Best Heated Car Seat Covers Consumer Rating & Reports 2023

It is super cold outside. I am here in the supermarket for grocery shopping.

Bags in my hands, running towards my car, it’s really chilling outside.

I opened the gate, sat on my car seat, and I had no control over my language. My car seats are as cold as outside, cold.

There must be a solution for that, I am murmuring to myself.

I Googled it to find some solution to cold car seats in winter, especially in my areas where the mercury falls most months of the year.

The solution is very simple. It had been there all along; heated car seat covers.

Heated cover help in warming the car seats to help you get more relaxed in the car, enjoy a soothing feel and focus on driving more than cursing the weather.

These heated seat covers are very simple to use, comfy too and an absolute solution to the cold car seats in winter.

In this post, I am going to review the best heated car seat covers according to consumer ratings and report 2023. So without further ado, let’s get started.


Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in depending on your budget…

Best Heated Car seat covers Reviews

I have compiled a list of the 7 best heated car seat covers based on consumer ratings and reports for 2023.

1. HealthMate Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support

Features at a glance
  • Polyurethane foam construction
  • Two temp control setting
  • Four clips for the right fitting
  • DC-supply

If you want to ensure warm comfort in your car in winter, I can’t think of any other product than Wagan designed heated car seat cover.

It checks all the boxes and provides you with a one-stop solution. It is a universal car seat cushion.

Fits most the cars and trucks, it looks stylish and helps you focus on your ride in cold winters.

The car seat cushion shares Polyurethane construction. It is a foam-constructed seat.

The benefits of having foam construction are that foam retains the heat for a longer time, to make the cushion warm for a longer period of time.

It provides your car seat with the ideal comfort, size, and fitting. It comes with four clipping.

You can clip it from four sides, so that the car seat stays in place, without moving around.

Plus, it got four elastic straps on the rear, and a 4-inches strap on the bottom, to provide you with the perfect fitting.

The car seat takes power from DC connectivity. Well, if you wish to connect it to AC power, it can accept an AC adapter, and you power it using an AC power. Versatility offers no doubt.

It got the right temperature control setting. With 2-temperature settings, sit allow you to go up to 114-degree F.

You can switch between low and high temp settings, to get just the right temperature you love.

I love the way it can easily store. Take it off, bend it, and simply store it in the summertime.

It stays there waiting for the winters to make you come up, lift it up and set it again.

What We Like!

  • Universal car seat fits most the cars and trucks
  • Provides right fitting with four clips and elastic straps
  • Comes with 2 temp control settings
  • Easy to take off, fold and store

Things to Consider!

  • Does not have multiple heat settings

2. Snailax Massage Seat Cushion with Heat

Features at a glance
  • Digital timer
  • Soft Polyester construction
  • 6 Massage setting
  • Automatic heat turns off

If it is not just the heated car seat cover you want, but a comfortable seat that helps you provide a comfy riding experience for long hours of ride, I highly recommend Snailax Massage seat cover with heat and cushion.

The reason why I recommend this piece for long hours of comfortable driving is its construction.

The variant we are reviewing is made of soft polyester, but there are two other upgraded options made of soft Plush material to help you enjoy comfortable long hours of trips without any big trouble.

This car seat cover is great for those suffering muscle aching and pains. It provides the right comfort and soothes muscle aches and soreness.

It supports massages and got a massage motor with 6 different massage settings to help your tissues and muscles get relieved of fatigue and soreness.

It also comes with a digital timer. Using a remote control that comes with the package you can set the timer for 15, 30, and 60 minutes, as per your preference.

On the other hand, I found that it is among one of the fastest heated cover seats that reach the set temperature within one minute.

That means you would not have to wait for several minutes to get the seat heated to make you provide comfortable riding.

Well, if you go at the design and settings, you find it more a massage seat than a heating cover seat.

But the heating is a core feature, that provides a comfortable feeling during the drive.

You can use the vibration too, as a bonus feature to soothe your aching and sore muscles.

This heated car seat cover also comes with overheat protection. This feature makes the car seat stay stable at the set temperature.

Plus, it comes with an auto shut off feature which makes this heated car seat cover automatically turn off when you set it to.

What We Like!

  • Takes less than one minute to reach the set temperature
  • Comes with a digital timer
  • Automatic heat shut off
  • Overheat protection

Things to Consider!

  • The vibration is very loud

3. KINGLETING Heated Seat Cushion

Features at a glance
  • Stylish looking
  • Human body sensor activation
  • Overheat protection
  • Two controls

For modern products, not only for heat cushions, I am talking overall, people pay attention to how they look.

Well, we all love stylish-looking, modern-designed, and uniquely adapted products.

If that’s the case, KINGLETING Heated Seat Cushion is the perfect option for you.

This heated car seat cover shares a modern and sleek design. It looks stylish and can be used on office, and home chairs.

With its rubber bottoms or anti-skid or slip gripping, you can use it on any chair, use two chairs at once.

The most astounding aspect of this heated car seat cover is sitting human body pressure sensors.

These sensors only activate when you sit on the cushion. They get activated, and the seat is turned on and starts providing you heat.

It comes with two control features. You can use the remote control to turn it off or use the seat covers to turn it off.

Within one minute of you sitting on it, it reaches the set temperature. It can go up to 140-degree F temperature, and supports overheat protection.

When you have reached your destination, get up, and the seats get turned off automatically.

You have no need to manually turn them off, the human body pressure sensors do that for you.

The most cherished able feature is its optimization for my office seat. I can take it off, and use it on my office chairs, in winter, to get some extra coziness.

What We Like!

  • Ultra-thin, stylish looking, and design
  • Automatic turn off and turn off
  • Human body sensor pressure activation
  • Can be used on office chairs, and home

Things to Consider!

  • Not much cushioning

4. HealthMate 12V Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support

Features at a glance
  • Soft Polyurethane CONSTRUCTED
  • Four Straps
  • Three temperature control
  • Heat reaches up to 114-degree F

If you want to get the right replica of your money, the right value for your spending, I can’t think of any other product than Health Mate designed Seat cushion with lumbar.

Keep in mind, that it is not just a heated cover, it is a cushion with comforting velour to provide you the extra comfort.

It is one of the easiest to use a heated car seat cover. It is made of soft Polyurethane material; the material retains heat and makes it cozy and warm for a long time in chilling winters.

It comes with a total of four straps, to make you get the right fitting and prevent sliding.

Two rubber straps on the rear, and two around the bottom, to provide you the right fitting, to make you enjoy your ride as much as you can.

It comes with three temperature control features. It got low, medium, and high-temperature settings to help you customize the seat temperature as per your preference.

The seat cushions reach the set temperature within one minute, it can go up to 114-degree F temperature.

Well, it does not have any digital timer or digital dial to provide you the precise temperature control.

In my view, this car seat is more than just a cover. It is a thick Polyurethane made car seat cover, with the right thickness to maximize comfort and coziness.

If you do long drives on regular basis, this is the right grab for you, especially for winters.

What We Like!

  • Thick Foam constructed seat
  • The right value of your hard-earned money
  • Three preset temperature settings
  • Four straps to prevent it from sliding

Things to Consider!

  • No digital dial or timer

5. Sotion Back Massager with Heat

Features at a glance
  • Five massage mode
  • Three-speed setting
  • Automatic shut off
  • Optimized for office, and home

Heated Car seats cover plus massager is a nice combo.

If you get tired on your way home, because of the long drive, probably a car seat cover with a massager is the right option to get hands-on.

It comes with five massage modes, and a three-speed setting to easily help you get the right preference.

Don’t worry, you can control every inch of this seat cover. From its massaging speed to the heating setting.

You can control heating as well as massaging, not only that but massaging position, circulation and many other features too.

The massage mechanism shares 10-modes, to vibrate your back and thigs, to provide a soothing driving experience, relieving muscle soreness and tension.

The best thing about these massage modes is, that you can target specifically the lower, upper, and thigs massaging.

More than that, this heated cover seat with massager comes with compatibility features to use with office chairs, beds, and home chairs without any issue.

It got plastic and rubber hooks and straps to help you easily fix it at the place you like.

This chair is portable and easy to fold as well. You can fold it easily, store it or move it without any big issue or trouble.

What We Like!

  • Five massage modes and three-speed modes
  • Automatically shuts off after 15-minutes
  • Portable and easy to take around
  • Can be used with office chairs, home sofas, and others

Things to Consider!

  • In massaging mode pretty noisy

6. Comfier Chair Pad for Cold Winter

Features at a glance
  • Faux suede and soft plush material
  • Anti-slip bottom
  • Overheat protection
  • Three heat setting

If you are on a budget and looking for a heated car seat cover that provides you heat in the cold winter month, I recommend you buy Comfier designed chair pad.

It comes in hands at a tiny price compared to other heated car seats and fills the bills without any issue.

It is as soft as other heated car seat covers. It is made of Faux suede and soft plush material to help you enjoy the right coziness and comfort in chilling winter.

With additional foam padding, you get to enjoy your long-hours sitting. Not only that, you can use it at the home, office or on your sofa.

In my view, if you compare the safety features of this heated cover seat, it stands heads and shoulders above the rests.

It comes with anti-slip bottom, which prevents skidding and slipping on the sofa or on an office chair. It got a harness, you can tie the harness around the seat or from behind.

Plus, it got overheat protection. If you are using it at home, and you fell asleep, without turning it off.

The overheat protection feature automatically turns it off and makes you enjoy a safer, warm environment.

I loved the way the brand put its focus on the tiniest details. Take an example of its hemming.

You know that fabrics start to wear from the edges. Its impressive hemming makes it withstand every tough environment and use.

Its heat efficiency is as good as any other. It reaches its set temperature within 1-3 minutes. You can expect instant relief from outside cold, stepping in your car.

With three timer settings, you can set it for heating 15-min, 30 min, and 60 minutes.

Plus, it automatically turns off after one hour, you can extend the duration if you like, using the remote controller.

What We Like!

  • Anti-skid rubber on the bottom
  • Excellent hemming around the edges
  • Three heating time settings
  • Can be used with office chairs, and home sofa

Things to Consider!

  • Don’t have a digital timer

7. Snailax Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat Massage

Features at a glance
  • Anti-skid rubber bottom
  • Can be used in summers too
  • 3d breathable mesh back
  • Overheat protection

If you suffer from back pain, and you have to drive in winter, you know winter is hard for any kind of aching and body pain, you need something like a massager and heated cover.

Snailax designed Shiatsu massage cushion comes with a heating feature to provide your back with a customized massage experience.

It is not just the winter months; this seat cover can be used all way around. You can use it in summer too.

With its improved cooling system, it makes the excessive heat gathered expel from the system in summers.

So, you have no need to change your car seat in summers or winters, enjoy both the weathers just like the way you want.

Its design makes it one of the most prominent products. With a 3d breathable mesh top and 3d Spacer fabric bottom, it provides you with the right cushioning and comfort without overheating.

One more thing I monitored about this cover is how quickly it reaches the desired heating temperature range.

Within 1-2 minutes it reaches the maximum heat and makes you enjoy the comforting warm environment inside.

It comes with a timer set. But it got one heating option, only 30-minutes. You can’t change it, but extend once reach to its full time.

You can call it one big downside, as after every 30-minute you will have to start it all over again.

To make this seat as comfortable and optimized for your sitting, it comes with anti-skid rubber bottom and harness. You can use these rubber harnesses to make this seat in place.

It got built-in overheat protection. In other words, the seat prevents your system from overheating.

What We Like!

  • 3d breathable mesh on top
  • 1–2-minute maximum heating time
  • Timer set
  • Improved cooling system
  • Anti-skid rubber

Things to Consider!

  • Slightly expensive

Heated Car Seat Covers Buying Guide

I know that Metaverse is going to be the biggest invention of this era. But for me who hates winters, heated car cover seats are the biggest invention.

They actually turn your surrounding into comfy one and helps you drive more comfortably.

But what makes these car seats cover stand out?

Let me explain how I picked, or what you should look into a car seat cover.


I am not sure about other areas, but here size matters. This is the first and foremost thing you should look into.

Well, companies seem to have a solution to that; universal cat seats cover. But, even if they say universal, most of the time, they don’t get fit.

I figured it how to get the right size. I measured up my car seat and checked the measurement of the product I was interested in buying.

I got the right size; you too should follow the same. Or at least have a member of customer care onboard and mind asking him if or not the particular seat cover will fit your car seat.

Heating speed

The heating speed is another factor you must look into. The ideal ones only take 2-minutes to get warmed, but they are expensive compared to regular ones.

I am not saying you should buy one that takes an hour to get warmed, and you wait outside or in your house to get the car seats warmed.

It should be fast enough to not make you wait for several minutes. The faster a car seat gets warmed, the better it is for you. And it should not be overdoing the heat.

Yes, some car seats don’t come with the system to automatically turn off after reaching a comfortable warm temperature.

But it is more than one features that aid-in. Like the thickness or padding of the seat, your outside temperature, and like that.

Temperature Control

Well, this is the most obvious and must-have feature. Most of the car seats cover, to the number I have checked and seen come with this temperature control.

Without temperature control, a cover seat is more like air conditioning without a remote to control its cooling. Well, let’s not discuss cooling here.

This feature helps you control heat intensity. The most heated car seat cover comes with low, medium, and high temperatures.

A very few, premium ones come with digital control, to precisely get the right temperature you want.

Automatic turn off Heating

I am sure you must have used microwaves. Even when you forget to turn off them, monitoring the heat, they automatically turn off.

In the same way, if your heated car seat cover has a feature to automatically turn off after reaching a comfortable warm temperature range, It’s an edge.

With this feature not only, do you get secured and protected, but it also preserves energy.


Not all seat cover comes with an automatic turn-off feature or heat protection feature.

And I can understand that it is a premium feature and elevate the overall price.

But a timer can be a handy, and useful cheap feature to provide you heat protection.

With this feature onboard, you can set your car seat cover to turn off after a set number of minutes passed.

In this way, you will have the right protection without getting frozen too cold.

Final Verdict

Heated car cover seats are life saviors. In chilling cold, where even lungs get a freeze, a cold car seat can add fuel to your fury.

The heated cover seat provides you with a soothing environment and helps in long driving in cold months.

In this long guide, we have reviewed the best-heated car cover seat available on the market right now.

You can have a bird’s eye view of them, go through their advantages and disadvantages, and buy the one that matches your needs.


Will a Heated Cover Damage My Seat?

First thing, you should buy a heated car seat cover with overheat protection.

In other words, with this feature, the car seat cover automatically turns off the heat if reaches a temperature harmful to you.

Second thing, even if the cover does not have that feature, you would know when the car seat reaches a temperature that can damage your car seat cover.

One more thing, if you got an expensive car, you can further add a layer under the cover seat as an extra safety layer for prevention.

You can put a damp cloth; a genuine leather and other things like of.

How to Install Heated Seat Covers?

Well installing a seat cover is not rocket science. It is tiny hard than connecting your smartphone on charging.

Take off the cover from the box, connect it to a 12-volt outlet, and that’s it.

To make it as fitting as you like, and to make it stay in place when you take off, the covers come with straps, attach those straps to the seat and that’s it.

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