7 Best Fish Finders Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Fishing trips are exciting, but they can be turned into misery if you come out late without catching being a single fish?

And to prevent you or your family from the simplest, there come fishing finders, which help you perform better than the one with 40-years of fish catching experience.

Believe me, I have been on fish-catching trips, and in the end, it becomes all about better tools and gears.

If you have the best fish finder along, the one with the latest technological features integrated, and Pro Anglers, you will be flooded with the fishes.

And the person standing alongside you, at the same spot for catching fishes around would be looking at you like you have invented Fire.

But great fish finders come at a price, most of them are out of an ordinary person’s budget. Finding a reasonably priced Fish Finder, the one with all nuts and bolts of catching fish for a budget price built-in is a time-consuming and tedious hunt.

And we are all set to take you on the hunt, going to help you pick the right fish finders to help you catch lots of fish.

In this post, I am going to review the 7 best fish finders according to consumer ratings and reports 2023.


Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in, depending on your budget…

Best Fish Finders Consumer Ratings & Reports

I have compiled a list of the 7 best fish finders based on consumer ratings and reports 2023.

1. Ray Marine Electronics Dragonfly Pro 7

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Features at a glance
  • 6-Inches screen
  • wide-spectrum CHIRP technology
  • two dimensions
  • Connects wirelessly to phones

Fish catch is not just something you just do once and it’s done. It is more about doing repeatedly, and if you catch fish in every season, you need something Like Ray Marine designed Fish Finder.

This finder comes with advanced features not just to help you catch fish but make you return safely due to its innovative navigational capabilities.

The first thing the one that makes this device more buyers friendly is its price. It comes in a relatively cheaper price range compared to those with the same features and functions.

It is hard to find a device that produces this scale of clearer images at this price range.

It comes integrated with Wide-Spectrum CHIRP technology that helps fish catchers to get an accurately drawn picture of what is under the water catch and at which angle (Vertical or Horizontal). This makes Fishermen learn what to do to catch fishers and angle or direction.

This feature makes this device good for those spots which are considered dangerous and to catch fish.

Its ability to scan the water in two directions or surroundings helps fishermen understand ideal getting, or where most fishes are hiding.

You can even learn if the fishes are hiding under obstacles, or going freely here and there.

Another, aspect that makes this device stand heads and shoulders above the rest is its connectivity wirelessly to phones and other devices.

The purpose of this feature is to help your friends or those around to get images of the hot spots around. Or you can share those amazing snaps on Social media profiles to make others envy.

Keep in mind, this device does not support third-party software or applications, but thorough the apps.

You can also update the software to get fresh maps, patches, and for other information to help with your fish catching hunt.

Although the brand got a specialized Transducer, the one patented only for Dragonfly 7 Pro.

It is a standardized mounting system device that can be mounted and is compatible with almost all down-facing transducers.

What We Like!

  • Compatible with all facing down transducers
  • Connects to phones wirelessly
  • Easily mounted or any boat
  • Clearer images due to Wide Spectrum CHIRP technology
  • Budget-priced product

Things to Consider!

  • Changing between screen and setting is laggy

2. Garmin Striker 7SV with Transducer Fish Finder

Features at a glance
  • Garmin Designed CHIRP Sonar
  • Quick view Contour mapping
  • 800X400 Resolution
  • Built-in WI-FI for sharing

If you like catching lots of fish and want to repeatedly visit a good fishing spot, buy this Garmin-designed Fish Finder.

This innovative designed, modern feature enabled device comes with features that provide navigational aid and spot hot Fish catching spots.

Yes, it does not integrate wireless connectivity features fish and for some users, it becomes too much. is the brand coming with simple but functional features that help in pathfinding and navigation?

Get this device onboard, explore unfamiliar but hot fish-catching spots and come back loaded with lots of fish.

About this device, in my view, the more emphasis is on navigation rather than simple fish finding.

For Garmin, though some sonar options offer smoother and clearer pictures beneath the boat, it is more finding spots for fishing.

Another concerning aspect of buying this Garmin-designed Fishfinder is its Transducer.

This is a Garmin Patented Transducer that provides a much Garmin-designed and sharper picture compared to others.

This is because of Garmin High wide CHIRP sonar, which provides denser and clearer images that other lack.

This innovative designed Chirp Sonar helps you separate the real fish from the objects which look like fish.

Traditional fish arches are now being replaced, and you get not only the approximate size and depth of the fish but appearance, motion, density, and many other things.

Yes, maybe you do not like how this thing works if you have been doing fishing using the arching method.

But believe me, it is advanced and helps you get a hot spot saved and help you take to the night repeatedly.

The navigation of this Garmin-designed Fish Finder stands out. It not only helps you save the spots but plot out courses and trips.

You can learn the estimated time to reach that spot from your camping, waypoint direction, distance, and optimal speed.

What We Like!

  • Amazing GPS for navigation
  • Let you store 2 million acres’ spots
  • Built-in Transducer, with built-in CHIRP Sonar
  • 800×480 Pixels resolutions
  • The bright, sunlight-readable display

Things to Consider!

  • Data transfer is suboptimal

3. Lowrance HOOK2 Fish Finder with TripleShot

Features at a glance
  • Integrated TripleShot Transducer
  • Preloaded High details maps
  • Basic navigation with GPS plotter
  • Automatic sonar settings

If it’s a fish finder that is easy to use and comes in handy at an affordable price range, a Lowrance-designed fish finder is there to rescue you. It comes with simple-to-use functionality and feature to help beginners and experts alike.

It got a user-friendly interface is easy to get different features and functions, with no confusion while using and handling different controls.

It got a Solarmax display, this display is known for producing clearer and crisper the.

It provides you a real-time view of fishes gathering, moving in high-resolution so that you come up with the plan of catching fish.

It comes with all sonars from Downscan Sonars to Sidescan sonars and Chirp Sonars.

It also includes CHIRP Sonars that provide a highly detailed view of preload maps of the USA or USA plus Canada.

With automatic and accurate Sonar Settings, so that you spend less time in settings and more time in catching fish.

It got a touch panel display with the settings to control its handling with one hand. Just tune in some settings and there it is in handling your wit more coverages due to its sonar range than a regular fish finder.

If you hit a fish point with a great view, and you want to come back to that again with your kids.

It provides you the option to save that route with waypoints to help you come to that position again.

You can save that waypoint in your Micro SD Card, as it got a slot and help you save data.

In total, if you look at this product, the main parts are its easy-to-use functionality.

Plus, it is pretty affordable comes at an affordable price range everyone can afford. It is easy to use as well, good for beginners and professionals alike.

What We Like!

  • Automatic sonar settings
  • Crisp Solarmax display
  • Built-in mapping, with US Maps
  • Micro SD card integrated

Things to Consider!

  • No WI-FI Functionality

4. Humminbird Helix 5 SI Fish Finder

Features at a glance
  • 5 Inches (800×480)
  • Dual Beam: 1500 Feet
  • 5 GHZ GPS internal
  • SD Card Slot

If you are looking into buying a Fish Finder that comes with all bells and whistles, I mean all modern features, this Humminbird Designed Helix 5 is there to help you.

It is the first product in the HELIX 4 SI Series but got all the features to help you enjoy your fish-catching trip.

This Fishfinder comes with all types of Sonars. You know that sonars are the most important aspect in a Fish Finder, thig got all.

From Dual Beam Sonars to Down Imaging Sonars and Side Imaging Sonars. Not only this Device would be looking under the boat but on the sides to help you enjoy a wider coverage.

This Fish Finder comes with a powerful Transducer with CHIRP and temperature control to help you view smoother and clearer images.

In that way, you would be able to learn the movement of the fishes and where are they hiding and taking cover of bushes or mud.

It comes with WI-FI connectivity so that you could send images or real-time views to your friends or family members at home, who refused the trip.

It got the ability to take screenshots and record the sonar to help you view the footage to compare with some other hotshots.

It got a touchscreen display that comes with LED backlights to provide you visibility at a night or direct in the sunlight.

It is a waterproof product if you drop it in water accidentally in the pool you are catching fish, in case you recover it, would be damaged at all.

It comes with a Micro SD card slot that is useful if you are interested in saving the waypoints or hotshots and want to hit that again.

One more thing, this Fish Finder is also upgradable, you can upgrade the software, and enjoy the latest software.

What We Like!

  • Built-in GPS to help you hit the right spot
  • Three types of different sonars
  • Powerful Transducers
  • Waterproof rating
  • Micro SD Card slot to help you store data

Things to Consider!

  • Limited to 100-Feet Depth

5. Deeper PRO Plus Fish Finder

Features at a glance
  • 7-inches Diagonal display
  • Keypad and touchscreen
  • Built-in CHIRP
  • GT22 Transducer

If you want to catch fish but you do not have any boat to install the Fish Finder, you should buy a portable or handheld Fish Finder.

This Deeper Pro Designed Fish Finder is a Hand Held Fish Finder that allows those without boats to catch fish without any big issues.

This fish finder comes with a fixed transducer; this Fish Finder allows every type of Fisherman to catch fish utilizing the sonar or targeting fish-catching technology like the way pro uses on Boats.

This Fish Finder got a built-in GPS, provides which you the option to do deeper bottom contouring mapping from the shore before starting the catching journey.

It can scan up to 330 feet in length, and 260-feet in-depth, getting to see real-time data on your map.

Yes, it also has a WI-FI connectivity feature. It allows you to sync the device to WI-FI, and share data without any big issue.

There is no internet needed for that, locate the structure, determine Vegetation and find the hot spots of fishes.

The great thing is, every scan you do, gets the way to the lake book, gets saved to help you reload it later and analyze if there was something enough good for your special attention.

This Fishfinder comes with an application. It is a user-friendly application that displays fishes’ icons, arches, suspensions, vegetation, bottom contour, water depth, temperature, and fishes’ motions with direction.

This app is compatible with Android and iOS applications to help you get smoother compatibility.

In total, if you are looking for a handheld fish finder that comes in hands at a cheaper price range, this is the product to get hands-on.

What We Like!

  • Handheld fish finder
  • It got a built-in GPS to help you navigate smoothly
  • WI-FI connectivity to help you connect with other devices.
  • Provides deeper night coverage
  • User-friendly app display

Things to Consider!

  • No waterproof

6. Lowrance Hook Reveal 7 Fish Finder 7 Inch Screen

Features at a glance
  • 7 Inches Display
  • CHIRP sonar technology
  • GPS Plotter integrated
  • WI-FI connectivity

Lowrance is one of the leaders in Marine products. Yes, the one reason for that is the quality of the products but there is another reason for that, its Founder; Darrell Lowrance.

You know the man is known for the father being r of Modern Marine electronics that transformed the sport of Bass fishing and Fish catch.

The brand got more than just one product, it got arrays of amazing products that carry the legacy of great products and changing the way people are catching fish.

It got all the right settings for fishing. Do not try to mess with them, and if you do, you might not be able to get that back, just do not do anything and enjoy super smooth and clearer image quality. W

The band recently added a forward-facing sonar system which is called Active target, so it will be way easier than before to spot fish and where are they hiding, or moving toward.

Navigating to hot fishing spots is now way easier and smoother than ever before.

It got a GPS Plotter that helps you make routes, trails, and waypoints and make navigation easier.

It also got a SPLITSHOT TRANSDUCER; this feature is great for those who want to who ook below the boat.

Its Fish catching capability with Wide-Angle and High CHIRP sonar at high resolution with Fish structure, color, and image, makes fishing easier and way smoother.

With this device, as I said, no need to mess with the setting, you will be spending less time in settings and more time catching fish.

It got a 7-inches SolarMAX display that helps you get daylight visibility even at night.

The display got 800×480 inches resolution, diagonal display to help you view clearer images at high contrast so that even on the nights you do not miss any shot.

What We Like!

  • CHIRP Sonar technology integrated
  • Perfect for anglers
  • Automatic settings
  • 7 Inches crisp display
  • GPS Plotter provides great fishing spots

Things to Consider!

  • Can’t load Sea maps and live maps from other users

7. Garmin Echomap Plus Fish Finder

Features at a glance
  • 7-inches Display (840×480)
  • Quad-core processor
  • Smooth real vision 3D imaging
  • Internal GPS with 28 Channels

If accuracy and convenience are you concerned about the most, then do not go anywhere and buy this Garmin-designed Echomap Plus Fish Finder.

It is a 7-inches screen multi-function fish finder that offers the highest level of resolution in fish finders and provides next-scale accuracy and clarity.

With an oversized Waypoint Key, it allows you to mark your favorite spot so that with your family or friends you could come back and enjoy amazing fishing.

It comes with a 28 channel Internal GPS that offers a wide range of navigation to help you navigate smoothly without any big issue. This device helps you save the location you want to hit and saves the waypoints or distance.

The position enhancement capabilities such as MSAS, EGNOS, GAZN, QZSS, And WASS make the hunt as accurate you would expect from a high precession device.

More than anything, the aspect I liked the most about this device is its instantaneous performance.

It provides instant chart redraw, real vision 3D Imaging, fast response time, and accurate positioning so that you could enjoy smoother Fish Catching.

This scale of performance is only possible because of its quad-core processor. Yes, it got a fast processor that provides accuracy and the right post mentioning to identify the right beds, ledges, and many, other changes.

What We Like!

  • A good array of sonar function
  • Instantaneous performance
  • High precision and accuracy
  • Multiple navigation features
  • Bluetooth and WI-FI connectivity

Things to Consider!

  • Does not include Circular Flasher Sonar View

A Complete Guide For Fish Finders

Before you get into buying a Fish Finder you must learn the features one should look into to get a smoother and error-free Fish catching hunt.

Before we move into the features we should look at, let’s have a detailed view of the types of Fish Finders. It will help you narrow down your research, and make the hunt easier.

Mountable or Fixed

As the name suggests, mountable or Fixed Fish Finders are those with which can easily be attached or installed to a small boat or Kayak.

Do not worry, you can unmount them when you want, as most of us take a boat for rent and go on for hunting.


Portable and Handheld Fisher finders are those which are small and can easily be carried in hands.

This handheld Fish Finder also has a portable Kit that includes Portable Transducer, a Rechargeable battery, a carry case, and others.

Castable or Wireless

This type of Fish Finder is hot among Anglers. You know that anglers cast a floating transducer in a sea or a water pond that transmits data to the connected device.

This type of Fish finders is easy to use and comes at a cheaper price range.

Now you got the types of Fish Finders you can buy. Now, there comes a section that helps you make an ideal choice as per your needs. Look at the features and zero down to an amazing product.


A transducer is the part of Fish Finder that sends out sound waves and helps you get an idea of what is under the boat.

Get an example of an Antenna, and it sends sound waves and gets the echoes returned after hitting the things or objects in the water.

There are a few things that you must look into a transducer; cone angle, installation type, and frequency.

It can be mounted in a variety of locations, so you can install it anywhere convenient to you. And about the cone angle, select the one that fits your fish catching needs.

If you are hitting wider areas, go with a wider angle that could cover more area, but the intensity will be less, and results will be less be relied upon.

On the flip side, if you are hitting a lake, with less area to cover, you can hit deeper and get better results.


The display is among the key features one should look into. Pay special attention to the display, get the right size display, that provides the right color, contrast, and details. It decides how good your fish-catching journey would be.

The important thing to look into is a display in pixels. Pixels hold information, more pixels mean more information and clearer the image will be.

Yes, a larger screen size is also good to behold what is underneath. It makes the screen easy to read, in my view, it is all comes down to personal preference. If you are good with a 5-inches screen, go ahead and take the pick, unless you have to take on the glasses to read on.


Frequency is another aspect you must look at when buying a Fish Finder.

Most of the devices you see around come with either a lower 50KHZ frequency or a Higher 200KHZ frequency.

Those who hit deeper water, pick a lower frequency range. Yes, the lower frequency range goes deeper in the water but goes wider and the information you get is less relied upon.

On the other hand, the higher frequency range is for shallow water, they disperse easily, do not cover a wide area, but provide good results for a narrow area, with shallow water.

The simplest meaning is, those with shallow water fish hunting, go with a higher frequency and those with deep water fish hunting go with a lower frequency range.

If you get the option of picking a device that supports both the frequency, do not waste your time and pick that.

Cone Angle

We already have mentioned angle and cone angle in our reviews. But maybe if you are new to fish finders you did not get the point.

The understanding cone angle is important, as without it the Fish Finders would have no good use.

It is the most important feature when you are in looking for a depth finder. The cone angle and depth finder work for hands with the frequency to bring smoother results.

I will not go deep into this, because the deeper you go into this physics thing, the more complex it becomes and hard to understand for a non-tech user.

Just remember one thing, the wider the cone angle, the more area it covers and provides you more space to hunt for Fishes, yes it also reduces the sensitivity or accuracy.

The narrower the cone angle, the less area it covers, and the more acute rate results you get.

GPS integrated

More than anything, GPS takes care of your position and secures the way back home to dry land. You can match the coordinates using the GPS integrated and learn the real position of you if you are lost in the ocean.

More than this, the GPS integrated helps you spot and mark the spots with high fish density so that next time it becomes easier for you to catch fish.

Final Verdict

A fish Finder is one of the important tools you take on a Fishing trip. Buying a quality fish finder takes your time and costs good money.

Even if you have good money, without spending time and a good guide you may end up with a sub-optimal product.

This guide helps you make a good decision, and make you learn the top aspects that make a Fish Finder stands out in the crowd.

We have mentioned all points here, and also reviewed the top products to help you narrow down your research.

FAQs About Fish Finders

Is a fish finder worth it?

Yes, Fish Finder is worth your time and Money. The most important thing that these modern devices offer you is to save your precious time and get more done in less time.

With a Fish Finder you can catch more fishes as it locates the hot spots of fishes and make you learn many things about them like their movements, where they are hiding and how can you catch them in less time.

Does A Fish Finder Actually Show Fishes?

Yes, the latest Fish Finders with amazing displays show you the fishes and their relative position to your boat.

The traditional Fish finders were only based on Sonar, they use to show the type of objects behind them, they could be anything.

But modern devices with sharp display helps you get even the color and movement of the fishes, and their hot spots.

Is CHIRP better than Sonar?

Yes, Indeed CHIRP is way better than Sonar.

CHIRP-SONAR generates images using frequencies, which allows the processor to show more accurate, precise, and detailed images about the fish.

Now, you can see on display many things which were impossible with Sonar, such as the Image of the fishes, structure, movement, or the bottom.

The traditional Sonars used to send just one frequency that was only useful for learning the cluster or blob of the fishes, Chirp Sends many frequencies that individuals every fish and make it easier to distinguish all.

Do all Fish Finders Come with Transducers?

Yes, all transducers cheap or hotshots expensive come whitefish-catching transducers.

It is a Sonar mechanism of the devices without one, the whole mechanism or whole function will have no use.

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