Can you use a Massage Chair while Pregnant?

Can you use a Massage Chair while Pregnant

Pregnancy is discomforting. It’s not just the day when your baby is born, but from day one you face pain, fatigue, mood swings, aches, and much more.

It is hard to get comfortable when pregnant, but the least you can do is to cater to the discomfort with comfort and relaxation.

But how….?

A massage chair can help pregnant women to get comfortable. They help you relieve your neck pain, back pain, stress, and many other such issues related to pregnancy.

Just like the way a professional massager massages your body, in the same way, massage chairs are designed to help you get a massage without any issue or trouble.

The massage chair comes with lots of customization and setting options. To help users get the right settings as per the need of the hour.

But many think massage chairs can be harmful to your body as well as your baby.

There are no such proofs or evidence, these are only speculations with no solid backgrounds.

Just like the way regular massages physically are helpful in the same way, using a massage gun for the massage is fine.

But there are some precautions every pregnant woman should be aware of, and care about taking massage with a massage gun when pregnant.

Concerns about massage chairs for pregnant

The biggest concern or speculation you hear about using a massage chair for pregnant women is miscarriages.

The speculation is, that as the massage chair vibrates to provide the massage that’s their vibration can be felt and have an effect on the babies due to which the miscarriages happen.

There is no truth in the claim. As the babies are wrapped in multiple layers after layers, it is not possible that mild massage vibration felt on the back reaches the babies and harms them.

The vibration of the massage chair is not pointed to one part of the body, it moves throughout the back and it is mild.

The vibration due to the massage chair is not vigorous, they are mild and have no negative impact on the babies inside.

Even if you use it at the highest settings, there is no chance of reaching that vibration to your belly because you are massaging on the back.

Another concern pregnant ladies can have when using a massage chair is heat. Although the heat in the massage chair is pretty mild to the level not to harm your body.

The heat feature helps soothe your body and makes you have a relaxing experience or feeling.

But, if you are addicted to getting the heat setting at the highest level, you should avoid that when pregnant.

When should Avoid using a massage chair for pregnant women?

If you are feeling like not using a massage chair when pregnant for no reason, you are Okay to do that.

There is no force or compulsory requirement to use a massage chair or get a massage during pregnancy.

It’s just to help you better deal with the issues most women face during pregnancy.

But there are a few cases when you should refrain from using a massage chair. If you face any of the issues mentioned below, you are recommended not to get the massaging.


If you have a history of miscarriages, during the first trimester you should refrain from using a massage chair.

Although there is no solid background on massage chairs and miscarriages still it is recommended not to use particularly in the first trimester because most miscarriages happen during the first trimester.

Morning sickness

If you are several morning sicknesses in a row, and feeling nausea it is advisable not to get a massage using a massage chair, it might trigger your nausea again and can make you feel sick.

Heating Pads: Although there is not enough proof of not using a massage chair with heating pads during pregnancy still is advisable to skip the massage using a massage pad.

Still, if you feel relaxed and soothed with heating pads you may go with it but at the mild heating settings.

Massage Guns

Don’t go with the massage guns for massaging when you are pregnant, or during pregnancy.

Massage guns massage is handled by us, we by mistake can focus on point of the body for a deep massage that may lead to some issues, although it would not have any harmful effect on you or your baby.

Risk pregnancy

If Doctor has advised you best rest during the pregnancy, it is advisable not to use a massage chair.

If you are on bed rest that means you are recommended not to take a sudden move due as it can lead to fetal distress.

And the massage chair moves you around well and can lead to not pleasant situations.

Sciatica and back pain

If you are suffering from sciatica and back pain during pregnancy, you are recommended not to use a massage chair.

Because it can lead to further pain due to triggering more sensitive areas or nerves.

If you are suffering from severe pain, it is good to take your health professional or midwife and discuss the option of a massage chair or other treatment.

Benefits of using a massage chair during pregnancy:

Pregnancy comes with loads of pain and aches. Well, every woman faces this kind of pain and fatigue with a smiling face because of the end prize.

To cater to the pain, exhaustion, and sciatica it is good to go with a massage chair. Well, you should go with a massage chair with lots of care and precautions we explained above.

But what about benefits, these are some of the top benefits pregnant women can expect from a massage chair.

Improved blood circulation

Well after reading the concerns you might say, won’t it be a good idea to say goodbye to using a massage chair?

Well, there are huge benefits of using a massage chair including improved blood circulation.

During pregnancy, the blood vessels constrict and the massage chair due to massage and constant vibration reduces that constriction and leads to improved blood circulation.

Reduces stress

During pregnancy, women experience mood swings and lots of stress for no reason.

Getting a massage twice a week helps relieve the stress and puts expecting mothers in a better mode.

Reduce back and leg pain

Using a massage chair during pregnancy relieves and reduces lower back pain and leg pain. The pain occurs due to the uterus size growing and it exerts pressure on the body.

With massaging, you get improved blood circulation that leads to relieve of back and leg pain.

Comfort the body

A massage chair comforts a pregnant women’s body. It soothes the body and make pregnant women a feel of comfort and relaxation through the toughest time of their life.

Physical therapy

Well if it is all about massage or therapy why can’t one take it from a professional if one can afford it?

Taking professional massage physically is always better than massage chairs, the only difference is the cost.

Professional masseuses with experts in pregnant women massage cost a big and an average home can’t afford them once a week.

But if you can afford them, and have the luxury to hire them, it is more than just recommended to get onboard a professional therapist with an expert in pregnant person therapy or massage.


Pregnancy takes a big toll on expecting mothers. They suffer from a myriad of problems and issues on regular basis.

Not only does sleeping disorder or insomnia hit them hard but mood swings and body pain or aches take them down too. T

o help them relieve their pain, aches, and various issues, getting a massage is a healthy activity.

With massaging not only do expecting mothers enjoy improved blood circulation but their body pain and ache to vanish away.

But there are a few precautions or concerns you always take care of. If you have a history of miscarriages, you should ask your doctor or midwife before using a massage chair or before doing anything irregular.

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