7 Best Bed Bug Spray Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Bed bugs once appeared are not going to leave the place easily.

These definitely give you a hard time, and thus you must equip yourself to get rid of them.

A quick and affordable solution is to invest in an effective bed bug spray & the other option is Ultrasonic Pest Repeller.

This spray will not only kill them but also inhibit their growth and reproduction. This article throws light on the 7 most used bed bug sprays the world over.

7 Best Bed Bug Spray Reviews

Please have a look at them and go through their characteristics once. Choose the product that best suits you, and never let these creatures spoil your sleep.

1. HARRIS 5 Minute Bed Bug Killer | Editor’s Choice

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Nothing can make you hate your bed but bed bugs can.

Are you already going through this miserable situation?

Bring Harris bed bug spray to your home.

Spray it directly onto the susceptible areas. It will accomplish its mission within 5 minutes.

It works equally well on bed bugs at all life stages and promises a one-month long residual kill. Its patent-pending technology reflects the fact that it is absolutely safe to use.

The best part about this bed bug killer is that it does not even harm our environment. Its EPA certification gives evidence to this statement, while its odorless formula is another worthy additive.

It comes in a 128oz bottle that easily lasts for as long as you eliminate bed bugs.

All in all, it is an effective product for all possible hideouts of these tiny creatures.

Trust this product once, and it will continue to be your first choice for ages.

  • EPA certification
  • Environment friendly
  • 128oz bottle
  • Odorless
  • Long residual kill
  • Patent-pending technology
  • Works in 5 min only
  • You must not spray it on your bed sheets or pillow covers

2. JT Eaton Oil Based Bed Bug Spray

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The itching, irritation, and scars of bed bug bites scare you up to a great extent.

Never let these creatures make your home their permanent residence. Invest in JT-Eaton oil-based bed bug killer now.

It comes in a pack of 4-gallon containers and thus lasts for as long as it completes its mission.

The best part about this ready to use liquid is that it comes with a sprayer attachment.

This gives it its convenience making it the buyer’s first choice in the market.

You may even use this effective product to get rid of several other insects.

Its performance outshines your expectations and that too without leaving any residuals.

It is also quite easy to use. Spray it on the infected area, and it will do the rest on its own.

The overall weight of this item is 6.9 lbs only.

Confidently invest in it, and it will never disappoint you.

If you do not believe it, give it a try once. You will stick to it for years to come.

Note: Shake well before use

  • Ready to use
  • Sprayer Attachment
  • Kills bed bugs and other insects
  • Kills on direct contact
  • Comes in a pack of 4 gallons
  • Works effectively
  • It is unsafe for children

3. ZOECON 100208930 Essentria IC-3 Insecticide

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Equipped with 8 hours of residual protection, Essentria has the power to kill bed bugs completely.

It comes in a 32oz gallon that is enough to make 8 gallons of a ready-to-use liquid.

The most admirable part about this bed bug killer is that it is made out of natural ingredients.

This clearly reflects that it is absolutely safe to use at home and never harms our environment.

Its active ingredients work by making the bed bug eggs unable to hatch.

In other words, it breaks their lifecycle purifying your place from these creepy creatures.

This product’s overall weight is 2.2 lbs only, and it possesses a very light natural fragrance.

Invest in it right now and let it help you say bye to the most stubborn insects ever.

  • Comes in a good quantity
  • Organic product
  • Environment Friendly
  • Works fast
  • Natural Fragrance
  • Targets bed bug eggs.
  • It will not work for killing mosquitoes

4. Bed Bug Killer by EcoRaider 16 oz, Fast and Sure Kill

Are you always afraid of spraying a bed bug killer on the infected area?

Put all your fears aside and buy this EcoRaider bed bug killer now.

Made out of organic ingredients, this product keeps your environment safe and healthy.

It does not even harm your pets or children and still works fast and effectively.

Its USDA certification itself is enough to put an end to all your safety concerns.

The most appreciated quality of this product is that it comes with a sprayer attachment.

This feature contributes a lot in attracting buyers and makes it easy to use the product for all.

It even works on resistant bed bugs at all life stages.

Besides that, Its dry residual protection lasts for as long as two weeks.

Its high performance itself speaks of its quality and effectiveness.

You may even spray it directly on your mattress or bed sheets. It will never harm you, your pets, or your children.

It comes in a pack of a 16 oz bottle and weighs one lb only.

You must now be planning to give this product a buy. Go ahead, and it will never fail to live up to your expectations.

  • 16 oz bottle
  • Pet and child friendly
  • Eco friendly
  • Works fast and effectively
  • Works on bed bugs at all stages
  • Sprayer attachment
  • Works on resistant bed bugs as well
  • It kills on contact only

5. Bedlam Bed Bugs Spray (2 Spray Cans)

Bedlam Bed bug spray is a trusted product for fighting against bed bugs.

It comes in a pack of 2 cans and thus lasts until it cleans your space from these crawling creatures. It even works for several other insects and flies and leaves a residual to work on future pests.

The most admirable quality of this aerosol spray is that it can be used on almost all surfaces.

It immediately kills the pests on contact and never stains your mattress or sheets. It does not even have any unpleasant smell and is absolutely safe to be used on fabrics.

This product’s overall weight is 2.69 pounds, and it is extremely convenient and easy to use.

Buy this product now and take a step towards eliminating pests and insects from your space.

Note: It is always better to wear gloves, masks, and goggles when using such products.

  • Aerosol spray
  • Leaves a Residual effect
  • No stain
  • No smell
  • Works fast and effectively
  • Kills bed bugs
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Fabric Friendly
  • Each can hold a total of 17 oz, which is relatively less than its competitors.

6. JT Eaton 217 Kills Bed Bugs Plus Aerosol Water Based Insect Spray

Are you tired of having sleepless nights followed by a never-ending series of itching and irritation?

JT Eaton aerosol spray is now here at your service.

Providing 12 weeks of residual protection, this spray never fails at killing bed bugs at all life stages. It even makes their eggs unable to hatch and also works on ants and cockroaches.

Unlike several other products, it is quite easy and convenient to use.

You may directly spray it on the infected area, and it will kill the targeted pests within minutes. It comes in a pack of 2 cans with 17.5 oz of liquid in each.

The overall weight of the product is 2.7 lbs only. It never harms the environment and has no smell. It does not even stain any fabric and is safe to use indoors.

Trust this product blindly and bid farewell to all such harmful pests without wasting your precious time.

Try it now and avail its advantages.

  • Works quickly
  • Kills bed bugs and other pests and insects
  • Aerosol spray bottle
  • The residual effect lasts for 12 weeks
  • No odor and No stain
  • Safe on fabric
  • Indoor use
  • Targets bed bugs at all life stages
  • It can harm your eyes if it accidentally gets into them.

7. Bed Bug Spray By Green Buddy

A non-toxic bed bug killer is essential for almost all households. It promises to keep your environment safe and never fails at killing bed bugs at all stages of life.

This product’s most promising feature is that it comes in a 16 oz bottle with a sprayer attachment.

This gives it its ease of use and convenience that attracts all.

Its formula leaves no stains and has absolutely no odor.

You may even use it with children and pets around.

Spray it on mattresses and bedsheets and let it work for a total of 10 minutes only. It will surely save you from bed bug bites making it possible for you to sleep well at night.

You may even use it in a household with pets and children, and it will never let you have any safety concerns.

Confidently purchase it, and it will clear all infected areas within a few days of usage.

If you still have any doubts, let’s go through its features once again. It will help you say yes to this wondrous product without any second thoughts.

  • Works fast and effectively
  • Kills bed bugs at all life stages
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Sprayed directly
  • It might not work on other insects

Buying Guide for Bed Bug Spray

Bed bug bites never fail to give you a hard time. A quick and reliable solution to this issue is to invest in the best bed bug spray.

However, certain important factors must be considered here. This article highlights them in detail, intending to help you in making this critical choice.

Let’s begin our journey through this informative and helpful article now.


Bed bugs die hard. These are habitual to hiding themselves in inaccessible nooks and corners of your mattresses or sofas.

Keeping their nature in view, a bed bug spray must be able to penetrate deep into such surfaces. It must kill these creatures mercilessly to save you from staying up all night long.

Always be mindful of this factor and choose a product accordingly.


Pest killers are often equipped with chemicals or ingredients that are extremely harmful to other living beings.

Never turn a blind eye to the safety and wellbeing of your children and pets. Cultivate a habit of looking for the ingredients of all pest killers first. Search for their possible harms.

Only then will you be able to choose sensibly.

Note: The product must be free from allergens that can cause breathing difficulties for people with Asthma.

It must also be free from chemicals that can trigger aggression, fear, or any other sudden behavioral change in pets.


No pest killer can kill all bed bugs at once. You will definitely need to spray it at least twice or thrice a day for a week, at least.

Running out of the product in the meantime can surely irritate you up to a great extent. Obviously, you will dislike the hassle of leaving your home to buy another bottle of the product.

A good solution to this trouble is to opt for a product that comes in a good quantity.

Another option is to buy a product that comes in a bundle of 2 or 6 bottles. This will help you bid a perfect farewell to the menace of bed bugs.


A pungent smell sometimes makes it difficult for you to breathe properly.

It numbs your senses and thus makes it impossible for you to use the product again.

If you wish to avoid facing this issue, you must first look into the wide variety of odorless bed bug sprays. These are convenient to use and are as good as those with a pungent smell.

Remember, an unbearable smell never kills anyone. It never reflects a product’s ability to work well on bed bugs.

Put such false perceptions aside and opt for a product accordingly.


Bed bugs often hide in your mattresses, sofas, cushions, or comforters.

To get rid of them, you end up spraying these sprays onto the fabric covering these surfaces.

The presence of colors or pigments can obviously leave unwashable stains on the upholstery. I am sure no one ever wants to bear this kind of loss.

A sensible way to avoid it is to buy a spray that promises to leave no stains. Pay attention to this factor; otherwise, get ready to bear the additional cost.


Taking care of your environment is as important as taking care of your own self. Therefore, never be neglectful of choosing environmentally friendly products.

These are safe to use and do not harm our surroundings in any way.

Final Verdict

These listed products are critically analyzed in terms of their effectiveness, quality, quantity, and safety.

These are counted among the most trusted products the world over.

JT Eaton 204-O1GP Kills Bedbugs Oil Based Kills Bed Bug Spray is the best, in my opinion.

Its quantity and quality are what everyone desires for a while. It is also unparalleled in terms of the safety and performance that it promises.

You can confidently trust either of these products to help you fight your war against bed bugs like an equipped warrior. These will always be by your side, helping you stay safe from bed bug bites.

FAQ’s about Bed Bug Spray

Are bed bug spray safe for a household with pets and children?

Keeping your safety and convenience in view, these sprays ensure safety in all possible ways. These are safe to be used with pets and children around and have no potential harm to your environment.

Can I use bed bug sprays without wearing masks and gloves?

It is always better to be as safe as you can. Wearing goggles, gloves, or masks would never do any harm. These will rather keep you protected from the possibility of any harm.

However, you may carefully spray these bed bug killers without wearing these protective gear.

Be careful. Never let them get into your eye, nose, or mouth.

Are bed bug sprays harmful to our eyes?

Every pest killer must never get into your eyes at any cost.

It has the ability to harm your vision. The more concentrated ones can even harm your lens’s ability to see or focus.

Therefore, always be careful about that.

Can bed bug sprays actually kill bed bugs?

People have been using these sprays for years now, and these are thus known for their results.

Confidently use these sprays and get rid of these blood-sucking creatures forever.

Are bed bug sprays harmful to people with asthma?

Asthma patients are allergic to certain chemicals.

Always check for their absence in the product you choose if you or your family members are allergic to it.

Is it safe to use bed bug sprays right before sleeping?

Bed bugs usually bite at night. Therefore, it is always advised to spray these onto your mattresses right before sleeping.

However, do not immediately lay down on the sprayed surface.

Let it work for a few minutes first. It will help you sleep well without any disturbance.

Can I use bed bug sprays during day time?

For effective and lasting results, please spray these twice or thrice a day.

It will inhibit their reproduction, making it easier for you to say bye to these creepy creatures quickly.

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