Best Tires For Honda CRV Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

If you are looking for the best tires for a honda CRV then this post is for you.

Honda CR-V is a greater infusion of power, performance, affordability, and fuel economy.

That’s why it is among one of the most selling vehicles on the road not only in the USA but around the globe.

You got a Honda CR-V but you have to drive it on a different terrain its tires are not designed for.

Well, you will have to replace Honda CR-V, which too is the best performing treadwear.

To be frank, you know your terrain conditions better. Maybe you have to hit the uneven surface or unpaved surface.

So, keeping the surface or terrain in mind, how long you drive every day, and your budget range, you need to decide on the right Honda CR-V tires.

What we can do is, filter out most selling options with different performance, requirements, properties, budget range, and features to help you pick the one that suits your requirements and needs.

In this post, I am going to review the best tires for Honda CRV according to consumer ratings and report 2023. So without further ado, let’s get started.


Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in depending on your budget…

Best Tires For Honda CRV Reviews

I have compiled a list of the 7 best tires for Honda CRV based on consumer ratings and reports for 2023.

1. Kumho Eco Solus KL21

Features at a glance
  • Bamboo Like the symmetric design
  • Fuel economy up to 5%
  • High tensile belt integrated
  • Long haul tire

If you are looking for all-season touring tires with unique and most modern symmetric tread design.

This design is derived from Bamboo tree markings, nature’s design taken on board, to make our modern lives easier, smoother, and hassle-free.

This tire not only provides you with smooth travel but also ensures low rolling resistance.

The tire adheres to advance technology that utilizes high dispersion Slicia to strengthen how rubber reacts to the surface.

The ending results provide you enjoy lower fuel economy of up to 5%, and lower operating costs overall.

This Honda CRV tire comes in handy at an affordable price range. It costs around $135, so one of the affordable options without cutting any corners.

This all-season routing tire makes an impressive option for those who drive on light snow and cold weather too.

Its modern symmetric design and modern formulated rubber quality make it last longer without increasing your fuel economy.

To improve the overall strength and longevity of the tire, it is using a high tensile belt with spirally wrapped nylon ply.

If you have lots of cross-country drive, and looking for a long-haul built Honda CRV Tire, this is the option to get hands-on.

What We Like!

  • Tensile belts for longevity
  • Improve fuel economy by up to 5-percent
  • Affordable priced option
  • Modern symmetric tread design

Things to Consider!

  • Roar at high speed

2. General AltiMAX RT43 Radial Tire

Features at a glance
  • Symmetrical tread design
  • For snowy, wet weather
  • Additional four grooves
  • Controlled steering

General tires are the biggest names in the tire industry. With the experience of more than 100-years, General tires offer almost a perfect tire for your Honda CRV.

Though this tire provides you with all-season performance due to its unique traction, and built-in safety features.

But experts know, that its wet traction is way improved than before, due to the four additional grooves, General tires carved.

This tire comes with smart monitoring technology to keep you safe on the roads.

In case there is any alignment or trad wear issue in the tire, it alarms you and notifies you about the problem beforehand so that you could fix them as quickly as possible.

AltiMAX RT43 Tire shares tread construction of the material that lasts for a long time and resists wet and snowy weather.

It is a dependable, and one of the most trustworthy tire options, if you go with this tire, I reckon, you would not go wrong.

It is a flat and wide design a tire that holds its grip on the road better than any other tire, and you can feel that on the first day, holding steering.

The symmetrical tread design and tiny clusters are distributed through the tire evenly, to avoid misalignment.

The same tread symmetric design also helps you know if you need to replace a tire.

Well, if you are looking for a tire for mountains or rocky conditions, this might not be the option for you.

What We Like!

  • Great wet gripping
  • Comfortable, quiet, and normal speed ride
  • Improved tread life due to additional four grooves
  • Controlled steering experience

Things to Consider!

  • Not for rocky and mountain conditions


Features at a glance
  • 70,000 Miles treadwear warranty
  • Improved Light snow performance
  • Fuel savings up to 3.8%
  • All-season touring tire

If you love quiet driving and looking for one of the quietest tires even at the highest speed Honda CR-V driving, Go with CrossContact designed LX25 Tires.

Honda as a brand puts older models CrossContact tires in their latest CRV.

If you put these ones, the latest ones, you will feel improved driving and steering experience compared to the original tires that come with the vehicle.

LX25 is an improved version in all areas compared to its predecessors. It comes with 70,000 miles treadwear warranty on T-speed, and H-speed tires and 65000 miles warranty on V-speed-rated tires.

I love the performance of these tires, especially how they perform in rainy conditions. It is one of the safest s touring tires for cross-overs.

Its gripping on the surface in rainy conditions as well as traction is more than just impressive.

You will experience short braking distance and more controlled and balanced riding.

Although it is an all-season tire, its performance in light snow is at its peak.

Its light snow performance is one of the prominent highlights, even though it lacks a Severe snow rating.

That means, in light snow, it performs at its peak but stops in time when heavy snow is falling and slows its speed.

In total, I find LX25 is a great all-season Touring tire for your Honda CR-V. But it lacks well-balanced performance on broken roads.

It is as quiet as mentioned, but an uneven surface or unpaved ways, makes you suffer.

What We Like!

  • Supreme performance on even surfaces
  • Outstanding traction in rainy conditions
  • Improved tread life
  • Quiet operation

Things to Consider!

  • Expensive

4. Yokohama GEOLANDAR G055

Features at a glance
  • Affordable price
  • Slicia compound made
  • Unique symmetrical tread design
  • Positioning and transition grooves

What do you expect from your purchase?

It is an affordable price range; it should offer the best value and quality. But, isn’t it true that quality comes at a price?

But in the case of Yokohama GEOLANDAR G055, the right infusion of power, performance, and affordability, is not true.

Despite its lower price range, its affordability, it provides the value, performance, and smoothness that premium tires only promise.

Yokohama Gotlander G055 is the best material constructed attire and offers everything that your Honda CR-V demands.

It is the best material tire, combines the best material compound, Slicia-compound with High oil technology to bring forth smoother, and undisturbed results.

You know that the Slicia compound is extracted from silicon, and it enhances the smoothness too.

But, this tire, it got symmetrical spikes on it, with incredible traction, to make it more comfortable for all-season.

Not only in even and dry weather conditions, but the tire’s performance is also unmatchable in muddy and rainy conditions too.

It’s gripping on the road in muddy, rainy conditions, along with the traction that comes from its unique symmetrical design combined with the Slicia compound.

It also got positioning and transition grooves. These grooves are designed to shift the weight with maintaining the right rigidity and without breaking the tires.

These transition grooves also provide effective resistance along with right stopping.

You know that today’s tires are designed using computers and the latest technology.

To make the abrasive even, this tire is designed using a computer. Plus, the noise level too is signific ally reduced with even abrasion.

What We Like!

  • Transition and positioning grooves
  • Uniform corrosion
  • Designed using a computer for even abrasive
  • Smooth stable handling

Things to Consider!

  • The ability to corner is complicated

5. Pirelli Scorpion Verde All-Season Radial Tire

Features at a glance
  • All-season tires
  • Reduce co2 emission
  • Asymmetrical design
  • M+S Certificate

Scorpion Verde is one of the most successful and selling tires designed by Pirelli Tires.

With this tire, Pirelli oompahed the performance of their tires not only for this particular product but overall.

With this tire, Pirelli reduced the CO2 emission and also promises to increase the fuel efficiency.

The improved efficiency and gripping are because of the Slicia Compound construction. Plus, it’s an asymmetrical spike design and additional patches.

This combo not only makes your ride smoother but helps in improved cornering and steering.

You feel more control over your tires, and easily park them without any cornering issues.

Pirelli designed latest tires are designed for all-terrain. They got more mobility and help you enjoy smooth riding on/off-road.

They are also useable in light snow, muddy, and off-road conditions. Pirelli’s latest tires got an M+S certificate for all-weather, in other words, you can use them in rainy conditions too.

But don’t take these tires for heavy snow driving. Well, it is good for light snows, but on heavy snows, they are not as good, you should buy specialized tires for that.

If you have been an avid fan of Pirelli tires, I am sure if you upgrade with these latest ones, you would not regret the decision.

The latest ones are eco-friendly, reduce carbon emission, and oomph your overall performance graph.

What We Like!

  • Latest designed asymmetrical pattern
  • Reduce CO2 Emission
  • Season tires, good for even rainy condition
  • Improved cornering and steering

Things to Consider!

  • Not too impressive on heavy snow

6. Kumho Solus TA31

Features at a glance
  • Free replacement in case of irreparable damage
  • Controlled traction and improved steering
  • Wider shoulder blocks
  • Symmetric tread pattern

Honda is one of the most respected and esteemed names in the vehicles market.

And Honda CRV is one of the most sold products, so whatever tire you are buying, it should match the quality, and complement the vehicle’s speed.

Kumho designed tires have earned a huge reputation for themselves. With just a touch and feel of the tire, an experienced user comes to know the value it offers.

This tire adheres to all modern design and quality construction and provides you with seamless results.

It provides better traction, and steering response why? It’s because of its wider shoulder blocks, which renders a soft contact edge on the road.

You know that shoulder blocks are the first part of the tire that comes in contact with the surface, these wider shoulders make the contact smooth and controllable.

With its symmetric tread pattern, it lowers the rolling resistance and reduces the vibration, noise, and fuel consumption as well.

A tire’s peak performance is measured in wet conditions. This tire provides improved traction in wet conditions, its sipped, four grooves tread creates impressive gripping and evacuates water into the central grooves away from the tires.

It’s an all-season tire, you can have it for all-season touring. Designed for all-season performance, and emphasis on quiet performance.

Its weather gripping, wet control, steering, and cornering features make it one of the most attractive purchases for Honda CRV.

Plus, if the tire gets damaged due to an accident within 12-months of its use, the brand promises to replace it for free.

What We Like!

  • Modern symmetrical design and silica compound construction
  • All-season touring tire
  • 12-Month free replacement for irreparable damage
  • An asymmetric pattern lowers the rolling resistance

Things to Consider!

  • Humming over 65kph

7. Michelin LTX All-Season Radial Car Tire

Features at a glance
  • Powered by MaxTouch feature
  • Slicia Compound constructed
  • Twin seat belts integrated
  • Shortest distance stopping

If you think that one tire can’t fit all season, I am sure you have not used a Michelin LTX tire.

It is an all-season tire, its construction, its making is used for an exerted compound which makes the tire adopt all surface; even, uneven, wet, dry, rocky, and others.

It comes powered by the MaxTouch feature. You know what this feature does, it reduces the rolling friction and provides you with improved fuel consumption.

The tire distributes pressure evenly, from its shoulders and interior parts to make your engine spend less power.

Why I choose it for Honda CRV is its improved tread life. Yes, it is made in a way that resists wear and tear.

It is a Slicia compound construction, which helps you enjoy a smooth driving experience every day.

It got twin steel belts on both sides which make your Honda CRV carry heavy loads without any stress.

If are a big family, and travel a lot with your family for countryside trips, these tires can help you roam around freely without any stress.

If you are like me, you too hate noiseless tires. I can assure you that these are the best fit for your taste and choice. You would not hear the buzzing noise that regular tires make at high speeds.

These tires got the shortest stopping distance. Yes, with the integration of a special contact patch, they help you stop your vehicle at the shortest stopping distance, especially on wet roads where everything gets slippery and it becomes hard to drive.

If you have to travel on the rocky surface, and heavy snow, you know that hydroplaning can sometimes make your car travel on the thin ice film, and nothing can be worse than that.

But these tires come with Anti-Hydroplaning features which are lined through the tread and

helps you flush snow without making them stay in the tires.

So, if you take my advice, you are a big family travel a lot on varied surfaces, you better go with this tire, and enjoy your journey in all seasons.

What We Like!

  • All-season touring tires
  • Good for on/off roads
  • Allows for less engine stress, less fuel consumption
  • Improved vehicle handling

Things to Consider!

  • Not for all winter season and heavy snow

Buying Guide For Honda CRV Tires

Every brand tries its best in gathering resourcing, researching, and help users to get the most out of their product.

But, most of the time, one size can’t fit all. Maybe one particular brand tire makes a vehicle as smooth and best performing as you want.

But for your vehicle, it would not provide the same result. It’s not your vehicle’s fault, it’s the tire designed and produced for that particular vehicle.

That’s why despite reading reviews, we recommend you read through buying guide section. This section helps you learn what makes a tire stands out.

Type of a Tire

Before you get into buying a tire, first narrow it down to the type of tire. Once you decide on the right type, the half battle is already won.

‘All season tires: These tires are designed to be used all season. Provides great grip, and smooth travel, in wet and dry conditions.

They are considered acceptable for winter, but don’t provide much traction and stopping power required in winter.

Performance tires

These are designed for confident handling, and better wet and dry traction.

They come with higher traction, grips, and stopping power. Their tradeoff is, lost tread-life and reduced ride quality.

All-terrain tires

If you want to buy tires to be used for off-road traction, they are the best. They come with less comfort, but more robust construction.

Winter and snow tires

They are made with a special rubber compound to increase grip in the different temperature ranges.

Tread Composition

Tread composition, the material gathered to pull out the tire matters the most.

It helps you enjoy the smoothness, swiftness, and seamlessness your vehicle is designed for.

Most of the treads are made of Silica compound, a silicon derived compound that is incompressible and prevents tires from wearing out.

This compound helps the tire mold with the type of the surface, and without getting torn apart, helps you enjoy the journey.

Tread Pattern

It is not just the tread composition, but the tread pattern that makes a bigger difference.

Check for the patterns which are carved and arranged evenly. The patterns where none is bigger and wider than the rest.

With the asymmetric pattern, you enjoy evenness and smoothness. With right symmetric patterns, when your tire comes in contact with the surface, the weight is evenly distributed, with no more or less pressure on the areas of the tires.

Speed rating

The tire’s speed rating tells you the speed at which the tire can function.

It is important to know the speed rating because speed means more momentum, and it is important for cars and trucks tire to know their actual speed rating.

Because increased speed can lead to slip up or bursting of the tires, means dangerous accidents.

Your condition of use

Tires are the only contact point of a vehicle to the surface. So, they should be controlled the way you like.

And control can be different with different conditions like wet, dry, rocky, and off-road use.

So, you should pick the tire as per your use. Chose the characteristics of a tire as per your use and condition.

Final Verdict

Tires are one of the most important attributes of a vehicle. They can make or break your diving experience.

With the wrong size and sub-par quality tires, you will be traveling in a less safe environment, which can make you end up losing your money, and crashing.

So, pick a high-quality tire, the one that provides you better traction, and control on steering and cornering.

Honda CRV is one of the top-notch vehicles not only in the USA but around the globe. For that, you should buy quality tires, the ones that compliment your vehicle and its properties.


I chose the correct tire size, but why doesn’t it fit during installation?

If you had chosen the right size but it is not fitting now during the installation maybe you have installed the wrong tire on the front wheel or vice versa.

Well, front and rear tires are not that different but slightly. And when installing a tire, this slight difference can never let you install the wrong one.

How often should I rotate my Honda CRV tires?

As per experts as well as manufacturers’ recommendations, you should rotate your tires on each oil change.

Or if you don’t drive it much, rotate it after 5000-8000 miles of distance covered.

This is the most efficient way of rotating CRV tires, as you would not have to visit a separate tire shop for that.

Should I replace all four tires at once?

If you see your vehicle is destabilizing, you should check all the tires and if they require replacement do it at once.

There is no rule of changing one tire at one time, if it is necessary change all of them at once.

Especially if you live in a rocky surface region, or have to drive on a wet or slippery surface.

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