7 Best Car Wash Soaps Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

If you use soap detergents for washing your car it will remove or strip the wax or protective coating of your car.

In many cases, it has been witnessed that it resulted in fading out the car’s color. You must get a proper car wash soap, a one designed for paint surface.

The car wash soaps are specially designed to remove dust and grime out of the paint surface and to clear coat.

They come integrated with added lubrication to add an extra shine and once you are done with washing you see all the dust are glide right off.

But what are the best car wash soaps options you can get your hands on?

It Is tough for someone new to decide the best, and if you go on your own, you may end up buying a sub-par product that brings no results at all.

In this post, I am going to review the 7 best car wash soaps according to consumer ratings and reports 2023. So without further ado, let’s get started.


Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in, depending on your budget…

Best Car Wash Soaps Consumer Ratings & Reports

I have compiled a list of the 7 best car wash soaps based on consumer ratings and reports 2023.

1. Duragloss 902 Car Wash Concentrate

Features at a glance
  • Removes grimes and dust
  • No acid formula
  • Balance PH score
  • Protect outer paint surface

If you are interested in buying a premium grade car wash soap there is no other better option than Duragloss designed 902 Car wash concentrate.

It is a premium quality shampoo, that leaves no stone unturned in removing the grimes and dust out of the surface of your car.

It is a highly concentrated designed shampoo, a blend of mild surfactants and cleaners that brings a sheeting effect on the surface of your vehicle without putting any dulling effect or removing the protective sheet.

It shares no acids or alkali ingredients, each of the components penetrates and lifts the grimes, dirt, and foreign particles and makes the whole cleansing process easier to rinse off.

This car wash soap can easily be used in foam guns, or if you have your professional car wash equipment, you may use that, no issue at all.

One more thing, when you buy any of the car wash soaps, check the PH score of that formula. The PH should be balanced or it will affect the plastic components of your car.

This shampoo comes with a safe PH balanced formula that is good to be used on any material without drying out your trim or making the plastic body deteriorate.

It is easy to use formula, how to use and the quantity for one gallon required is all written on the box. All information is straightforward, read the guide through and get things rolled smoothly.

One ounce of content is enough for one gallon of water, to create a healthy and study mix that got enough firepower to clean the vehicle.

One warning or a precaution you say is, if you clean your car way too much due to various reasons, use gloves, as the formula dries on the skin fast and may have a damaging effect.

For those who wash cars once a week or month a week, no issue at all using gloves.

What We Like!

  • Non-streaking and non-sporting formula
  • Without fading the color removes all grime
  • Pleasant scent
  • No acidic or alkali formula used

Things to Consider!

  • Dries on the skin way too faster

2. Meguiar’S Meguiars G7164 Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo

Features at a glance
  • Compatible with all surfaces
  • Gently foams grimes and dust
  • Adds a shine
  • Protect outer painted surface

Meguiar is a big name in the cleansing and washing world.

The brand has offered many solid formulas for car cleaning worldwide and this particular formula is a stand-out option if you are into washing your car without damaging the outer wax of your car.

It is one of the most patented formulas which is designed to wash and condition the paint without damaging the outer surface.

You do not have to worry about the plastic surface or paint of your car, just get this premium formula and clean dirt or grime.

This premium formula makes car care easy, as the ingredients integrated into this formula gently foam away dirt and grime without compromising the shine, outer surface, paint or wash protection of your vehicle.

This formula is not just for rinsing, it is a conditioner that reveals the color and clarity of the car leaving a brilliant shine.

The brand recommends using this formula with a snow canon, get the 5 to 1 mix ratio washing.

It is easy to use formula, you can use two buckets, one bucket for water and the other with mixed formula.

Use one ounce of this shampoo with one-gallon water, first rinse using this shampoo, and Once rinsing is done, use plain water to remove all the chemicals left on the surface.

In short, it is an ideal shampoo for the ceramic coating of your car, without removing the ceramic coating it is an ideal formula for washing and detailing the car.

What We Like!

  • Safe for ceramic coating of the car
  • Requires less quantity compared to others
  • Easy to use formula no skin drying
  • Brings clarity and shinning

Things to Consider!

  • Leaves residue if plain water is not used after rinsing

3. Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo For Snow Foam Cannon

Features at a glance
  • Neutral PH
  • Suspect All harmful minerals
  • luxurious suds
  • Damage free to skin

Adam is one of the leading names in producing quality chemicals. Its PH neutral car wash shampoo is not just another shampoo, but it helps you go through the perfect weekly washing of your vehicle.

Its state-of-the-art chemical technology allows you to wash your vehicle without damaging the protective surface.

It allows you to suspend all harmful minerals contained in the water that can damage the surface, and produces a slick feel that adds a new shine to the painted body.

Not only does it lift p all the dirt and grimes but it lubricates the paint surface and other factors inducing damage to your property.

Yes from the price point of this shampoo is slightly expensive than others but that extra spend is going to be worth a lot.

This formula comes with mixed cleaners and Polymers that create a rich, thick, head of foam during your entire washing process and make the processor error-free.

With thick, luxurious suds in washing cars, this formulates a layer to protect the paint surface and removes all the grimes without damaging the existing waxes or sealants.

I have mentioned earlier it got balanced PH, so in other words, it can work with all other materials.

Its materials are damage-free to the skin, it does not dry up on the skin so you can wash your car without wearing any gloves at all.

And washing your car would be a pleasant experience from now on, its wild berry scene which is patented to Adam chemicals would make the experience exhilarating.

And please do not try to drink it as the amazing scene may appeal to you to drink it.

What We Like!

  • Premium designed shampoo
  • Balanced PH allows it to use with any other chemical
  • Wild battery Adam’s patented scent
  • Thick suds produce

Things to Consider!

  • Slightly expensive

4. Mothers 05674 California Gold Carnauba Wash & Wax

Features at a glance
  • Leaves a glossy surface
  • Brings smoother surface
  • Non toxic formula
  • Removes toughest stains

Most of the professionals who use their vehicles for professional driving use Wax after washing their cars or vehicles with even car shampoos.

This is because they want a glossy surface, and if this is what you want, Mothers California Gold-designed Wash and Wax combo is going to offer you a smoother than ever before washing and waxing experience.

This cleansing solution is very effective as well as quick. In no time, it provides you with the desired results.

Yes, it is not just the professionals who can get the right use of it, even the beginners into buying something that leaves a glossy surface can get their hands on it.

Yes, this formula might not suds or foam up when washing. As you must have seen that in many other car shampoos, but this formula is effective enough to remove the toughest stains, and removes all the grimes or dirt built on the pain.

It shares a balanced PH level so that the product leaves no streams or watermark on the surface and offers a safe and no streaks experience.

I have seen much waxing and car washing shampoos leaving swirls, it is because their PH is not balanced.

It is a non-toxic and biodegradable option that makes it safe for households and even for the environments we are living in.

Those living in an environment where toddlers are buzzing around or pets are there licking the surface, it is important that you buy a shampoo that leaves no harmful effect on them, even if they lick.

Yes, it is a hefty-priced product the reason is quite obvious. The value this product puts on is different, and it is the thickest or concentrated solution on the list, which makes it one of the well-priced products, great for the professionals looking into getting glossy feedback.

What We Like!

  • Thickest and most concentrated solution
  • Leaves glossy shin
  • Added waxing, no need to buy extra waxing coating
  • Long-lasting as well

Things to Consider!

  • Do not produce foam or suds

5. Turtle Wax 53411 Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Wash and Wax

Features at a glance
  • Does not strip sealants
  • Gently lifts grimes
  • Removes all negative impact
  • Leaves fruity fragrance

If you are in the automobile industry for a long time or even cleansing you know that how Turtle Wax is doing in the industry.

The brand is known as a well-respect and reputed name in the auto care and detailing niche, and its solution what we are reviewing is one of the leading and top-rated products in waxing and washing vehicles.

This PH-balanced Hybrid wash formula shares natural biodegradable ingredients that combine with rich foam conditioners and detergents to pull off one of the best cleansings and washing experiences.

It provides all-encompassing top cleaning, no need to visit a service center to get your vehicle washed.

The best thing about using this formula is, it would not strip or dissolve sealants or remove the protective wax you have installed, it gently lifts all the grimes and dirt and removes them without having any negative impact on the paint.

One more thing, this solution shares a fruity fragrance, this fragrance is pleasing and can easily be applied using any cannon spray, or by hand with an ultra-soft wash mitt.

Do not try to drink it as the scent might appeal to you, just like the kids who swallow their paste.

It is easy to wash using this solvent. It requires only three-ounce in one gallon, make two gallons with mixed and the other with filled with plain water, as you might have to clean the wash with plain water after applying this formula.

Yes, it is a 48-ounce amount, and it would not give you the most amount of washed per purchase, but it does provide a thorough and protective cleaning that is chemical and water-resistant.

The only downside of using this product is, it would not produce as much foam as you would see with others.

Still, it removes the hardest stains and all the grimes build up on the paint.

What We Like!

  • Produces a chemical resistant barrier
  • Biodegradable formula
  • Fruity pleasant scent
  • Easy to apply

Things to Consider!

  • Requires more concentrates than others.

6. 303 Products Car Wash with Wash Mitt

Features at a glance
  • 303 ultra concentrated car wash
  • Leaves glossy finish
  • Highly concentrated formula
  • Leaves fruity fragrance

303 is one of the biggest names in the world of automobiles, boats, homes, and the professional cleaning industry.

The brand has long been producing cleaning products for UV exposure to vehicles, speeds, and other forces of nature, that removes the painted surface or have a toll on them.

For vehicle cleaning or car, washing got the biggest name in the industry, it is a 303 ultra-concentrated car wash.

It is a PH-neutral foam formula that works against dirt, grimes, and other road pitches. The most amazing thing about this formula is it leaves a glossy finish.

Yes, you would not have to buy a separate wax, as most of the professionals to get a glossy finish wax their cars.

Do you know the stand-out aspect of this formula? It is one of the best-concentrated formulae that would require a tiny amount mixed in the bucket.

Just mix one ounce in every 5 gallons of water, and that makes you get more than one application using one bottle.

Another added benefit of using this formula is its bubble gum scent. It would not dry up on the skin or leave streaks on the surface, so it is easy to use, and one can use without wearing any gloves.

Do not try to drink it the scent might appeal to you to drink it but it is a deterrent at the end mixed with a fruity scent.

The formula is very easy to use and comes with elaborative guidelines. The one bottle is 18 ounces, in other words, the one bottle can easily last for 18 applications, the price of one bottle might look expensive, but if you take an average, it is one of the most affordable options you can get hands-on.

What We Like!

  • Highly concentrated formula requires one ounce in 5 gallons of water
  • Leaves glossy finish
  • Bubble gum scent
  • The package comes with a wash mitt

Things to Consider!

  • The bottle seals are not that good, breaks easily

7. Chemical Guys Watermelon Snow Foam Cleanser

Features at a glance
  • Removes hardest contaminates
  • Biodegradable Formula
  • Formula Lifts Grimes
  • Leaves a protective casing

If you are on a budget and looking into buying a budget-friendly product that helps you wash your car at your home without spending arms and legs, this is the product you should get your hands on.

Buying this bottle would make you wash your vehicle at your home, save by washing your vehicles.

Along with removing the grimes, dust, and other contaminants on the paint surface, this formula produces a unique fragrance that lingers to the surface for days.

It leaves a glossy shine on the surface, after washing your vehicle using this formula, you would want an auto show where you could show the sparkling car you just washed.

When about using this product, this product is easy to use, and safe as well.

Yes, you can use Canon spray to use this formula, it is completely safe and biodegradable as well. You can wash and apply this formula on the paint, rubber, vinyl, glass, and other plastic surfaces.

Yes, it is because of the balanced PH level this formula has, you do not have to worry about damaging the sealants when using this product at all.

You just need to mix the solvent in the water bucket and apply it to the surface. The liquid lifts the grime and removes them, not just that, it waxes your vehicles, leaving a protective coating.

If it has been months since you washed your car, you might have to scrub the surface, or just one application is enough.

What We Like!

  • Affordable price range
  • The amount of liquid is more than any other brand
  • Leaves a sparkling and glossy finish
  • Neutral PH balanced

Things to Consider!

  • Can’t use spray, still has to clean manually using their hands

Car Wash Soap Buying Guide 

Car Wash soaps come in lots of variety from formulas to thickness and scents to ingredients. Each product though does the same job and is designed to wash your cars, remove the gamut and dust from the paint.

Yes, the results of every product can be different from the condition or weather where you are using it to the type of wax you have.

So, this portion helps you to learn what makes a great car wash soap. We are going to pinpoint some important factors that you can consider when buying a great product for you.

Type of Car Wash Soaps

1. Concentrated Type

Concentrated type is one of the most used and a good bang of your buck type.

You just drop a tiny amount of the solution in a bucket and get plenty of suds and foams to clean and remove the stains out of the paint.

This formula helps you get a cleaned washed car in no time. The only issue with the concentrated form is, most of the people do not get the ratio right.

If you follow the guidelines mentioned in the box, you can get the most out of it.

2. Wash and Wax

If you are a professional and you must maintain the shine and look of the car, maybe that’s the right product for you. This type of soap helps you wash the car and without putting an extra layer of Wax, gets the wax layer on the surface of the car.

It enhances the protection and helps you maintain the glossy look of the car for a longer time, no need to get a dedicated waxing session, it is already done.

3. Waterless type

If you are in hurry and do not have time to fully wash the car, the Waterless type is the way to go.

This type of car wash soap helps you remove the grimes and dust without rinsing or washing the entire vehicle.

Just take the solvents and gets them used for detailing. But you can’t get it as a replacement of full washing, the grimes and dust in some cases remain there, though do not look on the surface. So, it should only be taken when you instantly want to detail your vehicle.

PH Level

Ph level plays an important role in making or breaking a car wash soap. Its standard range goes from 0-14, and 7 is the base, neutral. Excessively low or high can damage the surface of your car, and may lead to corroding the body in hot weather.

So, look for a soap that has balanced PH, a PH Level 7 makes you apply it on all surfaces including rubber, chrome, paint, plastic, and metal.

Foaming or rinse-free

Foaming means the suds or bubbles you get when mixing with the solvent in water. Foaming softens the grimes and lifts them or encapsulates them for an easier wash. If you are into getting in-depth washing or detailing, foaming is the best option as it removes all the grimes and stains.

On the other hand, Rinsing is for the time when you need a go-to washing or rinsing. If you live in apartment complexes with no access to the driveway and house, this is the type of car wash soap you should get hands-on.


Car wash soaps or solutions these days come with all types of scents. It does not multiply or decrease the performance of your product but makes it helpful for the user to clean without having a weird smell. It is up to you though, the type of scent you like the most.

Final Verdict

In this long guide, we have reviewed the top best Car wash soaps. These are the top results and most of the people in the automobile industry are using more or less these products. These products are safe to use, some may get dried on your skin and for that, you may have to wear gloves.

But about all of them come with PH-balanced so that it could be used on any surface without any big issue. Keep in mind, read the description of the product first, and check if it leaves streaks on the surface or not, if it leaves, do not try to use one.

Anyway, you can pick a product that falls right on your needs and check most of the boxes right for you.

FAQs About Car Wash Soap

What do car washes use to remove bugs?

Dead bugs are one of the biggest issues when you come to wash your car without using a dedicated car wash soap.

They dry up on the paint and can be extremely acidic or damaging to the paint of your car. When you use regular detergents, you can’t get them removed.

Dedicated car wash soaps use special caustic pre-treaters to lift their remains out of the paint to help you clean them without any big issue.

If you face the problem on regular basis and need a dedicated solution, it is better that you buy a car wash soap that is specifically designed for bugs and tar.

What is a good substitute for car wash soap?

If you go out to your garage for an early morning sunny Sunday car wash and you see that you have forgotten to take car wash soap with you. No issue, you can still use mild dishwashing soaps.

Though the dishwashing soaps are not designed to be used on the paint surface, they remove grease and are specifically designed for dishes, still, they are passable for occasional use.

Does Car Wash Soap Expire?

Well by just gazing at the car wash soap would never make you know if it is expired or not.

Still, there is a way, use the car wash soap on the undercarriage, or the rear bumper and check if it is the same or not.

If you know that it has been several months or a few years since you purchased the wash soap, it is recommended that you just replace it with a new one.

Can I Use Car Wash Soap on My Boat?

Some Car wash soaps may have compatibility with the exterior coating of the boats.

But it is important to read the description of the product to learn the components it comes integrated. If it is mentioned there, you may use it to wash your boat.

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