size pad usually fits up to an 18 inches mattress, while a king-size is a good one to fit a mattress up to 21 inches.

Before you finalize any option, make sure to go with a brand that offers you size variations. So finding the right size is simple and straightforward.

Ease of Use

A cooling pad mattress must be easy to use. You need to go with fitted skirt mode as it is easy to set up.

A 360-degree surround helps you fit the whole pad over your mattress without causing extra pressure on your muscle. Besides, go with a pad that stays put and doesn’t wander around to wake up from your deep sleep.

Ease of Cleaning

Always opt for a machine-washable cooling pad mattress. Professional cleaning is a costly option. Today, you can find a maintenance-free mattress at a price you can afford.

Final Verdict

When you need a quick and cool fix for a hot mattress, it is available in a cooling mattress pad. It will dissipate body heat and maintain your body temperature well.

The best thing is most pads are machine washable. Their low maintenance makes them a practical life solution. It helps you protect your expensive mattress against stains, sweat, and allergens.

Although many brands bring comfy cooling pads, you only need the best, so don’t miss my detailed reviews of the 7 best cooling pad mattresses.

They are highly recommended to keep your body cool and help you fall asleep with the right amount of spine and body support.

Also, don’t forget to check a detailed buying guide. It will let you make the right choice on your own.

FAQs About Cooling Mattress

What is a cooling mattress pad?

It is a pad that you can keep on your mattress and regulate your body heat and temperature quite well.

This pad prevents you from sleeping hot and waking up sweaty. Brands use breathable material or gel technology to dissipate heat and moisture.

Do mattress cooling pads work?

Yes, they do work. When you fit it over your mattress, it absorbs excess body heat while maintaining optimal airflow all around your body. So, you can sleep in a calm and comfy environment.

Will a cooling mattress pad help with night sweats?

Yes, it will offer an incredible amount of help. A cooling pad is an excellent solution if your sleep is interrupted due to night sweats and hot flashes.

Does cooling gel really work?

There is no scientific evidence to prove the effectiveness of a cooling gel. The central concept here is that a gel dissipates your body heat.

It springs back quickly. So, when you move, it will reduce heat retention in your body and make you feel comfy- no more overheating.

Do you put a fitted sheet over a cooling mattress pad?

Yes, you need to put a fitted sheet over the pad to protect it and use it for a very long time.

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