7 Best Can Openers Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

When was the last time you had opened a can without getting frustrated?

I am sure you, as of me, are tired of buying a new can opener every other week.

You can buy a manual or electric can opener, obviously, electric openers are convenient to use compared to manual ones.

But they are difficult to maintain, and expensive compare to their non-electric counterpart. It is up to you what catches your eyeballs.

In this post, I am going to pen down the ones I found impressive, and in my view are the best in the business.

So without further ado, here are the 7 best can openers according to consumer ratings and reports 2023.


Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in, depending on your budget…

Best Can Openers Consumer Ratings & Reports

I have compiled a list of the 7 best can openers based on consumer ratings and reports 2023.

1. Cuisinart SCO-60 Deluxe Stainless Steel Can Opener

Features at a glance
  • One-touch function
  • Magnetic lid
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Power cut blade

If you are not interested in doing any manual work, no cranking of the lever at all, invest in Electric can openers.

Cuisinart Stainless steel-made can opener promises to do all the work for you, and open the lid as it was not fixed.

This tiny looking but superb performing tool is very handy and brings multiple tools induced.

This much continence has a price, and this opener comes in hands at $50. This opener is more like the Cadillac of can openers.

With its stainless steel construction and brushed aluminum finish, this opener perfectly matches Gourmet kitchen appliances and adds decor to your kitchen.

It got amazing features to make  Can opening a hassle-free journey, got a magnetic lid holder, and a removable lever for easy cleanup. Once you start using this opener, I am sure it will completely spoil you.

It got a one-touch operation. Just place the can under the power cut blade, and it slices through the can effortlessly hold in place.

The magnetic lid holder makes the can stay placed, you would not have to hold the can at all.

This can get an extra-wide base to make you clean this thing without any big trouble.

Keep in mind, the lid magnet is very strong. It requires power and care to remove the lid out of the magnet or you may spill the food or fall the can on the ground.

It is one of the highest positive rated products. Positive words of mouth advertised this product well and it is making really loud noises now.

What We Like!
  • Powerful magnetic holder
  • Wider base
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Smooth functioning
Things to Consider!
  • Not stable opening large cans

2. Hamilton Beach Touch Electric Automatic Can Opener

Features at a glance
  • Big sized lever
  • Cuts along with the corners
  • Chrome black look
  • Open can with one hand

Hamilton Beach is one of the biggest names in home appliances. It’s designed Can openers are the best ones you can buy around.

It is easy to use an electric can opener that brings smooth and hassle-free results.

This electric can opener got a guiding bar above the blade that places the can at the right spot every time.

It got a big size lever handle (Operation requires just a little grip help, hold the lever down until the blades start rotating on the can lid), and a smooth touch design that breaks the seals along the lid’s edges, not breaking it through.

You get a clean and non-edge smooth lid off the can. The best thing about this opener is that you would not have to clean up the blades, almost nothing stays on the blades, creating a minimal cleanup.

This model is designed in a way that the blade cuts along the corners, not on the top or middle of the can.

This minimizes the blade contact to the food that prevents splashes or food from seeping out of the can.

It is a durable can opener. Its guiding bars and other attachments remade of metal that makes it live longer than plastic made.

Yes, the lever on the other hand is made of plastic, it is the lever that controls the locking mechanism.

It is a good-looking model no doubt. It shares a chrome and black look that is going to add décor to your kitchen. It is not going to be an eyesore of the kitchen, not at all.

It is a little bigger than many of the models with the same features. It does not have a bottle opener or sharp knife and it requires a lot more space out of your kitchen top.

Overall, by looking at the performance and ease of use, it is one of the best things on the market. It gets the job done right away, you would not have to wrestle to open a can.

Just place the can under the guiding bar, and pull the lever, it will open the can without any spilling, and the touch design helps you to take off the lid.

What We Like!
  • Touch design
  • Blades cut the seals along with the corners
  • Big sized lever
  • Good looking model
Things to Consider!
  • Plastic made lever

3. Zyliss Lock N Lift Manual Opener

Features at a glance
  • Lock N lift design
  • Easy to turn the Handle
  • Rubber padded handle
  • Magnetic tip

What is the biggest issue you face when using a manual opener? They are hard and require lots of force to turn them.

I had been facing the same issue and thought, maybe all manual openers are the same unless I stumbled upon this Zyliss product.

Most of the manual openers share a scissor-like shape. And that makes them unwieldy when you get to hold of the can and trying to open the lid.

Lock N lift can opener is the answer for that. They do not slip away like the scissor-shaped openers.

Once you put the handles and fit onto the can, you can lock it, with no worry of slipping off. The handle has rubber padding to make it solid gripping and easier to spin.

Yes, you will have to put some effort to turn the handle, but way less than scissor-styled openers.

Its cutting mechanism is made of durable high-grade stainless steel that helps punch the lid along the corners. No breaking from the sides, or in the middle.

The ease of using this opener just does not end with the gripping or handles, it got many more other features to blow away others.

It comes with a magnetic tip that helps the opener to lock onto the lid when you start opening.

That magnetic lift design makes it easy to use and ensures that the magnet stays on the lid when you turn the handle until you make A full rotation.

When you lift the handles, the magnet keeps a hold onto the lid to prevent fall off. Just take the trash can and pop it off, no mess or spilling at all.

What We Like!
  • Made of high-grade stainless steel
  • Easy to grip handle
  • Magnetic tip
  • Lock N lift design prevents slipping
Things to Consider!
  • Plastic casing

4. Hamilton-Beach 76380Z Classic

Features at a glance
  • Detachable cutting mechanism
  • Good for big sized cans
  • Magnetic tip
  • Cheap priced

Let’s accept that; electric can openers are expensive. If you can’t afford to buy an electric can opener, but you still need one, I think Hamilton designed Classic can opener is the right consideration.

It is a budget-priced automatic can opener, a great pick for the users on a budget who can’t use a manual can opener due to arthritics.

Searching for this post, I came across high-priced can openers. Believe me, most of them were just high-priced with no extra feature or specialty.

Most of them were so flimsy that they were going to fall apart within the first week of use.

But this one, a low-priced, high-function electric can opener strikes the right balance of power and price. It can handle a huge variety and sizes of cans and help you seamlessly get the job done.

This can opener is adorned with a detachable cutting mechanism. It means you can detach the blade when the unit is turned off, along with its other components. It would not be a mess for you, anything to clean at all.

Besides an amazing can opening facility, this opener comes featured with lots of other functions.

Yes, on the can opening front, this opener is more than just amazing. Let’ see what it does when it is about getting other things.

It got an amazing knife sharpener. Yes, it got a knife sharpener at its base that lets user gets their knife sharpened right away.

With an extra-tall design, it is an ideal fit for extra-large cans, help you open them as seamlessly as possible.

What We Like!
  • Added knife sharpener
  • One-touch function
  • Low priced
  • Detachable blade
Things to Consider!
  • Plastic push down lever

5. EZ-DUZ-IT Deluxe Can Opener

Features at a glance
  • all metal made
  • sturdy handle with rubber grip
  • Good for any size of the cans
  • Cheap priced

If you like manual performance and looking into buying a classic can opener, I think EZ-DUZ-IT  can open is the answer.

Do not surprise, this opener is the one you might have been using for the longest time, or maybe your parents are grown up using.

It is all metal constructed can opener that got rubber grips that slide on the handle.

The classic metal-constructed can opener has earned a huge reputation due to its top-notch durability. Yes, it lives way longer than any of the models enlisted.

When you up to opening a can, the sturdy grips with rubber on it combines with the rigidity of the metal and bring impressive results.

This can is good for any size of the can, from small 6-oz cans to 28-oz cans, you can be crushed any can you like.

Besides being the exceptionally durable model, it is also a low-priced model, comes in hands at $11, a great combination of power and price.

It is a good gripped can opener that requires a good amount of power to open a can. It is not the right option if you are facing impaired dexterity or small children helping in the kitchen.

The can opener is a good old fashion model. It got the potential to outlast most of the manual openers.

Yes, it got learning curves, and it might take some time to get used to it. The tendency of disconnecting from the rim when there is downward pressure makes the model difficult to handle.

What We Like!
  • Sturdily constructed model
  • Lasts longer than you expect
  • Good for all sizes
  • Cheap price range
Things to Consider!
  • Got learning curves

6. Swing-A-Way Portable Can Opener

Features at a glance
  • All metal construction
  • Simple to use
  • Compact model
  • Great aesthetics

Modern-designed, fashionable can openers are trendy these days. But if you do not like extra shine and looking into buying an old-fashioned model that you can count on anytime for can opening,

Swing-A-way can opener is the right option. You do not have to worry about the electricity or any other feature, you just know to open the can and cook food.

It is a simple, minimalistic designed opener that you know about is how to open the can.

Buying a simplistic and easy to uses gadget is a big thing in the world of more complicated kitchen and home appliances.

It got simple black handles that are easy to grip. It got rubber gripped handles, your hands would not sore or hurt after using it.

The black color and metallic construction make it acceptable in any kitchen aesthetics.

It is a compact made opener. No need to make a space in your drawer for a bulky-looking and giant-sized opener. It gets fit in any drawer, you would not have to worry about the storage.

If you are into buying a strong,  and straightforward-looking model, this opener is definitely the model for you.

It got a metal frame that goes from the handles up a way through the gears. From the holding, you will know that this is going to last longer, with no flimsy holding.

The flat metal designed can covers the more can area and offers on par stability and holding.

Unlike many other manual openers that makes the can slips away and fall on the ground.

It is built to hold and hug the product tightly to brings forth a superior can-opening experience.

Yes, it also offers bottle openers to make you open bottles on the go.

What We Like!
  • Simple, minimalistic design
  • Firm constructed
  • All metal made
  • Rubber handle
Things to Consider!
  • Not for kids or those suffering arthritics

7. Swing-A-Way Wall Mount Can Opener with Magnet

Features at a glance
  • Wall mounting
  • Locks 3 different position
  • Open any size can
  • Sturdy made

Storage is a big issue since our kitchen got limited space to store other important home appliances.

In the case of this Wall mounted can opener, you would not have to arrange a separate space, just mount it on the wall, it stays there and assists you in opening the cans.

It is an easy-to-use wall mounting can opener. The package also includes screws and a mounting bracket, you will have everything ready to get it installed.

And more importantly, it would not come in your ways, it swings out of your way when you are not using it at all.

It is one of the top products of one of the pioneers in kitchen appliances. It is a sturdy made opener, it knows what to do.

With its large crank handle, that carries out all the cutting and gives you extra leverage for easy operation.

Its magnetic area stays on the can and helps you cut the top of the can without slipping or falling off.

It offers three positions to lock, you can lock it in three different positions.

Its cutting wheel is made of high-grade carbo that easily can glide on the top of the can and removes the lid.

The cutting goes as smooth as you can imagine and make you skip all spilling or mess.

Yes, it also has a bottle opener integrated. To help you open bottles, an added feature.

What We Like!
  • Easy to mount
  • Easy to access
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Crank handles open any size can
Things to Consider!
  • Got learning curves

How To Choose The Best Can Opener

When you are into buying the best can opener, it is confusing. The overwhelming number of products available on the market makes you confused.

Here we are, to help you find the right product for you, to make you learn what is right for you.


It is the most common type of can openers. People usually like to buy manual openers due to their ease of use and simple operation.

Manual openers clasps outside onto the can, and users twist the knob and slice through the can to remove the lid.

Some models come with plastic levers and some with metals. Plastic levers are less durable and wear easily compare to metal levers.

They are hard to operate. For kids and users with sensitive wrists, it becomes hard to twist the blade even if it is super sharp.

The most common issues with the manual openers are that the lids fall into the can after getting removed, and the edges of the lid can be sharp.


If you do not want to use force to open a can then it is better to use an electric model. It is a bit larger, expensive, and takes more space out of your drawer.

Electric can openers are easier to use. Just place the can under the blade, lock it in, and let the opener do the work for you.

They can open cans of all sizes. Most of the electric openers come with safety features, they use pressure to take the lid out of the can.

You would not have to manually take the lid off, most of them come with a magnetic tip that attracts the lid.


The users with limited space can install wall-mounted openers. Most of the wall-mounted openers come with all tools or essentials to install them.

And they also offer different locking positions to help you lock in a different position to not stuck in your way when you are not using them.


Manual openers are small and compact. They can easily fit in the basic utensil drawer.

Electric openers on the other hand are big, and for someone with limited spaces in a drawer, they can be oversize to fit in a drawer.

So, before you decide on which one to buy, check your drawer size and make sure you got enough space in the case to buy an electric can opener.

If you need a small and compact opener that can easily be traveled or taken around, manual openers are the answers.

Well, manual openers can’t have the exciting features, they are simple designed to get the job done.

Manual openers require more force, more than often, kids or those with arthritics can’t use them, so think from this angle too.

Ease of Use

Mostly consider that Electric openers are easy to use compared to manual ones. Well, it is true as long as the force or power is needed to open the lid.

But, sometimes electric openers are difficult to use due to their complex settings or features.

In the case of a manual opener, you will have to place the blade on the lid, lock it and then twist the lever around the lid.

In the case of the electric opener, you just place the can and see the magic happening. So, before you buy any of them, check if it is easy to use for you or not.


Manual openers are easier to clean and maintain. They are not dishwasher safe, but they can easily be rinsed in my hands with water, a sponge or a dry cloth.

While electric openers are hard to maintain and require some special t treatment.

Unplug it before cleaning, use warm water, or a damp cloth to clean the nooks and crannies, and double-check if there is anything left.

Do not submerge an electric opener in water, It can damage it permanently.

Final Verdict

Can openers be one of the most needed and essential kitchen gadgets? You require them to pop foods, soda, and much more than that.

So buy one you are comfortable with because if you are not comfortable with one it becomes hard to get the job done rightly.

In this guide, we have reviewed top can openers available on the market right now.

We added manual, electric openers, and mounted on walls openers. They got different features, aspects and help you get the job done differently.

So, behold these openers and check which one suits you the most. Buy one once you are fully satisfied.

People Also Asked About Can Openers

Are electric can openers worth it?

Yes, these tools are amazing. An electric can opener is expensive than a manual opener but worth it.

It helps you open any can without putting any pressure, without spilling or any mess.

For those facing arthritics, it is hard for them to open a can using a manual can opener.

For them, and even for regular households, an electric can opener is an amazing addition to the kitchen appliances.

Can openers that don’t leave sharp edges?

Manual openers are the ones that leave sharp edges. If you use electric openers, they do not leave the sharp edges to hurt you.

Additionally, they come with a magnetic tip that easily attracts the lid and helps you pop it away in the trash can.

What can I use instead of a can opener?

You are stuck in a kitchen or place without any can opener? Do not worry, you can still open the can.

The Can’s lids are made of a thin piece of metal that can easily be broken. Look around if you have a sharp knife, spoon, or anything.

Hold it firmly in your left hand, and using the right-hand pop in the tip of the knife and slowly moves the knife tip around the corners and make a full circle. And after that, pick the lid and toss it away.

What are the top features to look into a can opener?

It is not that hard to pick a right opener. If you can afford it, my recommendation is to buy electric openers.

They let you open the can without any mess. Place the can under the blade, and let the machine do the magic.

Check the quality of construction, pay attention to the features such as a magnetic knob that circulate on the lid, or a magnetic tip that attracts the lid.

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