DreamCloud Mattresses Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

When it is about Hybrid mattresses, the name that has earned huge recognition in making top Hybrid mattresses in the niche is DreamCloud.

DreamCloud Hybrid mattresses are the top-of-the-line Hybrid bed in a box, they are durable, render the right comfort and contouring, yes at an affordable price range.

Individually wrapped coils encasing is what makes the mattress expensive, but with DreamCloud they offer their Luxury Hybrid designed mattresses at a pretty affordable price point.

And through the years, DreamCloud has been working hard in making its products as exceptional as they are now.

The modifications have been made, in memory foams as well as pocketed springs to make the mattress comfortable, contouring, and breathable at the same time.

DreamCloud offers two different mattresses; Standard DreamCloud and DreamCloud Premier. In this post, we are going to help you which DreamCloud mattress suits you the most.

DreamCloud Mattresses Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports

Here are the best DreamCloud mattresses by consumer ratings & reports in 2023.

1. DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Features at a glance
  • Gel Infused foam
  • Pocketed Coils
  • Minimal Motion
  • 5 on Firmness

No doubt DreamCloud Luxury mattress is one of the fastest-growing mattress brands online. It is designed for every kind of sleeper, including stomach sleepers who feel uncomfortable even the most expensive mattresses around the world.

But The question is, whether or not the mattress could work for you. For most of the sleepers, the mattress did work actually, it is a good mattress with the right firmness.

On the firmness scale, it falls at 6.5 and light body sleepers can say it is 6 because they hardly push the soft to layers. Heavy body sleepers may feel it 7 because they stretch the foam layers to the layers of the coil which may feel a little firmer.

It is a six-layer designed mattress with top Quilted Euro Layer as a cover, cooling comfort foam in the second layer, responsive foam as a support layer, and Pocketed innerspring for enhanced airflow and breathability. The coil layers prevent hot particles from trapping into the mattress and provide an exit through.

It is good for couples due to its minimized motion transfer. It is because the layers of the coil are individually encased in the mattress.

In our tests too, there was a minimal motion transfer witnessed and observed, which surely is not going to disrupt your partner’s sleep.

Its breathability is great, that’s the reason you see a trend in the sales of this mattress. It is because the coils under the memory foam layers, gel infusion layer, and coils encased are the culprits behind making it as cool mattresses as you want.

But if you are a couple, two bodies can overheat the mattress quickly, but it would not be as much you see in all-foam mattresses.

Its edge support is also as impressive as you can expect from a top hybrid mattress. For couples and individuals who love to sleep on the edge, this mattress is going to support your body, not only preventing you from falling off the bed but holding your body like in the middle of the mattress.

It’s because of the pocketed coils encased, which distributes the support uniformly through the mattress.

In my view, if you want a top-class Hybrid mattress, and are a little short on budget as well, DreamCloud Hybrid Luxury Mattress is a savior for you.

This mattress got the performance of top-notch premium mattresses without making you spend arms and legs.

What We Like!
  • Soft, comfortable coil encased mattress
  • Transition and foam layers encased to provide support
  • Thick coil layers for improved airflow and motion isolation
  • Premium Luxury Mattress at an affordable price range
Things to Consider!
  • Horrendous Customer Care service

2. DreamCloud Gel Memory Foam Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Features at a glance
  • Six layers Mattress
  • Cashmere Cover
  • Two foam layers used as comfort foam
  • Thick Coil Layers

For those who find every mattress uncomfortable and change their mind even after checking it in the store and taking it home, I would like to suggest giving this DreamCloud constructed Memory Foam Luxury Hybrid Mattress a shot.

I am pretty sure, this mattress will blow you away with its performance, its feel, softness, breathability, and edge support.

Yes, when I had it home, it took more than 3 days to inflate to its full size (14-inches). I was worried about the performance because, after two days I could not control myself and slept on it, and it felt a little firmer than a memory foam mattress.

But with its full inflation, it is more like a cloud mattress with the right support and cooling.

For hot sleepers wake up in the middle of the night and throw away their covers, give it a try. It provides a cool sleeping experience, not very warm, not cold, just the right comfort through the night.

For those who live in a hot climate, there still can be little hotness due to the memory foam layers on the top, although they are mixed with gel for cooling sleeping.

About The construction of the mattress, it got six layers into making it full. The first layer, the cover of the mattress is a luxury Cashmere cover. It is a breathable Knitted fabric with cooling technology to help you enjoy a contouring sleeping experience on a steel coil mattress.

The Gel Comfort layer comes after the cover to provide pressure-relieving sleeping for those who suffer from pains, Supportive and flexible foam layer comes after the gel layer along with the coil layers.

It is a six inches layer with thousands of individually encased springs for motion transfer and improved airflow. The coils provide custom support, uniformly spread support provides good edge support as well.

There is an essential base after that, which prevents sleepers from sinking into it. As per my experience, the mattress without sagging provides an adaptive response without feeling stuck in the quicksand.

You would not have to lift your body to change the sleeping position or for those tosses around on the mattress.

It is great for couples as well due to its motion isolation properties. We took a dense ball and dropped it from 12 inches to check the motion transfer, the motion transfer was in the bottom layer which was not transferred on the top layer, minimal or almost zero motion disruption was witnessed on the top layers of the foam.

In total, the mattress got everything you can expect from a premium mattress. It is an affordably-priced mattress, comes at a way cheaper price than you can expect.

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What We Like!
  • Premium Luxury Mattress in a box at an affordable price range
  • Very comfortable mattress with contouring top cashmere Knitted Fabric cover
  • Six layers designed mattress including gel memory foam layer
  • Six inches thick coil layer for airflow and motion transfer
Things to Consider!
  • Too soft for back and stomach sleepers, they may feel their head lower and lifted respectively

Sleeping style and preference with Body Weight

We have mentioned the firmness, softness, layers, and all other details which make the mattress comfortable. But bodyweight and sleeping style are what decide the actual firmness and softness, and comfort for individual users.

To help you learn what is the right firmness for your wit sleeping position and body weight we have decided to pen down a dedicated section. Have a read and learn more about DreamCloud mattresses.

Side sleepers

Most of the time, side sleepers do not prefer buying a Hybrid mattress due to obvious reasons. Hybrid mattresses are firmer than the all-foam mattress in usual that’s why they do not provide the contouring required for side sleepers for their shoulders and lower back area.

For side sleepers, their hips and shoulders should be sunk in the mattress to get the right pressure relief.

Herewith DreamCloud mattress, things are a little different.

The mattress got the right softness and contouring due to its top cashmere knitted fabric cover layer, lower memory foam layers with gel infusion, and transition layers. This layer joins hands and renders the right contouring or softness a side sleeper demands.

But, for a heavy-weight side sleeper, this could be a little firmer than an all-foam mattress. For light to medium bodyweight side sleepers, DreamCloud is the right mattress with all the advantages.

Back Sleepers

DreamCloud Luxury Gel Infused Memory Foam Hybrid mattress is a coil encased mattress. And back sleepers like to sleep on a hybrid mattress as the type provides them with the right-back support, preventing them from sinking too deep in the mattress, unlike all-foam mattresses.

Here the back sleepers get the right spinal alignment, get the right contouring for pressure points areas such as the lower back and neck area with right spinal support for a good night’s sleep.

Stomach sleepers

The stomach sleeper gets the right balance of support and comfort from the mattress. Their midsection area which normally gets sink in the mattress if it is an all-foam mattress, would not sink here.

It is a Hybrid mattress that provides the right support for their lower back area, preventing their head area from being lifted weirdly.

So, with a DreamCloud mattress, stomach sleepers are likely to find the right support and reduce spinal strain from the sinkage.


DreamCloud Memory Foam gel-infused Hybrid mattress is the perfect mattress for couples.

Why is it so?

Couples want a mattress that provides the right edge support so that you could easily feel supportive even on the edges.

They want reduced motion transfer so that if one of them gets awake in the middle of the night, or toss around on the mattress, the other one could not feel the emotions and disrupt the sleeping pattern. This is what the mattress provides.

Due to its Coils encasing which are individually encased in the foams, they are not going to get the motion transfer. In our testing too, we dropped a solid iron ball from 12-inch height, there were tiny motion transfers in the mid-layers, with no notice or transfer on the top layers.

The same goes with edge support. You already have checked our testing in the edge support, it not only provides you the right balance preventing from falling off the bed but holds your body as you get in the center of the mattress.

Final Verdict

I am personally a lover of Hybrid mattresses; they are supportive and provide the right comfort. And when it is about DreamCloud designed Hybrid mattresses, they upped the scale.

The construction of the DreamCloud mattresses is unique, without being too firm or over-beating memory foam mattress feels, they provide the right comfort.

They design their mattress with the top contouring to huge the curves of the body, and lower end with the solid coils to prevent sagging and increase the airflow or breathability.

Plus, they do not charge high, despite their unique premium construction, the mattresses are affordable and come at the budget price range.

FAQs About DreamCloud Mattress

Does DreamCloud need a box spring?

No, not at all. You do not need a box spring for the mattress you can place it on your bed frame or the floor.

But for those who like extra thickness or softness, they can add a little extra height, and set the DreamCloud on a box spring.

How Long Does a DreamCloud Mattress Last?

DreamCloud is one of the mattress brands which backs their products for the longest time.

It offers a lifetime warranty, if you find any manufacturing flaw in the mattress, you can approach the brand and get your mattress fixed or replaced with a new one.

As long as the natural use and lifespan of the mattress are concerned, it lasts around 10-years.

It is a Hybrid mattress brand; you know that Hybrid mattresses are expensive and last longer than all-foam mattresses.

How Long Does It Take for a DreamCloud Mattress to Expand?

DreamCloud is a bed in a box mattress, it comes vacuum compressed in a box and can easily take up to 72 hours to get fully inflated.

As per my own experience, the mattress takes around 3 days to get reached its actual thickness. In some cases, as many mentioned in their reviews, it only took 3 hours to get a 14-inches mattress expanded.

But as per the brand’s mention, you should not use the mattress for as long as three days due to off-gassing odors, packaging, and box smell.

Still, if you think you are not allergic to smell or your mattress does not smell at all, you may use it even after a few hours.

Can you flip the DreamCloud mattress?

Like any Hybrid mattress, you can’t Flip the DreamCloud mattress for obvious reasons.

Due to the construction of the Hybrid mattress, the top layers are designed as a base for sleeping and the lower layers are designed with a firm foam or in most cases coils.

So, if you flip the mattress the lower layers which are made of solid foam or coils would come on the top, it would be hard to sleep on the coils or hard foam layers.

So, technically you can’t flip them over unless the brand mentions them. Because some Hybrid mattresses can be flipped, in them, the solid foam layers or coils are encased in the middle making them good to use on either side.

What makes DreamCloud so great?

DreamCloud is one of the fastest grown mattress brands worlds wide online.

The mattress has earned a huge reputation due to its arrays of mind-blowing features such as high-quality comfort, motion isolation, good edge support, temperature control, and pressure relief.

This range of good features comes at an affordable price range without costing arms and legs.

Is DreamCloud Hybrid Premium Luxury Mattress Good for Hot Sleepers?

DreamCloud mattresses use Memory foam in the top layers which are known for overheating. But, DreamCloud mixes Gel with the memory foam to enhance temperature regulation and promote breathability.

This integration fosters heat diffusion even in the warmest climate region through the night.

Plus, the mattress comes with a coil layer underneath. This is a separate coil layer encased with memory foam to regulate the temperature throughout the matter the whole night to promote improved airflow and prevent overheating.

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