Simplicity Vacuum Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

If simplicity, durability, and consistency have to be used in one sentence it would be Simplicity Vacuums. I know like most of us, you too, might not have heard this brand.

The only reason for that could be, its products are not that flashy looking, and most of them do not look as modern as today’s vacuums.

But if you want durability, and smooth consistent vacuuming performance, Simplicity is all there for you.

Most of the products are made of metal, that’s why Simplicity Vacuums are pricey compared to even the leading Vacuum manufacturing companies.

Simplicity has a good range of vacuum cleaners in its arsenal. Some are good for regular home cleaning, and some are good for outdoor small cleaning.

In this post, I am going to review the best simplicity vacuums according to consumer ratings and reports to help you pick the best-suited one for you. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Quick Picks

Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in, depending on your budget…

Best Simplicity Vacuums Consumer Ratings & Reports

  1. Simplicity Handheld Canister Vacuum
  2. Simplicity Jill Compact Canister Vacuum
  3. Simplicity S20PET Bagless Upright Pet Vacuum Cleaner
  4. Simplicity S60 Spiffy Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner
  5. Simplicity F1 Tiny Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
  6. Simplicity Allergy Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  7. Simplicity S65S One-Click Cordless Stick Vacuum
  8. Simplicity AGOGO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Simplicity Vacuum Reviews 2023

I have compiled a list of the 8 Best Simplicity Vacuums based on consumer ratings and reports 2023.

1. Simplicity Handheld Canister Vacuum

Features at a glance
  • Adjustable floorhead
  • 5-Pounds weight
  • The extension wand, and extended hose
  • Shoulder strap for easy carrying

If you are looking for a fairest-priced hand-held vacuum cleaner that is easy to take around to help you clean, go with Simplicity designed Canister Cleaner.

It is very comfortable to use, comes with a strap that you sling on your shoulders, and moves with ease. With just 5-pounds of weight, it is light enough to put it on your shoulder or your back and move with great ease.

I loved the number of additional accessories or tools that come with the package. I knew that Simplicity is very generous in providing additional tools to cater to the regular cleaning needs, but I had no idea, it could be this much generous.

It comes with an extended hose, a good-sized wand, and a floor attachment with a toggle switch for carpet to hard floor cleaning.

You can turn it on for cleaning the carpet floors and press again on the other side of the front to retract the bristles back good for hard floor cleaning.

The number o attachments also include a crevice tool, to help you clean along the edges. One upholstery tool to help clean the furniture tops, the delicate surfaces that you do not want to be damaged.

The cleaner comes with built-in storage. It is easier to take all of your essential additional tools along all the time, to clean anything you want.

It is a dedicated hard floor cleaning, but it does not mean you can’t take it for carpet or rug cleaning. It picks up all kinds of debris and dirt from the carpeted flooring, a versatile tool indeed.

And do not forget the Charcoal filters that capture odors and the tiniest dirt or grime particles. The filters are also helpful if you want your interiors clean, to suck up dust and odors from apartments, vehicles, campers, or RVs.

Attach the extended wand, and suck up the dust anywhere you like. It is a corded vacuum cleaner, got a 25-feet power cord, to help you clean as long as you want, from interiors to outdoors. So, longer cleaning sessions would not be an issue.

What We Like!
  • Easy to move a handheld vacuum cleaner
  • Long power cord, 25-Feet long
  • Adjustable Head to switch carpet and hard floor
  • Comes with a good range of additional tools
Things to Consider!
  • Bags replacement is expensive

2. Simplicity Jill Compact Canister Vacuum

Features at a glance
  • HEPA 6-stag filter
  • 5Feet power cord
  • Full Bag Indicator
  • Big rubberized wheels

If you have a small home and looking for a compact designed Canister Vacuum, go with Jill Canister compact vacuum designed by Simplicity.

It is a small, compact, yet powerful vacuum, good for taking care of small messes, or recreational vehicles, dorms, and other areas.

It is a canister vacuum with the power of an upright vacuum. It comes with small wheels on the canister which helps the Jill Vacuum cleaner easily roll on the ground, as you hold the wand to clean the messy areas of your home or do regular cleaning chores.

It is a bagged version of the Vacuum cleaner. It comes with an efficient HEPA filter and HEPA media bag.

The bags are easy to replace, you would not have to worry about the bags and their emptying in the dust bin, just replace the bags when the indicator shows the bag is full of dust or debris.

It is no doubt a versatile vacuum cleaner with adjustable suction. You can adjust the suction level depending on your needs.

The same goes with the height, it supports heights adjusting, get the right customized height setting to cater to your cleaning needs.

You are already aware of the fact that Jill is known for good arrays of vacuums tools. It comes with an upholstery tool, to help clean the dust from the top of the furniture or upholstery. A dust brush, a crevice tool, and an extension wand to help reach hard to reach areas.

In short, if you own a small home, and your cleaning needs are not that much, but you want an efficient compact designed cleaning formula to clean, this is the tool you must give attention to.

It is super easy to move around, sturdy big rubber wheels soft on your floors make the maneuverability smooth and hassle-free.

What We Like!
  • One-stop cleaning formula for a small home
  • Giant rubber wheels make maneuverability seamless
  • Compact, easy to roll around
  • Full bag indicator
Things to Consider!
  • The Vacuum head needs to be off the ground more

3. Simplicity S20PET Bagless Upright Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Features at a glance
  • HEPA filtration
  • 5-Level adjustment
  • 30-Feet Power cord
  • Onboard storage for tools

I have seen many pet owners removing high pile carpets and rugs just because they can’t keep up the hygiene. Plush carpets no doubt is hard to clean especially if you have a long-hair furry friend shredding around.

If you are curious about buying a vacuum cleaner that is good at removing long hairs embedded in the plush carpets or high pile carpets, go with Simplicity-designed S20PET Vacuum.

This vacuum is designed particularly for those who own pets and want to keep up high hygiene levels.

Not just the pets’ hairs, it is good at regular cleaning chores as well. It comes with powerful suction, and a five-level height adjustment floor head, to help you vacuum more than one type of surface.

It comes with manual adjustment; the knob helps you easily transition from one-floor surface to the other.

I adore its long power cord and hose. The long power cord provides you seamless mobility, without needing to plug multiple times.

Its long 14-foot hose makes it easier to clean underneath furniture and above-floor surfaces such as high walls or curtains.

To help you remove pets’ hairs from different floors and surfaces it comes with a pet turbo brush.

This brush can be used if you think the particular area is used more by your pet, and there would be more hairs, use that brush and remove all the hairs.

The package comes with multiple other additional tools including a crevice tool, a dusting brush, an upholstery tool, and above all, all tools can easily be stored onboard. You always carry your tools with you, so that could easily be used when needed.

And I loved the rubberized wheels, these wheels leave no marks on the hard floor as well as on carpets, no scratches too.

So, for the pet owners with the need to remove hairs from more than one type of surface, this is the right tool, got the functionality to remove embedded hairs from plush carpets.

What We Like!


  • Easily removes hairs from the plush carpet surface
  • Five additional tools for supreme vacuuming
  • Long Power cord for easier maneuverability
  • 14-Foot Hose plus an extension wand to reach narrow spaces
Things to Consider!
  • No automatic power cord rewinder

4. Simplicity S60 Spiffy Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Features at a glance
  • HEPA filtration
  • Rubberized wheels
  • 2 Speed settings
  • 30-Feet power cord

If you want a Powerful Stick Vacuum cleaner, the one that could easily pass-through tight spaces and help in cleaning on any surface, Simplicity designed Corded Stick Vacuum S60 is there to help you.

This vacuum cleaner is considered the best for picking dust, grimes, and debris on hard floors, and rugs.

But in the case of high pile carpets or plush carpets, you might not get the same scale of performance as you get with bare floors.

It is an ultra-lightweight vacuum cleaner, which can easily be transported around. With just 7-pounds of weight, this portable and lightweight model is easy to roll. Its small rubber wheels add ease in rolling it on bare floors, for carpets, they would not be rollable at all.

It comes with adjustable speeds; you can control the speed with its high and low-speed buttons. This speed control helps you enjoy a customized cleaning experience.

Its four-stage filtration system helps filter the microbes or allergens so that they don’t get to you.

Its multiple-stage filtration captures 99-percent of the dirt and pollens and makes the surroundings safer for breath even if you are a dust-allergic or Asthma patient.

And for those not so tall, it has an aluminum wand that can easily be adjusted to any height to reach hard-to-reach areas underneath furniture or walls or curtains.

It also comes with a long power cord, so it would not be an issue for you too, without changing the power plug to clean a big space.

It is a bagless model, but emptying the bag would not be an issue. No touch to the dirtbags, just one press, and there you are with the emptied bag.

And you know how generous Simplicity is about providing additional tools, this model too comes with a good range of additional tools to make your cleaning chores more simplified and automated.

What We Like!
  • Highly portable and compact model
  • Comes with 2-speed settings for customized cleaning
  • Captures 99.97 percent of the allergens and dust particles using HEPA filtration
  • A long power cord makes it easier to move around
Things to Consider!
  • Not good for removing pets’ hairs or debris from the high pile or plush carpets

5. Simplicity F1 Tiny Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Features at a glance
  • One hand switch on/off
  • 14-Feet power cord
  • 6 Pounds weight
  • Washable dust cup

Handheld vacuums have become important in regular households. You can’t take out your big boy for cleaning tiny messes around.

And for those tiny messes, to clean them up smoothly, there comes a Simplicity-designed F1 Handheld Vacuum cleaner.

Don’t get at its compact and small size, it is as powerful as any other vacuum listed. It looks cool, showcases aesthetics, and is indeed an efficient addition to your Vacuum arsenal for cleaning and handling small messes.

It is a corded cleaner, a quick-clean tool for cleaning quick pickups. It got a 14-feet long power cord, which makes it readily available for any kind of cleaning task.

No need to worry about the charging, or taking off the charging station, plug it in, and there it is available for small pickup.

Well, if you have a small home, this tiny guy is helpful even for regular cleaning chores. It comes with additional tools such as a dusting brush, a crevice tool, a flexible vac hose, and an upholstery brush to help clean anything you need.

It comes with a small dust cup, so no cost for expensive bags. The filters are not washable, rinse the dust cup, clean the filters and you are good to go for the next cleaning sessions, with almost no maintenance cost at all.

In short, if you want a cleaner which is readily available for you. To clean the small messes around, to clean the interiors of your car, switching machine, keyboard, couch, cushion, upholstery, curtains, and tiny messes around, this is the tool for you.

What We Like!
  • Cool looking handheld Vacuum
  • Got a big 14-Feet power cord for a handheld vacuum
  • Comes with multiple additional cleaning tools
  • Removable and washable dust cup
Things to Consider!
  • The filters are not washable

6. Simplicity Allergy Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Features at a glance
  • Multi-Surface cleaner
  • HEPA filter
  • Two cleaning attachments
  • Retractable Extension wand

If you have more area in your home covered with high pile carpeting, and you are very particular about Hygiene around you, I recommend you buy Simplicity designed Allergy Upright Vacuum cleaner.

It comes with five height adjustment settings for its brush roll which is a very amazing thing for those who require cleaning for carpeted floor.

It is not just the carpeted floor this vacuum cleaner is good at. It is a multi-surface vacuum cleaner, that allows you to move seamlessly even on hard floors. The model assure that you get a healthy hygienic environment around you with its HEPA media filters.

It comes with two filters, on the bottom it got a HEPA filter, and there is one more above the HEPA filter below the sealed bag.

It comes with bags for dust collection, don’t indulge in removing the dust cup and emptying it, and then cleaning it up, just dump the old bag and install a new one.

The Cleaner also comes with two more cleaning attachments. First is its crevice tool, great to attach for cleaning through edges and narrow spaces. You can easily put this crevice tool and enjoy a super-smooth cleaning through the tight spaces.

And a dusting bag or upholstery tool to allow you to clean the upholstery, top of your sofa or furniture, and other delicate cleanings.

The best thing I liked about it is its integrated storage. On the back of this model, you can integrate the additional tools, there is a special integrated space to help you do that.

It also comes with a long hose and a stainless-steel wand. You can remove the wand if you want, but to clean above you high position like high walls, or underneath furniture’s, it is very useful and help you reach those hard-to-reach areas.

So, this Simplicity-designed Bagged and coded machine with HEPA filters is one of the best to help you clean any surface, especially carpeted ones.

What We Like!
  • HEPA media filters installed
  • Comes with two cleaning attachments
  • Stainless steel retractable wand
  • Five height adjustments with the brush roll
Things to Consider!
  • Extremely Loud

7. Simplicity S65S One-Click Cordless Stick Vacuum

Features at a glance
  • Two-Mode of operation
  • Onboard storage
  • HEPA filter integrated
  • Floor as well as Carpeted attachment

If you want me to recommend one Vacuum cleaner for your hard floor as well as carpeted cleaning, I recommend highly the S65S model.

It is no doubt one of the best-designed, performing vacuuming tools with a great range of additional tools to make your cleaning tasks simplified and error-free.

I have seen that many vacuum cleaners are good just for one type of cleaning, Hard floors or Carpets. That’s why most households have to buy two dedicated tools and manage them to make life miserable. But this Simplicity designed all in one tool got everything you can ask for or imagined.

It comes with a hard floor cleaning attachment, it has a super soft roller, great to clean the hard floors without scratching. It turns your messy hard floors into sparkling surroundings and makes cleaning an error-free operation.

The cleaner also has a brush roll attachment. This attachment comes with motorized bristles, which go deeper in the high pile carpets and fetch out embedded hairs or grimes. You can have different adjustments as well, to make it useable for plush or low-pile carpets.

Simplicity S65S also comes with two upholstery attachments. One attachment comes with bristles, to help fetch out hairs and grimes from the top of the furniture or decorative items such as sofas or bedsheets.

The Other Upholstery attachment comes without brush rolls to help you clean delicate upholstery items where you don’t want fabrics to come out.

It also has a crevice tool, an extended hose, a retractable wand, and a dust brush tool to suck up dust from your surrounding.

You can attach the hose and then attach any of the attachments, or attach the attachments directly to the machine without attaching a hose or extended wand.

It has two modes of operation, a default mode, and a powered mode. The default mode is for your regular everyday cleaning chores, and the power mode is for rigorous cleaning operations.

What We Like!
  • Powerful suction with adjustment feature
  • Two operation modes
  • Comes with the floor as well as carpet attachments
  • Two upholstery tools integrated
Things to Consider!
  • pricy

8. Simplicity AGOGO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Features at a glance
  • Two-speed adjustments
  • HEPA filtration
  • Multi-tool integrated
  • Onboard storage

If you do not like heavy Vacuum cleaners and looking for a lightweight machine that does not have any cords to get tangled, go with a Simplicity-designed AGOGO Cordless Vacuum cleaner.

AGOGO Vacuum cleaner is not only good for your regular home cleaning but helps you clean through tiny messes. You know Pet’s hairs, kids snack around, dirty stains, and like that messes, can easily be picked using this lightweight machine.

As with it, you would not have to worry about the cord, you don’t have to worry about changing bags as it comes with a dust-cup, easy to empty.

It comes with a multi-tool, this tool is used as a dust brush as well as an Upholstery tool. It is an extendable tool, when extended, the bristles come out to make it good for upholstery cleaning, and when retracted, the bristles go inside, making the side useable for delicate upholstery.

The other side of this multi-tool is a crevice tool, to help you clean around the edges, and tight spaces.

It comes with a pretty good-sized dust cup. The dust cup is easy to empty, just take it out of the machine, stretch the top button, and press the bottom button to empty it in a bin. The filter is used is a HEPA filter, but it is not washable, but it works for at least 6-months.

More than that, HEPA filtration makes your surroundings great for allergic or asthma patients.

The machine also comes with a wand and a hose. It is a battery-operated Vacuum cleaner, no need to worry about the power cord rewinding or anything else.

The wand is extendable and retractable, you can increase its length to reach high up areas like corners or roof to clean up tiny portions.

In total, it is a good portable and easy-to-use tool which covers our base and helps us maintain our surroundings as clean and sparkling as we want.

What We Like!
  • Integrates Certified HEPA filtration
  • Comes with a multi-tool that used a crevice and upholstery attachment
  • Retractable Steel Wand
  • The battery runs for 50-minutes in one charging
Things to Consider!
  • Expensive

Simplicity Vacuums Buying Guide

Simplicity Vacuums are durable, features modern functions, and above all come with multiple additional tools to make the cleaning a hassle-free Journey.

But how would you know which one of the Simplicity cleaners is right for you? And what features you should look into to make your cleaning stand?

This tiny portion is going to help, here we are going to pen down the most important things you should consider.


Yes, type is the most important thing, if you decide the right type, half the battle is won. But it is not that hard, by reading the descriptions and even by watching the video, you will learn whether or not the type is right for you.

For average households, Upright vacuums are the best. They come with a good-sized dust-capacity, regular floor head, additional attachments such as a hose and wand to help you reach tight spaces or under the furniture areas.

If you have a small home, and you have to clean through tight spaces, go with stick vacuums. They are regular Upright cleaners but share a slimmer and compact but.

If you have little kids around, and pets shredding, you should consider either buying a regular upright vacuum cleaner that transforms into a handheld cleaner.

Or buy a dedicated handheld vacuum, which is easy to hold in hands for small cleaning jobs such as removing snacks scattered, removing pets’ hairs shredded, and like that.

Go with the corded model if you have a large home to clean, and cordless if you have a small home, or you don’t like the cords or wires tangling around. But for a large home cleaning, it will be hard to accomplish cleaning sessions in one session with a cordless model.


Simplicity-designed cleaners are energy efficient. Besides providing the right power to help you cater to your cleaning needs, they also save electricity.

So, here you would not see big numbers in motor power, its designed machines come powered with 700–1400-Watt motors.

So, if you are buying a tool to deal with regular home cleaning, go with a higher power range. If you want a smaller compact tool to take care of smaller messes, an 800-Watts motor power would be more than just good.

Surface Type

Surface type is the most important thing you should consider. Simplicity is known for designing dedicated tools for floor types; hard floors and carpeted floors.

Yes, some are multi-surface supported, but it is vitally important you look closely at every feature and match that to your surface type.

For a hard floor, the surface looks as if the floor head supports soft pads for cleaning. If it only has bristles on its floor head, that means, it is good for carpets and rugs.

But most of the heads come with adjustment features that help them adjust the floor type and provide the same functionality.

Additional Tools

Simplicity is known for providing a good range of additional tools. I mean, some of its models come with several tools that you forget which one to use for what.

So, in the end, when you use them, you learn how useful they are in making your cleaning operations hassle-free and simplified.

So, look for tools, if you have to clean bare floors as well as carpeted floors like for two different types of floor attachments; one with soft pads and the other one with bristles.

If not attachments, see if the floor head has the feature to adopt the surface and helps you clean any surface.

Filtration system

The filtration system is also important, but if you have a hard floor, you would not have to worry about the mechanism the filters use for cleaning.

But if you have carpeted floors or rugs, then it is important you look at every angle of the filtration and dust cup, and check whether or not it would be hygienic cleaning using that particular vacuum.

Carpets and rugs are common, they warm and are comfortable for interiors but at the same time, they harbor allergens and embeds hairs. Your home will be less safe and Hygienic not only for those allergic but for common inhabitants as well.

So, look for HEPA filters integration. They capture almost 100-percent of the allergens and make the surroundings safe for us to breathe and live.

Ease of Use

When your machine comes with lots of additional tools, settings, integration, the first thing that kills is the ease of use.

So, with Simplicity-designed Vacuums, this thing is important because they come with an array of added tools which make it confusing for non-techy households clean using.

Look if the height adjustments are automatic, if not, then there should be easy to spot button in the floor head. Its assembly should be hassle-free, and using different additional tools should be easy.

FAQs About Simplicity Vacuums

Is Simplicity a good vacuum?

Simplicity has produced amazing vacuums. Some of them are even top-selling on the biggest shopping portals.

The standout aspect of the Simplicity-designed Vacuums is their sturdy and durable construction with modern features integrated.

Its products are most reasonably priced. And also come with a good collection of additional tools to make the cleaning a simplified and automated journey.

How Long Simplicity Vacuums Last?

Simplicity-designed Vacuums are sturdy and most of them are made of stainless steel, not all.

So, compare to other brands, they are long-lasting. As per consumer reports, the Vacuums last around 6-7 years easily, if maintained and taken care of well.

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