7 Best Slow Cookers Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Who doesn’t like coming home at the end of a hectic day with delicious home-cooked food waiting for you?

I think everyone deserves to be a little cheer up after working under a ruthless boss.

And that cheer-up most for us is to eat favorite food made following your recipe.

To get this done you need the best slow cooker that assists you in following your home recipe and cook up a delicious meal, unattended.

Yes, it is a must-have, it might have turned old for many, but even now some foods can’t be prepared well without using slow cookers.

The added benefit of buying a slow cooker is that it allows you lots of free time.

In the meantime, when food is processed, you can do other regular chores, like cleaning, dusting, or do work.

I am going to provide you a list of the top slow cookers that can help in preparing delicious food without any hiccup.

The models are picked after hours-long research, come at the right price with all features and functions you need.

So without further ado, here are the 7 best slow cookers according to consumer ratings and reports 2023.


Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in, depending on your budget…

Best Slow Cookers Consumer Ratings & Reports

I have compiled a list of the 7 best slow cookers based on consumer ratings and reports 2023.

1. Ninja FD401 Foodi 8-Quart 9-in-1 Deluxe Slow Cooker

Features at a glance
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Spacious inside
  • Reversible rack
  • Easy to use

If you are overwhelmed with the abundance of kitchen appliances around you, and looking into an all-in-one appliance that lets you slow cook, steam, air fry, pressure cook, bake, boost and do many other things, this is what Ninja has to offer.

It is a 9-in-1 kitchen appliance that lets you handle any processing of the food and replace every other appliance near the kitchen.

But that’s true, jack of all trades and master of none products are not useful, I invite you to just check the review of this product.

Words of mouth are one of the biggest proof that no one can garner unless the product is great.

This unit got thousands of reviews with a 4.8 rating, showcases that the model is good at anything regarding food processing and cooking.

Yes, if you are into just buying a slow cooking function, and nothing else, maybe that’s not the right product for you.

But, it has amazing arrays of function that let save your money into buying other appliances.

With an 8 qt cooking capacity, you can easily cook large food items such as Chicken. You can prepare delicious roasts and invite large families to the dinners.

With its reversible rack, it allows up to 8 chicken breasts to be roast, steam, or broil at one time.

No need to wait for hours to get the dinners prepared, just put ingredients once and get them prepared within less period.

With its amazing stainless steel finishing and removable pot, you can remove the pot for cleaning purposes.

The outside of the stainless steel finish slow cooker can be wiped using a dry cloth, the inside can be done using a dishwasher, as it is dishwasher safe.

What We Like!
  • 9-in-1 functions
  • Beautiful Digital panel
  • Elegant Stainless steel finish
  • Spacious inside
Things to Consider!
  • Not good for someone looking only slow cooker

2. Cuisinart 3-in-1 Cook Central Slow Cooker

Features at a glance
  • 3 preset programs
  • Shallow wide surface
  • Keep warm feature
  • Dishwasher safe

Its Cuisinart first product, it takes the 4th spot but that does not mean it is lesser than the rest.

It is one of the best multi-function slow cookers that allows streaming, cooking, browning all in one without any issue or trouble.

It comes with a shallow, and wide surface that allows even heat distribution for smooth cooking.

Especially for browning, you require even heat distribution through the pot. Any area hotter than others on the surface may exploit the whole journey.

It is among very few slow cookers that also offer steaming functions. Normally, Instant pots are used for steaming, but here you get streaming as well as slow cooking and browning.

It is a good-looking slow cooker. It is going to elevate your kitchen decor and look stunning on any countertop.

Its three preset functions make the real difference, keep warm features is also helpful that keep the food warm for many hours after cooking is finished. So, you would not have to serve cold food, or rewarm at dinner parties.

Its pot is removable, lets you clean it without any issue. You can manually wash it or put it in a dishwasher, it is dishwasher safe for smooth hassle-free cleanup.

It is also good for an illuminated digital panel. Yes, this panel helps get the right settings and temperature. It shows the time remaining in the cooking and the total time required for cooking a dish.

It is very helpful, yes too many functions might confuse a first-timer.

What We Like!
  • Wide shallow cooker
  • Ensure even heat distribution
  • Elegant gorgeous looking.
  • Illuminated digital panel
Things to Consider!
  • Multiple functions got some learning curves

3. All-Clad SD700450 Programmable Oval-Shaped Slow Cooker

Features at a glance
  • Insert with handles
  • Elegant Stainless steel exterior
  • Ceramic insert
  • 6-hours keep warm

If you want to buy a slow cooker that lasts for a lifetime and produces quality results, comes with arrays of useful functions, get a hands-on All-clad designed Programmable Oval-shaped slow cooker.

This cooker shares 6 1/2 quarts size and comes with a black ceramic insert, a glass lid, and a digital display to monitor your food cooking.

Its spacious ceramic insert is wide enough to distribute homogeneous heat through it, which leads to successful and desired cookery every time.

Its programmable cooking and 6-hours keep warm features let you have the right control over food cooking without being in the kitchen all the time.

The black ceramic inside is removable for the right serving and easier cleaning purposes.

It is large enough for a big family, goes right to the dinner table without making your food cold, lets you serve the food in the right texture and shape.

You can program the timer up to 26-hours next. There are additional settings for warm, low, and high temperatures.

Once the food is cooked, even when you are not there, it automatically switches to keep warm mode and keep the food warm for the next 6-hours.

Its each heat setting can be programmed two to eight hours on high temperature, and four t 20-hours on low temperature, slow cooking.

No doubt it is a good-looking stainless steel exterior slow cooker. It looks amazing and its elegant exterior allows you to sit on the buffet.

Yes, the smudges and fingerprints due to their stainless steel finish will require maintenance, and before serving the food or putting it on the tablet, clean the smudges up with a dry cloth.

What We Like!
  • Stainless steel polished finish
  • Keep warm up to 6-hours
  • 20-Hours programmable
  • Three temperature settings
Things to Consider!
  • Expensive

4. KitchenAid 6-Qt Slow Cooker With Standard Lid

Features at a glance
  • Two sides opened glass lids
  • Oval shaped design
  • Four temperature settings
  • Programmable for 24-hours

If you are looking into buying a slow cooker that looks good and comes with an abundance of functionality, I advise you not to skip the KitchenAid 6-Quarts Slow cooker.

It is a perfect cooker for easy cooking and seamless serving. It comes with glass lids, the lids can be opened on either side of the handles for keeping the food warm and easy to serve.

It shares a 6-quart cooking insert of Oval-shaped to help you roast while chickens.

You can easily cook food for an event or a big family, it is good-sized. It is easy to remove for cleaning or serving purposes.

I loved the settings this cooker shares. Unlike other many expensive ranged slow cookers that offer only low and high-temperature settings, it provides four settings.

It offers slow, medium, high, and keep-warm settings. You can program it for the next 24-hours, if you are not there at the time of cooking, it keeps the food warmed after cooking for the next four hours.

Well, do not forget the easy-to-read digital panel. The illuminated display lets you view the cooking time remaining and temperature settings while cooking.

For easier storage, it offers space on the bottom, the cord stores there.

In a nutshell, the cooker got all the features a great unit comes integrated with.

It is a good-looking unit, offers settings for unattended cooking, it is going to ease down your cooking process and makes the journey hassle-free.

What We Like!
  • Good looking model
  • Easy to remove for washing
  • Allows 24-hours programmability
  • Keep food warm after cooking for 4-hours
Things to Consider!
  • 200-degree C is a low temperature

5. Hamilton Beach 6-Quart Digital Programmable Slow Cooker

Features at a glance
  • 6- Quarts size
  • 3 program settings
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Gasket lid

It is hard to buy a slow cooker that offers spacious sizes to cook food for a normal family with all nuts and bolts.

This Hamilton-designed Portable 6-Quarts Programmable slow cooker checks most of the boxes right and offers you the right atmosphere to cook delicious food.

It offers programmable features, if you do not like programmable features switch it to the manual, it works fine with manual tools.

At 6 quarts, it got the right space to cook the right amount of food for a big family, a perfect size for most of the families to cook even meal.

The most amazing aspect of this slow cooker is that when food is cooked, it automatically switches to warm settings to protect the right taste and texture of the food processing.

It keeps the food at the right and safe temperature for long hours.

It is a travel-friendly cooker. You can take it with you on travel. Its lid comes with a gasket to prevent spills.

The lid clips tight on the cooker to help you take a cooked meal to Potluck or outdoor dinners.

I loved the way a spoon is clipped on the cooker. It helps in serving and is never lost in transit. You always find it besides to serve food without any problem.

The slow cooker designed by Hamilton got the right settings to help you.

It has three settings, the first is program setting that determines the cooking time, the second is a probe that probes the right temperature for the doneness, and the last is manual, which lets you set the low, average, or high temperature without setting the time to cook food.

If you are living in an area where power outage is too often, this unit still helps you to cook food.

When the power goes, it still remembers the right temperature and other settings to let you continue cooking without any interruption.

What We Like!
  • Right size for a big family
  • Dishwasher safe
  • The gasket lid prevents spills
  • Temperature probe setting
Things to Consider!
  • Hard to read panel

6. Crock-Pot Slow Cooker With Digital Countdown Timer

Features at a glance
  • 8-quart size
  • Stainless steel made
  • Eye-catching design
  • 3 programmable Settings

Crock-Pot is one of the biggest names in the world of kitchen appliances.

The brand has more than one top-rated product leading the kitchen appliance niche.

Among them, this 8-quart, multi-functional and versatile cooker is top on the list. It is a perfect cooker for a big family, on 8-quarts it lets you cooking something for a big event.

With this product Crockpot hit the nail right on the head, it offers everything you can wish for in a slow cooker.

This slow cooker boasts an eye-catching design. It is a nice blend of superior performance and gorgeous design, going to compliment your kitchen decor.

This cooker comes with three heat settings. You can set it at low temperature, to cook food at really low temperature to respect every ingredient added.

You can go with average settings, to cook traditionally, and high-temperature settings to cook the food immediately.

The Crock-Pot-designed slow cooker also integrates an illuminated panel. This digital panel comes with three settings, power on and off button, shows the time remaining in cooking the food, and total time.

The traditional stainless steel-made slow cooker requires low maintenance. Its stoneware pot and lid are removable, you can remove both of them for cleaning purposes.

One more thing, both are dishwasher safe, put it in your dishwasher to get instant cleaning.

You can program it for the next 20-hours. Its automatic cooking function will start cooking for the hours you have set it on.

If you are not assisting the cooking, it allows unattended cooking, and keeps the foods warm for the next 4-hours after cooking.

What We Like!
  • Offers versatility
  • It is easy to use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Big sized
Things to Consider!
  • Lots of function confuses if you are a first-timer

7. Crock-Pot Cook & Carry Slow Cooker

Features at a glance
  • Comes with a dialer
  • Simple to use
  • Two heat settings
  • 4-hours Keep warm

If you are a little traditional and do not like a bundle of advanced functions, features, or settings, I think you should pay attention to buying Crackpot Carry slow cooker.

It does not come with fancy settings or extra nuts and bolts but the slow cooking function to turn excellent meals.

It is a six-quart cooker that showcases its aesthetics and makes a compliment to your kitchen.

It comes in manual and digital settings, this one shares manual settings, no extra bells, and whistles to make someone old confused.

This manual control version’s low cooker comes with a dial. This dial allows you to choose between high, low, and warm settings.

The keep-warm settings allow the food to be warm for at least 4-hours after cooking.

The heat settings for this one and the one that comes with a digital timer are the same, for low temperature the cooking time will be 8-10, and for high temperature cooking it will be 4-6 hours.

Its cooking insert, as well as glass lid, is dishwasher safe. And for the exterior, the smudges and fingerprints can be wiped using a dry cloth if you do not want to dish wash this unit.

Its exterior shares stainless steel polishing, and the black accents add a cherry to the cake, makes it looks great.

Well, most of the settings are like your first slow cooker except for a few advanced features.

Such as, it got handles that make it easy to take around for outdoor events. It also got a locking lid to prevent spills.

Again, it is a very basic slow cooker that is good for someone using a slow cooker for the first time or does not like advanced, or extra useless features.

What We Like!
  • Simple to use
  • Two heat settings
  • The pot comes with handles
  • Stainless steel polished exterior
Things to Consider!
  • No digital timer

How To Choose The Best Slow Cooker

A slow cooker is one of the most essential items in your kitchen. It is among one those gadgets that you did not realize you needed until you buy one.

It requires effortless and hassle-free cooking, it requires a minimum amount of cooking preparation and lets you prepare delicious meals.

So, in this section, we shall mention the top features or attributes you look into a slow cooker before buying one for yourself.

Size of the slow cooker

Slow cookers come in different shapes and sizes. It is not like that one which is a good suit for your friend would be a right fit for you. As a general guide, it depends on the capacity of the food you are going to cook.

Generally, a slow cooker of 2-3 liter is good for 2-3 people food cooking. And one of 4-5 liter of food cooking capacity will be fine for four to five individuals.

For larger families, it is good to have 5-7 liters of capacity, it will help them cook enough amount of food to fits the needs of a large family.


As I mentioned, slow cookers come in a variety of shapes. It is important to consider the shape of the cooker before buying one.

If you cook whole chickens and prepare roasts, it is good to buy an oval-shaped cooker, in that way you will be able to fill that up with the whole chicken and roast.

For preparing soups and stews, I do not think the shape is important.


Cookers come with controls that help users to control the heat, cooking time, and other things.

For slow cooking, it will require several hours to cook the food. If you want your food to be prepared within a few hours, high-temperature settings would be helpful.

In the same way, the keep warm feature is helpful to keep your food warm for several hours before serving. In that way, you serve your guest or your family members a fresh and warm meal.

Many slow cookers come with programmable cooking features. This feature lets them program the cooking time in advance.

In that way, they get the food prepared even when they are not home, without assisting the food preparation physically you can get the meal prepared on time.

Multiple cooking functions

Cookers also come with multiple function cooking. It means you can perform many other tasks besides slow cooking. Such as pressure cooking, sautéing, searing, steaming, and baking.

Most of us do not prefer a multi-function cooking cooker as it becomes hard to use those functions. They think buying one is more like having a jack of all trades, master of none.

Yes, if know how to use different functions, and rely on kitchen appliance in food preparation it is a good idea to buy a multiple cooker function.

Ease of cleaning

Before you buy one slow cooker it is important to learn, whether that unit is easier to clean or not?

Yes, manufactures indicate that this particular product’s bowl or glass lid is dishwasher safe. It saves lots of your time in cleaning the cooker and focus only on cooking.

Final Verdict

Slow cookers are very effective in their functionalities to cook delicious food. If you have the patience, you can prepare home cooking food slowly of your flavor.

In this guide, we have reviewed the top slow cookers available on the market right now.

We have added here some models that do not offer too many extra features, come with very basic functions to operate.

And we added some which are multi-functional, they can be used for pressure cooking, Searing, steaming and backing. It is up to you what you are pleased to cook food with.

We are hopeful that this guide will make you find a slow cooker of your choice and help in making your food cooking process as seamless and hassle-free as possible.

People Also Asked About Slow Cookers 

How many temperature settings slow cooker comes with?

Generally, Slow cookers come with three temperature settings. Slow, high and keep warm temperature setting.

Slow temperature setting often takes around 6-8 hours of cooking, and high-temperature setting takes 2-4 hours of cooking time. Keep warm setting keep your food warm for several hours before you serve.

What is the low temperature on a cooker?

The low-temperature setting is around 200-degree F setting. It is not too much heat for cooking, that’s why if you set this it takes hours in preparation of food.

So, apply low setting only when you need food in the next 6-8 hours.

Can we keep food in Keep warm mood overnight?

Slow cookers come with programmable features that allow you to program your cooking for up to 20-plus hours.

I mean, you can set the machine in the night to prepare breakfast in the morning, and keep it in warm mode before you get up and eat.

But, if you have already prepared food, do not put that in keep warm mode for overnight.

It is not good for your health, and the temperature is also not very high, it can lead to foodborne illness.

Could we cook frozen meat in the slow cooker?

No, do not put frozen meat in the cooker for food preparation. It is not allowed, as frozen meat will decrease the temperature of the cooker and it will take more time for cooking the food.

There are possibilities that you do not get the desired taste or results.

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