7 Best Whirlpool Tubs Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Do you want to install a new bathtub that offers stunning features to the buyers?

Get your hands on the best whirlpool tubs that come with aesthetically appealing looks, plus they come at affordable prices with mesmerizing features.

Whirlpool tubs come with a self-contained jet system, which makes them stunning. Not only this, they work as the best massagers offering you a perfect spa-like therapy at home.

These whirlpool tubs shoot the water jets and air at different speeds and different locations all over the tub.

Moreover, you can also get a hands-on customization option based on the unit type to choose the water jet direction.

Best Whirlpool Tubs Consumer Ratings & Reports

We have compiled a list of the 7 best whirlpool tubs based on consumer ratings and reports 2023.

1. ANZZI Left Drain Walk-In Whirlpool Massage Tub

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Features at a glance
  • 12 hydro-therapeutic massage jets
  • 18 aero-therapeutic massage jets
  • Inline heater and ANZZI’s aroma
  • ADA built-in seat

ANZZI’s is one of the market-leading brands for Bathroom fixtures.

It offers great comfort, unique designs, and exceptional performance in its products. You can find walk-in Tubs, freestanding tubes, bathtub faucets, and more.

Let’s have a look at a luxurious and highly comfortable ANZZI Left Drain Walk-In Whirlpool Massage Tub.

This model is equipped with 12 hydro-therapeutic whirlpool jets and 18 stream air jets to provide you a soothing full-body massage. The ANZZI’s special fragrance gives you a sense of pleasure throughout the massage therapy.

Grab this walk-in whirlpool tub to enhance the interior of your bathroom. ANZZI utilizes top-notch quality materials including high-grade acrylic and fiberglass.

The 3X safe hold grab bars help you to easily change your position, come-in and out of the bathtub.

Moreover, the ADA bath seat height will not bring any sort of stress or discomfort to your back and knees.

You can step with confidence due to its anti-slip flooring. In addition to this, the low step 4-inches entryway lets you enter with the least effort and movement.

Furthermore, it has a digital control pad and four controls including a hot/cold mixer, jet intensity valve, extended shower, and rapid filler.

Relax your body and mind in the soothing ambiance of colored light chromotherapy.

What We Like!

  • Perfect pressure jets
  • Soothing light
  • Amazing aroma
  • Quality materials
  • Modern look and feel

Things to Consider!

  • Limited to one-person

2. Woodbridge Freestanding Whirlpool Tub

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Features at a glance
  • 6 body massage jets
  • 10 bubble bath jets
  • Heated air blow
  • Stainless steel jets

This free-standing Whirlpool Bathtub comes with a new definition of luxury, relaxation, and comfort.

Woodbridge guarantees customer satisfaction as it utilizes the high-standard procedures in its manufacturing and unsuppressed technological advancements.

Immerse in the full-body bathtub to enjoy powerful massage therapy. This model comes with 10 bubble bath jets and 6 body massage jets to deliver a comfortable hydro massage.

The combined action of water and air will make you feel comfy and cozy. It ensures a high performance due to its approved pump motor. This pump provides a smooth and strong hydro-massage throughout the process.

A great source to improve blood circulation, relieve pain, relax muscles and promote oxygen. The gentle massage along with tiny air bubbles relax the muscles and tiny tissues.

The heated air blower is driven by an ultra-quiet motor along with the heating element. It warms the water and makes you a little bit toasty. You will mesmerize being drowned in this luxurious bathtub.

The exclusive part about this whirlpool tube is that it is deep and wide bathing well. It has a  spacious area to bathe comfortably.

The stainless steel drainage jets add to its look and feel as well as longevity. The overall design suits the people suffering from back and foot pain.

What We Like!

  • Spacious area to bath
  • Anti-slip flooring
  • Easy to operate
  • Best for food and back massage
  • 60 gallons water capacity

Things to Consider!

  • Available in white color only

3. Woodbridge Whirlpool Freestanding Bathtub

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Features at a glance
  • Free-standing bathtub
  • 10 body massage jets
  • 10 bubble bath jets
  • Stainless steel body

Another hit model by Woodbridge! Let’s have a look at Woodbridge Whirlpool Freestanding Bathtub.

It is a perfect balance of whirlpool and air bubbles. This model is equipped with 10 body massage jets and 10 bubble bath jets. Thus, it ensures maximum comfort throughout the process. It delivers a powerful hydro massage with precise air and water pressure.

This model has an approved pump and motor to deliver maximum performance and steady operation.

The gentle air massage will aid the body pain, muscle relaxation, and blood flow.

The whole sanitary drainage jets are made up of premium quality stainless steel material to make it a durable model. In addition to this, its body is made up of glossy acrylic, fiberglass, and Ashland resin.

Furthermore, The underwater mood lamp spreads out the ambient light all around.

You can buy the best whirlpool tubs with confidence as the company provides a 5-year warranty in the bath structure and surface and 1 year warranty on the plumbing parts.

Lastly, Woodbridge customer services stand out in the market. They are always available to assist their users.

What We Like!

  • High-quality materials
  • Stylish design
  • Powerful massage therapy
  • Air and water pressure
  • Deep and well

Things to Consider!

  • Expensive to buy

4. American Standard Whirlpool tub with Hydro Massage

Features at a glance
  • Drop-in bathtubs
  • Hydromassage system
  • 42-inch Whirlpool tub
  • 8 multi-directional jets

Avail this modern and classic style bathtub to complement any traditional interior decor.

American Standard is one of the market-leading brands for bathroom fixtures. You can find exclusive and innovative designs in its manufacturing. It offers bathtubs, toilets, showers, bathroom faucets, and more.

American Standard Whirlpool tub with Hydro Massage has eight multi-directional jets to give you a therapeutic massage.

Energize and refresh yourself with calming massage therapy. The entire structure is made up of fiberglass and acrylic material. Thus, the entire structure ensures high performance and durability.

Form-fitted backrest, elbow supports, and molded armrests will let you feel highly comfortable and relax.

The hydro massage system is driven by a single-speed motor that makes the entire process smooth and fast. In addition to this, it has 2 flow-jets and 6 massage-jets. These jets are multi-directional and flow adjustable.

Furthermore, it has two air volume controls to set the intensity of air pressure. The deck mountain ON/OFF switch lets you control it in an ergonomic way.

This model has a T-heater connection system to connect it quickly. However, this heater system is sold separately. In short, a complete combination of great look and performance for bath fixtures.

What We Like!

  • Great Look
  • Reliable bathtub
  • 2 silent volume controls
  • Comfortable features
  • Single-speed motor

Things to Consider!

  • Heater system not included in the pack.

5. DKB Dylan Jetted Whirlpool Tub in White

Features at a glance
  • Free-standing bathtubs
  • 14 whirlpool jets
  • 14 adjustable air bubble
  • Handheld shower

It is high time to change the bathroom to an ultimate relaxing environment!

Although, DKB is a new brand for bathroom fixtures and bathtubs. But, this model known as DKB Dylan Jetted Whirlpool Tub in White hits the market due to its innovative design and comfort.

This model comes with acrylic reinforced fiberglass along with chrome finishes. It is a rectangular-shaped free-standing bathtub. It doesn’t require much effort to maintain it.

The best part about this bathtub is its large spacious area that has the capacity to accommodate about 77 gallons of water.

Moreover, DKB Dylan Jetted Whirlpool Tub in White has a hand shower with a length of 82 inches. However, it doesn’t have any faucets.

According to the consumer ratings & reports, you can easily install and configure it with any setup.

This powerful hydromassage system has 14 whirlpools and air bubbles to target the sore body parts. Moreover, The deep and wide contemporary design lets you enjoy the immersive experience of bathing.

The chrome-polished fixtures and drain highlight the overall appearance of this model. Above all, the whole operation is carried out by 1.5HP motor power efficiently.

Lastly, the company provides a 2-year warranty to claim any damage or defect.

What We Like!

  • Chrome polish finishes
  • 2-year warranty
  • Powerful massage system
  • Best for sore and aches body parts
  • Quality materials

Things to Consider!

  • Moderate customer service

6. ARIEL Platinum Whirlpool Bathtub with Hydro Massage

Features at a glance
  • Multi-directional jets
  • Easy to install
  • Triangle shaped
  • Customize water flow jet

Do you want to have a warm soak just like the ancient bathing style? Then put your hands on the ARIEL Platinum Whirlpool Bathtub with Hydro Massage.

This model will give you an immense warm water bath to avail of maximum health benefits. A heat pump will maintain the water temperature throughout the bathing.

Exceptionally beautiful Whirlpool bathtub to boost the interior of your bathroom. The materials used in its construction are premium quality and exceptionally durable. The body is made up of platinum and reinforced with acrylic. It will never fade, crack or chip.

Furthermore, it has advanced hydro massage jets including multidirectional jets and customizable water flow jets. You can easily adjust the pressure according to your own will.

To make it more luxurious it includes a hand shower, water faucet, Built-in LED, FM radio function and LCD control panel and more.

The best part is the smooth finishing that lets you clean and maintains it easily. Moreover, it is extremely easy to install inside the bathroom due to its lightweight properties.

Unlike other rectangle shape whirlpool tubs, this is a unique and innovative design having a triangle shape. It can hold a massive amount of 119 gallons of water. In addition to this, it has two head cushions to position the body precisely.

What We Like!

  • Heavy duty
  • No clogging issues
  • Handheld shower
  • Waterfall faucet
  • 2-year warranty

Things to Consider!

  • Not for a single user

7. Empava 59 in. Acrylic Alcove Whirlpool Bathtub

Features at a glance
  • 42 gallons of water capacity
  • 11 water jets
  • Rectangular modern design
  • Premium quality materials

Empava has set a benchmark for other competitors due to its contemporary style and innovative ideas. It is a well-known brand for kitchen and bath fixtures. Let’s explore Empava 59 in. Acrylic Alcove Whirlpool Bathtub by this brand.

Firstly, this bathtub is large enough to hold 42 gallons of water in a go. It is equipped with a UL-certified motor and US standard power cord. The empava provides excellent customer support within 3 years.

Similar to other heavy-duty whirlpools mentioned above, this model is made up of top-notch quality acrylic and fiberglass. In addition to this, the frame is made up of stainless steel.

The structure is strong enough to bear the weight of up to 660 lbs. This means that it is highly resistant to wear and tear.

Most importantly, the empava whirlpool tub consists of 11 water jets that are fixed at the lumbar region, body region, and foot region. You can easily control the flow rate as well as the angle of the inflow.

The rectangular design along with the lumbar arch and headrest make it a worth buying model.

The control knobs are easy to operate and access. The overall length of the bathtub is 59 inches that is good enough to relax and scratch the body. On the other hand, the 14-inches width lets you submerge in a most convenient way.

What We Like!

  • Safe and friendly
  • Easy to install
  • Modern design
  • Ideal width and height
  • Ideal body massage


Things to Consider!

  • Limited customer support

How To Choose The Best Whirlpool Tub

When buying the standard tub, there is not much to consider, but when purchasing the whirlpools, there are diverse elements that you need to keep in mind:

Jet location

Choose the whirlpools with the exact location of jets. If the jets are not at the location where you need them, then it might seem pointless.

For instance, if you suffer from hip joint pain, you need jets located at the bottom, while for back pain, you need jets on top.

Tub size

Most whirlpool tubs come in a larger size in comparison to regular tubs. Do you need to consider whether they will fit in the doorway of the existing bathroom? Is there enough space and much more to make sure it’s in the right location?

Water supply

The water supply should be enough for whirlpools so that there is enough water in the heater.

If the water supply is enough, you need to consider how long it will take to recover and are the water supply points enough in the house for a continuous supply.

If it’s not enough, then you might need to purchase a separate heat just for your whirlpool tub.

Jet type

Whirlpool tubs use either water jets, air jets, or a combination of both. To get a perfect massage for sore muscles, you can get your hands on any of these.

Air jets make use of small air streams, which create air bubbles all over the water. Whirlpool tub comes with dozens of little air jets that quickly adjust and allows massage all over the body parts.

On the other hand, water jets are more extensive, and the tubs don’t have much of them. They utilize a pump that recirculates the water in the tub, which offers a perfect massage over the muscles.

Similar to air jets, you can also adjust water jets according to the specific area. Water jets are robust and offer a deep massage.


Whirlpool tubs are available in different styles or designs, which includes:

Alcove tubs usually fit in a similar area where you can put the standard bathtub, so you don’t need much remodeling. They are installed using three-tiled walls that surround them and come with an attached shower.

Freestanding tubs: you don’t need to install it against the wall or within the bathroom’s cutouts. These tubs need more room in comparison to the alcove tubs.

Drop-in tubs: you can install these tubs in a deck that extends slightly in the bathroom. They come with customized designs because Schuh decks fit well in tubs plus the bathrooms precisely.

Corner tubs: they are the largest type of whirlpools, which is ideal for two individuals.

Walk-in tubs: they come with a door that allows easy entry into the tub before filling it, making it perfect for someone with mobility issues.


A whirlpool tub is heavy as it holds too much water. Before you pick a whirlpool, ensure that the floor can support the heavyweight, particularly installing it.

Choose a licensed contractor or a plumber for installing a whirlpool in your bathroom.


When choosing a whirlpool tub, make sure that they come in different materials. Acrylic tubs are lightweight, easy to clean with a glassy finish.

Cast-iron tubs are extremely heavy, but they don’t scratch, chip or dent. Fiberglass tubs, on the other hand, are also affordable, lightweight. Plus, they are easy to install.

Additional features that you need to consider while buying the whirlpool tub is mood lighting, bars, speed customization, and much more.

Final Verdict

Whirlpool tubs are gaining extreme popularity these days, making it impossible to purchase a new home in the US without having one.

Moreover, if you plan to renovate the house, it’s quite challenging to choose the whirlpool tubs for your home with the massive range.

Choose the tubs which are more manageable, affordable and offer complete relaxation to the users with extreme comfort at home.

A suitable whirlpool is the one that comes with air and water jets targeting all pressure points in the body, relieving stress, and soothes down all the sore muscles.

Choose the best product from our range of whirlpool tubs that suits well to your needs and is budget-friendly.

People Also Asked About Whirlpool Tubs 

What are the best whirlpool tubs?

Here are the best whirlpool tubs by consumer ratings & reports 2023:

  1. ANZZI Left Drain Walk-In Whirlpool Massage Tub
  2. Woodbridge Freestanding Whirlpool Tub
  3. American Standard Whirlpool tub with Hydro Massage
  4. DKB Dylan Jetted Whirlpool Tub in White
  5. Woodbridge Whirlpool Freestanding Bathtub
  6. ARIEL Platinum Whirlpool Bathtub with Hydro Massage
  7. Empava 59 in. Acrylic Alcove Whirlpool Bathtub

Which whirlpool tub is better: water or air jets one?

Both the tubs make use of water and air. But the water jets are comparatively more powerful, offering the users with practical massage experience.

However, you need to pay more for water jets whirlpool tubs.

How often should you clean a whirlpool tub?

You need to clean the whirlpool tub weekly thoroughly. However, if you use the tub usually, you need to clean the tub several times each week.

A rule of thumb is to clean the bathtub after every five baths.

What is the difference between the Whirlpool tub and the Jacuzzi tub?

Whirlpool is a generic term, while Jacuzzi is a known brand. Jacuzzi specializes in forming whirlpools. During the 1950s, Jacuzzi came up with the whirlpool or the spa bath.

So there is no such difference between the two. Both of them are commonly used interchangeable terms for the oversized tub, which is attached with the pump system, propelling enough air and water through jets, creating a whirlpool effect with a perfect massage.

Do whirlpool tubs need a dedicated circuit?

Yes, the whirlpool tubs require a customized dedicated circuit, which allows efficient operation.

Moreover, if the model comes with a heater, then it also requires a dedicated circuit. Hire a professional electrician for wiring the whirlpool tubs.

How to install the whirlpool tubs?

You need to follow a visual guide on how you can install the standard whirlpool tub and start indulging in a relaxed bath experience.

Can I utilize bath salts in my whirlpool tubs?

Some whirlpool tub manufacturers allow it, while other manufacturers warn the buyers against salt baths within the whirlpool tubs.

However, some state that you can only add salts in the tub when you turn off the whirlpool jets.

People usually suggest that you can consider using plain bath salts, which are safer and dissolve immediately without harming the tub. However, other salts can clog the tub’s mechanism or damage the jets’ internal components.

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