7 Best Gaming Computer Desk Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Gaming is slightly more intense than browsing. That’s why it requires a dedicated setup than an average desktop browsing session.

This is where comes gaming desks, to help you play long-hour sessions of games seamlessly without getting your setup turning it into an oven.

Well, I also received some messages from online gamers asking about recommending the best computer gaming desk.

There is no universal answer to that, everyone has different needs, spaces, and requirements, and one should buy the gaming desk as per their requirement but I can help you pick the right gaming desk.

In this post, I am going to review the 7 best gaming desks according to consumer ratings and reports in 2023. So without further ado, let’s get started.


Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in, depending on your budget…

Best Gaming Computer Desk Consumer Ratings & Reports

I have compiled a list of the 7 best gaming desks based on consumer ratings and reports.

1. Arozzi Arena Ultrawide Curved Computer Gaming/Office Desk

Features at a glance
  • 63 inches width, 32 inches depth
  • Five colors to pick from
  • Adjustable height
  • The top surface divides into three sections

If you have to use more than one monitor at one time for gaming or other professional tasks, and looking into buying a spacious gaming desk, I would like to recommend the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk.

With space of 63 inches wide and 32 inches deep, this gaming chair provides plenty of space for multiple displays, mice, and a keyboard.

This gaming desk comes with a large mouse pad that matches the color of the surface to make it look like a surface area. This feature elevates the aesthetic appeal of your gaming desk and makes it look more attractive and elegant.

It comes in five different color options to choose from. You can pick your desired color from the option of Black, blue-green, and others. Pick the right color the blends with your décor and make your space adorned with the color you desire.

Well, it is a little hefty desk. With around 7 pounds of weight, it got a weight capacity of 176 pounds, the weight should be distributed through the gaming desk evenly.

With this gaming chair, you got the ability to adjust the height of the desk. In other words, you would not have to be worried if your gaming chair is a little high, adjust the gaming desk accordingly, and enjoy a seamless gaming experience.

Its cable management system is also worth praising an aspect. It got three cutouts in the desk and mousepad area to allow you easily hide the cables underneath.

It got two feet under the legs, which are adjustable too, follow the assembly instruction carefully to get them installed rightly.

The only downside of it is that it does not come with a cup holder or headphone holder. It comes integrated only with the required and more important aspects, no extra nuts and bolts included.

And it also does not support LED lighting, you can’t turn your ambiance into a glowing space, not a fancy thing at all.

Yes, its transportability is better managed. The top surface of the desk divides into three portions, to make it transport without any issue or difficulty.

What We Like!

  • A wide gaming desk allows at least 2 monitors and other gears
  • Wide mouse pad blends the color of the surface
  • Adjustable height to make it even with the chair height
  • The surface divides into three portions to make transportability hassle-free

Things to Consider!

  • Does not come with Glowing LED lights

2. Mr. IRONSTONE 63″ Large Gaming Desk

Features at a glance
  • 63 Inches curved desk
  • Easily setup 3 monitors
  • Wobble-free typing experience
  • Adjustable foot

Mr. IRONSTONE is one of the biggest brands around the world for producing desks and furniture around the globe.

This particular desk fits a beginner to professional, shares a 63 inches length curved desk that offers a good space or surface area.

The most amazing thing about this desk is its price. Despite its spacious tabletop, it comes in handy at an affordable price range.

The surface area can easily offer space for at least 3 monitors, if you use more than one monitor at one time, this table is great to get hands-on.

This desk comes with an R-shaped legs design. You already know the R-shaped legs are amazing instability and offer a wobble-free typing and computing experience.

This desk can easily withstand 110 pounds of weight, well it is not designed to be sat on, if you have multiple computer peripherals to be placed on, get this one you would not be disappointed.

It also has an adjustable foot, get the footpad adjusted accordingly to your preferences, and there would be no wobbling while playing games or carrying out many other operations at one time.

Yes, this gaming desk comes with many good ranges of convenient accessories such as Cup holders, drop-in cup holder provides a safer drinking experience, a little wobble would not spill the tea, coffee, or anything you are drinking.

In total, for a budget price user, this MDF PVC Laminated tabletop desk is the best option to get hands-on.

It is an R-shaped design a desk to provide the required stability and all-metal construction to provide the durability

What We Like!

  • The R-shaped design provides stability
  • The laminated tabletop design makes it waterproof
  • Integrated cup holders and headphone holders
  • Adjustable Footpad

Things to Consider!

  • Does not support LED lighting
  • Height can’t be adjusted

3. EUREKA ERGONOMIC Z1-S Pro Gaming Desk

Features at a glance
  • Z Shaped metal desktop
  • LED lighting supported
  • 8 different colors, 6 different lights
  • 5 inches wide and 24.2 inches deep

If you want the best gaming desk added to your arsenal you will never go wrong with Eureka’s Gaming design. It is one of the top-rated and most popular gaming desks that have up till now garnered more than 5000 ratings on Amazon.

It is a z shaped ergonomic desk made of a metal frame with an F1 Balancing lever near the top to make your gaming experience more stabilized, prevent it from wobbling.

This Gaming desk comes with LED lighting, just connect the USB connector to your laptop or PC and behold the magic it spills in your environment, comes alive.

The LED lighting on the desk glows along with the legs, you can make the settings color-changing, to make the colors consistently be changed.

It has 8 different has eight different lighting modes and 6 different colors. You can choose the desired color range and mode to make the ambiance more in favor of games.

It is a good spacious desk that offers around 44.5 inches wide and 24.2 inches deep space to help you adjust your gaming monitor, keyboards, and other gears quite comfortably.

The top of the desk is made of a sleek carbon fiber texture that prevents your gaming gears from slipping.

Its adjustments are mind-blowing. It comes with a total of four leveling legs to help you get the right settings for you. You can adjust any of the legs, to make the right balance and stability for you.

This Gaming desk comes with an amazing range of many other features built for gamers such as it comes with a cup holder to help gamers consume beverages along with playing their favorite game.

There is one headphone hook, cable management system to manage a lot of cables around you, and do not forget the extra-large mouse pad that helps you in gaming.

The only downside or drawback I could behold in this gaming desk is it does not have a retractable keyboard tray.

It got the compatibility of one, but it is not included in the package, you will have to buy it separately, Eureka sells it for $100 separately.

What We Like!

  • Z metal shaped gaming desk
  • RGB color lighting support
  • 8 lighting modes and 6 colors supported
  • Spacious mouse pad space

Things to Consider!

  • Does not come with Keyboard retractable Tray

4. GreenForest L Shaped Gaming Desk

Features at a glance
  • Overall Dimensions 57.8 x 44.1 x 29.1 inches
  • L-shaped
  • Allows at least 2 CPU and monitor
  • ABS constructed footpads

For the gamers who live in small apartments and are left with tiny space for their gaming and computer systems, this gaming desk is the best option.

It can easily adjust in any corner of the room and provide a spacious space to place at least three CPUs monitor, keyboard, mouse, and many other computer peripherals without any issue.

It is an L-shaped gaming desk, with three tables that join together to make a big gaming desk.

With 25.2 inches long, and 19.1 inches wide left part, and 39 inches wide, 19.1 inches wide right part, it makes a giant gaming system to help more than one player to indulge in gaming or other professional computing operations.

It is water and corrosion-resistant gaming desk. Its legs are coated with Epoxy coating makes them scratch-resistant.

It also comes with Footpads, the pads are made of ABS, so you would not feel any scratches on the wood or marble floor.

If you want some more systems to be adjusted on it, you can buy two more tables and make it look like a U-Shaped system for more than two to three users. It can be done on one side of the room; no separate room is required for the purpose.

Well, this gaming desk does not come with extra nuts and bolts or shiny attachments. It is not an LED light-supported gaming desk, neither does it has cup holders or headphones holder, it is just simple L-shaped metal constructed table to help you play games or involve in other activates.

The most dominating aspect of this gaming setup is its budget price. All it comes under $100; you do not need to spend thousands of dollars into making a dedicated gaming setup.

What We Like!

  • The L-shaped design fits in any corner or tiny space
  • A spacious desktop that allows placing at least 2 monitors and gears
  • Scratch-resistant and water-proof legs
  • Sturdy constructed table overall

Things to Consider!

  • No LED lights

5. ApexDesk Elite Series Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Features at a glance
  • All steel constructed gaming desk
  • Electric powered height adjustment
  • Six different colors to pick from
  • Sit and stand gaming desk

If you are a workaholic person working on your computer all the time and want a desk that allows you to sit on your gaming chair, as well as goes with you when you sit down on your sofa or bed, buy ApexDesk Elite series gaming chair.

ApexDesk did justice to its Elite series and came with one of the sturdiest metal constructed tables that offers spacious 71-inches space to help you use two computers set up in one time.

It comes in six different wood colors to choose from, buy one of the colors that blends your ambiance and boosts your décor.

It is an ergon-shaped gaming desk that allows you to sit closer to the table and have complete access to any of the surface areas.

The table surface shares a sturdy material construction such as MDF which makes the table have a longer life span and durability.

As long as the overall built of this table is concerned, it is all steel constructed table. It can easily endure 225 pounds of weight is distributed evenly through the desk.

The most inspiring and amazing aspect of this gaming desk is its electric height adjustability.

It is adjustable in between 29 inches and 48 inches, with just a push of a button and it goes up or comes down as per your requirement or needs.

Do not worry you would not have to take things out of the surface when adjusting the height. The desk can go up or come down without removing things placed on it, it goes 1.3 inches up or down in one second, pretty fast without removing the computers placed.

It also has preset heights, the memory controller controls and memorizes the presets heights, so pick the preset height and go from sitting to standing position in just one moment.

This desk comes powered with an amazing range of most essential features. It does not include any shiny or extra nuts and bolts just for the show-off. It does not have LED lights or cup holders to just get the attention of the users.

In total, if you are a gamer and want a gaming desk that stays with you for a long time with amazing adjustability and ergonomics, buy this setup. It comes with a 5-years desk warranty and 2-years motor warranty, to give you peace of mind.

What We Like!

  • Extensive five years long warranty
  • Electric powered height adjustments
  • No need to remove computers from the top when adjusting the height
  • Sit and stand gaming desk

Things to Consider!

  • Pricey

6. Atlantic Original Gaming Desk

Features at a glance
  • 15-inches wide and 7-inches deep
  • Stands for monitor and other gears
  • Cup holder integrated
  • All steel constructed frame

If you want to buy a full-fledged gaming desktop system that comes with all nuts and bolts required for your gaming, buy the Atlantic Original Gaming desk.

This desk comes with additional features and add-ons superb cable monuments system, cup holders, headphone holders, and many other features you see in the premium gaming desks line.

It shares 15.5 inches Width and 7 inches deep measurements, yes, it is only for one gaming system.

It has an all-steel constructed frame with carbon fiber laminated on the top of charcoal color to make your gaming gears non-slipper on the desk.

As I mentioned this system comes with all added features and functionalities. It has one charging stand that helps you put your smartphone, tablet, or small laptop on it for charging.

It features two speaker stands, extra storage for the games, and one monitor stand where you can place your monitor for a seamless viewing experience.

With this table, to the level I could understand, your space becomes mess-free. All the cables are rightly managed, all other computer gears are already placed at the right place, you can stack up to 9 video games on the top archive given.

The table shares good space for a monitor and other computer peripherals. You can set up a monitor on the stand of 27-inches, still, there would be good space left, you can use your laptop over there to use if not interested in using a desktop.

The Only downside of this gaming desktop is its small space. It does not allow monitors to be used at one time, plus the loading capacity the load you can place on it is lower than most of the gaming desktops we reviewed.

Overall, it is one of the best-featured gaming desks for the price. If you are a single user, it satisfies your needs without any issue, gets it ordered and adds comfort to your gaming life.

What We Like!

  • Comes with an amazing range of functionalities
  • Got dedicated cup holder, headphone holder
  • All steel constructed
  • Stands for the monitor, tablet for charging
  • Dedicated cable management system

Things to Consider!

  • The weight capacity is lower, can’t place big speakers on the top

7. Need All-in-one Gaming Computer Desk

Features at a glance
  • 60-inches length, 23.62 inches width
  • Monitor stand
  • LED RGB lighting supported
  • Cup holder, ashtray, gaming controller holder

If you want to buy a simple and elegant-looking gaming desk that offers all premium features without spending arms and legs, Buy Need designed in one gaming computer desk.

This gaming desk ideally fits the needs of average gamers and shares an amazing range of features such as a cup holder, RGB LED lighting, etc.

It is an average-sized gaming desk with 60-inches in length and 23.62 inches in width and 29 inches in height from the floor. The size is well spacious, which makes you place one computer system with gears without any issue.

This gaming desk also comes with a monitor stand. If you want your monitor height a little elevated, install the monitor stand, this stand can only support 22 inches monitor, if you have a bigger screen than this, it would be recommended to place it directly on the desk.

Another stand-out aspect of this gaming desk is its RGB LED lighting. It has a mousepad of 37 inches in length and 13 inches in width, and the LED lighting illuminates the area around the mousepad to help light up your space. It supports 7-colors, you can create the ambiance you love to be in.

It has two drop-in cup holders you can convert one into an astray or debris tray if want, or use any of them as per your preference.

It also has a headphone holder; this holder not only holds the headphones and other similar accessories but you can put anything of 11 pounds weight.

It also has two separate controller hangers to help you handle your gaming controllers and access them as per your need.

Its cable management system is one of the best, makes your space clean and tidy, no wires would be tangling around.

There are a few downsides, such as the height of the table is not adjustable. You can’t adjust the height of it if you have a gaming chair of high height.

One more thing, the RGB backlighting is not on the all surface of this desk, it is around or on the edges of the mousepad.

What We Like!

  • Smooth, scratch resistance tabletop
  • All metal constructed Frame
  • Wide sized mousepad with RGB Backlighting on the edges
  • Arrays of cup holders, and gaming control

Things to Consider!

  • The height is not adjustable

Computer Gaming Desk Buying Guide

A good gaming desk makes your gaming and computing life easier and smoother. It turns your space into an organized, neat, and tidy environment, and helps you focus on the things important to you.

It holds up accessories such as Headphones, Gaming controllers, Video Games, and other accessories in an organized manner, and makes them available for you when you need them.

Whether you have a gaming laptop or desktop setup, you need to buy a gaming desk and organize your stuff, place the monitor on the top, manage the cables with the integrated management system.

So, what points you should look into any gaming desk before buying. This little guide is going to help you with the most important things one should look at on a gaming desk.

Types of Desks

First thing first, the type of the desk is the most important factor you should pay attention to. Decide the type of your gaming desk, this will narrow your options down.

1. L-shaped desks

If you have a small apartment, and got little space left for your gaming setup, buy L-shaped desks. This type of desk is the ideal fit to maximize the tabletop area in a tight space.

With an L-shaped desk, you can use the front area for the gaming setup, and the side area for other essentials such as snacks and other things. You know gaming is more like work, and you should prepare your space like one.

2. U-shaped

If you have a good space for a gaming system and want a good gaming desk for lots of computer gear, and accessories, U-shaped gaming desks are ideal for you.

It allows you to distribute different sections for different things, and manage all your computer peripherals without any problem.

3. Corner Desks

If you are living in a one-room apartment, and want a little setup for your gaming setup, and another area for bed and other belonging, install a corner desk.

A corner desk comes with different tiers of shelves, and sections to help maximize the area you are left with for gaming setup.

4. Rectangle Shaped Desks

It is the most common type of desk used for gaming and working. For those left with reasonable space for a gaming setup, get an R-shaped desk.

An R-shaped desk is good for at least 2 monitors, or more if there is a spacious area provided by the desk.

Size of the desk

Now comes the size of the desk, you should buy the desk that ideally fits your need. Before you buy any desk read the dimensions provided, it will help you get the idea of how many computers or laptops can be placed on the top of it.

For one system, the length of the desk should at least be 36-inches and width around 20-inches. Do not worry, if you have multiple systems or monitors to place on, there are desks. And every desk mentions the number of computers, monitors, or laptops it can hold on the top.

Storage shelves and Cable organization

Maybe you are buying a gaming desk to place your gaming system on. By the time you will buy new things, and there would be no space left on the top to place those things. So, look for a desk that comes with shelves and other organizations.

Such as it should have proper cup holders, gaming controller holders, storage for video Games CDs, and a proper cable management system as no one likes cables tangled and wires around. With the cable and wire management system, you can put them under racks using trays.

Height adjustability

A Gaming desk should come with a feature that allows you to adjust the height accordingly. Well on some desks there is an electric-powered height adjustability feature, but this feature costs a big money.

Some come with adjustable feet, to allow users to adjust the height. But that would be manual work, you will have to remove all the stuff placed on the top.

Final Verdict

Buying a gaming desk is not a useless spend. It is one of the best spent, as it adds a boost to your productivity and helps you do more in less.

So, buy one and invest in yourself, but do in-depth research before you buy, because not all desks are designed equal.

In this guide, we have reviewed the top best gaming desks. You can check these are the top-rated models that come at the right price. If you buy any of them, you would not disappoint the decision.

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