10 Best Vacuums Under $150 Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

If you are looking for cheap vacuums Under $150, we have penned down a detailed guide and top recommendation.

Vacuums are one of the indispensable items in the home. They make your cleaning process simplified and help you clean out shelves, grimes, and dust in no time.

We all agree the power they give in making your cleaning tasks hassle-free but the thing is Vacuum cleaners are expensive, and the cheaper ranged vacuums tend not to render the same scale of performance.

Yes, no doubt about it, Premium vacuums are better, they are lightweight, possess great suction power, and help you reach out hard to access areas (The Perks of being rich).

But it does not mean that if you are on a budget you should settle with a sub-par or sub-standard product.

Yes, there will be some compromises, but that comprises should not be the overall cleaning performance and power.

In this post, we hand-picked some of the top products which tick most of the boxes right for home cleaning. These models are the best rated, and help you simplify your cleaning chores at home.

So without further ado, here are the best vacuums under $150 according to consumer ratings and reports in 2023.

Quick Picks

Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in, depending on your budget…

Best Vacuums Under $150 Consumer Ratings & Reports

  1. Shark Navigator Deluxe Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum
  2. Eureka PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  3. BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
  4. Shark Rocket Pet Corded Stick Vacuum
  5. Hoover WindTunnel Rewind Plus Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  6. BLACK+DECKER Max Flex Handheld Vacuum
  7. Hoover ONEPWR Evolve Pet Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
  8. ORECK XL COMMERCIAL Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  9. Hoover DustChaser Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
  10. ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Best Vacuums Under $150 Reviews

I have compiled a list of the 10 Best vacuums under $150 based on consumer ratings and reports 2023.

1. Shark Navigator Deluxe Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum

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Features at a glance
  • 1200-Watt’s motor
  • Auto shut off brush roll
  • 25-Feet long cord
  • Multi-floor cleaning

If you are looking for a Vacuum cleaner for a home for cleaning carpet and the hard floor under the budget price range, I suggest you buy Shark designed Navigator Deluxe Upright corded vacuum.

The reason why I chose this home model is its portability and easier maneuverability.

Don’t take its cord as a downside, it got a 25-feet long cord, easy to help you clean your hard floor, wooden floor, carpet, or pet hair without carrying a cumbersome to carry a vacuum.

It’s an upright designed vacuum, that gives you the right angle to remove embedded hair in the carpets, and clean hard-to-clean hardwood floor stains.

It is powerful to clean deep clean carpets, but at the same time gentle for the bare floors, removes tiniest grimes’ particles, hard to see from bar eyes.

Not only the bare floors or carpets it allows you to clean your furniture and hidden pet hair. Its suction power is amazing, easy to suck all the hair hidden on the corners of your sofas and under the furniture.

Its big suction hose allows you to clean them and remove all the grimes from your curtains, with LED lights integration, makes it easier for cleaning in dim lights environment.

Its larger-sized dust cabin makes it easier for you to empty the container once you are done. The dust cup comes with many filtration layers for keeping pet dander, fine dust, and allergens away from your breath and air, it collects different dander and grimes in different cabins to help for easier emptying and cleaning.

The package comes with an amazing range of accessories for supreme cleaning including a wide pet upholstery tool, crevice tools, dusting brush, and many others.

These tools add up and make it easier for you to reach hard-to-access areas under the furniture or corners for cleaning purposes. You do not have to lift away from your furniture and other items now, let the hose reach those areas.

What We Like!
  • Easy to maneuver around
  • Large Cords of 25-feet length
  • Allows multi-floor cleansing including hard, bare, wooden, carpeted
  • LED lights integrated
Things to Consider!
  • Tips over some time

2. Eureka PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Features at a glance
  • 8-AMP motor
  • 25-feet long power cord
  • 1 Liter dust capacity
  • Extended hose for reach under furniture area

Allergens and tiny dust particles are the biggest reasons for dust allergies those spend most of their time in carpeted rooms.

If you are suffering from dust allergies, and your doctor has suggested you remove the carpet but you don’t we suggest you buy Eureka PowerSpeed Backless Vacuum.

This vacuum removes the dust and grimes from the deep of the carpet layers and helps you enjoy allergic-free life.

There is a reason why this vacuum is called the PowerSpeed model. It comes with an 8A moto which removes the dust from the inner layers of thick carpets. Not only the carpets, but it also allows you to remove pet hairs from the sides of your furniture and sofas.

Eureka PowerSpeed is a unique combination of the right power and speed as it uses the most modern technology to get the tasks done.

It has a Cyclonic cleaning system to create strong airflows which smash the grimes’ layers stored in the deep layers of the carets, and such up all the embedded dirt or pet hair.

You would not have to lift your furniture items to clean the dust or grimes under them. It comes with a spoiling brush roll with a large hose to help you reach under the furniture or hard-to-reach area. It adds efficiency and without too much struggle gets your cleaning tasks simplified and customized.

One of the most amazing aspects of this vacuum is its large dust capacity. Yes, it has a big dust container which allows you to get your cleaning tasks done without repeatedly emptying the dust container.

Normally, when we buy a vacuum, we do not pay heed to this aspect, but when it comes to actual use, we find the most crucial aspect in saving your time and simplifying your tasks.

It comes with five height settings to help you customize the height as per your use, and its auto shut-off dusting brush adds a swiftness to your cleaning.

Do not forget its 2-years long warranty, in case this vacuum does not perform as mentioned, you have every right to claim the warranty.

What We Like!
  • Easy to roll around, lightweight designed model
  • Removable and washable filters
  • The strong motor provides strong suction power
  • A large dust cabin helps your empty dust container fewer times
Things to Consider!
  • Hard to push on rugs

3. BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

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Features at a glance
  • Pet corner tool integrated
  • 4-years warranty
  • Good for removing hair from all textures surface
  • Integrated motorized turbo eraser

If you have more than a pet and it’s finding hard for you to remove all the hair stick to the furniture legs, textured surface of your sofa, and deep carpet layers, it’s time to ease your cleaning process and comes with the latest Bissel designed Swivel Pet Bagless vacuum cleaner.

This vacuum cleaner comes with additional tools to help you remove the grimes or pet hair from the sticky textured surface of your sofa, furniture, bedsheet, carpet, or hardwood floors.

It comes with great suction power which produces strong airflow to remove all hidden hair within the carpet layers.

As I mention this model comes with specialized tools for removing pet hair, it has a Pet hair corner tool to remove all the pet hairs easily.

It’s a motorized Turbo Eraser that removes all the hair does not go away with scrubbing from the carpets, fabrics, curtains, sofas, and furniture.

It is an upright vacuum cleaner, it comes with three different settings; low, medium, and high. Don’t use the high settings on the upholstery which can get damaged, or use a low setting on thick fabric or carpet, get the customized settings done, and get things rolled smoothly without damaging the delicate fibers or layers.

It’s not like the vacuum cleaner is only good for homes with pets, it is good for normal cleaning purposes as well including hardwood cleaning, bare floors, stairs, and regular cleaning chores.

Without spreading the mess, and without making any noise, this cleaner helps you clean your home and make things simplified.

The Vacuum cleaner comes with a retractable cord. You know the added benefit of using a retractable cord, it would not entangle with the furniture items such as chairs, sofas, and many other things.

I would like to mention its height settings as well, it comes with 5-height adjustments. You can customize the height of it as per your use and preference, its swivel mechanism and triple action brush-roll add the cherry on the cake and make you reach behind the furniture to clean them without any issue.

Don’t Forget the dirt capacity of this cleaner. It comes with a one-liter dirt capacity, though relatively less than the model we reviewed above, for a regular home cleaning chore, it is good to go.

What We Like!
  • Specialized Pet hair removing tools added
  • Triple action brush roll
  • Good grimes and dust capacity for an average home
  • Powerful suction power for removing pet hair and grimes
Things to Consider!
  • Can’t control the suction speed

4. Shark Rocket Pet Corded Stick Vacuum

Features at a glance
  • 8A motor
  • Powerful yet portable
  • Two conversion functions
  • Good for pet hair removal

If you are looking into buying an in one vacuum cleaner that, does it all from hand-held vacuuming to walls and curtains cleaning, this is the vacuum cleaner you can rely on.

The best thing I liked about this vacuum is that it comes in two functions. It allows you to remove the clangor stuck hair in the deep carpet or upholstery layers with a deep cleaning for those who can’t stand for long hours.

And hand-held cleaning to help you reach hard-to-reach areas or tight spaces. Do not worry, you do not have to learn to convert the functions, just press the button and it converts from one function to the other function.

It is one of the affordable vacuum cleaners that come with the right power and functionality. It is a lightweight model for rolling on the hard or rug spaces.

Good for multi-surface cleaning, allows you to clean any floor from bare to the wooden and thickly carpeted floor to simple floors.

To make your operations smooth and hassle-free, the brand adores this machine with multiple useful tools.

You get a crevice tool to give you the ability to clean in crevices, an adjustable brush for easier switching from one-floor type to the other floor type, and a pet hair removal attachment.

Do not forget its power range, it is an 8 Ampere power vacuum cleaner under 150 dollars price range that provides enough airflow to remove the stuck hair in your sofas, bed sheets, under the furniture, or on the furniture legs.

Its swivel steering makes its mobility around easier. You can easily insert the suction hose under the furniture or tight areas, and its integrated removable Dirt or dust cup makes the emptying seamless.

On the flip side, the dust container is smaller, and for cleaning a home, you might have to empty it several times which surely should be paid attention to if you have a big home.

With just 8-pounds of weight to take around with you, it is not overweight or cumbersome to take around a cleaner. It got a wall mount capability which makes it easy to store if you have tight space in storage for an additional tool.

What We Like!
  • Two function conversion handhelds to deep
  • Easy to maneuver around due to lightweight
  • Good for the homes with pets for removing pet hairs
  • Removable dust container
Things to Consider!
  • Small dust container

5. Hoover WindTunnel Rewind Plus Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Features at a glance
  • 5 Adjustable height position
  • No-touch grime removal
  • LED indicator for dust bag
  • Carbon filter

What is the hardest thing you face on your regular cleaning chores? I mean cleaning of what gives you a headache? It is the thick carpet cleaning and pet hair removal from different spaces of the home?

If that’s the case, I recommend you buy a Hoover-designed Vacuum which is designed specifically to remove pet hair as well as remove dust and grimes from the deep layers of the carpets.

This Hoover-designed Cleaner produces enough airflow to help you easily remove lots of grimes or dust that would have been left out with others.

It comes with a 30-feet long cord, in other words, for those who own a large home, it would not be hard for them to clean the home, as with a short cord, you have to change your power source every time you go a few feet away.

Its WindTunnel technology is approved by P.A.W.S which means it got enough power to remove the stuck dirt and grimes on the thick carpet surfaces without spilling them over the surface or on the carpet, which is one of the biggest issues with vacuums.

Its dust container integrates HEPA filtration, besides removing all the grimes, bacteria, and pollens, the carbon-activated filter prevents your home from bad odor, as carbon absorbs odors and makes it refreshing for you.

It comes integrated with an adjustable height knob, for those who have to handle vacuuming of different surfaces or on the walls, this feature is very favorable.

With this, you can easily change the height in a different position and accordingly, to the surface you are vacuuming.

Besides offering you a power-packed performance the tool comes with multiple additional tools such as a crevice tool, which helps you clean hard to reach areas, a dusting brush to use to reach up high on curtains and walls to clean them, and an air-powered turbo tool to suck the dust absorbed in the furniture top surfaces.

What We Like!
  • HEPA filter with Carbon activated for absorbing dust and odor
  • LED indicator to help you learn if the dust bag is full
  • Powerful suction performance
  • Long 30-feet cord and 25-feet long hose
Things to Consider!
  • A heavy model with 19 pounds of weight

6. BLACK+DECKER Max Flex Handheld Vacuum

Features at a glance
  • 4-Feet hose
  • Cordless vacuum cleaner
  • 2 In 1 nozzle
  • 2 pounds of weight

If you are looking for a compact and ultralightweight Hand-held Vacuum cleaner for pet hair under $150, Black and Decker Max is the right option to get hands-on.

This vacuum cleaner weighs just 3.2 pounds, makes it hassle-free to roam it around to clean heavy pet hair, as well as cleans the carpet or hardwood floors without any big issue or mess.

It comes with a 4-foot hose, which makes it good only for hand-held. Again, it is good for pet hair removal, along with removing grimes and dust particles stuck in the layers of the carpet. It is not good for under the furniture or hard to reach areas of the home or office cleaning.

At the same time, if you want to go in tight spaces, this thin and compact designed model surely would be the only option. It can be taken upstairs for vacuuming, or the top of the furniture surface cleaning from pets’ hairs hidden on the crevices.

Keep in mind, it is a cordless vacuum cleaner for pet hair under a budget price range. It needs charging, which makes it good for taking along. You can take it for car inside cleaning, car seats cleaning and other areas which require some specialized tools for cleaning.

It comes with a washable Bowl and Filer, remove the filter as well as bowl. But the bowl capacity is limited, 17 Oz around.

With 2 in 1 nozzle flexibility, it allows you to flip it up changing from a nozzle to a flip-up brush for cleaning different areas or surfaces of the home.

In short, if you want a vacuum cleaner that is lightweight and good at pet hair removal, this is the tool you can surely rely on.

What We Like!
  • Comes with pet brush removing integration
  • 2 in 1 Nozzle
  • Good for carpet as well as pet hair removing
  • 2 POUNDS of weight
Things to Consider!
  • Not good for large homes

7. Hoover ONEPWR Evolve Pet Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Features at a glance
  • Cordless Vac cleaner
  • Removable debris container
  • Dedicated tools for pet hair removing
  • Adjustable brush roll

People do not like wires or cords, cordless gadgets are in trend and if you do not like corded Vac cleaners, Hoover got your back and offers a cordless vac cleaner that comes with all the power as corded cleaners come.

This cordless Vac cleaner is good for offices as well as homes full packed with furniture areas. It integrates powerful suction and wind tunnel mechanism to help you remove the stuck pet hair or grimes in the thick carpets or upholstery or on the top of the furniture.

It is a lightweight and compact cleaner; helps you take it upstairs to remove dirt from crevices. For those who live in tight and small spaces, this option is the best as it does not require a power cord, and it is thinly designed to easily go along with you.

It got a removable debris container or canister. With just a press of a button, you can detach the container and remove the debris in no time. For cleaning the vacuum as well, you can remove the bag or for storage purposes as well.

Not just the small spaces or for pet hair removal, the Vac is great for multi-surface as well. It comes with an adjustable brush roll, adjusts the brush, and gets the right suction setting for optimized performance. You can even remove the brush roll for bare floor cleaning or a stress-free cleaning like regular home cleaning chores.

In total, if you want a cordless vacuum cleaner for home as well as pet hair cleaning, get your hands on this model. It comes with three times more suction capacity, and debris container compares to a regular compact cordless vac cleaner.

What We Like!
  • A compact yet powerful vacuum cleaner
  • Cordless functionality makes it take anywhere
  • Adjustable and removable Brush Roll
  • Good for carpets, upholstery, and bare floor cleaning
Things to Consider!
  • Battery runtime is limited

8. ORECK XL COMMERCIAL Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Features at a glance
  • 4-amp power motor
  • 35-Foot power cord
  • 4 Liter of dust capacity
  • 9-pounds weight

Carpets soak so much dust, debris, and allergens that people with asthma and allergies are told not to use the carpeted floor.

It is one of the major causes of respiratory diseases as fine-grain particles that are hard to see from a bare eye constantly get into our respiratory system blocking the respiratory tract or airways.

So, if you are once facing these issues and finding a solution, I suggest going with Oreck designed Commercial lightweight designed upright Vacuum cleaner. This Vac helps you clean a carpet by sucking or absorbing all the fine grain particles stuck in the thick particles.

It comes with a large dust capacity than an average commercial Vacuum at this price range making it easier for those with large homes to clean without emptying it several times.

As it is designed particularly for Carpets cleaning, it comes with more dust space. With 10.4 liters of dust capacity, it allows you to clean many carpets and curtains at one time, use them in huge spaces without any breaks.

It comes with many additional tools to add swiftness and quickness to your cleaning processor. Such as it has a side edge brush which helps in cleaning through the edges and corners.

Crevices are often hard to clean areas, but with this side edge brush tethered, you will have a thorough cleaning of your space.

The same goes with the wall bumpers, for cleaning your delicate furniture you can tether the wall bumper which provides a safe cleaning experience on the sofa and other furniture items.

Do not forget its 35-foot power cord. For those with a large home are going to enjoy this long cord, without switching and changing the power source, you can clean a big home.

It is a 9 pounds weight Vacuum cleaner with a top filling bag. This unique designed filling bag helps you continue the cleaning process even if the bag is full, with no loss of power at maximum even when the bag is full. It comes with a cord guard which prevents cord damage.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for a lightweight designed upright Vacuum cleaner for under $150 for carpet cleaning, this is the Vac you should get hands-on.

It comes with all bells and whistles under a budget price range that you usually witness in a premium ranged Vac.

What We Like!
  • Good for deep carpet cleaning
  • Lightweight designed model
  • Comes with a 35-Foot power cord
  • 6500 RPM
Things to Consider!
  • Noisy

9. Hoover DustChaser Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Features at a glance
  • 9 pounds of weight
  • Battery Powered Vacuum
  • Good for carpets cleaning
  • Removes tiniest breadcrumbs out of rugs

I am sure you must have watched Monica Cleaning the bigger Vacuum using a mini-Vacuum?

It was hilarious, we do not want to go to that extreme but we all want a mini-Vacuum to clean breadcrumbs on the rugs and carpets, pet hairs on the couch using a Vacuum.

A giant-size Vacuum would not meet the needs of Vacuuming this scale of tiny tasks, this is where Hoover-designed Handheld Vacuum cleaner comes to the rescue.

With this compact and tiny-looking hand-held vacuum cleaner, the cleaning tasks would no longer be a chore. With it, cleaning chore becomes more simplified and hassle-free and makes you clean without forcing yourself.

Cleaning using a Hoover-designed Vacuum bends with your lifestyle and makes you clean or vacuum your room without feeling like vacuuming.

This is not just for cleaning the breadcrumbs out of your carpet or rugs, it is good for those small spaces like behind your furniture or sofa, cars, upholsteries, and many other such items.

You would not have to under the furniture yourself, let this hand-held machine go into it, and clean up like it was not messy before.

It is a true dust catcher which catches around 99.97-percent of the dust or grimes. Its suction power is unparalleled, sucks allergens down to 0.4 microns. I

It is not a wired Vacuum cleaner but a battery-operated one. It runs on a 2.0 Ah battery, which allows a pretty good time for vacuuming.

This machine comes with many other additional tools to make your cleaning chore simplified and hassle-free such as a Crevice Tool, 2 in 1 dusting tool, upholstery tool, a battery, and a charger.

In total, with great suction power, and perfect portability, this tiny Vacuum cleaner is great for cleaning deep from the carpets.

What We Like!
  • Great suction power
  • Good battery hours for a small home
  • Quality constructed Vacuum cleaner
  • Sleek modern and compact designed
Things to Consider!
  • The dirt collection bag is smaller

10. ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Features at a glance
  • HEPA filtration
  • Large road rover wheels
  • Auto charging
  • 3 built-in infrared sensors

Things around us are getting automated, why not buy a vacuum cleaner which automates our cleaning chores? If that’s the case go with a robot Vacuum cleaner designed by ILIFE V3s.

This vacuum cleaner automates your cleaning process, and without you being holding a vacuum’s handle and monitoring the process, helps you clean your surrounding.

Most important thing is, Robot Vacuums are expensive, but this one comes in hands under the price radar we have fixed for ourselves.

Do not worry, this vacuum cleaner is not like your old Robot Vacuum, which you might have seen several years back, lurking climbing surfaces.

This one climbs different surfaces, materials, and crevices easily and helps you enjoy a clean surrounding without doing the hard work.

You can schedule your cleaning chores as well for the next 24-hours if you want. You can set it to work immediately, or schedule it for the hours you have set for cleaning. You can do some other cleaning, while this robot thing helps you clean the areas you have set it for.

Now talk about the performance it renders, it is as good as a regular Vacuum you see around. It picks up dirt, grimes, pet hairs efficiently without any mess.

It is also good for cleaning deep in the carpets, for those who have pets around, this is going to add comfort in their lives.

Plus, it looks good as well. We are humans, born with aesthetic sense and appeal, this one catches your eyeballs and makes a good addition to your cleaning arsenal.

Do not worry about the battery, it lasts for several hours in one charging. With a 2600 mAh battery, this offers good hours cleaning, with an LED light letting you know the battery hours it can run, and the percentage it has, to help you charge it on time.

In short, if you want to automate your cleaning process, and do not like manual cleaning assisted by humans, get hands-on with this Robot Vacuum.

What We Like!
  • 3 Built-in infrared sensors integrated
  • Auto-charging searches the charging cord and gets it charged
  • Smooth, error-free 360-degree cleaning
  • Allows scheduled cleaning
Things to Consider!
  • Not good at cleaning Carpets

Buying Guide For Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuums add swiftness, quickness, simplification, and convenience to your cleaning process. They allow you to clean any surface and help you get ‘Monica Clean’ surrounding from debris, dust, and pet hairs.

So, we have seen the top models under the $150 price range, here we are into the consideration a user should make before buying a Vacuum under the budget price range.

Types of Vacuums

Before we get into the features or aspects to look in a Vacuum, the most important thing you should decide is the type of vacuum.

So, there is a total of six types you see around vacuums, each type comes with its advantages and disadvantages, it’s you who decide which one goes well with you.


Upright Vacuums is the most common and popular type you see around in most of the homes and commercial use. As the name decides, it is a free-standing type, with different height settings to help users choose the right height settings as per their convenience.

Upright type is great for homes, they come with bags mostly, and are noisy and heavier compared to other types.


If you need a compact and ultralightweight Vacuum, maybe a stick is the right option for you. They are the least powerful, but are portable and mostly used for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

They are also used for cleaning cars, the back of the furniture, ideal for cleaning up tight spaces full of furniture and other decorative items around.


You can call it the Hybrid model. They are the most convenient forms and types of Vacuums, mostly used in big homes for cleaning.

They come with the right power and compactness but are pricier compared to both above mentioned.

In canister types, mostly a long wand is used for cleaning hard-to-reach areas, this wand is fixed on a canister.

Handheld models

It is one of the most convenient forms of vacuums, used mostly for cleaning delicate items such as furniture top, upholstery, vehicles interiors, and many others.

They are battery-operated, easy to take outside. But their negative side is their rechargeable batteries, in cheaper handheld models you get a battery that usually does not last long.

Wet/Dry Vacuums

For those homes where little kids are around, a mess can be of any type; dry and wet. To cater to that kind of a mess, there come Dry/Wet vacuums with the power to suck dry as well as liquid messes.

They can be used indoors as well as outdoors, but most are expensive and you hardly find any of them under the budget range we are on.


Robots’ vacuums are not like AI Vacuums. They are named Robots just because you do not have to take them around for cleaning, they are hands-free.

They roam around, cleaning the space, under furniture, tight spaces, everywhere without you guiding them.

Bag or Bagless?

If you are the one with allergies and clean your carpets, upholstery, and floors using a vacuum, you should go with bagged Vacuums.

Yes, there will be the hassle of replacing bags, and there will be an extra cost of replacing bags, but bagged ones Vacuums trap more allergens and they trap most of the dust and pollen particles.

But if you have nothing mentioned above, no allergies, probably bagless are the good ones. Because there is the hassle of replacing bags now and then, it makes them hard to use.

Suction Power

Suction power is one of the most important aspects that improve or worsen the performance of a Vacuum. As we are on a budget the vacuums, we will get hands-on would-be good Air powered.

So, the suction power is going to help you in making your cleaning process simplified and hassle-free, just like the way you imagined.

Suction power would not only help you break the build-up of grimes in thick Carpets but force them out to make your carpet cleaner and healthier for your respiratory system. The same goes with the grimes on crevices.

Go with a Vacuum with adjustable Suction power as it helps in cleaning different floors including bare floor to Wooden floor and upholstery.

Energy Brushes

Brushes are helpful integration and you must look at this particular item in the accessories that come with the package.

Because, with energy, brush tethered you can remove the pet hairs from your carpets, sofas, and furniture without any big hassle.

In addition, it makes your cleaning in tight spaces seamless, and you can clean your car’s interior, behind the seats as well as stairs or back of the furniture using.


Filtration of Vacuums ensures that all the grimes and allergens are rightly captured.

It is particularly important for those suffering from pollen allergies to buy a vacuum with multiple filters integrated into the Dust bag or container. It determines the vacuum cleaner’s ability to clean and capture the debris.


Mostly noise level is mentioned in the descriptions when you buy a vacuum cleaner. So, do not go with a vacuum with more than 60-70 Decibels noise level.

I have seen many overlooking this feature and later complaining about the noise, and not hearing the doorbell ringing.

Not just that, it can also disrupt the peace of people around you. Maybe someone works at night and sleeps in the days, and if you clean your home in the days using that, it surely going to disrupt the peace of the people around you.

Versatility in cleaning

Using a Vacuum cleaner, it is not just the bar floors or wooden floors you would be cleaning, you would be handling more than one surface.

So, buy a vacuum which offers multi-floor cleaning, and could work on any surface from carpets to rugs.

So, buy a Vacuum that helps you clean anything you like, and comes with a different suction range so that if you clean a thick carpet, it should provide a smoother cleaning process.

Final Verdict

It is not always true that you get what you pay for. Sometimes even if you pay high if you are not focused or day pay heed to what you are buying, you end up buying a subpar or sub-standard product.

The same rule of thumb applies for those on budget as well, you can buy a good Vacuum under $150 if you are focused, doing homework, and paying attention to the most important features helpful for cleaning purposes, not for aesthetics or show-off.

In this long guide, we have added top-of-the-line models. We tried to pick models from every category to help and satisfy most of the users’ needs.

You have a bird’s eye view of the models we reviewed, check which one suits your need, and make a bold decision of buying a champion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Vacuum Cleaners Under $150 Performs Good?

If you have done your homework and picked the model after good research, I can assure you that for a Vacuum under this price range you will be getting the right benefits.

But if you fall for the looks or worthless features which do not add up in the performance, it would not be worth it at all. We have added detailed reviews of the top models to help you narrow down your options though.

What is the Best Overall Vacuum Cleaner Under $150 For Homes?

The market is full of Vacuum cleaners, and for the mentioned price range you can buy a good vacuum cleaner. But the search is going to little hard, as almost all the products look the same, brands promise the same.

But we have added top models in our reviews, you can check these models, these are the hand-picked models, picked after thorough research. You can pick as per your need, it’s you who knows your needs the best.

How to clean a filter of vacuum cleaner?

It is not rocket science cleaning and removing a filter from a vacuum cleaner.

Just detach the filter from the cleaner, and then from the canister and handheld suction. Remove all the hairs, debris or detritus stuck, and then wash the filter away.

Which is better Corded or Cordless?

It is your needs and requirements which decide which one suits you the most. For those requirements of cleaning in tight spaces where it is hard to take a corded one, or for cleaning a car’s interiors, it is good to buy a cordless one. It is going to help you clean anything without thinking of a power cord or power source.

On the other hand, if your cleaning requirements are as an average household, you should go with a corded one. Because here you would not be thinking about the dead battery.

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