ZINUS Mattress Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

ZINUS is an unbeatable name in the mattress niche. The brand is known for thinking out of the box and integrating new materials in their mattresses to transition the sleeping experience to the better side.

From cooling Gel infusion to Charcoal and Tea extracts, the brand has introduced many new construction and materials which are helping users and making their sleeping cozy, comfortable, and full of cushiness.

So going with ZINUS can never be disappointing, it has a multitude of arrays invariant profiles to help everyone pick their desired form or type of mattress.

In this post, I am going to review the best ZINUS mattress as per consumer ratings and reports to help you narrow down your option and pick the one that suits your sleeping position and preference. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Quick Picks

Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in, depending on your budget…

ZINUS Mattress Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports

Here are the best Zinus mattresses by consumer ratings & reports in 2023.

1. Zinus 12 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

Features at a glance
  • 3 layer designed memory foam matters
  • Soft Poly Jacquard Cover
  • 2 Inches dense memory foam with Tea extracts
  • Thick base memory foam layer for edge support

ZINUS designed 12-inch green tea memory foam mattress is one of the most popular, preferred, comfortable, and top-rated mattress. You can never go wrong with this mattress, either you are a side sleeper, back or stomach sleeper is got you all.

Not only just the performance and quality of construction this mattress stands out all, but its price point as well. It is way much cheaper than its competitors with the same features, feel, and performance.

It is a 3-layer designed mattress formula with 2 inches of gel memory foam infused as a top layer. This 2-inch layer also mixes tea extracts to make it humid-free. If you are a hot sleeper, tea extracts gel-infused memory foam can easily absorb moisture to help you sleep well.

There are 3 inches comfort layers which you can call a transition layer to prevent sagging or sinking into it. This 3-inch layer provides constant support and helps overweight sleepers not to sink into it to prevent sticking into the experience.

The last layer is 7 inches high-density support foam. This layer too, besides providing the right amount of firmness also enhances edge support. It prevents you from falling off experience on the edges if you sleep with your partner and like to sleep on the edges.

On the firmness scale, I would give this mattress 5 on the scale of 10. It is the right firm for side sleepers as well as back sleepers, but if you are a side sleeper and like the too comfy mattress or cushy mattress, maybe this is not your cup of tea.

For those suffering from back pain, or who want pressure relief, the memory foam layers provide the right foam structure and prevent you from sinkage and provide a pressure-relieving sleeping experience without any sinking.

For the hot sleepers though live in a hot climate can find it a little hot. As it is a memory foam mattress, and layers of memory foam trap heat particles that can make the environment a little hotter than the average mattress.

What We Like!
  • Gel Infused memory foam
  • Tea extracts blends into the memory foam to prevent humidity
  • Smoother edge support for those who like to sleep on the edges
  • AireScape Memory foam certified from CertiPUR regulates temperature
Things to Consider!
  • Still gets hot for hot sleepers

2. ZINUS 10 Inch Green Tea Cooling Swirl Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

Features at a glance
  • Hybrid five-layer designed mattress
  • High-density memory foam layers
  • Thick coils base
  • Minimized motion transfer

As I mentioned, ZINUS offers a large variety of different mattresses in sizes, profiles, thicknesses to help everyone pick the ones they need. This 10-Inches Hybrid memory foam mattress designed by ZINUS is great for hot sleepers.

If you live in a hot climate, or you like cool mattresses, you should probably buy hybrid mattresses. So, this one is for those who like cool mattresses, it is a 10-inches profile, good for lightweight sleepers, if you are a little heavy, you may find it a little firmer or you may feel the coils when sleeping, which is uncomfortable.

It is not a firm or very firm mattress at all. It is the right firm for back and side sleepers, besides giving the right spinal alignment, it allows you to enjoy a cushy experience.

This mattress as the brand claims, delivers the 3 C’s of sleep, it is cool enough to regulate temperature because of its coils underneath, it is calm prevents any motion transfer if you or your partner is tossing around, and it is comfortable as well.

It is a layer-designed Hybrid mattress, with 1.25 inches High-density top in the quilting, 0.75 inches swivel gel memory foam, and ViscoLatex Foam following. The most important layer is its pocketed spring layer, where springs are encased individually to prevent motion transfer

With a weight range of 250 pounds, it is one of the best Hybrid memory foam mattresses for back and side sleepers.

Al of the memory foams layers is CertiPUR certified, no chemical substance is used in the making, those allergic to harsh chemicals would not get any issue at all.

The only issue you can have with this mattress is if you are a large or bulky guy. It is a 10-inches hybrid mattress, though there are layers of memory foam, the coils may disrupt your sleeping under, you may feel the coils layer.

What We Like!
  • Solid thick base coils layer
  • Impressive motion transfers
  • Enhanced Airflow, coils regulate the temperature
  • Solid memory foam layers, highly dense
Things to Consider!
  • Not for overweight or bulky guys

3. Zinus 12 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

Features at a glance
  • Plush memory foam to provide soothing sleeping
  • CertiPUR memory foam layers infused with Gel
  • Memory foam contours to your body position and curves
  • Solid thick bases memory foam layer to provide support

If you are a side sleeper and prefer sleeping on a cushy mattress, you can never go wrong with ZINUS designed Memory foam mattress.

It is not an average memory foam mattress, Zinus innovation made this mattress world’s one of the most purchased mattresses, with more than 100,000 reviews on Amazon.

As I said it is not an average memory foam mattress, the fit is tea extracts mixed in gel memory foam mattress. Those who do not like packaging or boxing smells are going to get a smoother humid-free sleeping experience.

It is a four-layer designed memory foam mattress. With 3 inches of green tea gel-infused high-density memory foam providing the base layer to be laid on.

Following this layer, there comes 2 inches pressure relief memory foam layer. The second layer got huge benefits for hot sleepers, if you are disturbed with sweats in the middle of the night due to the hot climate, do not worry it is enough cool even for a hot sleeper.

There are pores in this foam, which regulates the air better compare to average memory foam, but not as good as springs or coils-based mattresses.

The Thick 7 inches base, is a foundation stone of this mattress. It holds all the memory layers infused in place and provides strong edge support for those who like to sleep on the edges.

More than the performance, gel-infused memory foam layers, temperature regulation, firmness, and edge support, I liked the way they deliver the product.

It is in a compact box, rolled-in, easier to take box any corner of the home, open the box, unwrap the rolled-in mattress, and there you are with an amazingly comfortable mattress.

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What We Like!
  • Plush memory foam to provide soothing sleeping
  • CertiPUR memory foam layers infused with Gel
  • Memory foam contours to your body position and curves
  • Solid thick bases memory foam layer to provide support
Things to Consider!
  • Not for back sleepers

4. ZINUS Cloud Memory Foam Mattress CertiPUR-US Certified

Features at a glance
  • Tea extracts and charcoal mixed memory foam
  • Provides relief to pressure points
  • Multiple memory foam layer
  • Thick base for edge support

If you live in a cold climate and prefer a highly plus memory foam mattress that makes you feel like sleeping on clouds, this is the right type of mattress.

This mattress is made with responsive layers of different material constructed with memory foam layers, to help you enjoy a comfortable sleeping experience without any condensation or heat.

This mattress comes in three profiles, 8 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches. For adults, who like to sleep on plush memory foam, I think 12 inches is the right profile.

It is not just the memory foam that makes it stands out in the crowd. It is a green tea extract and Active-Charcoal mixed memory foam with Gel infusion what makes it this plus and popular.

If you do not believe the plush feeling of this mattress, just read its layers’ construction, you will get the idea of how comfortable this mattress is going to be.

The first layer, the base, is of 1 inch highly dense memory foam. It is not just the memory foam, there is a quilted Microfiber Jacquard Cover to help increase the cushiness of the mattress and to provide you with a cradling sleeping experience.

There are 2 inches AireScape memory foam layer, 3 inches comfort foam layer, and 5 inches high-density thick base foam layer to make it as cushy and cloud-like as it looks.

Its layers mold with your body provide a hugging-like experience, gives a cushiness to your curves, and relieve pressure.

For those suffering back pains, this mattress is a lifesaver for them. Its highly cushioned memory foam layers provide pressure relief support to the joints, spines, lower backs, and hips area.

What We Like!
  • Cloud memory foam
  • Provides superior cushioning
  • Provides pressure relief to joints, spines, and lower back area
  • Thick gel memory foam layers to circulate airflow
Things to Consider!
  • Not for hot regions

5. ZINUS 13 Inch Euro Top Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress

Features at a glance
  • Microfiber quilted top cover
  • Individually wrapped coils springs
  • Multiple memory foam layers
  • Motion isolation feature

For those who like plus feel of memory foam mattresses and support or spinal alignment of a hybrid mattress, Hybrid mattresses are the best option to switch with.

And if it is designed by ZINUS, the double benefit is for sure, it allows you to enjoy the Euro Top Plush feel, with improved breathability, airflow.

For those suffering from back and hips pain, especially side sleepers who like pure memory foam layered mattresses, this mattress provides support as well as comfort.

It is little on the firmer side for the side sleepers, but it also slightly sinks you into it, to contour your body and curves and make you enjoy a hugging experience.

This Four layered memory foam mattress is a foolproof combination of individually wrapped coils and memory foam.

The iCoils, as what ZINUS calls it, the innerspring thick layer of 7.5 inches at the bottom provides not only the improved airflow but edge support as well.

The coils also make this mattress as quiet as you a light sleeper would ask for even with a partner.

The individually wrapped coils absorb the motions and prevent their transfer to the other coils or other layers of the memory foam to make it quieter than a memory foam mattress.

It is the four-layer combination that makes this mattress heads and shoulders above the rest. The first layer is of 1.25 inches comfort foam what adds contouring, there are 3 inches of high-density foam to provide support, and to prevent your body from sagging into it.

The fourth layer is of 7.5 inches pocketed individually wrapped springs. Not only the breathability, temperature control, or regulations the pocketed coils provide but provides motion isolation.

Even when you toss around on the mattress, the mattress would not transfer the motion to your partner.

It is not just the four layers that make this mattress one of the softest and supportive mattresses, there is equal support of Quilted softcover.

The quilted segmented soft cover made of microfiber fill provides extra coziness, softness, and support without being too way firm

In short, if you want a little firm mattress with the next level of cushiness and comfort, with improved breathability, this is the mattress for you.

What We Like!
  • The medium firm aligns spinal cord
  • Multiple different quality constructed memory foam
  • Independently wrapped pocketed coils aka iCoils
  • Minimalist motion transfer for couples
Things to Consider!
  • Firm for side sleepers

6. ZINUS Cooling Copper ADAPTIVE Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress

Features at a glance
  • Copper-infused memory foam
  • Gel infusion regulates temperature
  • Multiple memory foam layers for cushioning
  • Pocketed coils to reduce motion

Zinus designed mattresses are world-famous, the brand is all about quality and value in price.

It’s not just the quality but the variety is also one of the factors why ZINUS is standing heads and shoulders above the rest.

ZINUS’s latest offering Cooling Copper ADAPTIVE Pocket Spring mattresses is a part of its new Hybrid mattress collection and come in hands at an affordable price range.

It is not just the price that makes it enough good to be listed, it is the features it boasts from cooling due to copper-infused gel memory foam to Pocketed coils.

It is a Hybrid mattress with 6/10 firmness, good for Back and Stomach Sleepers. It is the best option if you are a hot sleeper and overheats during sleep, get this option, it is a gel infused with copper which regulates the temperature, and it got pocketed spring coils to enhance airflow and breathability.

The pocketed coils join hands with the multiple memory layers to provide an amazing cooling sleeping experience with pressure relief.

It also has many other aspects which are added to cool down mattresses, such as a breathable cover that absorbs moisture, and breathable coils.

It is a four-layer designed memory foam mattress with a top breathable quilted top. There are 3 inches copper memory foam layer with gel-infused, one-inch highly dense memory foam layer, and a 7.5 inches high-density coils layer.

It is pocketed coils, individually encased to provide superior breathability and isolate motions.

The back sleepers who have been facing issues such as back pain joint pain, and hips pain, this mattress provides balance, comfort, and support.

It is a good firm mattress for back sleepers, the top memory foam layers contours to the body, and coils elevate the hips or lower back area to align the spinal cord.

Yes, the side sleepers, heavy-weight side sleepers might not find this mattress comfortable. You know that side sleeper often finds relief in pure memory foam layered mattresses, especially if they are large guys or overweight.

For lightweight side sleepers though, it is still very comfortable provides the right support and response.

What We Like!
  • Good for back pain relief and pressure relief
  • Gel-infused memory foam regulates temperature
  • Copper infusion enhances breathability
  • Coils thick layer isolates motion
Things to Consider!
  • Not very soft for side sleepers
  • For stomach sleepers, their head aligns in a weird position

7. Zinus Memory Foam 5 Inch Bunk Bed Twin Mattress

Features at a glance
  • Medium Firm
  • Three Layer design
  • Tuck designed
  • Jacquard Cover on the top

Kids mattresses are not as comfortable as adults and you must have found your kids complaining that their mattresses are not as comfy as yours, if that’s the case, give this ZINUS designed 5 Inches memory foam bunk bed twin mattress.

This Mattress is as comfortable as adults’ memory foam mattress, and your kids would not be complaining about their mattresses is firmer than yours.

This Kids mattress can be used a trundled. If your Bed has space for a trundled bed with a tuck design, use this mattress, and save space.

It is highly comfortable for adults as a day bed, it is a 5-inches mattress, got all the nuts and bolts of a pure memory foam mattress.

With its Jacquard Cover on the top, it has a total of three layers of differently constructed memory foam. It has one-inch memory foam, one-inch high-density memory foam to provide support, and 3 inches of high-density support foam to prevent your kids from sagging into it.

If your kid is sensitive to harsh chemical smells, do not worry its all-memory foam layers are CertiPUR certified which assures that no harsh chemical is used in the making.

Plus, if there is any boxing or shipping smell, its green tea-infused memory foam eliminates all odors and conforms to your kids’ bodies to provide a customized sleeping position.

In short, this memory foam mattress is going to make your kid sleep as peacefully as Kids sleep, and make him have a cool sleeping experience due to gel infusion in the memory foam.

What We Like!
  • Can be used as trundled mattress
  • CertiPUR certified
  • Tuck design
  • Medium firm mattress
Things to Consider!
  • Not thick for teens

How to pick the right ZINUS Mattress For you?

AS I mentioned ZINUS is known for its quality, its performance, it is price range, and above all its variety of products availability.

So, in the presence of dozens of mattresses, differently constructed, shaped, and integrated with features, how do you decide which one suits you the most?

This is where we are going to help with this portion. This section helps you determine the right type of mattress concerning your sleeping position or preference, body weight, climate, and many other preferences.

Sleeping Position

Sleeping position is the most crucial aspect which determines the type of mattress you should go with. If you are aware of your sleeping position, and the type of mattress you should buy for that position, the half battle is won here.

So, what is your sleeping position? Are you a side sleeper, a stomach or back sleeper, or a combination sleeper who changes position through the night and toss around in different positions?

Well, even a combination sleeper has a dominant sleeping position, if you are a combination sleeper and not aware of your domination sleeping position, you can ask your partner.

Side Sleeper

For Side sleepers, a cushy memory foam mattress is the right option to get hands-on.

Side sleeper’s pressure points are shoulders and hips area, in a memory foam mattress with right responsiveness, their shoulders and hips submerge in the memory foam mattress providing contouring or hugging like sleeping experience.

Back sleepers

Back sleepers prefer a firm mattress, on a scale of 10, they like 7. So, for them, if Hybrid mattresses are the right option.

They provide the right firmness, responsiveness and make they’re spinally aligned in the right position to prevent back pain. Too cushy mattress leads to back pain for them, especially if they are large guys or overweight.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers sleep with their stomach, their lower body gets most of the pressure along with the head.

So, for a stomach sleeper, the mattress should be good firm that prevents their lower part from sagging into it, preventing their head from aligned into a weird position.

Firmness scale

It is the sleeping position that determines the type of mattress though. But there is a firmness scale in every type of mattress, and it is mostly an individual’s personal preference.

Most side sleepers prefer 4 firmness on the scale of 10, and back sleepers 7 on the scale of 10. If you know your type, you can go with the firmness scale you prefer the most.


Type is also important. We mentioned the sleeping position and their preferred mattress type.

There are two basic types of ZINUS produces mattresses; Memory foam and Hybrid mattresses with springs or coils encased.

Memory foam types come in lots of other verities such as gel-infused, graphite-infused, tea extracts, and charcoal mixed memory foams.

Every type shares its advantages and disadvantages. For example, gel-infused memory foams share improved cooling and breathability.

The addition of graphite also regulates temperature, tea, and charcoal extracts eliminate odors. But pure memory foam mattresses are a little hotter than Hybrid mattresses but are way comfier than hybrid mattresses.

On the other hand, Hybrid memory foam mattress Zinus mattresses usually come with memory foam as the top layer as a base, and thick coils at the bottom.

The coils layer can be of springs or individually pocketed springs for motion isolation.


Bodyweight also determines the type or thickness of the mattress you should opt for.

For example, heavier and larger may require a firmer yet thicker mattress or dense mattress. With a cushy mattress, they sink into it and make it hard to get out.

Zinus The Brand in a Glance

ZINUS is one of the most reputed brands in the bedding and furniture world. The brand is known for its unique ways to cater to the different problems users face in their furniture or bedding niche.

For example, memory foams were there for years, they were as comfortable as now but the heat they retain makes them not so ideal especially in a hot climate.

Gel infusion into the memory foam or bedding products is all because of ZINUS. Though there was a concept of Gel infusion in different forms or shapes in memory foam pillows, their use on a big scale, making larger products as big as Mattress is all credited to Zinus.

In the same way, the brand has introduced Graphite infusion into the memory foam to make temperature regulated in denser memory foam made mattresses.

Tea extracts and Charcoal inclusion in the memory foam is a recent addition. It was because most of the people did not like the odor build-up by sweats, humidity, packaging in the box, or shipping smell.

The natural tea extracts or charcoal inclusion eliminates that odor and makes your body as fresh you like it.

I am not saying that ZINUS is the oldest in the bedding products making, the brand produced its first bedding product in 2004, but in the shortest period, it became the leader, and right now, its produced bedding products are world-famous especially the ZINUS Memory Foam mattress with Tea extracts and gel infusion.

This only product changed the way mattresses are made, it is the best selling and most purchased memory foam mattress.

It cushions the pressure point of the body and reduces the heat retention often associated with memory foam-made mattresses.

In all Foam mattresses, ZINUS is producing ZINUS green tea memory foam mattress, which has a soft feel and comes in four profiles.

Zinus Cooling Gel memory foam is also another top-selling product designed to render a cooler sleeping experience. Zinus pressure relief cloud memory foam designed to provide plushness and cushions required, there is a good range of different Hybrid type mattresses along with all memory foam to help users pick the size they like the most.

Final Verdict

ZINUS is one of the top brands producing qualitative mattresses. Their mattress is widely popular not because of their supreme performance, variety, and comfort they render, but due to their price point as well.

You can compare ZINUS designed mattresses’ performance and features with any even premium-designed expensive mattress, and price as well.

We have listed the top ZINUS mattresses you can pick the one that suits you the most, and your price radar.

FAQs About Zinus Mattress

Which Zinus Mattress is the best for Hot sleepers?

If you are a hot sleeper and sink in your sweats in the middle of the night, you should properly buy ZINUS designed Cool gel memory foam designed mattress.

This mattress comes infused with graphite and gel memory foam, to cater to the heat issue produced and trapped in the mattress.

If you do not like cushy foam mattresses, you may go with a Zinus cooling Copper Hybrid mattress with pocketed springs encased invidiously.

This mattress too is known for its cooler sleeping properties, helping hot sleepers to enjoy a cool sleeping experience.

How long does Zinus Mattress Last?

It is hard to tell the lifespan of any product, it is depended on your use and taking care. As per ZINUS claims, their products last around 10-years.

But in my view, all-foam mattresses designed by ZINUS easily last around 5-7 years, while spring encased should be good responsive as long as 5 years, after five years, the springs lose their responsiveness and their power to transform back into their real size or shape.

How long does it take for the ZINUS mattress to Fully Expand?

As ZINUS explained, the mattress should not be used for at least 48-hours. And it gets into full expansion for around 72-hours.

If you do not see the full expansion even after 72-hours, you may contact the customer care department.

Is the ZINUS mattress good for Backpain?

Yes, ZINUS mattresses are known for their comfort and responsiveness. If you are a back sleeper and wake up with lower back pain, ZINUS Hybrid mattress with the medium-firm can help you with this back pain. They are good with their responsiveness, and spinal alignment properties.

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