Are Recliners Bad For Your Hips?

Are Recliners Bad For Your Hips

Recliners are so comfy, most of us, don’t use them only for watching TV or after getting back from the work in the evening but for a regular chair.

Because they are comfortable, we convert them into a regular sitting place like a regular office chair or other chairs, and spending long hours resting on them can lead to back and hip issues.

Many people when they buy the recliner for the first and get awestruck by the comfort and soothing experience of it, can append almost 50 plus hours in a week.

Well, it would not be bad for your hips or your back sitting for that long unless you adapt a bad sitting posture or don’t change position.

If you sit in a recliner in a bad posture for hours without changing position, the region of the hips or back can get weakened over time, and in the end, you start noticing that in the form of pain.

That pain can easily be fixed by lowering the number of hours you get to rest in the recliner with the right posture.

Well, to help you not have any hip or back pain while sitting in a recliner we are going to help you with some tips, and also going to mention the biggest causes that can lead to hip pain in a recliner.

Causes of Hips pain while sitting in a recliner

If you are getting hip pain while sitting in a recliner, you may be committing some mistakes, read through these causes these are the most common causes that lead to hip pain.

Bad sitting Position

When we adopt a bad posture when sitting or resting in a recliner we actually harm the natural posture.

Natural posture which is designed to help you stay healthy if broken can lead to pain.

If you sit in a recliner the wrong way you put extra pressure on your hips for which the hips area or muscles are not designed or ready for, and that leads to discomfort in the beginning and in the end severe pain.

So you must sit with your back correctly aligned to the backrest of the recliner. And if you are sitting like a normal chair in a recliner, your hips and head should be AT 90-Degree angle.

And if you want to get your back rested on the backrest, keep that in mind that there must not be empty space between your back and the backrest, it should have proper lumbar support.

Weak Muscle or arthritis

If your muscles are weak, and you know that you should not sit for long hours in the same position.

Change your position within 15-20 minutes to let the areas of the hips get some rest.

With the weak muscles, your pelvic regions and legs can lead your hips to have hip pain as the muscles of the hips are not enduring to keep up the everyday life.

The same goes for if you are suffering from arthritis, you experience sharp pains from the joint inflammation, and if you sit for long hour’s case of arthritis you should too refrain from sitting for long.

Incorrect size

Sometimes you may end up buying a recliner incorrect to your size, or the one that does not match your size ideally.

With An incorrect sized recliner, your hips and back can hurt. The size means you don’t fit into the recliner with your hips and back changing position freely. In a small recliner that does not match your size, you might feel stuck and not moving properly.

The size of the recliner is very important, it adds to the comfort and helps you enjoy the next level of relief from exhaustion after long hours of work.

If you find that maybe you had purchased the right sized recliner but due to unknown reason it is getting fit for you compare to before, then you should check your size, maybe you are getting lots of weight that’s why you are not getting fit right into the recliner.


The footrest is one of the most essential parts of the recliner. If you got a recliner without a footrest, or the recliner footrest is not functioning and getting extended or elevated, you will lose half the charm or comfort of the recliner.

Or if the recliner’s footrest is saggy or leans to one side or would not open fully, this too can lead to the improper posture of sitting and lead to hip pain.

Some people commit a big mistake unknowingly when resting in a recliner which leads to hip and lower back pain. The mistake is they don’t care for the level of elevation of the recliner’s footrest.

The feet placed on the footrest should be at the same height or elevation as the heart. This makes your body have smooth and less-effort blood circulation and pumping by the heart but helps you have the right comfort and rest without putting too much pressure on your hips.

And second, when you rest in a recliner with your foot elevated and rested on the footrest, your legs need to be hanged and slightly from the footrest.

Not enough Lumbar support

Just like the way back of the recliner is important for the overall smooth functioning of the recliner, in the same way, the lumbar support of the recliner is important too.

If the recliner is not providing you with good lumbar support with enough cushioning, that may lead to several back issues including hips pain and lower back pains.

In some cases, weak lumbar support leads to more serious issues like backbone or disc issues.

Keep in mind most of us take the lumbar support as a luxury, it’s not a luxury for a recliner, but one of the most essential integration that is required for your hips, back, legs, and many other areas of your body.

If the lumbar support is not enough and strong, it is surely going to lead you to many issues like hip pain.

Cures for the Hips pain due to recliner

If you are suffering from hip pain due to a recliner and while sitting in a recliner for any reason, by following these techniques or methods you can get your issue cured.

Look, it is a chronic issue or the issue has become a medical problem, in that case, you will have to consult your doctor.

If you are suffering back pain or hip pain and you know that it is because you don’t sit in the right posture or angle. Then it is obvious that you should change your posture or sit into it at the right angle.

If your backbone is misaligned, you can buy a chair that can help you fix your posture, most office chairs are designed with posture fixation in mind.

If you are struggling with hip pain because of sitting for prolonged hours, then you should start taking little breaks.

And if the pain is getting you down, in the breaks you can stretch your body a little which can help you maintain a healthy life and help those who suffer from diabetes and obesity too.

If the muscle or hip pain is still not going away, you can follow some home exercises like Yoga practices or deep breathing or place an ice pack on the area for a few minutes until the pain is gone.

If the hip pain is not sharp but it stays there, you can use some foam roller exercises for your back and hips, it helps stretch your muscles and help you relieve the soreness as well as pain.

Should I ditch my recliner if having hip pain?

If you are suffering from hip pain while sitting in a recliner, I would not say you should ditch using the recliner, but take a break for some days.

Or if you see you are committing one of the above-mentioned mistakes while sitting in the recliner, you should fix that mistake and follow proper sitting posture, and many other techniques mentioned.

If the pain is still there after following all the proper sitting position or changing position, you can try some exercise for that like some soft roller that stretches your back muscles and help relieve the pain.

How should I sit in a recliner with Hip Pain?

If you are suffering from hip pain or you are prone to hip pain because of your hip pain history or medical condition, you should buy a recliner that provides proper lumbar support.

All of the pressure points especially in the lower back areas should have proper support when resting.

And you should sit in the right posture. Like if you are using the recliner like a regular chair, the back of the chair should bulge out a little to help your back to have proper support.

Your feet should reach the floor, resting flat on the floor with no shoes. The arms too should have a proper cushioned support.

If you are resting in the recliner, your feet should be elevated and properly placed on the footrest.

The feet should be elevated to your heart with your body free to move and change position with no stuck-like in a sand feeling.


The primary reason while sitting in a recliner is that you sit in for prolonged hours. Long hours sitting especially in an improper posture leads you to hip pain as well as lower back pain.

Sitting in a recliner for long hours in improper posture also leads to bad posture issues like one shoulder down.

So, sitting in a recliner in an improper posture and for prolonged hours can lead to hip pain too. And to instant fix that issue you will have to follow the guidelines or tips we mentioned above.

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