Sealy Mattress Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Do you know that we spend one-third of our life sleeping? Yes, sleeping is the most vital factor in our well-being as well as our performance and mental health.

With that thought in your mind, it is all-natural to gravitate towards well-known and reputed brands such as Sealy.

I am not saying that Sealy is the only good brand one should buy from, but it is one of the top brands in the bedding world you can’t skip or overlook.

Sealy is the oldest brand working in the well-being of human beings for as long as 1881. Their journey has been amazingly impressive, from cotton-filled mattresses to All Foam, Innersprings, and hybrid mattresses, they have been steady through time.

Sealy is one of the brands which invests more into research. The brand always thrives to make their products better and better, that’s the reason, you see Sealy products are one of the highest positive reviews rated products from both experts and general consumers.

So, if you are gravitated towards buying a Sealy mattress but due to decidophobia you are confused about which products to go with, or which one among dozens of mattresses suits my sleeping, I am here to help.

In this post, I am going to review the best Sealy mattress according to consumer ratings and reports 2023. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Quick Picks

Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in, depending on your budget…

Sealy Mattress Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports

Here are the best Sealy mattresses by consumer ratings & reports in 2023.

1. Sealy 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress CopperChill Technology

Features at a glance
  • Four-layer design memory foam
  • Quilted top cover removable
  • Copperhill fusion memory foam
  • 8 Inches thick coils

For hot sleepers, and especially those who live in a hot climate, it is hard to pick the right mattress. Because brands are more into making their mattresses comfortable than cooler. Not in the case of the Sealy-designed 12 Inches Hybrid mattress.

This mattress as you can learn from the name is a Hybrid mattress, shares top layers of memory foam and Coils layer underneath to make it cooler for sleeping and motion isolation.

It is a 12 inches version, good for lightweight as well as Heavyweight sleepers. For lightweight though, you may go with a 10-inches version, for heavyweight though 10-inches profile maybe a little firmer, and the coils underneath can be felt due to heavyweight, go with a 12 inches version.

Yes, 12 inches profile or thickness come with more cushiness or memory foam thickness to lead into the cooler, comfortable, and cradling sleeping experience.

It is a four-layer design formula that shares the best of both worlds; memory and Innersprings. It has a quilted Fabric cover to provide comfort as well as breathability. Keep in mind, the cover can be removed, zippers help you remove the cover for cleaning purposes.

The second layer is made of 1-inch response memory foam fused with Copperhill. Copperhill fusion helps the mattress to regulate the temperature and make your sleeping cooler, more comfortable, and hot-free.

It has a third layer of advanced memory foam. It is a highly dense memory foam that promotes not only comfort and cushiness but prevents your body from sagging, and without trapping heat particles provides a cooler sleeping experience.

There comes a fourth layer of 8 INCHES Pocketed Coils. Pocketed Coils not only promote airflow and make it cooler for the hot sleeper but isolate the motion. It prevents motion transfer to the other coils and retains the motion to its local area.

What We Like!
  • Copperhill memory foam mattress
  • A thick memory foam layer prevents sagging
  • Improved edge support
  • Thick Coils layer to support breathability and motion isolation
Things to Consider!
  • Off-gassing problems

2. Sealy Foam Bed 8 Inch Mattress Firm Feel

Features at a glance
  • All foam mattress
  • 3 Layers designed formula
  • Medium Firmness
  • Open-cell foam made base layer

If you are a side sleeper and you like memory foam mattresses but do not want one that sinks you into it, buy Sealy designed 8 inches all-foam mattress.

It is little on the firmer side even being an all-memory foam mattress, but it is good for a side sleeper, provides a hugging-like experience, contours your body curves, and makes you enjoy sleeping without aching your body.

Do not worry, if you think 8 inches thickness is not for you, there are other profiles available from 8 inches to 12 inches, choose your pick and have a personalized sleeping experience. As we are reviewing 8 inches profile, it has a 3-layer formula with a top knitted fabric cover.

This Knitted Top Fabric cover is breathable, provides a cooler sleeping experience, better than most of the memory foam mattresses.

There is a 2 Inches memory foam layer after the cover which is responsive and provides a hugging-like sleeping experience.

The last layer, 6 inches denser memory foam layer supports you and lays a base for you. This particular layer is responsible for all the support, edge support and not-sinking like experience sleeper enjoys.

Well, it is not as breathable and cool as the brand mentions. In our experiences, it is a little hot. Me being like hot sleeping, I adored it, but for those like cool sleeping, it is a little hot, the same as memory foams are.

You may use an extra layer of breathable fabric on the top of it, to make air regulate and provide a relatively cooler sleeping experience.

Overall, I liked this mattress, it puffed up easily in just half an hour, but the brand mentions it may take a few hours to get fully expanded, but usually it will be in its full size within half an hour.

Do not worry it is a CertiPUR certified product, so those suffering from allergies would not have any issue using it.

What We Like!
  • CertiPUR certified memory foam layers
  • Thick base memory foam layers, open pours for improved airflow
  • Knitted Fabric cover on the top
  • Perfect for side sleepers
Things to Consider!
  • Gets hot, poor air circulation

3. Sealy Posturepedic Plus 14-Inch Medium Mattress with Surface Guard

Features at a glance
  • Targeted center support for back pain
  • 1274 Individually encased coils
  • Plush comfort sleeping experience
  • Multiple memory foam layers

If you are suffering from back pain for the longest time, and no bed or mattress is fixing your back problem, I suggest you buy Sealy designed Posturepedic Plus memory foam mattress.

This mattress is the culmination of ongoing research of Sealy to eradicate back pain issues due to sagginess or over-firmness of the mattress.

It is not like that just those suffering from back pain can use this mattress, its Posturepedic mechanism prevents you from back pain, and cushiness your whole body to provide a hugging-like experience.

Its surface molds with your body provide contouring to your curves and help you sleep in the position you prefer most suitable for you.

This Posturepedic mechanism aligns your spinal and prevents your lower back from sagging into the mattress even if you are a heavyweight sleeper.

This mattress is equally comfortable, breathable, and provides amazing edge support. Look at the number of layers it comes incorporated with.

Excluding the top knitted cover, it has 7 layers. Starting with Surface guard technology Air Gel Foam. This Foam adopts your body position and molds into any position you want, besides providing good breathability.

There comes an Air Gel Foam as the second layer, Another gel memory foam layer, Targeted support at the center of the mattress, and another gel memory foam layer after the support.

The most important part is its Responsive Encased Coils. These pocketed coils provide the required response to your body and enhance breathability or air circulation to make you have a cooler sleeping experience.

The brand uses a separate support system within the layers to improve the edge support. The Cover as well got a non-slippery side area around the mattress to prevent slipping out off the mattress during sleeping.

In short, if you need a plush yet supportive memory foam plus encased coils or spring mattress, go with a Sealy-designed Posturepedic Plus mattress, and you would not regret the decision.

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What We Like!
  • Good for those suffering lower back pain
  • Multiple memory foam layers with gel infusion for a cooler sleeping
  • 1072 densely packed coils surround the edge of the mattress
  • Solid targeted support area for lower back
Things to Consider!
  • You sink into it, find it hard to change position without lifting

4. Sealy Response Performance 13-Inch Cushion Firm Eurotop Mattress

Features at a glance
  • Zoned Support
  • Cool gel infusion into memory foam
  • Reinforced Border support
  • Coil base to promote airflow

If you like the squishy soft mattress but do not like the way they sink sleepers into it, buy the Sealy Response Performance Cushion mattress.

It comes with Eurotop to provide your body a soft cushioning, molds with your body position, and curves to provide a cradling sleeping experience.

Keep in mind, this mattress is not too soft nor too firm, it is in the middle, for those who suffer back pain due to cushy mattress’ sagging, this product is perfect and must get hands onto an option.

Do not forget that it is not an all-form mattress but a Hybrid one. It comes with individually encased coils underneath to provide a smoother and constant airflow, to prevent condensation as well as minimize motion transfer.

Yes, there is a Posturepedic layer integrated to prevent your lower part from sagging and for those suffering from back pain. This layer comes in the middle of the mattress, where most of the weight of our body lies.

It is a seven layers formula, almost the same layers as the product we reviewed above, but little differences to make it better for those like a medium-firm mattress.

Such as to make this mattress good at edge support, it comes with reinforced borders to make the edges hold your weight without making you fall off the mattress.

And do not forget the base encased coils layers. There is a huge number of solid steel coils encased, these coils are thicker than average coils or springs we usually see in mattresses, which lead it to hold its responsiveness for a good long time to respond to your body.

And due to the coils encasing, and multiple memory foam layers with Air foams and gel support, it is a good cool mattress.

It is also great for the hot climate or hot sleepers, it prevents condensations, and makes you enjoy a cooler sleeping experience.

What We Like!
  • Pillow Top mattress molds with your body curves
  • Good for those like medium-firm mattresses without losing the comfort and cushiness
  • Prevent from sagging due to Posturepedic mechanism and support
  • A thick layer of coils or springs to prevent condensation
Things to Consider!
  • Not for those like too cushy or too foamy mattress

5. Sealy 10-Inch Encased Coil Innerspring Bed in a Box

Features at a glance
  • 5 inches GOOGLE foam
  • Enhanced edge support
  • Gel-infused memory foam
  • Thick coil layer as the base

For the users on a budget looking for a quality Sealy mattress without cutting corners, I suggest Sealy 10-inches Encased Coils mattress.

This mattress with pocketed coils and memory foam gel-infused on the top and bottom layers is going to help you not only enjoy sleep but eradicate your muscle soaring issues.

It is a good cool mattress not just because of its Encased coils but the gel-infused memory foam layers.

Gel’s cooling properties and capabilities are worlds known, and mattress brands such as Sealy are getting the right use of them, into making our lives better and peaceful.

It has 3.5 inches Sealy COOGLE memory foam layers which consist of two Sealy cool gel layers to provide cushioning as well as flexibility, and constant support throughout the time you lay on it.

Its supported coils provide you with the right balance of comfort coolness required for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Its durable Woven cover is also amazingly beneficial for light sleepers who require a cushy mattress.

The woven fabric quilted cover top provides all the benefits of a breathable cover and prevents your body from condensation or hot sleeping.

Do not forget the edge support the mattress renders. Sealy uses some materials on the edges to elance the edge support, for those who love to sleep on the edges, it got great support.

Not only its cover prevents you from slipping but the edge support holds you back as the middle area does.

The last thing I liked not only about this particular product but Sealy as a brand is their professional delivery and packaging.

They package in a compact, easy to move around a box, you can easily carry that box or take assistance, and unwrap the cover where you want to install it.

What We Like!
  • Individually pocketed coils
  • 5 INCHES memory foam layers
  • Medium-firm density
  • Can sleep on the edges
Things to Consider!
  • Not for heavyweight users

6. Sealy Memory Foam 8 Inch Twin Size Mattress

Features at a glance
  • Three-layer designed formula
  • Can be used as a VR mattress
  • 2 Inches condensed memory foam
  • 6 inches thick base layer

For the budget users looking for a good quality mattress without spending arms and legs, Sealy 8 inches Twin size mattress is a great option.

It provides the quality of sleeping of the scale of a premium mattress, fixes your back pain and chronic pain issues.

Keep in mind, it is not a very soft mattress or way too firm to sleep on, it is a medium-firm mattress, on a scale of 10 it is a 5 in firmness.

Got enough cushioning on the top after the cover, to contour your body curves and make you have a comfortable sleeping experience without hot sweats in the middle of the night.

It is an 8 inches mattress; it also can be used as a Kid mattress and a full-time RV mattress or guest room mattress.

Its 2 inches topper memory foam makes it as good as 12 inches and as responsive as a queen-size mattress.

Listen it is not an innerspring or traditional spring mattress; it is not going to hurt your body. It is an all-foam mattress with 3-layer formula.

It has a knitted fiber cover on the top of it, it is a breathable cover, provides smoother airflow to maintain a good temperature for sleeping.

And after that, there are a 2 inches premium responsive foam fused with CopperChill, to regulate the temperature.

And in the end, there comes a 6 inches Ultra support foam, this foam not only holds all the memory foam and air foam layers in place but prevents you from sagging into it.

The last thick memory foam layer is also responsible for edge support. It prevents sleepers from falling off the bed if you like to sleep on the edges. This convenient and durable mattress is going to fix all of your sleeping position, good for side sleepers as well as back sleepers.

Keep in mind, it is an 8 inches mattress, if you have been using too soft or cushy a mattress before, this would not be as comfortable as 12 inches or 13 inches.

What We Like!
  • Budget price range
  • Good for a side sleeper as back sleepers
  • Copper Chill fusion to regulate temperature and provide a cooling experience
  • Thick base to support all the foams, as well as provide edge support
Things to Consider!
  • Would not be cushy enough for 12 inches mattress sleepers

What are the best Sealy Mattresses by Sleeping Position

It is important to learn your sleeping position before you buy not just Sealy Mattress but any other mattress.

So, we are going to help you narrow down the Sealy mattresses with your sleeping position or preferences.

Side sleepers

Side sleepers as we know feel comfortable on an all-foam mattress. Their pressure points are the shoulders and hips area, and inside sleeping posture, the shoulders and lower back sinks into the bed if a bed is not enough soft or comfortable, these areas can have a hard time.

But for the heavy-weight side sleepers, an all-foam mattress makes it hard for them to get up or change position without lifting. For them, along with comfort, the proper support is also required, which can only be delivered with Hybrid mattresses.

In hybrid mattresses, you get constant coil support providing your pressure point relief.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers require a relatively firmer mattress. They would be good with any type of Sealy Firm mattress with good back support and comfort level. For them, Hybrid mattresses with a Posturepedic mechanism would be the best.

Hybrid mattresses with memory foam, innerspring and Posturepedic mechanism are going to provide comfort, support to your lower back area. Innersprings with zoned support will provide more support to the heavier areas and gentle support to the lighter areas.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleeping is the biggest challenge even for premium mattresses. If you are a stomach sleeper you can’t prevent yourself from aching and pain, because it is the most unnatural position.

The goal of mattresses is to provide comfort as well as spinal alignment, and in stomach sleeping, no mattress can provide you with spinal alignment.

Stomach sleeper requires contouring around their tummy area, and need a plush mattress. But too comfy or soft mattress elevates their head area, making their lower part sink into the mattress. For them, in my view, Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid mattresses would be the right option.

The plush memory foam on the top will provide the contouring required, and Hybrid integration prevents sagging into the mattress, and Posturepedic integration will help in spinal alignment.

Sealy The Brand in a Glance

Buying a quality mattress is a long-time investment. As we spend 1/3rd of our time sleeping, we can’t go with any product that comes first in our view.

Sealy as a company was founded by Daniel Haynes in 1889, a cotton Gin builder started making cotton-filled Mattresses for family and friends.

It all started with a machine, he made a machine that compress the cotton to make it foamy enough to lay on for long hours sleeping. This compressed cotton started used in mattresses and many other furniture products.

Long Story Short in 1950, Posturepedic technology invention and the use of the latest innovations made this brand a household name.

This technology provides deep targeted support to those who suffer lower back pain, with the center support it allows them to enjoy the cushiness like a comfortable mattress without sagging or sinking.

Overview of Sealy Mattress Collection

Sealy is known for producing not only qualitative products with a wide number of different varieties to choose from. These variants fit the needs of the users at different price points as well as different requirements.

Its model has a Hybrid range, a Posturepedic range, and a Crown Jewel range. There are many top products under this range, these are main categories, you should look carefully at every category and buy one from which suits your needs and requirements.

Sealy Hybrid Mattress

As the name suggests, Hybrid mattresses are those combined with more than one type of material. With Sealy, it can be more than two types of materials, including memory foam, Innersprings, and Posturepedic support.

The hybrid mattresses range designed by Sealy comes with advanced farms of foams infused. These foams integrate Gel to regulate the temperature, and to make sleepers enjoy a contouring sleeping experience, known for foam mattresses.

The integration of coils or springs makes them hybrid, you get the best of both worlds.

Memory foam mattresses are a little hot compared to spring, and spring mattresses are a little rigid or firm, when you mix them both with Posturepedic technology, there comes a masterpiece. Hybrid mattresses designed by Sealy come in three collections.

Premium Collection: It is top of a line collection designed by Seal, features premium plush memory foam with cool on touch duochill and Algren protection features

Performance collection

It is a mid-range collection, comes with zoned encased coils or innerspring with advanced memory foam integration.

Essential Collection: It is an entry-level collection, shares Sealy comfort foam with encased coils.

Posturepedic Collection

This Posturepedic collection supported by inner springs and Posturepedic technology is one of the best mattresses built. They are supported with back support features, to improve back pain and lower back pain issues.

It is not just the Posturepedic technology that makes them great, it is a fusion of Memory foam, encased coils, and Posturepedic tech to help users get a relieving sleeping experience.

Crown Jewel Collection

It is an exclusive collection that features Core support in the center of the mattress. This core support when intermingled with the Posturepedic mechanism brings amazing products.

Its crown Jewel collection comes in further five categories.

  1. Basic series
  2. Hybrid series
  3. Performance series
  4. Premium series
  5. Value series

Final Verdict

Sealy being one of the oldest brands in making Mattresses has become a household name in the bedding world.

The brand is known for its innovations and the box solution to any problem rouse. That’s why it is one of the most sold brands, with the highest positive rating as well.

We have accumulated top Sealy mattresses here to help you pick the best one for you. Each mattress has its benefits and disadvantages for different users. You should pick the mattress which suits your sleeping position and preference.

FAQs About Sealy Mattress

Is Sealy Posturepedic firm?

It depends. It comes in multiple firmness levels. There are firmer models available to help you pick the one that matches your preferences.

But overall, it is relatively firmer than all-foam mattresses, but would not be uncomfortable to lay on.

How Long Does a Sealy Mattress Last?

It depends on your use, climate, and many other factors. On average, a good premium mattress can last up to 10-years, and Sealy also provides a 10-years warranty to their premium mattress.

This warranty does not include the damage you can cause, damage using an improper bed frame or foundation.

It covers only the manufactures defects, such as if the mattress started sagging in the middle of the coils become unresponsive over time.

Can you flip a Sealy Posturepedic mattress?

Any coils encased mattress can’t be flipped. Because they come with top memory foam layers and bottom coils encased, so if you flip them over, there would be a coils base on the top which is not designed to be laid on.

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