7 Best Krill Oil Supplement Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Krill oil has become quite popular all over the world. They have created a social buzz on Facebook and Instagram.

If you are wondering why? the simple reason is that the benefits of krill oils are clinically proven and backed by medical research.

According to medical research, Krill oil can reduce the risk of CardioVascular disease. In addition, its regular use reduces high blood pressure and helps you reduce the risk of stroke.

Another research states that krill oil has an anti-depression effect. From improving memory to providing support to other brain functions, this nutritional oil is making the life of people easier and handling age-related cognitive decline.

When you think of omega-3 fatty acids, you think only of fish oil. But the fact is that krill oil is far more effective than ordinary fish oil. It’s because of krill oil:

  • Brings more omega-3 fatty acids to offer anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Contains Astaxanthin, a naturally occurring antioxidant to support heart health.
  • Offers phospholipids that make every capsule easy to digest.

And best of all, there are no fish burps or aftertaste with the regular use of krill oil.

With the rising demands of krill oil, different brands emerged with varied dosages and price tags. If it’s a bit tricky to decide which one to choose, I have created a detailed krill oil guide to help you pick fast.

In this post, I am going to review the 7 best krill oil supplements according to consumer ratings and reports that offer life-changing experiences for people with BP, mobility, and joint problems. So without further ado, let’s get started.


Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in, depending on your budget…

Best Krill Oil Supplement Consumer Ratings & Reports

I have compiled a list of the 7 best krill oil supplements based on consumer ratings and reports 2023.

1. Bronson Antarctic Krill Oil 1000 mg with Omega-3s EPA

Features at a glance
  • 100% Pure Antarctic Krill Oil
  • Easy to Swallow Capsules
  • Omega-3 Enhanced
  • Free of GMO, Gluten, and Soy

Do you need high potency krill oil to maintain your heart health? Bronson is a brand that has been serving its customers for the last six decades. So, every product from this brand is super reliable.

When you compare the price with the dosage of 1000mgs per serving, you realize that you will get the best value for money. This supplement is potent and made with careful consideration to ensure that a user gets the best results.

Tons of other supplements are available in the market, but they are different because they are tested in the laboratory. It is free of heavy metals, gluten, and soy. The company used only top materials in its manufacturing.

This oil formula contains omega-3 fatty acids (s DHA and EPA), antioxidants, and Astaxanthin. Once you start consuming these capsules, you notice that your skin and hair become better and shinier than before.

This company used Krill that is harvested in Antarctic water. They have a quality control team that checks every product to ensure that only quality material becomes part of the production. If a material doesn’t retain its nutrients, the team eliminates it.

Each serving includes two soft gels, they are suitable for maintaining a healthy cholesterol level of your body and blood pressure. If you have heart problems, these oils will help you combat this issue quite well.

You can rely on this brand as it has a personal GMP-certified facility in the United States. This facility regularly inspects every product to ensure that it complies with regulations and rules of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

The purpose of this regular inspection is to ensure that krill supplements are potent and pure.

What We Like!

  • GMP – Certified Manufacturer
  • Sweet Flavor
  • Maintain healthy blood pressure
  • Improve skin and hair

Things to Consider!

  • Company added unnecessary color and flavor to capsules.

2. Antarctic Krill Oil 1000mg (Double Strength) with Omega-3s EPA & DHA

Features at a glance
  • Contains NO ethyl vanillin or Fish Oil.
  • Very Effective
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Increase Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Are you seeking an easy solution to age-related joint pain? If yes, then it is available now in the form of Sports Research Store’s Krill Oil. It is one of the top-rated krill oil available in the market for two main reasons.

The first reason is that people experiencing pain in their joints and knees experience relief after four weeks of regular use.

Another reason is that many people with chronic high blood pressure issues reported that their BP turned to an average level after forty to sixty days of this supplement.

So, if you are dealing with either medical issue, then a cure is available. Those who shared positive reviews also made it clear that they didn’t change their diet but only included krill oil in their diet.

Now the question is, what brings that much positive change? One soft gel contains 1000 mg of Pure Antarctic Krill oil and has a potent amount of EPA, DHA, Choline, and Phospholipids.

The manufacturer made this supplement with advanced and clinically proven formula Superba Krill Oil. Continuous use of supplements boosts up omega-3 fatty levels in the body.

Omega-3 Fatty acid is very healthy for the skin, eye, brain, heart, and joints. Another thing that you would like the most about krill oil because it doesn’t leave you with any gross aftertaste. It’s because Krill’s Phospholipid-bound omega-3 fatty acids make these supplements easy to digest.

If you don’t like the results, you can return the supplement within 90 days. People concerned about the quality of this supplement should know that the product is MSC Certified Sustainable, IKOS 5-Star Certified, and Non-GMO Verified.

What We Like!

  • Easy to Digest
  • Improve Chronic High Blood Pressure
  • Reduce Joint Pain
  • MSC Certified Sustainable

Things to Consider!

  • Capsules may leak.

3. Viva Natural Krill Oil Supplement 1250mg with No Fishy Aftertaste

Features at a glance
  • Dairy-Free
  • Contains naturally occurring Astaxanthin
  • Deliver PA and DHA fatty acid
  • Applique capsule

When you are seeking excellent joint support, it comes right from Viva Naturals. It is super effective and works best for your shoulder, knee, muscle, and joints.

Whether you want to focus on your work and have an intention to improve your brain function, DHA in this product comes to help you.

DHA found in this supplement is the one already available in your brain cells. Therefore it will boost up overall brain functionality.

As a person ages, he faces joints and mobility issues readily handled by krill oil supplements. Unlike other supplements available in the market, this one provides more dosage of every little ingredient. It contains 165 mg of EPA and 90 mg of DHA.

Besides, 1250mg of krill oil offers premium quality Astaxanthin, so this Omega-3 supplement helps you get better health support.

If you are against an oil supplement as it leads to fish burps and aftertaste, you won’t have to experience it with this Viva Naturals supplement.

They are encapsulated in advanced Applique capsules, so they don’t cause fishy burps. Besides, they are dairy-free, Non-GMO and IKOS 5 Star Certified.

This krill oil is rich in Astaxanthin, and this natural compound protects cells against free radicals. You notice an improvement in your skin and hair health after regular consumption of these supplements.

What We Like!

  • Omega-3’s For Antioxidant Support
  • Improve Joint and mobility
  • No more Fishy burps
  • Improve brain function

Things to Consider!

  • They are expensive.

4. Live Conscious KrillWell Heart Clinically-Proven K-Real Krill Oil

Features at a glance
  • Clinically Proven soft gels
  • Burpless
  • Easy to Swallow and digest
  • Part of an anti-inflammatory diet

If you want to take a step toward a healthy lifestyle, you need to make Live Conscious KrillWell oil supplement a part of your diet.

They are an excellent source of healthy fats that improve your mobility and reduce joint problems. In your fight against inflammation, they work as a fantastic antidote.

Many people rely on fish oil for healthy fats, but krill oil is two times more effective. The one from Krill well contains 90 mg of EPA,600 mcg of Astaxanthin, and 60 mg of DHA.

The problem with fish oil is that it leads to fishy burps and aftertaste, which is ridiculous. You don’t feel the same taste with krill oil – it’s a significant plus. Isn’t it?

So, you get full of nutritional supplements that will bring a healthy change to your life. For example, if you are dealing with a high blood pressure problem, this supplement will help you dial this problem down to an acceptable level.

Vitamin E and Vitamin C are well-known supplements, but they can’t neutralize free radicals as amazingly as Astaxanthin. Besides, it will reduce cellular damage and let you improve your skin and hair to a great extent.

This clinically proven supplement has anti-inflammatory effects of reducing joint and muscle pain. From adding muscle strength to improving your metabolism, you get countless benefits from this 30-day supply of soft gel.

When you start aging, you face multiple cognitive problems. You won’t have to deal with them anymore when you start using KrillWell oil supplements. It’s because they offer more than average phospholipid levels.

These lipids let you fight over aging effects and improve your memory while boosting brainpower.

What We Like!

  • Get healthy, shiny hair
  • Provides youthful skin
  • Support cognitive functions
  • Money-back guarantee

Things to Consider!

  • They are not completely odorless.

5. Jocko Super Krill Oil 1000mg Serving Pure Antarctic Krill

Features at a glance
  • Easy to swallow soft gell
  • Potent Omega-3 Fatty Acid
  • Improve cognitive performance
  • No more dreaded fish burps

There is no need to consume too many supplements to improve your cognitive function and mobility, as one dosage of Jocko Super Krill offers multiple benefits.

It will improve joint health while reducing inflammation. In addition, you enjoy better mobility and cardio after regular use of this memory support supplement.

It contains Higher Omega 3’s, More Phospholipids, and Antioxidant Astaxanthin to support the brain and heart.

The best thing about super krill is that it contains more Omega-3 Fatty acids than regular krill oil, so you get a potent brain fuel.

It is 100 percent pure krill oil without any kind of fish smell. Thereby you don’t face any burps.

It contains more than overage phospholipids to fight well with cognitive decline. You enjoy better memory and focus.

What We Like!

  • Support Heart health
  • Improve memory function
  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Reduce blood pressure

Things to Consider!

  • You may not like its vanilla flavor.

6. Futurebiotics Antarctic Krill Oil with Omega-3s EPA

Features at a glance
  • 365-day money-back guarantee
  • Lab Tested formula
  • Heavy Metal Tested
  • Top-Quality 100% Pure Premium Krill

Do you want to Reduce Arthritis and Joint Pain? It’s time to start consuming Futurebiotics Antarctic Krill Oil.

This 100 percent premium krill oil is free of GMO and has no heavy metals, so their regular use would help you get pain relief to a great extent.

It contains Omega-3s EPA, DHA, Astaxanthin, and Phospholipid. The company has its own FDA / GMP Registered New York Facility, where the manufacturer ensures that each product is inspected to ensure that it is made by following quality standards.

Every bit of oil is harvested from the fresh cold waters of the antarctic. Thereby, whatever dosage you consume, it contains only pure premium krill oil.

The power of krill oil is combined with the antioxidant Astaxanthin so that you can enjoy the best health benefits from its regular consumption.

Thanks to Omega-3 Fatty Acids, these supplements provide support to cardiovascular function while improving joints and mobility.

Once you start using it regularly, it will help you bring your blood pressure back to normal. Besides, it enables you to focus and improves other brain functionality.

What We Like!

  • Bring BP at a normal level
  • Support brain functions.
  • Pleasant taste
  • Easy to Swallow

Things to Consider!

  • You may not like the strong smell of fish.

7. Kirkland Signature Expect More Krill Oil 500 mg, 160 Softgels

Features at a glance
  • 100% Krill Oil
  • USP Verified
  • Easy to swallow
  • Improve Joint problem

Senior adults can avoid many health problems by consuming Kirkland Signature krill oil. If you don’t like to take too much fatty acid and lipids at the same time, then these soft gels come in handy.

They are easy to swallow and digest. The Omega-3 fatty acids are quite effective for the heart and help you reduce inflammation on the knees and joints.

Hikers can relieve their joint and knee pain effectively with continuous use of this product. These soft gels are very effective only after long-term use.

You can take one soft gel per day. It contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Phospholipids, and Astaxanthin.

Kirkland Signature brand has been known to provide quality products over the years. Furthermore, it is 100 percent krill oil so that you can enjoy all the hearty benefits from them.

What We Like!

  • Low Dosage
  • Reduce High Blood Pressure
  • Recommended for hikers
  • Superior absorption

Things to Consider!

  • They smell fishy.

Krill Oil Supplement Buying Guide

As soon as you search for krill oil, tons of brands pop up. You get confused about what to look for when shopping for this supplement. It’s time to get detail of these factors below:

Purity and Potency

You don’t need an ordinary krill oil, and you need a potent one that is 100 percent pure. The very first thing to check is the source of krill oil.

How does a company harvest it? Look into the process and harvesting. If a company is doing it all right, it won’t mind sharing sources and methodology. Always go with a company that harvests krill oil from the fresh cold water of Antarctica.

Lab Testing

Don’t trust any claim that a manufacturer makes and rely only on independent lab testing results. Many companies have GMP-certified and FDA-cleared facilities to ensure that you get only premium quality krill oil that works.

If a company passes its product through lab testing, it will proudly share the details with you. A benefit of lab testing is that krill oil is free of GMO, heavy metal, or other harmful components.


You need to look into the details of ingredients to find out the concentration of each.

Then, you should purchase a supplement that brings 200 mg and 350 mg of omega-3 fatty acids per serving. You need this amount of fatty acids to get better results.

Easy to Digest

Krill oil is encapsulated. They should be easy to swallow and digest. Some companies use advanced capsules, so you don’t have to face any difficulty during swallowing.

Would you mind reading reviews to find out whether these capsules leak or not? If a capsule leaks, you are wasting your money on its purchase.


If you have a severe health issue, it’s good to check whether a company offers certified supplements or not.

You can easily find krill oil that is IKOS 5- star certified, MSC Certified Sustainable, and Non-GMO Verified. You can read the label to make sure that the product is valid and pure.


Try to purchase those krill oil supplements that are fill-free. They shouldn’t have unnecessary ingredients and coloring.

A good flavor makes digestion easy, but it’s okay to get one odor- and taste-less supplement.


What’s the point of buying krill oil if it’s not effective? So, before you make up your mind about any supplement, read customer reviews.

They will give you a clear idea of whether a product is suitable for reducing blood pressure or improving brain functionality or not.

Money-back Guarantee

If a brand is sure about the quality of its product, then it won’t mind giving you a guarantee of its product with a money-back offer. So, if a brand offers you this guarantee, you can rely on its krill oil.

Final Verdict

Krill oil is a must-have supplement to include in your diet. Once you start using this oil, you don’t need to rely on other supplements because it improves your brain and heart functions.

From giving you youthful skin to increasing your hair growth, you enjoy tons of benefits only from this nutritional oil. Always buy krill oil that is sustainably harvested and bring some certification.

This way, you’ll have peace of mind that you are adding the right thing into your routine diet.

If you want to compare multiple brands, my krill oil buying guide will unlock the main factors to look into. It’s advisable to switch to 7 top-rated krills oil, which is super effective.

FAQs About Krill Oil Supplement

What does krill oil do for your body?

Krill oil contains fatty acids similar to fish oil. These fats are thought to decrease swelling, lower cholesterol, and make blood platelets less sticky. When blood platelets are less sticky, they are less likely to form clots.

When should you not take krill oil?

If you have allergies to seafood, then it’s better to avoid krill oil. Besides, if you are a nursing mother or pregnant woman, it’s better not to use this oil. Don’t take this oil two weeks before and after surgery.

How much krill oil should you take a day?

It depends on the amount of DHA and EPA. You should take 250 to 500 mg of combined DHA and EPA per day.

When should I take krill oil in the morning or at night?

The benefits of this oil ultimately depend on continuous use. It doesn’t matter if you take it during the day or night; what matters for results is using them regularly to get results.

Does krill oil help hair growth?

Krill oil contains fatty acids that keep your hair follicle strong while fighting with dry scalp. So, if you want to get healthy and strong hair, then they will be helpful.

Omega-3 fatty acids are known to improve cell growth; thereby, consumption of krill oil helps you improve hair damage and fight hair loss.

Is krill oil good for your skin?

Yes, it is quite good for your skin. If you want to improve your skin texture while reducing wrinkles and desire youthful skin, this oil is super effective. It will ease up the itchy red plaques of psoriasis.

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