7 Best Electric Griddle Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Wouldn’t it be great to prepare a variety of grilled food without coal and smoke?

How wonderful it would be to have friends over and cook food for them without turning the kitchen upside down.

There seem to be too many problems, but fortunately, there is a single solution to all of them. An electric griddle!

This amazing product eliminates the frequent use of your regular pans and pots.

Their larger non-sticky surface area makes griddles an appealing choice for both commercial and household purposes.

In this post, I am going to review the 7 best electric griddles according to consumer ratings and reports in 2023.

Best Electric Griddle Consumer Ratings & Reports

I have compiled a list of the 7 best electric griddles based on consumer ratings and reports in 2023.

1. NEWTRY 3D Infrared Electric Griddles

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Do you love holding barbecues at home? Is a traditional grill not suitable anymore?

With the all-new 3D infrared technology, why not try an incredible electric griddle?

Using electric griddles is the new trend when it comes to cooking for a crowd with ease. This griddle specifically has 3D far-infrared baking.

This heating method allows the food to be cooked with all its deliciousness and nutrition locked inside.

With a regular griddle or BBQ grill, you solely rely on your instinct and sight for cooking.

However, with this griddle’s digital touchscreen LCD, you can now accurately control temperature and time.

It just takes a touch for you to adjust the cooking temperature, and can grill almost all types of ingredients. It allows temperature adjustment between 80 to 280-degree Celsius.

It seems like a hassle taking turns on a traditional grill to get food. With NEWTRY 3D griddle’s 360-degree automatic rotating baking pan, that won’t be a problem either.

Each baking tray with its automatic rotating can easily accommodate up to 2 to 8 people. The guests would love it! Moreover, it is easily removable, which makes it easier to clean as well.

This electric griddle also features double heat dissipation technology. This is due to the anti-scalding treatment on the bottom and top dual radiators.

This causes the heat to dissipate faster, which in return protects the heating pipe and the motor. This feature makes sure the longevity of the product.

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  • Automatic rotating baking pan
  • 3D infrared heating and baking
  • Intelligent oil guide with large-capacity oil box
  • Touchscreen LCD to control time and temperature
  • Heat dissipation technology
  • It is pricey

2. Power XL Smokeless Electric Indoor Removable Grill and Griddle Plates

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Most of us have that experience of enjoying a BBQ party in someone’s backyard. Relaxing by the pool in the hot summer while enjoying a juicy piece of meat.

All the smoke and heat sometimes make us wish we can have the same experience indoors. So, why wish when you can have the PowerXL smokeless electric indoor griddle?

Too good to be true? But it is! This 13.75’’x 8’’ large surface electric griddle can grill about eight large burgers, an entire chicken, and three racks of ribs without breaking a sweat!

The most obvious feature of this electric griddle is smokeless cooking. This is all thanks to the built-in turbo-speed smoke extraction fan.

It captures all the smoke and lets you have a healthy grilling experience inside your house. With this technology, you can easily transform your kitchen countertop into an open grill station.

What’s better than a grill that doesn’t stick? The PowerXL indoor electric griddle has a surface with a ceramic-tech coating that makes it super non-sticky.

It even goes as far as making sure that even a delicate fish doesn’t stick on the surface. This even eliminates the use of extra oil or grease.

Many people don’t like how all that extra oil sticks to the food when grilling. But with this griddle’s oil drip tray, you can make sure that your food doesn’t catch extra grease.

Other must-have features include Led smart temperature control. You can customize the temperature up to 450-degrees. This is a blessing compared to the unpredictability of charcoal grills.

Smokeless electric griddles provide even temperature across the entire surface. This means you cook without burns and uneven spots.

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  • Smokeless indoor grilling
  • Large surface area
  • Dishwasher-safe removable grill plate
  • Smart temperature control
  • Oil drip tray
  • A little hard to clean

3. Cuisinart GR-150P1 GR-150 Griddler Deluxe

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Do you get tired of all the clutter various pots and pans cause in the kitchen?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have single cookware for making different dishes?

With a Cuisinart electric griddle, this is very much possible and quite easy as well! The stainless-steel griddle offers six different cooking options.

These cooking options include a full griddle, half grill, panini press, half griddle, contact grill, full grill, and top melt. Moreover, the sear function lets you sear meat at 50 F° for about two minutes.

When it comes to cooking temperature, this Griddler lets you adjust temperature up to 450 F°. It is also equipped with dual-zone temperature control.

This feature lets you have independent temperature controls. This means you can have different combinations of cooking like sauteing chicken while warming tortillas at the same time.

With this product, you can now say goodbye to small cooking surfaces. The Cuisinart Griddler has a large cooking surface of 240 square inches.

This product is a clear winner in this regard as it can cook a large amount of food. You can easily handle big orders of sauteed vegetables, panini sandwiches, eggs and bacon, and seared fillets.

The highlight of this product is the flip from the grill to the griddle. The reversible non-stick plates that are dishwasher safe flip to provide different combinations of cooking.

  • Independent temperature controls
  • Reversible plates flip from grill to griddle.
  • Six cooking options
  • Adjustable top cover
  • Drip tray
  • Issues with warranty

4. Kitchen Academy Electric Indoor Grill and Griddle

This product belongs to a brand that offers high-quality kitchenware and cookware. This means you can expect various high-end features from this product.

Like all electric griddles, this one also uses the latest infrared technology to cook food.

It heats up to a constant temperature of 450-degrees that is considered an optimal temperature for searing or cooking meat. However, that doesn’t mean you are stuck with only this temperature.

The griddle’s temperature is very much adjustable with the help of temperature dials. You can cook at any preferable temperature that locks the flavor in the food.

Other likable features about this product are the non-stick cleaning surface and removable oil tray, and grill rack.

The cooking surface is not only non-stick but also very large. It has enough space to cook multiple items at the same time. This is because heating is even throughout the surface.

The removable oil tray is perfect for collecting all that extra oil from your food. Since this and the grill rack are removable, this makes it easier to clean them.

When it comes to multiple styles of cooking, this electric griddle takes the top marks. It comes with a grill rack and a rotisserie spit, and a kebab set with forks.

  • Smokeless infrared heating
  • Rotisserie spit included
  • Removable oil tray and grill rack
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Comparatively large for compact kitchens

5. T-fal OptiGrill Stainless Steel Large Indoor Electric Grill

Do you want your grilling experience a step further? Would you love just to put the meat down and pay attention elsewhere until it’s cooked?

It may sound far-fetched, but with T-fal’s OptiGrill indoor electric grill, it’s all possible.

You may have heard all these electric griddles giving smokeless and adjustable temperature experience. However, you go a step further when it comes to cooking with this electric grill.

The T-fal electric grill has this amazing feature, where it offers nine auto cooking programs. These are for sausage-pork, shellfish, burger, sandwich, poultry, fish, bacon, red meat, and pork.

This feature works by simply placing the protein in between the grill grates and selecting the type of meat you want to cook.

The grill’s OptiGrill programming adjusts temperature and cooking time according to your selection.

Not just that, but different built-in sensors can even read the thickness of the meat and adjust cooking time accordingly.

This grill also has a feature for steak-lovers. The ready/preheat indicator lights indicate whether the steak is rare, medium, or well-done.

Who says a grill is only for cooking meat? With this electric griddle, vegetarians can also enjoy cooking.

With the grill’s manual mode with various temperature settings, you can develop your personal recipes for cooking vegetables and frozen foods.

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  • Cooking mode for frozen food
  • Removable non-stick plates
  • Automatic thickness measurement of meat
  • Large drip tray
  • Built-in cooking settings
  • Should use correct settings
  • Needs to recalibrate

6. Calphalon Even Sear Indoor Electric Grill

This electric grill is another exceptional product in the line of multi-grills. From making panini sandwiches to juicy stakes, this electric grill is a good investment for multi-purpose cookware.

The key features of the grill include temperature adjustment. You can do this through a dial that can set temperatures between 200 and 450 F°.

This variable temperature allows you to cook something as thick as steak to something as delicate as a fish or even pancakes.

The multi-grill consists of two sets of removable plates. The raised stripes plate makes for a great grill, while the flat one does wonders with omelets and pancakes.

What if you are more of a sandwich person than a steak? Don’t worry, close the lid and press it down for an amazing panini sandwich. You can even have it as a flat griddle to make up to eight hamburger patties!

Now let’s come to the main feature, the “Even Sear.” The cooking surface is made of ceramic that allows even heat distribution throughout the surface.

Moreover, with a ceramic cooking surface, you get better searing with 20% more even and quicker heat.

The griddle is also equipped with an LCD screen on which a digital timer is displayed. This allows you to keep track of your cooking without any worry.

  • Removable cooking plates
  • Temperature control for multi-purpose cooking
  • Ceramic cooking surface for even heating
  • Floating hinge design
  • Ceramic coating gets chipped after a while

7. Cuisinart Electric Griddler

Cuisinart is a very trusted brand of kitchen appliances. This electric Griddler is one of the better ones in the series. It comes with a sleeker and more contemporary design with unchanged performance.

This wonderful product is another multi-purpose cookware with five different cooking options. This means you can have a full grill/full griddle, contact grill, half griddle/half grill, and a panini press all in one!

Coming to other admirable features, we have reversible and removable non-stick dishwasher-safe cooking plates. This means you wouldn’t have to waste all that energy scrubbing.

We have LCDs and digital controls to control the temperature and keep an eye on the cooking time. It has a great display, temperature, and timer function.

The user-friendly digital controls allow the temperature to be adjusted between 175 and 450 F°.

  • Contemporary and sleek design
  • Reversible and removable non-stick cooking plates
  • LCD display with digital controls
  • Gourmet recipes include
  • Nothing to mention

How To Choose The Best Electric Griddle

There is nothing that can replace the hot summer BBQs in the backyard of friends and families. Most people like hot days and nights for a good grilled steak by the pool.

However, what if you can have the same experience indoors when the weather is rainy or muggy?

Electric griddles have made it possible to have a smokeless grilling experience over the kitchen countertop.

Many people prefer these electric griddles over traditional ones, but which one to choose? How can you decide which one is best for you?

Simple, consider a few key features that are most relevant to your situation. For more help, check out this buying guide.

Which size is better?

Electric grills come in different shapes and sizes.  The key here is not to buy a big griddle but to look for the one which has an optimum cooking surface area.

A compact design with a surface area large enough to accommodate stacks of ribs and dozen burger patties is more than enough for a compact kitchen.

Countertop electric griddles are relatively smaller but perfect for a small family. However, if you are looking to host frequent cookouts, go for something that offers bulk cooking.

Temperature Variations

Most electric griddles come with temperature controls and adjustments. That is why they are much better than traditional grills, which are unpredictable.

Temperature controls may differ from a simple dial to complete digital controls. You can set the temperature according to what you are cooking.

Cooking plates or Surface

Most electric griddles have non-stick cooking plates. These can accommodate cooking meat to making pancakes and eggs.

Some models even go as far as having dishwasher-safe non-stick reversible cooking plates. These plates can become flat griddles as well as grills for steak.

Going for a model that offers multi-purpose cooking is a better option.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning a grill after a cook is one of the most tiring things to do. Nobody likes to scrub off burnt meat from typical corners for hours.

That is why when choosing an electric griddle, make sure it offers dishwasher-safe components.

Most models claim they have removable plates and drip trays for easy cleaning. However, make sure to choose non-stick surfaces for a less tiring post-cooking cleanup.

Dual Heating/Thermostats

Having this feature in an electric griddle is a win-win. A dual thermostat means you can cook pancakes on low heat on one side and grill a juicy steak on the other.

You can literally control the temperature to cook different foods at low or high temperatures at the same time.

This feature is a must-have because it saves you a lot of time and effort cooking with different cookware.

Final Verdict

Whenever I work as a chef on demand by my family and friends, I prefer Power XL Smokeless Electric Indoor Removable Grill and Griddle Plates to prepare my grilled food.

Choose one with the size that suits your cooking demands the most. All the reviewed electric griddles are easy to use and easy to maintain, so forget about the smoke and coal and adopt a safe, spacious, and convenient way of cooking today.

Electric Griddle FAQs

Will my electric griddle trigger the smoke alarm inside the apartment?

The thing that makes electric griddles a better choice for indoor cooking is the way it cooks food.

It doesn’t use flame-like traditional grills but a heating element that heats and cooks food evenly. Since there is no flame or charcoal, smoke is not produced in the same way.

This doesn’t mean it is completely smokeless. The smoke from cooking would be produced, but it wouldn’t be enough to trigger the alarm.

You should check your brand’s manual for more information.

Would my electric griddle be damaged if I place it in the dishwasher?

This completely depends on the model you are buying. The entire griddle is not washable, obviously. Some parts are said to be dishwasher friendly.

This may include the cooking plate since most of them are non-stick. Many models from trusted brands have a washable water tray, drip tray, and grill/griddle plates.

Can I cook breakfast or delicate food on my electric griddle?

Many latest models of electric griddles are offering multi-purpose cooking. This means you can have many cooking options in a single product.

Some models offer both interchangeable grills and griddles. You can cook bacon, eggs, and even fish while you can also cook thick pieces of meat.

Some electric griddles have cooking options with built-in sensors to detect the thickness of the meat. This allows the machine to come up with cooking time and temperature accordingly.

Can my electric griddle be used for indirect cooking?

Indirect cooking is done away from the fire source. This type of cooking is best when smoking chicken or ribs at relatively lower temperatures.

When it comes to electric griddles, yes, you can do indirect cooking on your electric griddle.

All you need to do is to start by preheating the grill on a low setting. Cover the ceramic grates with a foil and use a grilling pan that fits. Flip it over to reduce further contact with the heat.

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