8 Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

The indoor outdoor thermometer becomes a personal weatherman that keeps alerting you about temperature, calendar, and humidity. This one device is quite useful for different people.

Professionals can handle their projects well if they rely on this device. Parents are able to provide a comfy room for their babies. It’s a must-have tool to keep in a Wine Cellar, so measuring temperature and humidity becomes super simple.

Besides, it’s an essential tool to check indoor/outdoor temperature in a greenhouse and indoor grow tent. Keeping up with your garden landscape requires you to rely heavily on this handy device.

In case you get a tool with multiple sensors, it’s easy for you to monitor multiple places like the garage, nursery room, workstation, or other areas at the same time.

Given the multiple uses and rising demand for thermometers, different brands offer various products. Some are digital, while others are analog. It’s not easy to find a device that is simple and offers excellent readability with significant digits.

That’s why in this post, I am going to review the 7 best indoor outdoor thermometers according to consumer ratings and reports that have been tried and tested by professionals several times in the past decade. So without further ado, let’s get started.

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See our Best Overall product SwitchBot Thermometer Hygrometer due to its durability and extraordinary performance. It allows connectivity to other smart home devices, a bigger display, bolder fonts, and easy-to-navigate icons. 

Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Reviews

I have compiled a list of the 7 best indoor outdoor thermometers based on consumer ratings and reports.


Best Overall
Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Consumer Ratings & Reports
  • Manual recliner, massage, and rocking chair
  • The remote control is available for massage and heat settings
  • 5 massage modes with 2 vibration intensity levels
  • 5 Relaxing modes such as reclining, swivel 360 degrees, rocking, vibrating, and heating.

Captivated with the idea of transforming your home into a modern ‘Smart Home’? But don’t know how to start with or what to do with your current appliance settings?

There comes a SwitchBot-designed indoor outdoor thermometer that helps you keep an eye on the real-time temperature in centigrade as well as in Fahrenheit.

I loved the way its display shows temperature in even bolder fonts. The icons displayed on the screen easily help you to keep a check on your room’s temperature settings and see if the current temperature meets the settings or not.

Its built-in Swiss-made sensors provide the most accurate temperature readings. You won’t be relying on incorrect readings, as the sensors meet all standards of temperature recordings and readings.

With a switch on the display, the sensor reads the humidity in temperature and Celsius. With a mild touch of your finger, easily switch between C-centigrade and F-Fahrenheit.

Above all, if you want to compare your temperature readings with others, you can do that. The SwitchBot app lets you do that. You can export the last 60 days’ readings, and compare the readings to other readings and temperatures.

More than that, the Bluetooth monitoring of the application easily helps you keep an eye on your humidity even at a distance of 400 feet.

If the temperature drops, or increase anytime, the app even sends you a notification of the current temperature settings so that you could act upon them almost instantly.

The SwitchBot-designed Thermometer Hygrometer monitors the environment and updates the temperature as well as humidity every 4 seconds. In other words, you get real-time, most accurate readings at the right time.

And the step that helps you transform your home into Smart Home is its ability to connect other smart devices. You can use SwitchBot Hub mini, Amazon Echo, other smart AI assistants, and many others in the row.

Keep in mind, if you want to control the temperature and change humidity settings through your voice control, you have to have a Hub mini installed in your home.

If you don’t have one, you will be controlled through Bluetooth connectivity. The hub mini works great with more than one thermometer, by installing an app you can control all of the thermometers installed using just one phone and Hub mini device.

The magnetic surfaces and metal stickers on their back help stick them on the wall even if you don’t have the right installation settings in your home.

And one of the most important aspects is its battery too last longer than you can imagine. As per the consumers’ ratings and reports, the thermometer after using for 6 weeks, was only 3 percent battery down. You can imagine how long this going to last.

What We Like!

  • Easy to setup and connect to other smart home devices
  • The battery lasts longer than you could imagine
  • The temperature, as well as humidity readings, are super accurate
  • You can export the data to a file and compare other temperature readings

Things to Consider!

  • The Bluetooth at a distance several times disconnects and connect automatically.

2. AcuRite Digital Thermometer with Daily High and Lows

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Features at a glance
  • Multiple placement options
  • Digital display with good visibility
  • Wide range Wireless sensor
  • Readings in Fahrenheit or Celsius

When you need a simple reading of Indoor outdoor temperature, AcuRite provides you with it without any clutter. Other thermometers are multifunctional; they display temperature, airflow, humidity, weather forecast, and other readings, which you don’t want.

As soon as you put this device in the right place, it starts displaying accurate readings. In addition, there is an LCD that shows temperature with precision.

You can explore temperature trends easily. There are down and up arrows that alert you when the temperature is falling or rising. If you are looking for an accurate temperature forecast, you can rely solely on this tool.

The best part of this device is its record; you can find out all about the low and high temperatures recorded in the last twenty-four hours.

This wireless device has a substantial range. It is designed with solid signal penetration. As a result, you can get the reading, even when you put it outside up to 165 feet (50 meters) away.

You can find the latest weather data updated every 30 seconds. When it comes to placement, you can hang it on the wall with its integrated keyhole hanger or setup on the tabletop upright.

Working with this device is quite simple. You don’t need any tech guide to use it. Anyone with little knowledge can make the most of it.

What We Like!

  • Easy to Install
  • It doesn’t eat batteries
  • Accurate Temperature Readings
  • Outdoor Sensor and Display Low Battery Icons

Things to Consider!

  • It doesn’t have a nightlight.

3. ThermoPro TP60S Digital Hygrometer Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

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Features at a glance
  • Wirelessly Track Multiple Locations
  • Easy to Read Display
  • Responsive and Accurate Reading
  • Easy installation with wall mount and tabletop

When it comes to making room comfortable for your newborn, you need to rely heavily on an Outdoor indoor Thermometer.

This device would help you monitor temperature accurately and create a comfy and safe environment for your baby.

It is designed with a bold and easy-to-read digital display; the readability is excellent. In addition, you can monitor humidity and temperature at the same time from this device.

For installation purposes, it brings a tabletop and wall mount. You can install it within a few minutes, no need to go through any hassle.

It keeps recording humidity and temperature for twenty-four hours, and after that, you can reset it to get new weather updates.

The whole monitoring is precise and accurate. For example, it would let you record temperature within a range of -4°F~158°F (-20°C~70°C) while its temperature tolerance is +/- 2.0°F (+/- 1.1°C).

As far as humidity is concerned, it is super responsive and monitors within 10% to 99%, while its Humidity tolerance is ±2% from 30% to 80%; ±3% below 30% and above 80%. This super responsive device keeps updating after every 30 seconds.

This product is designed to monitor various locations by using multiple sensors. The package includes only one monitor, but you can later get more.

What We Like!

  • Monitor Temp and Humidity Trends
  • Connects to up to 3 sensors
  • Easy to use
  • Super solid Outdoor unit connection
  • Multiple Placement Options

Things to Consider!

  • It doesn’t work great in foggy weather.

4. La Crosse Technology WS-9160U-IT-V2 WS-9160U-IT Digital Thermometer

Features at a glance
  • Multi-channel receiver
  • Wireless Transmission range Over 330 ft.
  • Connects up to 3 sensors
  • Portable and Durable

This fully functional device is quite useful for professionals. It helps them keep an eye on the temperature and humidity changes indoors and outdoors.

Its large vertical display accurate readings. You can set the calendar manually with 12/24 hours settings. Once the battery is fully charged, you can install the device on the wall or a tabletop.

You can place its sensor over 330ft (100m) transmission range when it comes to installation. In addition, this sensor is weather-resistant and requires 2 AA alkaline batteries, which are not included in the package.

Its large display has 1-inch outdoor temperature digits so that you can read easily. In addition, from its Custom Calendar Display, you can get an update of Full weekdays.

The receiver is multi-channel compatible; you can use one device to monitor more than one location at a time.

If a battery gets low and becomes weak, it will give you an alert so you can charge the battery or change it. When you set different channels, Auto-scroll lets you view them separately.

What We Like!

  • Low /weak battery indication
  • Easy Installation
  • Auto-scroll view
  • Excellent Readability

Things to Consider!

  • It has backlight

5. SMARTRO SC92 Professional Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

Features at a glance
  • Pre-calibrated for Accuracy
  • Suitable for All Weather Condition
  • Connects with 3 Wireless Sensor
  • Large 3.5″ HD LCD screen

When looking for a thermometer that gives accurate readings regardless of weather conditions, the best option comes from SMARTRO.

This professional Wireless Thermometer is suitable for any setting such as wine incubator, nursery, wine cellar, greenhouse, garden, office, basement, or critter terrarium.

The display has backlit, so you can monitor temperature and humidity even when darkness is prevailing around.

The SC92 wireless thermometer has a built-in Swiss sensor. So, whether outside weather is Arctic cold or scorching heat, it will offer unmatched temperature ranges with accuracy and precision.

Even when you have a plan to go camping, it can give you accurate humidity reading. Although it is pre-calibrated, you can manually calibrate it to ensure that you get the correct data and information every time.

When it comes to installation, it provides the option of wall mount and table settings.

It is designed with a 3.5″ large HD LCD screen. A quick touch on the top brings backlit and helps you read temperature and humidity easily.

You can switch between Fahrenheit or Centigrade settings from its back button. Since this device keeps reading for the last twenty hours, you can easily find the changes and temperature trends.

Monitoring every single place of home and office is made simple by this device as you connect it with 3 Wireless Sensors. It will display readings for almost four places while they are up to 200ft apart.

What We Like!

  • Built-in Swiss sensor
  • Excellent readability and remote range
  • Backlit Light for Easy reading
  • Reliable Operating button

Things to Consider!

  • It only lights up for 10 seconds.

6. AUING Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Wireless Temperature

Features at a glance
  • Suitable for all places
  • Multiple Location Monitoring
  • Wireless Range 197ft (60m)
  • Compact, easy to set up

Do you need a device that lets you monitor the temperature and humidity of multiple locations? AUING brings the best option indeed.

It is designed with a 4 inch LCD so you can read temperature and humidity readings easily.

The trend arrows instantly indicate you about temp/humidity trend while it brings Temp Accuracy of ± 1.5°F/± 1°C and Humidity accuracy of ±5%.

A backlight is included on the screen so that you can enjoy excellent readability at night. It will turn on automatically after 10 seconds to save your battery’s energy.

This hygrometer unlocks indoor temperature range of 4℉-158℉(-20℃-70℃) while outdoor temperature range is -40℉-158℉(-40℃-70℃).

You can set the sensor up to200ft/60m and make the most of its 433 MHz enhanced Wireless Frequency.

There is a magnet on the back, so you can install it on the wall or fridge or a wall mount for easy setup. Another placement option is to keep it on the countertop with its tabletop stand.

It gets power from 4 x AAA batteries, which you will buy separately. This device is reliable and to win customers’ trust manufacturer offers.

What We Like!

  • 10 seconds Refresh rate
  • Triple Placement Options
  • Low Battery/ Trend Indicator
  • 1-year warranty

Things to Consider!

  • Remote sensors aren’t accurate all the time.

7. Taylor Precision Wireless Digital Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer

Features at a glance
  • Digital display with large digits
  • Built-in wall clock
  • Slim Design
  • Sleek and stylish look

Do you want to check the temperature reading in your greenhouse or garden? It’s time to stop looking around as Taylor Precision products have brought a premium quality Digital Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer.

The digital display is featured with large digits so that you can check the reading at a glance.

You can check indoor temperature within the range of 32°F/122°F and 0°C/50°C while its Outdoor temperature range is -4°F/140°F and -20°C/60°C

There is a built-in clock, so you can check time from the same device and don’t have to rely on a watch or wall clock. As far as sensor range is concerned, it provides accurate reading up to 200 feet.

The sleek and contemporary design blends beautifully in any modern space. It will boost up the aesthetic value of your space to a great extent.

This device is simple to use. You can set it up without even checking any instructions. The best feature of this device is its Temperature memory to recall daily min/max readings.

What We Like!

  • Sensor up to 200ft range
  • Temperature Memory
  • User friendly
  • Easy to use

Things to Consider!

  • You can’t set up the receiver on the wall.

8. VIVOSUN Digital Hygrometer Humidity Monitor with Touchscreen

Features at a glance
  • Ideal for multiple places
  • Multiple Placement Options
  • Wireless Range: 197 ft./60 m.
  • Backlight Auto-off after 12 seconds

When you like to work on DIY projects, you need a reliable thermometer to keep in your work area or garage.

If that’s the case, you can enjoy a subtle combination of accuracy and speed with the VIVOSUN Digital Hygrometer.

The manufacturer included everything inside the pack, from receiver to sensor to batteries, so you can set it up quickly without needing a visit to a nearby store.

It will bring precise data of humidity and temperature with Temp Accuracy of ± 1.5°F/± 1°C; Humidity Accuracy of ±5%. The remote sensor offers up to 200 FT/ 60M Range.

Once you connect it with 3 wireless sensors, it lets you monitor multiple locations from one single receiver.

This Indoor Outdoor Thermometer is featured with a blue backlight and touchscreen.

It will offer excellent reliability, whether you want to check readings in pitch black or extreme sunlight brightness situations.

When it comes to placement, you have four different options to choose from such as tabletop, wall, hanging, and magnet mounts.

What We Like!

  • Bluelight and touchscreen
  • Triple Channel Settings
  • Easy to Set up
  • Excellent Readability

Things to Consider!

  • The display panel isn’t very clear.

Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Buying Guide

A lot of temperature monitoring tools are available in the market. However, not every tool is functional.

Therefore, you need to look into different factors before picking one model for you.


The most crucial factor to check is the accuracy of a temperature reading. Some people buy multifunction tools where a thermometer displays temperature, date, humidity, and other aspects.

However, the primary purpose of getting this tool is to measure temperature. So, you need to get one that can give an accurate reading of temperature.

Read reviews and try to find out how accurate a tool is. Whether you are a professional who needs this tool for some project or a person requiring it for gardening, temperature accuracy is the must-have thing to get.


Another thing to consider is the display. Some tools are handy and tiny with minimal displays. This kind of screen doesn’t offer great readability.

On the other hand, when you have a big display and large digital device, it provides excellent readability. So, make sure that you can easily read the changes in temperature and humidity.


These days, you have wireless devices to monitor the temperature. Every wireless sensor has a range, which matters the most.

If a device comes with a 100 ft range, then it will cover a limited area. It’s advisable to go with a tool with up to 200-330 ft range so you can monitor for a long range.

You can find devices with either 915MHz transmission or 433.92MHz transmission. The higher frequency a sensor has, the better service it will provide.

When choosing the range, you need to consider solid walls that can interrupt the signals and make them weak.

In addition, it’s essential that you don’t have internet routers and cellphones between receiver and transmitter to get uninterrupted signals.


It’s the point to answer whether you want to monitor one area or multiple places? If you plan to measure the temperature of one place, then a single connection is good.

However, when you plan to measure multiple areas, try to get a receiver that can be extended with two to three channels.


The best indoor outdoor thermometer is easy to install and offers multiple placements. A countertop installed device is handy and easy to relocate.

If a device has a magnet, you can set it on the fridge. Wall mounting is a standard option, but you can’t keep it close to sunlight and extreme heat.

Other Features

If you are ready to pay the extra price, you can enjoy multiple functionalities in one device. Here are some options you can get.

  • Backlight – Sometimes, you want to check the temperature of a room in the darkness, especially in a nursery where you can’t afford to wake up your baby. In that scenario, a built-in backlight in the display helps you check readings in the darkness.
  • Celsius / Fahrenheit Switch – It lets you measure temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • Humidity – Professionals can look for a device through which they can monitor humidity and barometric pressure.
  • Clock /Calendar – If you are planning to go to a camp or jungle for some adventure or discovery, get a device that lets you set a calendar and clock, too, so you can get more features in one device.
  • Memory – With the mean of this function, the device can keep a record of 24-hour temperature and humidity so that you can find out all about change
  • Indications – Device runs on battery, and if the battery dies, then connection interrupts. So, when a display has low or weak battery indicators, it becomes easy for you to change and replace the battery on time.

Final Verdict

The indoor-outdoor thermometer is quite a helpful tool. Whether you are a gardener who needs temperature monitoring for an indoor grows tent or a parent who wants to set up a comfy place for a newborn, this device will come to serve you.

With battery-powered models and wireless connections, the whole setup doesn’t take more than fifteen minutes.

With a device having a triple connection facility, you can measure the temperature and humidity of more than three to four locations at the same time.

Some advanced models let you check barometer pressure, clock, and dates. Since tons of models are there, selection will become challenging.

So, I’m sharing a detailed buying guide that would let you explore multiple factors before ordering one device that fits your needs.

Another good idea is to skip the guide and pick one model out of the top 7 highly recommended Indoor-outdoor thermometers I reviewed above.

FAQs About Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

How Often do you need to calibrate a Thermometer?

It would help if you did it as per the manufacturer’s instruction, before/after every megaproject, or after when it slips. It’s advisable to calibrate this device weekly to get accurate results.

How to Install a Thermometer Properly?

The way you set it up matters. For getting a proper reading, it’s suggested to keep the sensor away from sunlight and install it in a shady place six feet off the ground.

Don’t place wireless next to your smartphone or wireless devices to avoid signal interruption. Finally, the device must have proper airflow if you want to get accurate humidity readings.

Where is the best place to put a thermometer outside?

You need to keep the sensor in a shady area. Another good place is to keep it on the north-facing porch. Again, it’s vital to choose an airy place almost six feet above the ground.

Why is my outdoor thermometer not accurate?

Sometimes, you place an outdoor thermometer where airflow isn’t sufficient, so it affects the accuracy of readings.

When airflow is restricted in an area, you can’t have an accurate reading. Change the position, and you can troubleshoot this issue.

How do I reset my ThermoPro indoor outdoor thermometer?

You can find a reset button on the front and backside of the sensor station or display unit. It would be best if you pressed the button once to reset the full functionality of this system.

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