Best Whole House Generators Consumer Ratings & Reports

Generators are a great help in times of uncertainty. These generators can help in surviving black-outs or sudden power cut downs.

If your surroundings don’t have power cut-offs, then you can use these generators to support excessive lighting around the house.

A great party outdoors needs good lighting, and these generators can support such a load with a lot of ease.

Made to power an entire house, you can use these anytime, but practically only in your house.


Here are the top products we picked out through amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget…

10 Best Whole House Generators Reviews

These are a few generators that are our top picks.

1. All power American Restoration Generator

It is a generator that is easy to maintain and won’t cause extensive problems in turning it on.

This generator can continuously handle 10,000 watts for 11 hours, and since it has a huge fuel tank, you can keep refilling it, and it will help you maintain the number of hours it gives you.

The tank is specifically 8 gallons, which is enough to be used for an extensive amount of time. The generator can maintain a pretty loud voice considering the engine is exposed to the air and will make noise.

The generator also has a great mobility system. This can be easily moved from one place to another. There are wheels attached to the bottom, which help you move it from one place to another.

These can be used in camping or fishing scenarios and will help in bad situations such as hurricanes or any other reason than mat deprive you of electricity. Talk about easy functions. T

his specific generator has a great electrical press start and had multiple sources of connections that make it easier for anyone to operate.

The press start button can also be used as a backpack, and you can attach a separate auto turn on the system yourself.

What We Like!
  • Electrical switch system.
  • Flat wheels for easy transport.
  • I can work continuous hours.
Things to Consider!
  • Is pretty loud.

2. Durostar Electric Start Portable Generator

Durostar works on a great budget-friendly economic state which uses normal gas, which can be found in normal houses. This makes it easy for you to maintain the generator.

You won’t have to worry about the gas supply ending or suddenly running out because your normal connection wouldn’t just shut itself off. This can bare a good amount of load for a pretty long time.

This does still need a little oil to work efficiently, but luckily this has a great system of being shut off when the fuel is too low to operate to avoid choking up the engine.

This generator can handle 10,000 watts at its peak hours, which means it can easily support a whole house all by itself. Not only so, but this has a selection of power outlet usage.

You can set the generator to support specific power outlets such as the ones which only give out 120 volts or 240 volts all f the internal and external winding are made out of copper to about any sort of rusting and has an all-metal construction which makes it rugged and good for a long time of usage.

What We Like!
  • The given controls are great
  • Multiple operating options
Things to Consider!
  • Connecting it to the main power line may be a little difficult.

3. Fireman Extended electric generator | Gas or Propane Fuel

Are you in need of a portable and hybrid generator that makes life easier for you? Considering the situation where there is no actual gasoline supply, this generator can easily run on propane gas, making it so much more versatile than other generators.

This allows you to have an option between having two commonly found fuels and can be switched from either of them in seconds. This allows the user to be carefree when going about on road trips where gas may not be commonly found.

This initially comes with a long propane regulator, which is 5.5 ft long and can be connected to tanks for extended use, and you won’t have to be worried about the gas catching fire since it would have a safe distance.

The max-pro life series allows this to be one of the most versatile and rugged generators, which provide you with a great output of 12 hours of continuous usage. The 8-gallon tank does not run out, and the generator supplies a consistent source of electricity.

What We Like!
  • It can be used anywhere and everywhere.
  • Is extremely portable.
  • The generator is great for the outdoors.
Things to Consider!
  • Is pretty loud.

4. WEN Portable Generator | Electric Start

What’s easier than having an electrical power switch to turn a generator on and off? A remote controller that switches the generator on and off with a distance of 160 feet.

Imagine the convenience you’d have with having one of these on your hands. These remote controllers start the generator easily with just one touch.

You can make your family feel safe and sound with these remotes, and you won’t have to go out of the house if there is an emergency state. You can be safe and still have electricity in your home. You won’t have to worry.

This is a gas generator with a capacity of 6 gallons. This runs for a good amount of time, counting up to 7.5 hours.

This not only has the convenience of a remote controller but also has a display screen, which shows all that you need to know about your generator; this is great when it comes to keeping up with maintaining the generator.

A keyed ignition prevents unnecessary switches when not required; take this as a kids protectant.

Not only think, but the generator comes with a 2-year warranty in which the company serves you with the great technician and very good helplines that are there to serve you better every day.

What We Like!
  • Extremely easy startup.
  • Key ignition to avoid unnecessary startups.
Things to Consider!
  • Has only one fuel option.

5. Generac Portable Gas-Powered Generator

This is one of the lightest generators of all of the ones that are mentioned. This has one of the lightest startup volts and running volts out of all of the rest of the generators.

This is great for supporting RVs and small houses. These are great for supporting appliances with heavy voltages but wouldn’t be able to do so when there is an extensive amount of things running on this generator at the same time.

Generac’s engine is and with splash lubrication, which helps it sustain long life and runs for a longer time. A longer engine life means it provides a good outcome for the user to use and does not need extensive maintenance.

But considering maintenance, this has a display meter that tracks the maintenance time and alerts when necessary. There is also a safeguard that protects the generator from running on low fuel and automatically shuts off when the condition applies.

Talking about added protection, this has a circuit breaker, which helps in maintaining a good flow of energy and does not let appliances get damaged. This provides added protection to the entire thing and helps maintain a good service.

What We Like!
  • Hardened self tube for extra protection.
  • splash lubrication
  • Easy to maintain.
Things to Consider!
  • Does not support a very large amount of volts as compared to the other generators.

6. Generac Running Starting Inverter Generator

Generac’s iQ2000 is the perfect generator for driving your ideal burdens in an assortment of open-air situations, including parks, campgrounds, terrace parties, and closely following occasions.

Outsider testing has demonstrated the iQ2000 to be calmer than its competitors, allowing clients to give the capacity to their ideal burdens without upsetting everyone around them.

The generator can be associated with an assortment of delicate apparatuses, including gadgets, as its advanced inverter module changes over the crude force it produces from DC to AC power. The best part is that the iQ2000 is anything but difficult to utilize and flaunts imaginative highlights not found on some other inverter generator in the business.

While the unit’s Start, Run and Stop capacities can be physically set through the iQ2000’s PowerDial, clients can flip between Turbo, Standard, and Economic modes using a straightforward change to lessen commotion and fuel utilization rates dependent on load necessities.

When things requiring higher force yields are associated with the generator, Turbo mode ought to be used. For loads requiring insignificant force yield, changing to Economy mode is suggested; Standard mode should be used for all moderate burden necessities. To oblige bigger burden prerequisites, the iQ2000 is additionally equal to skilled.

Clients talk about the force yield accessible to their ideal loads by associating two generators using a discretionary Parallel Kit. Concerning item criticism, the unit’s dashboard presents LED shows that can be used to screen the generator’s working status persistently.

What We Like!
  • Multiple working modes
  • Extensively quiet.
  • Easy to operate.
Things to Consider!
  • Issues have been found regarding custom services.

7. Duromax. Electric Portable charger

This will be your companion when it comes to power outages. This will help you maintain a good supply of electricity while not being a burden throughout the year. This generator is great and light.

It provides the necessary amount of electricity you would need. A few appliances and several lights are what this generator can handle. It can help set a good pace, known to go through multiple hours of power shortages.

This will definitely not let you down. This also has a great option of using propane gas or regular gas. This works great on both conditions and does not take a lot of time to start up.

This would be a hassle to maintain when it comes to such things. The generator also does not take a lot of time to switch over from propane gas to regular gas or vice versa.

The engine is cooled off and sufficiently works thought out your needs. This also has a great option when it comes to automatic switch offs. This does so when the generator runs low on oil and needs to take a break to maintain a good engine.

What We Like!
  • Eco friendly.
  • Easy switch
  • Air-cooled engine
  • Lightweight.
Things to Consider!
  • Does not support a hefty load.

8. DuroMax Portable Dual Fuet generator

A true saver. In literal terms, this generator makes life easier and has a great way of saving money. You can use this for an extended amount of time.

This also has a great idle mode where it can work continuously but have the engine turn down the RMPs, making it use a smaller amount of oil and lowering the sound it creates.

This helps save fuel and is apparently great for workplaces that need the continuous power supply for the extra machinery, but it can be put on idle mode if these are turned off.

This also has a choice of 2 fuels. These can help in saving up in the situation. These also are great for both homes and trips outside. This has a choice of full capacity and half capacity.

This means you have the choice to make the generator work on 120V for an extended amount of time or on both 120/240V for a limited time.

A generator coil or engine choking up is a huge problem that can cause the person to lose a lot of money from their pocket while taking it to the repair shop. So to avoid that from happening, the generator has a low oil shut-off mode. Where it automatically shuts off to avoid such incidents.

What We Like!
  • Low-fuel automatic shut off
  • idle mode saving.
  • Individual breakers to prevent overloading
Things to Consider!
  • There are a few communications problems with the company.

9. Champion power equipment Portable Generator

Track maintenance is really helpful while using generators. This makes it easier to know the number of hours, voltage, and hertz the generator has worked up.

This can be really helpful in maintenance since you will know exactly what type of services the generator requires. And this is perfectly equipped with a maintenance meter, which helps in tracking what is necessary.

This generator is great for running a good 10,000V and can switch between lower volts from time to time.

This also has a great option to choose between propane or gasoline; both of these connections work great right off the bat. Take the generator out of the box and start using it instantly.

This is easy to start with a great electrical switch; the generator is 459 cc and works great with outdoor situations, and can power a whole house, including larger appliances.

What We Like!
  • Easy electrical switch
  • Low-oil power turns off.
  • Easy to maintain.
Things to Consider!
  • A little difficult to move around.

10. Aims Power Inverter charger | 4000 Watt Single Phase

This is not a specific generator but an inverter which stabilize sensitive electrical devices and helps them become much easier to keep maintained.

This inverter means that things like computers and multiple other devices that may abruptly turn off while the power is shut off won’t be a larger risk of being corrupted.

Inverters provide a stable voltage, which helps them stay very stable until the generator switches on. If there are abrupt ends to computers or such devices, it may cause multiple crashes and require repairs.

But can be saved with the help of these inverters. This can support a total of 12,000 volts and has the ability to surge for 20 seconds, which allows not to give startup appliances the chance to go out to start up again.

This only supports 12,000 volts and is suggested to get a bugger inverted in it has a higher need for power. This is a pure sine wave inverter, which makes it compatible with each other appliance there is. Since they’re already made in a way that supports sine wave.

What We Like!
  • Compatible with any appliance.
  • A good surge of energy.
  • Supports 12,000 volts
Things to Consider!
  • Requires specifically large wires to operate.

Buying guide for Whole House Generators

How many Volts should I look for in a generator?

This is dependent solely on what your house looks like or how many appliances you want running in a time where there is no electricity. Most generators will be able to support a good 10,000-8,000 volts in one time and will be able to run appliances, which can take 120-240volts. These are great and make a huge amount of noise, but they can be fixed with a soundproof protector, which helps you see the noise and enjoy a calm time.


The body of a generator is made out of steel almost all the time, but copper usage helps run the generator much more smoothly. This helps in retaining a good amount of electricity and smoothly having a good outflow and supply. There can be multiple steel bars added to the generator’s sides, making it much safer to use. There can also be handlebars and tires added in the generators to make it much more portable and easy to carry around in the time of need or when it comes to going around camping trips.


Some Generators can be turned on by a simple touch of a remote controller; some need to be physically turned on, some have a tough string attached to the side, which needs to be pulled to start the generator. There is an electrical button in the generator most of the time, which really easily turns it on. This makes it easier to use. But make sure this is specially mentioned when you’re buying the product, or you’ll be stuck with either installing an electrical switch or will be left tugging on tough ropes to get the thing started. Choose your convenience when it comes to starting the generator.


This noise is definitely unavoidable. The engine that produces electricity makes this sound. It is not extremely unbearable, considering these generators are only used a few times a year for some people. These noises will range from around 60-80 decibels. These noises can be avoided, but they would cost you a little more as the soundproof covers installed on these generators cost additional money. These are a great option too. Opt for since they really help make the surroundings quiet, which still has the convenience of electricity.

Wrap Up

These are great products that are suitable for all types of situations and have great portability. They are easy to maneuver and can be taken around on camping trips and places where you would like to have electricity. All of these provide a great deal for the convenience they offer, and these are known to be a one-time investment.

These are a few things you need to keep in mind when it comes to buying home generators.  No one is safe when it comes to power shortages. We all end up suffering from such mishaps and are, most of the time, very long outrages that leave your home and the residents of your home helpless and in difficult situations. And so to help yourself, you need to buy a good home generator.

FAQ’s about the Whole House Generators

How big of a generator do I need to run my whole house?

A generator with a rating of 5K to 7K is enough for all household equipment. It will easily run a water pump, freezer & the lighting system.

What are the benefits of a Whole-House Generator?

Unlike a lawnmower style, it is of high-quality stuff, is liquid cool instead of air, lower RPM, and quiet guy. Rest assured is fuel-efficient and can handle all household equipment all alone.

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