7 Best Massage Guns Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

I don’t like using tools for anything; maybe I am one of you, belongs to the generation that witnessed the change from their bare eye. That’s why I always liked the Spa for massaging, I usually take appointments once in a week or two.

I am a busy guy, spends most of my time attending meetings, sitting on an office chair, and running my business.

But time changes, you get too busy to even take care of your health. I could not spare time for the last two months for my shoulder and back massage (Suffering from a shoulder injury).

This is where I get to experience massage gun, one of my employees, forcefully made me use his massage gun. Guys, believe me, it is really as good as the professional massages I use to take.

This is where I decided to buy one for myself. I went through all the muscle massage guns available on the market. I used most of the guns that I was compelled to purchase after reading the reviews.

Not all massage guns are designed for all, with different types, and personal preferences, you need different products.

In this guide, I am going to review the best massage guns according to consumer ratings and reports 2023. So without further ado, let’s get started.

…In a Hurry

See Our#1 Massage Gun by Bon & Brad due to its durability and extraordinary performance. It comes with five massage heads and provides 5-speeds to help you massage different muscles at one time.

Quick Picks

Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in, depending on your budget…

Best Massage Guns Consumer Ratings & Reports

  1. Bob and Brad Deep Tissue Percussion Massager Gun
  2. Q2 Massage Gun – Best Mini Massage Gun
  3. Theragun PRO Deep Tissue Muscle Treatment
  4. Vybe Pro Muscle Massage Gun
  5. Hypervolt 2 Pro Percussion Massage Gun
  6. REATHLETE DEEP4S Massage Gun
  7. TimTam Power Massage Gun

Best Massage Guns Reviews 2023

I have compiled a list of the 7 best massage guns based on consumer ratings and reports for 2023.

1. Bob and Brad Deep Tissue Percussion Massager Gun

Editor’s Pick
  • Type-C charging
  • Super Comfortable & Sturdy Construction
  • Five speed brushless motors with 3200 RPM
  • 2500 mah large-capacity lithium-ion battery

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Bob and Brad are one of the biggest names in the physical therapy world on the internet. Obviously, massage guns were not from where they started the journey, it was their YouTube videos that made them an internet sensation in the Physical therapy niche.

With the announcement of the first massage gun, people including us were anxious about how good the massage guns would be. And after getting hands on them, and practically experienced, I reckon they are truly as good as proclaimed.

It is one of the portable massage guns which share a practical design, sturdy construction, truly alleviating your aches and pain. Holding the massage gun for the very first time will let you know substantial the massage gun is made and how good it feels.

The soft matte finish exterior makes it super comfortable to grip and narrow handle which makes it easy to grip even with the smallest hands, this makes an exception in its construction.

It is not just the design, construction, or gripping that makes it stands out in the crowd. It is its performance, with 5-speed brushless motors which run at 3200 RPM, it renders maximum 50 pounds of force. Yes, you might not have heard this tiny looking machine rendering this much power and downward pressure, to soothe your muscles.

It comes with five massage heads and provides 5-speeds to help you massage different muscles at one time. With this massage gun, you would not have to massage different shapes or types of muscles with just one head, get the targeted therapy, and fast muscle recovery.

It comes with a 2500 m-a-h large-capacity lithium-ion battery which provides enough power in one-time charging to last around 3-4 days of average use. Talking about the charging, there is good news, it is charged via USB C, one of the modern technologies and go-to standards for laptops and smartphones.

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What We Like!
  • One of the most reputed brands
  • Five different speed settings
  • Extremely Portable just 1.5 pounds weight
  • Comes with four massage heads to provide targeted massaging
  • Type-C charging
Things to Consider!
  • Does not go deeper in the muscle compared to other massage guns (8mm)

2. PLAYMAKAR MVP+ Percussion Massage System – Best Overall

Best Overall
PlayMakar MVP Precussion Massage Gun
  • 6 Intensity Levels
  • ProTips Massage Heads
  • Touchscreen display with Speed Lock technology
  • The brushless motor that provides a 14 mm stroke length

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You simply can’t use one massage gun or percussion massage system in every condition. So, should you buy more than one massage gun? No, I am just saying, buy a massage gun that does all. Like, PlayMakar MVP+ Percussion Massage System.

Its innovative designed massage head adapts to more than one massage tip and helps the user enjoy more than one type of massage. Users can select between different types of massage heads such as round ball attachment for general use, bullet attachment for precisely targeted muscle massage, and flat attachment for large muscle groups.

It’s not just the variety of massage heads that make it one of the most viable massage heads for getting recovered from injuries. It comes with adjustable speed settings to tailor your particular massaging needs. Its low-speed setting is suitable for gentle or sensitive areas massage, and higher speed for more rigorous and deep tissue massage.

It also offers multiple massage modes. Like, pulsating and continuous massaging, offer different sets of experiments and techniques to help users find the best approach as per their needs.

It’s not just customizable, it’s easy to use too. It comes with a touchscreen display that helps users easily pick the right massage setting. To help them, increase or decrease massage speed, and even lock at the speed or settings using the patent-pending speed lock technology. You also see a battery icon on the top of the screen, to make you charge it before it drains out fully.

About the battery, it can easily last for around 5 hours in full charging. With a lithium-ion battery that comes pre-installed, you are going to get enough massage time without any issues.

As per the users’ feedback, the massage gun is great for deep tissue massage due to its high-length deep muscle strokes. With a 14 mm stroke length and 1000-3000 PPMs speed, it promotes faster healing due to oxygenated blood circulation.

One of the most amazing things I liked about this percussion massage gun is its quieter performance. It produces barely noticeable sound, less than 48 dB, you can use it anywhere. Like, if you are in constant pain, and recovering from injury, you can use it in your bedroom, without disrupting the peace of your partner sleeping next.

And its sleek and portable design is one of the most viable factors people love to buy this thing. It looks amazing, shares smaller footprints, and can easily be traveled along without any big trouble.

In total, whether you are recovering from an injury or need an everyday massage gun, the PlayMakar MVP+ Percussion Massage system is there for you. It represents advancements in muscle recovery and relaxation technology, and due to its customizable setting, ergonomic design, and versatility, anyone can use it for more than one type of massaging.

What We Like!
  • Customizable speed and settings to fits every need
  • 14 mm stroke length
  • Quiet operations, barely noticeable operational sound
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen display
Things to Consider!
  • The manual guide does not elaborate on how to use it and focuses more on technical details

3. Q2 Massage Gun – Best Mini Massage Gun

Best Mini Massage Gun
Q2 Massage Gun - Best Mini Massage Gun
  • Five massage heads
  • Ergonomically designed handles for grips
  • Brushless motor which renders 3000 rpm
  • USB Type-C charging

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If you have to take massage on the go due to sore or stiff muscle and looking for a portable massage gun that could easily be traveled with, the bob and brad q2 mini-massage gun is the best option to get hands-on.

It is an affordable and portable massage option, ideally, replicate your massage appointments which is surely inconvenient for someone who travels a lot.

Bob and Brad’s mini-massage gun fits your pocket, to make you anytime take it out and relieve sore or tight muscles. Obviously, you can’t take a therapist on the go to help you, what you can do is take this tiny but effective massage gun.

It comes with five massage heads. That means, every part of our body is different so are the muscles. Using just one massage head for the whole body seems unwise. With this gun, you get five heads to hit different parts of your body using different massage heads.

It is not just portable; it is powerful as well. It comes with a compact-sized, brushless motor that provides 3000 rpm (revolution per minute) and 7 mm amplitude it goes deeper in the muscles and provides a great muscle relieving experience.

For athletes and bodybuilders, they would not require a high-end regular-sized massage gun, this massage gun goes deeper into their big muscles and provide a relieving experience.

Its battery hours are amazing too. With up to 4-hours of running time in one charging, the fact that the machine is rechargeable, also helps it stands heads and shoulders above the rest.

Most importantly, it can be charged using USB C chargers. Yes, you would have to carry its charger all the way, use any smartphone Type-C charger, as new smartphones charge using Type-C, which is very convenient.

In short, if you travel a lot and your sore muscles take you down, go with Bob and Brad’s designed Mini massage gun. It is portable in size, gets Type-C charging, comes with five massage heads, and above all does not get heated up during extended use.

What We Like!
  • Five massage heads
  • Easily lasts 4-hours in one charging
  • USB Type-C charging
  • Brushless compact motor provides 3000 RPM speed
Things to Consider!
  • It requires charging for frequent users

4. Theragun PRO Deep Tissue Muscle Treatment

Theragun PRO Deep Tissue Muscle Treatment

Features at a glance
  • Quiet brushless motor
  • 1750-2400 rpm speed
  • Five-speed settings
  • 150-minutes battery

Theragun has been one of the market leaders in producing quality massage guns.

The brand has expanded its massage gun lines to meet multiple price ranges and users. But the one we are reviewing here is still the leader, one of the top-selling massage guns in the market.

It comes powered with Brushless QX150 Motor which Quiet Force technology to penetrate deep into your muscles and provide a relieving experience, and improved blood circulation.

The motor provides the required power and makes the machine render 1750-2400 rpm Speed to help you enjoy deeper deep tissue massage.

Its applied force and pressure (16MM) are enough that even if you are an athlete you would not be able to take more than a few minutes of massage.

One more thing, you can’t put any other massage gun in the competition when it is about the battery hours.

Yes, it comes with 2 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, one battery lasts for around 12-150 minutes. Put one on charging and use the other one.

Unlike its predecessors, this massage gun provides 5-speed levels, to help you choose the right speed as per your needs. The previous model had 2-speed settings, improved a lot in many ways.

Its ergonomic rotating grips help you hold the device in several ways while taking different body parts massage. It reduces strain, from your hands and arms.

It comes with multiple additional attachments to make your massaging experience customized and targeted.

Tools such as super soft head, dampener, ball, wedge, thumb, and cone make it easier to enjoy a professional spa-like massaging.

What We Like!
  • Superb battery backup at least 120-150 minutes
  • Multiple rotating grips for easier massaging
  • Powerful brushless motor renders 16 mm deep tissue massage
  • 6 Additional tools included
Things to Consider!
  • Pricey

5. Vybe Pro Muscle Massage Gun

Vybe Pro Muscle Massage Gun

Features at a glance
  • 9 different speeds
  • 24V brushless motor
  • 8 additional tools included
  • 3-hours battery backup

If you are a high-end user or an athlete who has to suffer from muscle pains, or muscle knots, I highly suggest Vybe Pro Muscle Massage for various reasons.

The first reason is its extra nuts and bolts, it comes with a good range of accessories as well as the power to match the needs of an average pro user.

At the highest speed setting, the massage gun easily reaches up to 3200 percussions per minute, which is considered very high and in normal cases, you should not use your gun at this speed.

It has nine different settings to easily customize the massage gun for dedicated and targeted massage.

It is a good powerful massage gun; besides it is very compact and lightweight too. It weighs just 33 pounds, to provide you soothing pressure to pummel your sore or waning muscles back to their normal state.

It includes five massage head including a cone-like massage head which most of the massage gun lacks. This head relieves trigger points and provides a relieving experience even for the ultra-tough muscle’s knots.

Its muscle knobs in my view are the best, it targets small muscles in your shoulder or biceps and easily targets

The massage gun is equally powerful and efficient. It comes with a 24V brushless motor which renders the required power without making any noise.

And don’t forget the battery hours, the massage gun lasts for 3-hours in one charge to help you take this massage gun with you on travels.

Now, work hard, and leave the muscle knots on this massage gun, it relieves the toughest muscles knots.

What We Like!
  • 9 different speed settings to provide targeting massaging
  • 8 Additional accessories included
  • Five massage heads including cone shape
  • Compact and lightweight to take along
Things to Consider!
  • Way too powerful for normal users

6. Hypervolt 2 Pro Percussion Massage Gun

Hypervolt 2 Pro Percussion Massage Gun

Features at a glance
  • 90-W brushless motor
  • Digital speed controller
  • 3-Hour’s battery
  • 2700 RPM

If you have been using massage guns before and looking for an upgrade, this is the model I would like to recommend to you.

It is a high-end massage gun, designed for pro users. Mostly you will see athletes, and experienced users, but due to its super easy functionality, anyone can use it.

The most important and worth mentioning aspect is its battery. It lasts for 3-hours, so outlasts most of the options you will see in this review.

It supports five speeds, the speed control is its digital dial, which easily helps you adjust the right speed for you.

It comes with a variety of textured attachments with a speed of 2700 rpm to help you relieve sore or tight muscles. You can use different heads for different parts of the body, including shoulder, back, legs and thighs.

The only issue I faced using this Massage gun is its grip. It’s pretty awkward holding this, especially if you have to use it for your back muscles.

Although it is a lightweight and pretty compact designed massage gun, it does not come with a carry case. So, for those who like to travel with their massage gun, it can be an issue.

What We Like!
  • Comes with multiple attachments for different parts of the body
  • 90W brushless motor
  • Its battery lasts for 3 hours
  • Five-speed settings with digital control
Things to Consider!
  • Does not come with a carry case



Features at a glance
  • Sturdy ABS polymer construction
  • Adjustable arm at three angles
  • Brushless motor renders 3200 rpm
  • 3-hours battery backup

If you want to cope with the daily stress and exhaustion using a massage gun REATHELETE DEEP4s is a great option that comes with all required tools to help you get a full body massage.

Not just the regular users but athletes and sportsmen too can get the most out of it due to its consistent and power-packed performance.

The massage gun comes with an adjustable arm. You can adjust it at three angles to let it be used for the muscles or area you want.

The grip though is not that great compared to Theragun but good enough to render a smooth massaging. Still, you can hold it from any side of the body to get your sore or tight, or injured muscles relieved.

It is no doubt one of the best-constructed massage guns. Its body is made of premium ABS polymer material, which is shock-resistant and durable to help you use it for the longest time.

You can use this sturdy material-made massage gun for a longer time, just a one-time investment.

It has a compact and powerful brushless motor that produces quieter impactful performance. The massage gun is almost silent and comes with four-speed settings.

But here, the speed settings are really different, not like many with almost undetachable dozens of seed settings. It produces 1200-3200 RPM with a force of 35-pounds.

The massage gun comes with great battery backup. It lasts around 3-hours in one charging, keep in mind, the mentioned 3-hours is at the highest speed settings.

I loved its box. The device comes in an easy-to-carry box that holds all the premium tools as well as the massage gun without any big trouble.

Its controls are pretty intuitive. The controls are sensitive, and some users mentioned that they may hit the digital button accidently, which can be taken as a downside.

What We Like!
  • Comes with multiple heads tools
  • Triangle shaped ergonomic handle
  • Digital control
  • Very quiet operations
Things to Consider!
  • The controls are digital but very sensitive

Massage Gun Buying Guide

The kind of life we spend these days, our muscles get tired of sitting in one posture for a longer time.

To get relieved those aching muscles a massage gun really helps. It circulates the blood flow of the area you are massaging, helping in relieving sore or tight muscles.

But what makes a massage gun stands out? What you should look for in a massager gun to get a customized massaging experience?

This section is going to help, to make you pick the best among the tops.


Yes, design is the most pivotal part, which decides how easier the massage gun would be for you. If you have been using massage guns you know that in past we had ax-like designed massage guns which were very hard to reach back areas.

But now, massage guns come in every design and shape. More than that, I see most of the modern massage guns come with adjustable handles and grips. You can move the grips to your required gripping position to get a customized massaging experience.

But whatever you buy, keep in mind, sometimes you will have to hold that gun for 5-10 minutes in one hand. If it is not a good design, with not so ergonomic grips, you will suffer using one.

Battery Life

Massage guns are cordless, to battery hours matter the most, especially if you are an athlete or suffer from injury and have to take the massage gun at your disposal for relieving muscle pain.

So, a good battery backup is a vital part of an effective massage gun, it helps you charge fewer times, and remain there to assist you whenever you need it.

But at the same time, the massage guns with good batteries backup are cumbersome to carry or hard to hold for a long time due to their weight.

So, in my view, it should be mixed of both. The battery hours should be good to go, as well as it should not hard to hold in your hands for a long time. If you travel a lot, maybe you should opt for a compact massage gun with a replaceable battery.

Speed and Power

In the end, it is all about the speed and power the massage gun has to offer. So, it should be good powerful, integrated with a compact and powerful motor to render high torque and revolutions per minute.

Sometimes, I see some users grab a massage gun just by their looks. They don’t come with lots of power, that’s why you grow out of them quickly.

And sometimes, you buy a muscle massage gun with lots of power, too powerful to use for aching muscles because they pain a lot.

It should be a mix of both here too. Even if you go with a powerful massage gun, see their speed settings. It should be controllable so that you could use it for any muscle, deep muscle to thin muscle without bearing too much pain.

Attachment heads and Additional Accessories

Premium, quality massage guns come with different massage heads and different speeds and rotational angles. The attachment heads allow you to hit different muscles, and help you enjoy a customized massaging experience.

You know that thicker and longer muscles require less surface area to get rightly hit. And thin muscles require a larger surface area with less penetration.


Amplitude decides how long the massage gun goes in your body. The deeper the massage gun can penetrate the vibrations, the more effective you will have and quicker recoveries you enjoy.

Most of the guns come with 9-16 millimeters of power. 9 mm penetration is good if you are using it for regular massaging, and 16 is great for athletes or high-end users who want to recover from injuries or muscle knots.


For most of the users including me, sound bothers. And most of the massage guns I reviewed are very noisy, disrupting the peace around you.

So, better to go with a brushless motor, or go in a room away from others so that without any complaints you could continue massaging.

Final Verdict

Massage guns are the best alternative to the masseuse, to help you fix your muscle knots or chronic pains. I recommended you the top products that I find are helpful for you.

These massage guns are top-rated and most followed, you can buy any of them after looking at their features and verifying whether or not suitable for you.

I also tried to explain the top features one should look into when buying a massage gun. Don’t go with a massage gun designed for high-end users or athletes if you don’t face severe muscle tightening issues.

We can hope that this guide helps you. And the post will help you to at least narrow down to a few products.

FAQs About Massage Gun

How do massage guns work?

Massage guns are easy to use and it is not that complex to understand their functionality. They simply send a pulse of vibrations that penetrates our body and breaks the muscle clotting or knotting.

The blood circulation of that area increases, and you feel relieved. It is the best alternative to masseuses, ideal for workout or muscle tightness issues.

Is a massage gun really worth it?

If you are too busy to take your massaging appointments and deal with sore muscles and tight muscle tissues. You should probably look into buying a massage gun, it is a great alternative to masseuses.

The massage guns help you easily hit the muscle of any part of the body easily. So you can easily relieve the muscle and loosen up your entire body.

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