7 Best Zero Gravity Chairs Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

If you are interested in buying a zero-gravity chair as you might have sat in one at your friend’s place and found them amazingly comfortable, you are not alone.

I have seen many guys turning to be loyal fans of zero gravity chairs after experiencing the comfort they provide. The real concept of designing a zero-gravity chair is a neutral body posture.

They were originally designed by NASA for their scientists going To Moon. They had to spend all of their time sitting, so a zero-gravity chair is a very amazing thing to sit on even several hours at one time. They take pressure off your body, especially on joints and back.

Zero gravity chairs come in different types. Buying one is hugely depending on personal preference, still, a user buying it for the first time requires a little guide, what to look for in a zero-gravity chair to get the most out of it.

In this post, I am going to review the best zero gravity chairs available on the market right now. These are the top options available; you can pick any of them. I am sure none of them will disappoint you unless you have a very different personal preference.

So without further ado, here are the 7 best zero gravity chairs according to consumer ratings and reports 2023.

Best Zero Gravity Chairs Consumer Ratings & Reports

I have compiled a list of the 7 best zero gravity chairs based on consumer ratings and reports 2023.

1. Best Choice Adjustable Steel Mesh Zero Gravity Chair

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Features at a glance
  • Mesh designed UV resistant chair
  • Recline with lockable angle
  • Foldable, and portable
  • 250-Pounds weight range

If you are into experiencing zero weight and weightlessness, one would experience in outer space, this Gravity Chair is an option to get hands-on.

It genuinely mimics the zero weight and makes you experience an amazing recline that takes away pressure from the pain point or pressure point.

It shares a stellar construction, is an all-around option for most of the users with different weight range.

Simply lay down on this mesh-constructed zero gravity chair, and set the recline angle, lock the angle using simple controls, and there you are enjoying after a hectic job day.

It is made of UV-resistant mesh materials, there is a plastic cord on the top that adjusts to the weight of your body and makes you enjoy superior comfort.

With the weight range of 250-pounds, it goes well with most of the people in your home. For overweight guys, go with the large or extra-large option available.

It is a lightweight zero gravity chair; with a foldable design, it allows you smoother maneuverability.

You can take this Mesh-designed Zero Gravity Chair along on your trips, and enjoy gossips with your friends while drinking your favorite beverage.

Yes, it comes with built-in holders among them one is a cup holder. You can simply put your phone alongside if you need to take the phone along.

Two cup holders, one tablet holder, and one phone holder is amazing addition to sort things out even on outdoors.

It comes with a removable adjustable headrest. If you think the headrest is not what you want, remove it off and use it without one.

Anyhow, most of us like using the headrest, or a pillow, that’s why one has been added to elevate comfort.

What We Like!

  • A dependable recline mechanism with a lock
  • Elastic cording that adjusts to your body to provide a hugging experience
  • Easy to dry in case it rains
  • Comes with a detachable tray for cups and gadgets
  • Easy to fold and take along on trips

Things to Consider!

  • It gets rusty very easily

2. Caravan Sports Infinity Oversized Zero Gravity Chair

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Features at a glance
  • Wider 5.3 inches
  • Supports recline and locking position
  • Foldable and portable
  • 330 pounds weight range

If you are looking for a high-quality Zero gravity chair that helps you get relaxed after a long hectic job day, this is where Caravan designed Sports Gravity chair comes to the rescue.

It is a portable package that can easily be dragged around from one location of your lawn to the other location.

It gets folded up in a tiny package, in case you have to move, get it folded and packed and put in the back of your SUV to take this thing along.

This gravity chair, like any gravity chair in the market, helps you switch different positions. Not only that, it allows you to lock any position with great ease and enjoy reclining.

It comes with a dual fingertip locking mechanism that enables you to lock in any position and relax in many different ways.

To cushion your neck and head area, this chair comes with a lumbar or neck support. It got a sliding pillow that can be slid up and down, to provide comfortable padding to your ideal position.

It is a pretty solid constructed zero-gravity chair. Shares Alloy steel construction that provides toughness and toughness to the chair for outdoor conditions.

With a powder-coated finish, not only the outer surface looks smooth and nice, but it adds extra strength and sturdiness.

It is wider than a regular zero gravity chair. With 5.3 inches of width, it is wider than regular and fits even over-weight guys.

It supports 330 pounds of total weight, enough for a large group of people to put this chair on the lawn, get it reclined and enjoy a moment of relaxation.

What We Like!

  • Sturdy Alloy steel construction with a powder finish
  • Lightweight, foldable and compact
  • Padded neck or head pillow with slide support
  • Dual fingertip locking system to lock any angle
  • Endures 330 pounds of the total weight

Things to Consider!

  • It is hard to recline

3. Timber Ridge Recliner Padded Zero Gravity Chair

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Features at a glance
  • 350-Pounds weight
  • Steel frame with Polyester cover
  • Wooden Arm
  • Recline with position lock

If you are looking for a gravity chair that supports big weight capacity without losing comfort, this is the product you should get your hands on.

This gravity chair is an amazing investment, that provides great support, comfort and adds décor to your space.

The best thing about buying this gravity chair it comes in a great range of designs colors.

The best one is with fully padded seating, ergonomic wood armrest, and lumbar support, do not forget that there is a cup holder on the side, to help you drink while relaxing.

As I mentioned the weight range, this model supports 350 pounds of the amazing weight range.

For over-weight guys in a hunt to buy a comfortable chair, as we always try to behold comfort in zero gravity chairs, this model is a hands-down option.

It checks all the boxes right and provides a flexible reclining experience to help you enjoy the time you want to spend with yourself.

Fully padded seating makes sitting amazingly comfortable, no need to change position due to hard surface, no pain or irritation at all.

It supports recline and locking position. Once you are adjusted to your favorite position, there are two clamps on the sides that you just turn on to lock that position. Those clamps can be turned again to unlock the position or to change the position.

When it comes to the sturdiness and longevity of the chair, it goes long. It shares a steel construction with a polyester fabric cover, that helps you put it on the lawn, no worry about the rains or other environmental damages.

It can also be placed indoors, if you like spending your leisure time indoors, get that installed in your living room or TV room.

In Short, this Timber Ridge Zero Gravity chair is one of the best in the market to help you stay comfortable for long hours without being distressed.

What We Like!

  • Amazing 350 pounds weight range
  • Steel frame with Polyester Fabric for enhanced durability
  • Padded seating and neck lumbar
  • Cup holder on the right side to make you enjoy your beverage
  • Easy to handle recline lock mechanism

Things to Consider!

  • The sealer on the wood arms wears in just months

4. FDW Zero Gravity Chairs Patio Chairs Lawn

Features at a glance
  • 250-weight range
  • Solid construction
  • Smooth back resistance
  • Side detachable trays

If it is the quality of construction and durability that you value the most, this is the Zero Gravity chair you should get your hands on.

This high-quality constructed chair is there to help you in any environmental conditions. It is a tear-resistant chair that does not get rusty or damaged when it rains or under the hot Sun.

It comes with a try, this multifunctional try can be used to place books, magazines, and other things, no need to take them on your lap and worry about them falling off when you are stretched or reclined.

This tray can also be used for holding cups, tablets, smartphones, or laptops if you are on a trip and the internet or connectivity is the most vital thing for you.

Cording on the side of this Zero Gravity chair has been reinforced with double fabric that provides an extra layer of protection in case of damages.

Another aspect I liked about this Zero Gravity chair is its resistance. You will not throw backward as quick as you recline, actually when you are holding something to drink, moving suddenly backward during no resistance can cause some damage.

This chair comes with resistance and provides amazing cushioning to hold you up for some moments until you are set to an angle.

When you’re completely reclined, some people are always fearful of falling. The base of this zero-gravity chair is skid-proof that prevents the base from sliding even on smooth and slippery grounds.

The package comes completely assembled, you are not required to do it yourself, or hire experts to do that. Just take this out of the box and start using it.

With 250 pounds of the total weight range, this chair is one of the most amazing things that add the next level of comfort.

What We Like!

  • Non-skid base to prevent slipping
  • High armrest to provide a resting position to the wrists
  • There is a side tray for holding cups, books, and other gadgets
  • The foldable design and easy to carry
  • Recline with lockable mechanism

Things to Consider!

  • Harder to get out

5. Coastrail Outdoor Oversized Zero Gravity Wood Armrest

Features at a glance
  • Infinite lockable position
  • Adjustable Lumbar support
  • 400 pounds weight range
  • Removable side cup holder

If you have been using zero gravity chair for a long time but this time you feel like buying something extraordinary, a little larger and the one that comes with some extra nuts and bolts to amplify your comfort and relaxation experience, this Coastrail designed Oversized gravity chair is there to help you.

This chair measures 33 ½ inches wide, wider than most of the chairs we listed above. With this width, it can easily hold up to 400 pounds of the weight range, good for over-weight guys.

In other words, if you buy this chair, it can easily accommodate every member of your family or friend circle.

It comes with adjustable lumbar support to help you get a relaxed nice feeling. The lumber can be adjusted up and down and you even can remove it off if you do not like it.

It is a steel frame constructed and bungee-chord supports a fully padded seating a zero-gravity chair, it supports different recline positions to help you get relaxed and stretched.

Use the lock mechanism to get your position locked to enjoy superior comfort and relaxation.

This chair also comes with a cup holder on the side. With wood-designed High armrest to help you adjust your wrist, for long hours sitting.

One more thing, I specifically liked about this Zero gravity chair is its good range of color options.

It comes in a plethora of color options to choose the one that blends your décor or your favorite color.

To make you remember, the chair is made with a metal latch pin, so remember to unlock it before folding it back up and storing it in your storeroom.

What We Like!

  • Fully padded seating
  • Extra-large zero gravity chairs to accommodate everyone around you
  • Comes in a good range of color options
  • Fully reclined that can be locked to any position
  • Good weight holding capacity

Things to Consider!

  • The cup holder falls apart

6. PHI VILLA Padded Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

Features at a glance
  • Adjustable recline
  • Padded seating
  • Padded, adjustable, and removable pillow
  • Extra large wooden armrests.

If you are looking for a fully padded Gravity chair that is highly durable and comfortable, the PHI VILLA Padded Gravity chair is a hands-down option to go with.

It is one of the highly durable constructed a chair with breathable Oxford fabric which is highly durable and provides the required comfort.

It is an oversized chair designed for larger guys around 6 feet 2 inches in height.

With simple to adjust back, this chair supports reclines and a locking mechanism to lock any position. The chair is designed sturdy to help you use it in homes or outdoors.

To take it outdoors, this chair gets folded and makes it hassle-free to take it around. This chair due to its rugged construction withstands a rough environment and keeps working for a long time.

It also comes with multiple color options, to make you pick the one that suits you the most or blend with your décor.

It also got extra large wooden pattern armrests that provide a resting area for your arms and wrists.

With side trays that hold your drinks and books is a well-meditated addition that makes great use when you are outdoors off-coast enjoying.

The chair does not require any assembly, it comes fully assembled and requires a compact storage space. You take it out of the box and start using it, no need to hire professionals to assemble it.

What We Like!

  • Comes fully assembled
  • Adjustable recline position
  • Comfortable cup tray on the side
  • Oversized padded seat area

Things to Consider!

  • The legs fall on a metal area that makes it discomforting

7. Bliss Hammocks Zero Gravity Chair with Canopy

Features at a glance
  • woven PVC coated polyester Seating
  • Steel frame that prevents from rusting
  • Sun canopy
  • Foldable design

If you are into experiencing something new in Zero Gravity chairs, the one with modern features and extra nuts and bolts to elevate your relaxing experience, this Bliss-designed Hammocks Zero Gravity chair with canopy is there to support you.

This lightweight chair brings a weightless feel to your body outdoors and prevents you from UV Sun rays due to the canopy installed.

The canopy can be changed in any direction, move it a little down, in front of your face, or on the top of it is noon.

It is a steel frame designed as a chair, no need to take it off the coast, as it would not get rusty.

You do not need to use any chemicals to prevent it from rust, just take it along and use it for years ahead and enjoy your trips or outdoor experience.

The seating of the chair is made of woven PVC coated polyester, quite comfortable to help you stay a long time in one position enjoying sunset or gossip with your friends outdoors.

The seating is versatile than others and comes with strength. It provides you a body-hugging experience, no pain or body aching laying on it.

It provides multiple reclining positions. There is a lot of room for you to get extended, and enjoy a full-body stretch.

You can lock the recline to any position with the help of a smart locking system. It got an extra padded headrest with a removable position; you can slide it up and down to fit your neck or headrest area.

It is a very user-friendly model that can easily be folded and packed in no time. It would not be cumbersome for you to take it around. You can have it for weightless relaxation in no time.

In short, for someone looking for a different zero gravity chair, this option is amazing to get hands-on that offers extra sturdiness and lifespan.

What We Like!

  • woven PVC coated polyester body
  • Stainless steel constructed frame
  • Lots of personalization with multiple recline position
  • Recline lock mechanism

Things to Consider!

  • The side seams start splitting again and again

A Complete Guide For Zero Gravity Chair

We have read reviews of the top zero gravity chairs. Now comes, what are the most important features or aspects one should look into a gravity chair?

Well, it can be personal preference mostly but there are some general functionalities or characteristics one should look into when giving a shot to a zero-gravity chair.

In the next section, we are going to pen down those important aspects or features.

Construction and durability

Durability comes as the most important aspect when it is about buying a zero-gravity chair.

The reason is, you would be using this around the pool, off-coast, in hot summers, and take along on outdoor trips.

There is plenty of chances of wearing if the chair is not constructed using quality material.

Buy the Zero gravity chairs which are made of steel or aluminum, both are durable and last longer. Not just the base, the cover, and padding things should also be made of quality materials.

The simple formula of taking care of all these things is to buy a chair designed by a reputed brand.

Do not go with a cheap or new brand, as there are chances you end up with a poorly constructed or sub-par product that can ruin your experience altogether.

Powder coating

If you are going to spend time near a coastline, or live in a region where the humidity level is higher than normal, you must buy a chair that has powder-coated finishing.

Because there are chances that iron-constructed or steel-constructed products get deteriorated in those environments if there is no powder coating finish.

With a powder coating, you will get an enhanced lifespan and enjoy the performance of the zero-gravity chair the way you want.

One more thing, do not forget to wipe the frames off after using them near a coastline, before putting them away or storing them.

And do not use black powder coating because they absorb heat and get very hot during the peak of sun hours.

Locking Mechanism

Zero gravity chairs are all about comfort and relaxing. These chairs take pressure off your hips, shoulders, necks, and other areas and make you feel like you are dissolving in the air.

But sometimes when you are relaxing and reclining, you are so comfortable in one position that you do not want to switch to any other position.

The locking mechanism comes to the rescue and helps you lock a position, without you being worried to keep that position in place.

Keep in mind, the chair you buy should come with a quality locking mechanism or pins.

Because if you buy the chair with one defective locking mechanism, then you end up losing your comfort and getting your experience spoiled.

Tray and cup holding

If you like to read when you are relaxing, or consume a beverage, you must buy a zero-gravity chair that comes with a tray or cup holding on the sides.

These trays help you put the books or drinks in place without any worry, and enjoy the scene or moment you are into.


If you are going on trips in a hot region, you must buy a zero-gravity chair with a sunshade or canopy.

It helps block UV rays and makes you spend time in peace without worrying about sun heat or harming your skin.

Built-in Pillow

Zero gravity chairs, most of them, come with headrests or integrated adjustable pillows.

These pillows take the strain out of your neck and head area and make you enjoy the position in comfort for a long time.

They come with the feature to adjust them, you can change their position up and down, and switch to the one that suits you the most.

Weight range

Yes, the weight range is another aspect you must look into before buying a zero-gravity chair.

If you are an overweight person, or a larger-sized guy, it is important that you buy an oversized chair. Or read the weight or height range of that chair before you give that a shot.

Because, if you buy a chair that does not support your height range, your legs would be touching the metal area or metal bars, which is quite a discomforting experience, and no one would like to spoil the experience of relaxing.

Final Verdict

By now, you have learned almost everything a user must know before buying a zero-gravity chair.

You can see that our top reviewed products are the best, falls right on every criterion of a quality zero gravity chair.

These are the most amazing products on the market, and top followed or top-rated ones.

We can hope that this guide helped you pick the right gravity chair. And by reading this post you will choose a great option for you that falls right on your requirements and budget.

FAQs About Zero Gravity Chairs

How do zero gravity chairs work?

Zero chairs work distributing your weight along the axis. If you recline on a zero-gravity chair, you will see that your weight is evenly distrusted along the length of the chair.

Most pressure point areas such as hips, back, neck, and shoulder area will feel more relaxed and in comfort.

How do you sit in a zero-gravity chair?

If you are using a gravity chair for the first time, you need to learn that start sitting in an upright position.

Unlock the recline using the controls given under the seat or on the sides, and lean back to recline position.

If you think you are at an angle that is very comforting for you, you can lock that angle using the same controls you used before unlocking the recline.

Do not throw yourself back suddenly, use the back support evenly and push it softly to recline completely.

Can you sleep in a zero-gravity chair?

Well, if you mean sleeping in the night or using it as a permanent source to sleep on, the answer is no. You can’t sleep on it on regular basis.

Yes, if you are so relaxed and fall asleep peacefully, there is no harm in that. If you have been experiencing discomfort or back pain sitting in the office using a zero-gravity chair for relaxing may help you fall asleep on it.

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