8 Best Eye Massagers Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

We are living in the information age. Everything has been digitalized. An average consumer as per statistics spends almost 4 hours on screen.

If you work in an office before a computer or your field relates to any digital business, you will be spending almost double the time, before the computer handling things.

These all take a toll on us, especially on our bodies. Our eyes take most of the abuse; dryness, puffiness, and redness are the common issue we face. This is because we take eyes for granted, and don’t take good care of them like the way we do for our skin.

Eye massagers are the best tool to help you cope with eye strain. These compact, ergonomic designed tools are designed to relieve temple pressure on our eyes and head. They massage your eyes and increase the blood flow around them, to relieve eye fatigue.

Eye massagers come in various designs and types. From temple massage to rhythmic percussion massaging, oscillating pressure, with or without heat, and air pressure. It becomes hard for the users to easily decide which one to go with.

This is where I am going to help. I am going to review the best eye massagers according to consumer ratings and reports in 2023. So without further ado, let’s get started.

…In a Hurry

See Our#1 Bob & Brad Eye Massager due to its durability and extraordinary performance. It has a dual-layer and comes with four preset modes to help you easily tune to your favorite one right away.

Quick Picks

Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in, depending on your budget…

Best Eye Massagers Consumer Ratings & Reports

  1. BOB AND BRAD Eye Massager
  2. iRelieve Relaxable Eye Massager with Heat
  3. RENPHO Eye Massager
  4. Stress Therapy Electric Eye Massager
  5. Breo iSee4 Eye Massager
  6. Latumab Eye Therapy Massager
  7. Fronnor Eye Massager
  8. Ihelol Eye Massager

Best Eye Massager Reviews 2023

I have compiled a list of the 8 best eye massagers based on consumer ratings and reports 2023.

1. BOB AND BRAD Eye Massager

Editor’s Pick
BOB AND BRAD Eye Massager
  • Dual-layer soft pads
  • Four preset modes
  • 107-Degree F temperature
  • Bluetooth Functionality

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If you are looking for an everyday Eye massager to remove dark circles or puffiness under the eyes, BOB and BRAD eye massager is one of the best options to get hands-on.

Its stand-out feature is double layer design. In most eye massagers even the premium ones you will see single layer massage pad. But here, dual layers produce an exceptional massaging experience, whether it is air compressing massage or healing massage, or a mix of both.

It comes with four preset modes to help you easily tune to your favorite one right away. It has air pressure plus heat mode, Air pressure plus vibration, air pressure only, and heat only.

I sometimes use this eye massager to cut myself out of the world to take a little nap. You can take a sleeping mask, turn off all the feature and use it for sleeping if you can’t get things out of your mind when sleeping.

Its seal on the back helps you adjust the fitting. Yes, you can adjust to any fitting, and sometimes for those taking heating massage for the first time, they like to lose the fitting.

And bout the temperature it goes up to 107-degree F, to help improved the blood circulation around the eyes area to eradicate most of the eye’s tissues. It is a foldable designed eye massager; you can easily fold it and take it around if you face eyes issues most of the time.

Last but not the least, it’s music. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity functionality to help you listen to your favorite playlist in the middle of eye massage. Believe me, I have been testing many other eye massagers and some of them come with pathetic music functionalities, it exceeds my expectations.

It also has USB functionality; you can use it for charging as well as transferring your music files. Yes, it is not a Type-C though, a downside surely for an advanced designed Eye massager.

What We Like!
  • Four preset modes for easier tuning
  • Bluetooth speakers integrated for music
  • Fully charged lasts longer
  • Foldable and compact easy to carry around
Things to Consider!
  • Not a Type-C

2. iRelieve Relaxable Eye Massager with Heat

Best Overall
iRelieve Relaxable Eye Massager with Heat
  • 5 therapy modes
  • Easily folds into half
  • Built-in speaker and Bluetooth
  • Provides rhythmic compression therapy

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If you are suffering from migraines, eye strain, headaches, and eye puffiness due to liquid build-up, and looking for an eye massager, you can’t go wrong with iRelieve designed Flexible eye massager. Wait, don’t be too skeptical about the product, let me introduce you to its core features, and I guarantee you to be as big a fan as I am.

One of the core features or advantages of using this eye massager is its soft lining. Yes, its soft vegan leather lining is gentle on the skin and provides a soothing effect already. This lining is not only soft and gentle but easier to clean, in case, your little one spills something over it.

And the massager hits all acupressure points and provides a rhythmic compression therapy mixed with heat and vibration. It inflates and deflates continually, providing compression therapy to strained eyes, eyes puffy areas, as well as migraines.

Well, you are not stuck with just one mode of compression therapy. It got 5 modes, to help you easily switch using one button interface. Well, for me, one button interface is a pain in the neck, because you have to go through all the clicking one button, to find the right compression mode for you.

I like the heating idea, the relaxation result is multifold with heating pad integration, to improve eye puffiness as well as eye strain. As per the brand’s claims, the heating pads are also useful in removing the dark circles around the eyes due to eye dryness, I can’t verify this claim anywhere.

It has built-in music features, speakers, and Bluetooth. But I don’t think anyone would be interested in listening to music using the eye massager when everyone got super amazing speakers on their phones already. The feature is still there, in case, anytime you want to check how good the speakers and Bluetooth are.

And it gets folded in half. Yes, if you want to carry it with you anywhere, you just fold it in half and get it with you.

In total, if you find it hard to sleep faster, or suffer from eye puffiness, eye strain, migraines, or dry eye problem, this iRelieve Eye Massager can help. It soothes your strained eyes and provides a comfortable relaxation experience in no time.

What We Like!
  • One-button operation helps stitch different modes easily
  • Five different modes to choose the right one as per your needs
  • Solve eye puffiness, migraines, eye strain, and other issues
  • Heating pads integrated with an adjustable temperature range
Things to Consider!
  • One button takes longer to switch to the designed mode

3. RENPHO Eye Massager

Best Budget
RENPHO Eye Massagera
  • Built-in heating pads
  • Easy to adjust the headband
  • Heating 104-107 F adjustable
  • Ergonomically designed Nose pad

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If you have to spend most of your time in front of the computer doing your tasks like me. You must buy something Like a RENPHO Eye massager.

This massager is designed to target acupoints of your eyes and reduce eye fatigue. It also integrates compression kneading, trigger point therapy and musical comfort to help you easily take it anywhere you like.

I liked its heating pad feature. This pad helps you relax your eye strain using the temperature pads which can be easily adjusted between 104–107-degree F.

If you have been suffering from eye puffiness, dryness, redness issues, try the heating pad feature, I am sure you would see the marginal difference.

It comes with easy to adjust elastic headband which makes it easier for more than one person’s eye massage. Even for a single person, it is easier to get the right fitting when taking a heating massage or air compression massage.

It is an easy-to-use eye massager. It integrates a power button on its side, press it for a few seconds to turn it off/off. To change the massage mode, press it short, there is a music button on the sides as well, to help you change the volume or track.

It is very lightweight and portable designed as an eye massager. Its folding design makes it easy to carry around, use it in your office, home, college, or anywhere you go. It is a battery-operated massager, takes USB charging, for maximum portability.

In short, this massager comes with every premium feature you can demand from a branded eye massager. It is one of the top-rated products on Amazon as well, so you can rely it on for your eyes health.

What We Like!
  • Ergonomically designed Nose pad with snuggle fitting
  • Easy to operate
  • Takes USB charging for maximum portability
  • Built-in heating pads
Things to Consider!
  • Not recommendable if you have gone through eye surgery

4. SereneLife Stress Therapy Electric Eye Massager

SereneLife Stress Therapy Electric Eye Massager

Features at a glance
  • LCD Screen for controls
  • Adjustable headband
  • Integrated speakers
  • 5 Settings in air compressing

If you are looking for an affordable but high-quality massager which provides the required functionality to relieve stress from your eyes, this is the massager you should get hand son.

I find this massager very easy to use as well. It shares an LCD screen and button controls on the sides. It is a foldable model; can easily be folded and help you take it in your purse or backpack. Folds in the center, sturdy constructed make it withstand some scale of roughness as well.

It is mostly white with golden or white straps on it. Its elastic straps are adjustable, when taking heating massage, most of the time, users try to stretch it to loosen up the grip on the eyes. So, whether it is a pressure massage or a heating message, get the straps adjusted as per your needs.

In air compressing massaging comes with 5 different settings that you can use including vibration. Plus, you can integrate heating to any of the air compressing massaging to get the double benefit.

It also integrates speakers, so if you like to take longer massage sessions, and relax for some time, get it connected to music and enjoy your favorite songs.

It comes with USB connectivity, so you can connect it to a USB cable not only to transfer your favorite songs but to power it up on the go.

Maintaining this product is very easy. It is made mostly of plastic, with soft pads integrated. You can remove the soft pads, if you feel like some kind of weird smell and wash it in a washing machine.

The only downside of this Massager is its charging hours. It lasts only 30-minutes, which is surely something you would not like if you have to use your eye massager on regular basis.

What We Like!
  • Affordable priced an eye massager
  • Compact design, portable, and smallest
  • Comes with decent heating options
  • Adjustable massage strength
Things to Consider!
  • The battery lasts for a short time

5. Breo iSee4 Eye Massager

Breo iSee4 Eye Massager

Features at a glance
  • One button control
  • 3-modes
  • 90-minutes battery
  • Heating up to 107-Degree F

If you don’t like too much of controls or extra nuts and bolts in a product, rather looking for a simple to operate and powerful functioning eye massager to relieve eye dryness, redness, and puffiness, iSee4 designed eye massager is the right option.

It comes with heat settings. The most amazing aspect of the heat settings is constant precise heating. Yes, the hot towels can’t guarantee constant heating to your eyes even for 5 minutes.

But this tiny looking compact but powerful massager helps you maintain the temperature up to 107-degree F for a longer time for improved blood circulation, relieve dry eyes and redness.

Not just the temperature, it maintains the strength for the exact set amount of time. It comes with an adjustable strap, the same as our above-reviewed product. Here too, most of the part is white with golden straps. But the controls are simpler here, simple tiny LCD screen.

Yes, it does not have any Bluetooth setting for music connectivity or other things. It even does not have any speakers integrated, so you will have to make it with your own Bluetooth speakers if you love to listen to music while massaging.

Its easy one-button control helps you easily manage anything. With that one button, it allows you to switch between the three modes available.

The most interesting part is, with the modes turned on, there is a huge impact on the vibration or the noise. In sleep mode, you hardly hear the running noise of the massager.

It is a simple massager but goes for long. Its battery hours are more than just amazing. It runs for at least 90-minutes in one charging, one of the best running massagers off the list.

What We Like!
  • A soft pad or cover to soothe your eyes
  • Maintains a constant temperature for the set amount of time
  • Lasts around 90-minutes in one charging
  • Foldable model, compact enough to easily take around
Things to Consider!
  • No Bluetooth connectivity

6. Latumab Eye Therapy Massager

Latumab Eye Therapy Massager

Features at a glance
  • Five modes to cycle through
  • In-built temperature pads go up to 107-Degree F
  • One button operation
  • In-built music

If you work 9 to 5 sitting before computer and your daily work-routine exhausts you, buy Latumab designed eye massager. This massager not only helps you increase blood flow around your eyes but prevents you from many eyesight issues.

It looks and feels premium and sturdy, collapse it to make it compact to take it around. It comes with 5 modes, to help you easily switch to the preset mode. Switch through them, use them, and find the one you find more relaxing for your regular use.

For Me, I loved its heating mode. It goes up to 107-Degree F temperature, it warms your eyelids and massages it around to make it more relaxed than on any other mode.

The core operation is its compression and vibration, through these two functionalities it helps you massage your eyes and whole face.

Moreover, it is seamless to use. Its button operations make it extremely easy to use. Those who can’t handle advanced latest gadgets can easily tweak through different functions using just one button.

If you love listening to music while massaging, it comes with built-in music. It supports Bluetooth connectivity as well as USB. You can use USB connectivity to transfer music files to listen to your favorite tracks.

It comes with a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery. The battery charging though is not that impressive, but it fits your needs. It lasts around 20-minutes after long 3-hours charging which is disappointing. You can buy another battery though, and use it if you move a lot and require on-the-go massaging.

In short for everyday use, this massager fills the bills. It is a perfect option, renders required performance, not too soft not too hard, just the perfect pressure as well as heating to revitalize your vision and eyesight.

What We Like!
  • Five different preset modes
  • USB and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Soft heating pads
  • Air compressing and vibration therapy
Things to Consider!
  • The Sound Volume is a little low

7. Fronnor Eye Massager

Fronnor Eye Massager

Features at a glance
  • Simple and intuitive LCD Screen
  • Four modes
  • Foldable 1809-degree
  • 10-20 Minute timer

Under-eye circles and puffiness destroy your confidence and you feel depressed. If you can’t spend on professional eye massaging and looking for a cheaper alternative, I strongly recommend this eye massager.

It helps you enjoy a spa-like experience at home and promotes increased blood flow around your eyes to eradicate various under eyes or stressed eyes issues.

It is a cheaper but more powerful option. With just one button control, it comes equipped with 4 modes to help you easily adjust to any model. With a simple yet intuitive LCD screen, it allows you simpler operation.

It comes with heating functionality as well. If you face an eye redness or dryness issue, get the heating massage at a high temperature up to 107-degree F, and you will see the marginal difference in days.

Heating massaging improved blood circulation to the area, which leads to removing all such complexities.

More Than the superior performance, its built is pretty sold and ergonomic. The inner foam or pad used is very soft and adapts to your skin easily.

Its headband too looks sturdy, and you can adjust it to get the right fitting for your eyes while getting different massage settings.

It is very lightweight constructed and foldable designed for an eye massager. It shares a 180-degree foldable design, easily pack it in your purse or backpack to take it along if you travel a lot and, in the middle, you use massager to fix your eye issues.

What We Like!
  • Fix eye puffiness issues as well as headache
  • 180-Degree foldable design
  • Five modes to easily switch between
  • Heating up to 107-degree
Things to Consider!
  • Disable music mode also display vibrate mode

8. Ihelol Eye Massager

Ihelol Eye Massager (1)

Features at a glance
  • Soft PU leather pads
  • Smart LCD panel
  • 1200 mAh battery
  • 104-107 Degree F temperature

Ihelol Eye Massager is another exceptional designed, modern feature that integrates an eye massager. It stands head and shoulders above most of the options due to its construction.

It looks amazing, plastic constructed head with smart looking LCD panel, soft PU leather constructed pads make it as comfortable and long-lasting.

It comes powered with a 1200 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which lasts around 2-3 hours in one charging.

Amazing for those who like to travel with their massager, to fix their various eyes problems. Ihelol Eye Massager with five different massage modes to match most of your eye massaging needs.

It has a clear mode, sleeping, smart, integrated mode to help you easily switch to any to get targeted massaging.

Yes, it supports heating massaging too, built-in heating pads render comfortable heating massaging, you can change the temperature between 104–107-degree F.

It also supports USB charging, with an LED light indicator to help you learn whether it is fully charged or not.

Its curved nose bridge design makes it amazingly comfortable for those who like to sleep on using the massager, it would not slip off in sleeping.

What We Like!
  • Smart LCD
  • Four preset modes for instant and targeted massaging
  • Charging lasts for around 3-hours in one charging
  • Smart looking, curved nose bridge design prevents slipping
Things to Consider!
  • The music is automatic and loud

Eye Massager Buying Guide

When it is about buying a great comfortable eye massager, there is more than one thing to look into. This section is going to help you narrow down your options, and go with the one you think is the best.


Type is the first thing to decide, so pick the right type of eye massager.

Heat eye massager: Heating eye massagers are perfect if you have dark circles under the eyes, puffiness, and face itching or redness issues. It increases the blood circulation around the eyes and helps you fix various issues in no time.

Infrared Eye massager: Unlike heating massagers which emit heat and use heating pads to increase blood flow, here infrared rays emit which improved circulation. It is more for those who suffer health issues like genuine eyes problems because heating massages are not recommended for those suffering chronic issues.

Eye masks: These eye mask massagers are looked like eye masks for sleeping. But they are relatively bigger than sleeping masks and come with soft pads to cushion your eyes.


Look at the power source your eye massager runs at. Does it run on replaceable batteries which are expensive but great to carry around?

If it is a rechargeable battery, you will have to spend less, but it can be dead anytime and you may be left with a dead massager in the middle.


Love to listen to music when relaxing? You must look into this feature; it allows you to listen to your favorite songs.

In-built speakers with USB connectivity can easily help you transfer your favorite songs, and enjoy music.


In the end, it is all about comfort and relaxation. If the eye massager you are using is not comfortable or renders a relaxing experience rather irritates you, it will be useless.

So, look at its massaging pads, are they comfortable. Check if the elastic band can be adjusted to help you get the fitting right as per your needs.

Final Verdict

In today’s world where we spend most of our time on screens, it is important to use an eye massager which removes all digital-related stress and helps you cope with many issues born out. Issues such as dark circles, eye dryness, redness, or many others can easily be fixed using a quality eye massager.

In this long guide, we tried to help you in picking the right eye massager. We reviewed best eye massagers, and put their advantages and disadvantages before you, to help you learn them better and decide as per your needs.

FAQs About Eye Massager

Do eye massagers improve vision?

Eye massager is more like maintenance. They can’t help in improving the vision but surely helps you get your sight right for a longer time by relaxing your eyes. They are used to reduce the digital strain and symptoms like temporary blurriness or double vision.

They are also used to remove the puffiness or dark circles under the eyes by improving blood circulation.

 What are the side effects of an eye massager?

There are no side effects of an eye massager. But keep in mind, if you have chronic eye issues such as retina-related, eye infection, injuries or you have taken eye surgery, you should not use an eye massager.

Or you should consult your doctor before taking any step which can even have any doubt to deteriorate your issue.

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