Best Laser Hair Growth System Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Losing hair at the age of 50 is pretty normal, but Losing 50% of your hair at the age of 30 is not normal.

As per the latest estimates, around 80 million Americans face hereditary hair loss under 30.

For hair loss, you may see many recommend creams, serums, or oils. Well, I am not saying they don’t have any effect, but in my view, they can’t bring a major reshift.

The best preventive measure or counteract strategy for hair loss is laser hair growth systems.

These are devices with laser therapy to stimulate your scalp and improve blood circulation to your hair follicles, leading to hair growth.

It is not that simple, they are pretty complex devices, but the end result is super amazing, and they really bring a change in your life, you have been longing for.

In this post, I am going to review the best laser hair growth systems according to consumer ratings and reports in 2023. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Laser Hair Growth Systems Reviews

I have compiled a list of the 7 best laser hair growth systems based on consumer ratings and reports 2023.

1. iRestore Professional Laser Hair Growth System

Features at a glance
  • 6-month money-back guarantee
  • Hands-free formula
  • 272 LEDs and Lasers
  • Red and laser technology with low wavelength

If you are facing severe hair loss or hairline receding issues and looking for some serious solution that could fix your issues, go with iRestore designed Professional Hair growth system.

This system takes the latest advancement at its disposal and helps you fix your baldness or thinning hair issue with laser and LEDs.

Which help treat men and women facing alopecia, receding hairline, and pattern baldness.

iRestore Hair Growth devices use low-level laser therapy and all its benefits in the use reach inside the follicles, and scalp to regrow hair due to improved blood circulation.

It is a laser and red technology combination used at an optimal wavelength to help regrow hair on the bald scalp.

The brand is so confident in its product that it provides 6 monthly money-back guarantees.

Yes, as per the iRestore claims, the device shows physical results within 3-4 months of consecutive use as per the described way.

If you are not satisfied with the results, you can send it back and get your money fully refunded.

Moreover, the design and construction of this device are practical. It covers the whole head, so that no area of the bald scalp can be left, and also hit the thinning hair area section to make them stronger all over again.

The soft padding on the device makes it comfortable to wear for the time you have to wear it, you feel comfortable and can wear it for hours.

It is a hands-free formula to regrow your hair. Yes, unlike many combs, and laser bands, you just wear and do your things as you do on daily basis.

Use it 2-3 times a week, and get physical changes not only in months but in weeks.

What We Like!

  • Good for alopecia, receding hairline, and thinning hair
  • Improved results within weeks
  • The hat covers the whole scalp to help you get improved results in any area
  • Timer display for pause and resume

Things to Consider!

  • Corded

2. Theradome PRO Laser Hair Growth System

Features at a glance
  • Wireless solution
  • Padded helmet
  • 80 Powerful Quality LEDs
  • 56-times powerful results

Those adults suffering from severe hair loss due to hormone change or hereditary, require a super powerful laser hair growth system.

The one that not only combats hair loss but helps in regrowing hair and helps them regain the same volume again, such as Theradome designed hair growth system.

Theradome designed hair growth system comes integrated with 80 Premium high-density lasers that stimulate hair follicles.

And produce keratin that speeds up your hair regrowing process and makes you maintain the same volume all over again.

It is a portable hair regrowth system that comes very handy for long hours of use It got padding under it to make it comfortable to wear.

Plus, it helps you regrow your hair within weeks. Or at least you will start to witness physical results within four weeks.

So, if you are advised to get some painful surgery which can get wrong in most cases, stop, and give this helmet a shot.

I am pretty sure; it will bring you the fruitful results that you are longing for years or months maybe.

It is a portable solution, no need to get tethered to the charger of the device.

It is a battery-operated device, get it fully charged and use it anywhere you like, roam around, and do your stuff around without limiting yourself to a corner.

As per the brand’s proclamation, this hair laser growth system is as powerful as 56 times the others.

It is a powerful red light and laser technology combination, which penetrates your scalp, stimulate follicle and make them regrow hair, at the volume you had earlier.

The brand backs its products, and the device is as powerful and as performing as the brand proclaims.

That’s why it offers a 6-month money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can send this device back and get your money refunded.

What We Like!

  • Integrated 80 premium quality LEDs
  • Provides you fruitful results within months
  • 6 Months money-back guarantee
  • Stimulate hair growth and help regrow hair

Things to Consider!

  • Expensive price

3. HairMax RegrowMD Laser Hair Growth

Features at a glance
  • 272 light-emitting Lasers s
  • FDA approved
  • Integrated Photobiostimulation system
  • 6 different lab tests public reports

If you don’t like wearing heavy hair growth helmets and looking into buying a portable and lightweight solution, there you are with the hair growth cap system.

This cap integrates 272 LEDs, with the power of the laser. LEDs are used to treat the surface of the skin, but laser light helps in penetration tit down to the hair follicles to stimulate hair growth by increasing the blood circulation to the area.

RegrowMD is an FDA-approved system that uses a photobiostimulation system.

Which is a safe method, a source of light energy which penetrates deep into the follicle for improved stimulation for stronger hair growth.

This penetration of the light energy into the scalp revitalizes the hair follicle and reverses the hair fall or hair thinning process.

And helps you extend the restoring process of natural hair with a good volume, just like the way they were before hair fall.

It is a comfortable designed hair fall solution. It got 272 high-quality lasers and LEDs, with a direct flow of the light opening so that the photo light easily absorbs and penetrates deep into your scalp to bring improved, and smoother results.

It looks like a sports cap, you can wear it for long hours without anyone noticing you are wearing a hair growth system or cap, it looks like a normal sports cap.

The most important and worth mentioning aspect is its FDA approval. It is an FDA-approved product, with the public lab test reports available from 6 different labs to help you witness how amazing this cap performance is.

And how easily you can regrow your hair back just like the way they were before.

Manufacturers recommend it used 3 times a week, every other day. Keep in mind, that it is a wireless solution, you don’t have to tether to your charger all the time.

Keep in mind, during the use the cap starts and restarts several times to Provide you optimal results, so don’t ‘get fret if it stops and runs repeatedly.

What We Like!

  • FDA approved results
  • 272 Lasers used, not LEDs
  • Use Photo light technology which penetrates deep
  • Revitalize the hair regrowth and follicles

Things to Consider!

  • It does not cover the sides or back of the head, only the top

4. HairMax Hair Growth Laser Band

Features at a glance
  • 14 International medical device licenses
  • Clinically approved
  • Easy to adjust a laser band
  • 4 Oz weight

Laser hair growth systems just like any other technologically advanced devices are getting upgraded.

They have witnessed a long journey, now with the latest Hair Max Hair growth laser band they provide you with targeted and precise results to help you grow denser, healthier, fuller, and more vibrant hair like the way you have been longing for.

The most important worth mentioning aspect of this Hair Max laser band is its lab tests, and clinical studies.

Around 14 international medical device licenses, it holds, and 7 clinical studies have approved this device and its efficient, long-lasting hair regrowing results for men and women.

Hair Max actually gets the right use of therapeutic laser light energy and directly targets the area.

It targets the hair follicles and reverses the hair falling process, promotes hair regrowth, and helps you regain confidence with a fuller hairline.

Unlike most, the laser hair growth system, this band requires only 3 minutes a week, and its efficient 41 medical-grade lasers provide a full scalp coverage.

It is not just for the sides, or back of the scalp areas, it easily targets the entire scalp, making you cover the entire scalp.

It is a wireless laser hair growing system, just 6.4 Oz of weight would not be discomforting for you, no LEDs, or LED lights are used in the manufacturing of this system.

It is user-friendly, travel friendly, and wireless, to be used anywhere you want and like.

It is not just any hair growth system; it is a medically approved and Doctor recommended a system that has a more than 90-percent success rate.

It can be used to fix hair loss, menopause, hereditary issues, or any other hair loss and hair thinning issues.

What We Like!

  • Easy to use a hairband
  • Latest laser technology has been taken at disposal to bring fruitful results
  • Helps fix various hair loss or hair fall issues
  • Medically and clinically approved devices with more than 90-percent results

Things to Consider!

  • It has to be repositioned every minute as per the description to get the desired results

5. iGrow Laser Hair Growth Helmet

Features at a glance
  • Corded Function
  • Brings results within 16 weeks
  • 6 months’ money back
  • Red light energy used

Latest innovations are being made even in the laser hair growth systems.

Just like the iGrow Hair growth helmet, not only this helmet provides you with what you needed the most; regrowing the hair.

But it comes with additional headphones so that in your leisure time you could listen to your favorite podcast or music.

The Laser iGrow Hair growth helmet has been clinically approved for its results.

Its public lab tests and reports are available, and they mention, how amazing this hair growth laser in its performance and use is.

As per those lab tests and clinical reports, this iGrow Hair laser growth system is effective for various kinds of hair loss including hereditary, menopause, aging baldness, and many others.

This hair regrowth system is beneficial for men and women of all ages, and within the shortest span of time, around 16 weeks, you get to witness its positive results.

It is wired operating a laser hair growth system. You have to plug into an outlet for power, which makes the mobility limited, but a blessing in disguise, you would not have to worry about changing the battery or wait for the battery to get fully charged.

As per the performance comparison, it is one of the finest devices. But it is equally comfortable to wear as well.

Wearing this helmet would not bring even the tiniest of discomfort, the weight of the device is distributed evenly, all across the device.

It is not heavy, it provides a relaxing experience, and the construction is of good quality.

And in case you don’t like its performance, or you think it is not bringing you the promised results, the brand is there to rescue you.

It provides six months money-back guarantee, you pack it back and get your money fully refunded.

What We Like!

  • Easy to use, weight is evenly distributed
  • Good for various kinds of hair loss including aging-related baldness
  • Integrated headphones help you kill time
  • Clinically approved a device for regrowing hair

Things to Consider!

  • Outdated directions

6. illumiflow Laser Cap for Hair Growth

Features at a glance
  • 148 laser diodes integrated
  • 6 months money-back guarantee
  • FDA cleared product
  • Good for 20,000 sessions

Illumiflow comes from one of the thought leaders behind the laser hair growth industry and devices.

This cap was one of very few laser hair growth products years back, and from that time, the product has witnessed dozens of upgrades.

And it kept people intact due to its super amazing performance. So, if you want something from the pioneers, this is the product you should get your hands on.

This laser cap uses 148 laser diodes and delivers clinically proven and tested results.

Within 3-4 months of consecutive use of this device 3-4 days a week for half an hour, you will start witnessing physical results.

It will within months helps you regrow your natural fuller volume of hair, what it used to be before they start falling or getting thin.

The laser diodes in the cape are set at 650 nm power so that they penetrate the scalp easily, without damaging your hair or skin.

The product is FDA approved, and you are safe to use without any negative impact, only positive fruitful, and desired results.

This device is set to be used for a lifelong. Yes, it can be used for as long as 20,000 sessions which is more than what an average consumer can use in a lifetime.

So, the entire concept of building this hair growth laser case is, to keep working until the hair growth starts.

The only concern, I had with this device is its treatment time. It takes around 20-30 minutes in one session, which can be hard for an average busy person to tolerate.

Furthermore, it is a bit heavy, then other models, and makes it a little discomforting to use for 20-30 minutes.

But, if you look at the performance and results, I would highly recommend buying this cap.

What We Like!

  • From one of the pioneers of laser photo technology in hair growth devices
  • Lasts for more than 20,000 sessions
  • 148 Laser diodes integrated
  • Integrated advanced cooling technology to preserve the performance

Things to Consider!

  • Little heavy

7. CapillusUltra Mobile Laser Therapy Cap for Hair Regrowth

Features at a glance
  • Eighty-two laser emitting diodes
  • Clinically approved FDA cleared
  • Wireless operations
  • 6-minute treatment

Do you know what is the biggest issue with the laser hair growth systems? They look impractical, and you can’t wear them like a regular cap or helmet in public?

If that’s your biggest concern, I reckon you to buy a CapillusUltra Mobile laser therapy cap for hair regrowth.

This looks like a cap, but under the skin brings all the benefits of a laser hair growth system.

It is a great travel companion and can be taken around without any big issue, as it looks like a denim cap.

The interior of this cap comes fitted with eighty-two laser diodes. It is a battery-operated laser hair regrowth system; all you have to do is wear it for around six minutes a day.

No need to wear a system for half an hour, it requires just 6 minutes, and helps you regrow your lost hair, and make them look like fuller.

It is one of the most purchased hair growth laser caps that helps you within 3-4 months with your hair regrowing.

In the first month, you may get your hair shedding. it is because the laser technology renovating the old hair follicles and they are trying to get back.

You may feel itching, and in some cases muscle traction, don’t fret, it’s normal, and mentioned in the description of the product.

The manufacturers recommend it using for 12 months to get full hair regrowth.

Within 3-4 months you will start to witness physical changes and decreased rate of hair falling.

But after six months, the changes would be denser and your hairline will be full of grown lurking hair.

What We Like!

  • Only six minutes of therapy a day
  • Eight two laser emitting diodes
  • Looks like a regular denim cap
  • FDA cleared, clinically proved device

Things to Consider!

  • Very slow results

How to Pick a Good Laser Hair Growth System – Buying Guide

Before you go and pick a laser hair growth system, you should learn what makes a device great.

A laser hair growth system is designed for lengthy, and months-long use, so you should take time and consider the mentioned features and aspects ins the laser hair growth device.

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Type of the device

You must decide on the right type of laser hair growth system. There are four types of hair growth devices; helmets, caps, bands, and comps.

If your hair loss is just starting, it is good for you to have a comb or bands.

If you are experiencing hair fall for a long time, or an extended period of time.

It is good for you to go with an element or caps, they are superior options, mount them on your head, turn them on, and start getting all the benefits of these devices.

Your Hair Loss Condition

Hair loss can be treated only if there are alive follicles. There is a limit to the amount of hair loss laser hair growth systems can treat.

So, if the hair loss has been for a long time and the follicles are dead, maybe the laser hair systems can’t help them to regrow hair.

But, if the hair follicles are alive, and it has not been that long for hair loss, you can start using laser hair treatment devices.

So, stay alert about your hair loss, and the state of your hair, because if the follicles are dead, you can’t treat them unless you get a hair implant surgery.

FDA approved product

Yes, laser hair growth systems should be FDA approved, because if the product is not cleared by FDA, not only the performance, but the safety of the consumers are also at the stake.

So, before you start using any product, get it checked that this product should be FDA cleared, and clinically approved.

Time and dedication

Time wearing of these devices makes a great impact. If the time wearing of any of the devices is one hour a day for 3-days in a week, maybe you would not like buying that product.

Because no one has one dedicated hour just for stimulating the hair follicles.

So, buy a device that has a maximum of 10-15 minutes of wearing or therapy, 3-days a week.

And any of the laser hair growth systems can’t just bring your hair back within days.

They stimulate hair follicles, improve blood circulation to those areas, and make your body grow that hair back. It is a long and slow process, that can take months.

So, give it at least 3-4 months before you start complaining about the results. Six months is an average time, at least you should give any product a time.

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Number of Laser emitting diodes

The more laser emitting diodes your laser system has, the better coverage it will provide.

For a cap and a helmet that imperative to have enough diodes to cover the entire scalp.

For a comb though, like you would be moving them constantly, there is no need to have lots of diodes.

Final Verdict

Hair loss and thinning hair make you lose your confidence. To regain that confidence, it is good to use a laser hair growth system.

Technology has made such devices, and the use of photo lights and laser lights in hair growth systems has made them enough good to fix your hair loss issues.

But, as I mentioned above too, there is a limit to what you can get from these devices.

It is not like everyone can get their hair regrown, if the hair follicles under the skin are dead, these devices can’t help you.

In those cases, you might have to take the help of surgery or hair implants.

FAQs About Laser Hair Growth System

Are Laser Hair growth devices safe to use?

Yes, if the device is cleared by the FDA, it is safe to use. As long as the performance is concerned, it is you who can decide better about the product’s performance.

As long as the systems are concerned for safety, they are safe, and can’t damage the skin, even if you use them for a long time, way more than mentioned and recommended.

Is this a device you can share with others?

Yes, you can share them with others, if you want. There is no negative impact or health-related issue of sharing them with others.

If the devices are portable, you can give your friend a try while walking in the park or watching TV.

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