10 Best Synthetic Oil Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

A vehicle is an expensive investment, and to keep it up and running its engine health should be top-class.

You can improve engine health and drive it for long mileage, all you need to do is to toss away regular oils and grab a premium synthetic oil jug.

From the minute you make a switch, you will notice that the engine has gone quiet and mileage has improved. Do you know why?

It’s all because of synthetic oil additives like anti-wear, foam inhibitors, friction-resistors, etc.

This premium oil formula can stand the test of time better than conventional oil.

However, not every brand is perfect. Check out my detailed synthetic oil buying guide; it will help you pick the right oil based on your driving habits, the age of the vehicle, and the kinds of engines.

I crafted a list of the best synthetic oil by comparing the plus and negative points of more than 50 oils available in the market.

I picked only top synthetic oils based on their best consumer experience and quality performance.

So without further ado, here are the top 10 best synthetic oils according to consumer ratings and reports in 2023.

Best Synthetic Oil Consumer Ratings & Reports

I have compiled a list of the 10 best synthetic oils based on consumer ratings and reports for 2023.

1. Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5 QT

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Features at a glance
  • 50 percent more wear protection
  • Engineered with high mileage
  • Pass Industry Sequence IVA wear test
  • Extra Detergents

If you want to increase your engine life and don’t want to change oil frequently, you should invest money in Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic.

It brings 5W-30 viscosity, so you can easily drive your car in extreme cold and hot temperatures.

The viscosity of oil comes with the perfect balance you need in a good quality product.

The oil is mixed with an anti-wear additive, and now your engine components won’t break down or experience extreme friction.

You will experience 50% more wear protection in comparison with industry standards. It successfully passed the industry Sequence IVA wear test.

Whether the temperature is extremely low or high, its full synthetic formula brings protection for every kind of climate.

Oil won’t get dirty as detergents inside the oil will eliminate deposits and sludge formation. Less dirty oil means less frequent oil changes.

Another plus of this synthetic oil is that it is designed with premium-quality antioxidants that will prevent motor breakdown.

No matter how extreme weather conditions are, your Engine won’t break down easily.

What We Like!
  • Full synthetic formula with exceptional performance
  • Motor runs quieter with this oil
  • Best Quality and Consistency
  • Motor oil breakdown resistance in extreme conditions
Things to Consider!
  • Expensive

2. Castrol 03057 Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5 Quart

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Features at a glance
  • 10x performance in extreme conditions
  • Fluid Titanium Technology
  • Prevent Entire Engine Drain
  • Decrease engine deposit

The main problem with your vehicle is its engine breakdown. When you don’t spend money on quality oil, wear and tear inside engine components quickly wastes your investment.

Therefore, you better grab Castrol 03057 GTX full synthetic motor oil because it eliminates engine wear to a great extent.

It passed a rigorous industry Sequence IVA wear test so that it will provide ultimate protection to critical engine parts. Less wear ensures a smooth ride.

You can rely on this synthetic oil because it is designed after conforming to various specifications such as GM dexos1 Gen 2, API SN Plus, ILSAC GF-5, Ford WSS-M2C929-A, WSS-M2C946-B1.

No matter how much your Engine is under stress, it protects the Engine from the entire drain.

You must switch to a quality oil like this one from Castrol and change the oil filter to enjoy optimal performance and excellent motor driving results.

When you start using this oil, it will maintain the viscosity of the Engine while keeping it clean and steady.

Regardless of your driving speed, it eliminates metal-to-metal contacts.

If you are interested in how much mileage you can expect with this Engine, it’s good to know that it offers at least 15000 miles or even more.

It maximizes engine response by preventing extreme deposits in the oil.

Upon comparison with other kinds of synthetic oil, you realized that it performs 10x better than others in extreme conditions.

What We Like!
  • Long mileage before oil change
  • Good Viscosity
  • Minimize Engine Wear
  • Meets Industry Standards and specifications
Things to Consider!
  • It doesn’t have GF-6 Certification.

3. Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic 5W-40 Diesel Engine Oil

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Features at a glance
  • Advanced multi-functional dispersant additives
  • Triple protection Plus technology
  • Enjoy Fuel economy
  • Better Wear Performance

Every motor driver wants to save money on fuel. Now you can achieve what you want by switching to Shell Rotella.

It helps you save money on your fuel consumption without making any compromise on engine protection.

This fully synthetic oil comes with 5W-40 viscosity. It offers excellent performance in extreme temperature conditions.

It safeguards your Engine against harmful engine wear.

When your car runs on a heavy-duty diesel engine, you need advanced multi-functional dispersant additives that this oil has.

It won’t let your oil get dirty since these additives protect soot, dirt, and other contaminants.

This synthetic oil is formulated with advanced low-ash to prevent exhaust blocking and poisoning.

Thereby, you can maintain the fuel efficiency of your Engine while meeting with vehicle emission compliance.

There won’t be too much viscosity loss, which is a normal thing with other types.

Shell Rotella T6 full synthetic heavy-duty engine oil resists viscosity loss through shear and will maintain optimal pressure in your heavy-duty diesel engine.

What We Like!
  • Advanced low-ash Formulation
  • Optimal Engine breakdown resistance
  • Suitable for diesel-powered vehicles
  • Exhaust emissions control systems Compatible
Things to Consider!
  • It works best only for motorcycle users.

4. Mobil 1 Extended Performance Full Synthetic Motor Oil 0W-20t

Features at a glance
  • Decrease deposits and sludge buildup
  • Meets ILSAC GF-6 standards
  • Boost fuel economy
  • Extend Engine Life

Do you like to drive turbocharged vehicles? If you have the immense need for speed, you should buy a synthetic oil that protects your Engine for turbocharged speed.

Thanks to Extended performance Mobil 1, you enjoy matchless engine protection at optimal speed.

You can have 20,000 miles of engine protection with this oil. It controls the oxidation process to avoid breakdown and keeping viscosity at an optimal level.

This motor oil 0W-20 will extend engine life even in extreme weather conditions.

You can improve fuel economy by keeping the Engine clean. It prevents sludge buildup, and oil doesn’t get dirty with deposits.

Your Engine enjoys excellent heat protection up to 500 Degree F and doesn’t get thick too much at low-temperature levels up to -40 degrees F.

Since this oil meets ILSAC GF-6 standards, you can expect optimal wear protection for low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) and timing chain.

What We Like!
  • Top-quality, Durable
  • Wear Protection
  • Internal Engine Heat Protection up to 20,000 miles
  • Prevent breakdown with oxidation control
Things to Consider!
  • It Turns black Quickly

5. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic 0W-40 Motor Oil

Features at a glance
  • No Loss of Power
  • Engine Protection
  • Offers Fuel Economy
  • Keep Pistons Clean

Do you need an oil that outperforms others in extreme driving conditions? You should purchase Pennzoil Ultra Platinum.

This fully synthetic oil offers a smooth drive for recurring short trips, stop-and-go driving, dusty roads, uneven paths, and rugged areas.

You can expect complete wear protection due to friction.

This oil is made from natural gas, not crude oil. Through its revolutionary gas-to-liquid process, manufacturers transform natural gas into synthetic oil.

Thanks to this carbon-neutral motor oil, you keep the environment safe and pollution-free with reduced CO2 lifecycle emissions.

Once you have this oil, you can drive more than 550 miles extra as compared to ordinary oils that keep the Engine dirty.

Your engine piston should be crystal clear for smooth driving and engine performance.

Since this synthetic oil meets industry-standard ILSAC GF-5, it keeps the piston clean from dust and deposits.

It offers the best performance in extreme weather conditions. In freezing weather, down to 40ºF, your oil won’t get thick.

In a scorching environment up to +400ºF, it prevents oil oxidation and degradation.

Since your Engine remains clean and its parts don’t break down due to friction, you don’t lose speed and power on the move.

What We Like!
  • Reduce CO2 lifecycle emissions
  • Excellent Performance in Extreme Temperature
  • Gas-to-liquid PurePlus Technology
  • Sludge protection
Things to Consider!
  • You need to pour it into a quart-size oil container for use.

6. Castrol 03057 GTX MAGNATEC 5W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Features at a glance
  • Castrol recommends the use of Bosch oil filters
  • Viscosity breakdown protection
  • Reduce Engine wear up to 75 percent
  • Sludge protection

GTX Magnetic has intelligent molecules that kick in your Engine and provide it ultimate protection from the minute you kickstart your car.

You will notice a dramatic reduction of wear up to 75 percent once you make a switch from traditional to this advanced synthetic oil.

You might be looking for a fuel economy as you often have to drive in extreme conditions.

A rugged environment increases engine stress that in turn affects part performance.

You can drive in rugged areas without worrying about engine dirt and deposit formation since this synthetic oil eliminates deposit buildup and ensures sludge protection.

No matter how frequent short trips you want to take, this full synthetic oil ensures fuel economy as per US Stands.

During stop-and-go driving, your engine parts need more protection than this synthetic oil offers by clinging to these parts and reducing their wear and tear due to friction or idling.

If you check the specifications, you find out that this oil has met many industry standards and requirements such as API SN Plus, ILSAC GF-5, Ford WSS-M2C929-A, WSS-M2C946-B1, GM dexos1 Gen 2.

What We Like!
  • Offers Fuel Economy
  • Clean Engine Quiet well
  • Works Well in Low Temperature
  • Suitable for Severe Driving Conditions
Things to Consider!
  • Expensive

7. AmazonBasics Full Synthetic Motor Oil With Euro Formula

Features at a glance
  • Prevent Rust and corrosion
  • SAE 0W-40
  • Designed for longer drain intervals
  • Reduce Engine Wear

Proper lubrication of your engine part is essential for its minimal wear.

Thanks to this full Synthetic oil from AmazonBasics, your Engine gets the protection it needs.

The use of this oil causes less friction that in turn results in the reduction of wear.

You don’t need to change the oil after every 5K; enjoy high mileage and performance since this oil is formulated for longer drain intervals.

The additive in the oil ensures that deposits and sludge don’t build up fast.

You don’t need to deal with rust and corrosion – which leads typically to costly vehicle repair.

The oil is powerful enough that it doesn’t break down due to temperature changes.

If you remain worried about engine emission and your carbon footprints, it is good to invest in high-quality oil like this one.

Regular use of full synthetic oil reduces exhaust emissions. It helps you keep the Engine and environment clean.

For best performance, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in your vehicle owner’s manual.

You will be able to get excellent performance from this engine oil in freezing weather. It meets the specifications of gasoline automotive engines.

If you have turbocharged models, it’s an affordable oil to enjoy fuel economy.

What We Like!
  • Suitable for turbocharged models.
  • Prevent Thermal breakdown
  • Minimal Exhaust Emission
  • Fight Volatility burn off
Things to Consider!
  • Bottle quality is not good.

8. Valvoline High Mileage with MaxLife Technology

Features at a glance
  • Advanced anti-wear additives
  • A Strong layer of anti-wear film
  • Easy to Pour Bottle
  • Offer protection up to 75k miles

The engine parts required reliable and thick anti-wear film, and thanks to Valvoline synthetic oil, these parts get what they need to fight wear and friction.

This oil is designed with MaxLife technology to protect your Engine by reducing wear that ultimately increases the lifespan of the machine.

Generally, when you switch from conventional to synthetic, then many times you experience leaks. Thanks to premium seal conditioners, oil prevents leaks.

If you want to get high performance from the Engine, you need to make it pretty clean.

The oil is mixed with advanced detergents that safeguard the Engine against deposit buildup and sludge.

Combining a solid layer of anti-wear film and anti-wear additives reduces engine breakdown and helps you drive smoothly even in extreme conditions.

The manufacturer integrated this oil with advanced antioxidants that will reduce oil breakdown in extreme climate conditions.

Once you start using this oil, your Engine can enjoy protection up to 75000 miles.

Another thing that you like the most about this full synthetic oil is its well-designed bottle.

This 5-quart bottle is easy to pour and designed with an anti-glug tube, precision pours spout, and an easy pull tab.

What We Like!
  • Suitable for High Mileage engine
  • No more deposits and sludge
  • Premium seal conditioners
  • Top-quality antioxidants to prevent oil breakdown
Things to Consider!
  • Bottle may leak.

9. Motul 5L Synthetic Engine Oil 8100 0W20 ECO-LITE

Features at a glance
  • Maximum oil film resistance
  • Friction Modifier for maximum power output
  • Low volatility to reduce oil consumption
  • High shear stability

Do you need a synthetic oil that fits universally with all varieties of the vehicle? You should grab one from Motul.

This 5-L synthetic engine oil is high-performing and helps you enjoy protection in high mileage.

It works as a 100 percent synthetic lubricant while reducing oil friction in the parts.

As your Engine requires less oil and stays lubricated thereby you save money on regular fuel.

It doesn’t oxidize like other oil. Therefore your Engine remains clean.No matter what temperature is outdoor, your indoor engine oil flow and viscosity won’t get affected.

The engine offers smooth driving as oil offers anti-deposit protection.

Its friction modifier makes sure that the driver gets maximum power output while dropping operating temperature.

It reduces volatility burn-off to a great level. Your transmission engine won’t exhaust too much, and oil consumption drops. Every driver likes to enjoy these benefits.

The film created on parts will offer maximum resistance at high temperatures to prevent engine wear.

Once you start using this oil, your engine noise will slow down, while you also notice an improvement in your mileage.

What We Like!
  • 100% Synthetic lubricant
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Excellent oxidation resistance
  • Keep Engine clean
Things to Consider!
  • It is not suitable for extreme driving conditions.

10. Quaker State Motor Oil, Synthetic Blend 5W-20

Features at a glance
  • Easy to pour bottle
  • Anti-Corrosion
  • Optimal Oil film protection
  • Reduce Engine wear

Do you need synthetic blend oil for high mileage and optimal performance? Go and get one from Quaker State.

You can use it for your car and motorcycle and keep their Engine clean and smooth functioning.

Synthetic blend 5W-20 oil ensures that your engine wear is reduced to a great extent. It lubricates the parts entirely and minimizes friction.

Engine contaminants often lead to corrosion of internal parts. You won’t have to spend hundreds of bucks on engine repair as this oil offers corrosion protection against harmful acids.

The oil film provides protection, the viscosity of the oil will be appropriately maintained on the move. Regardless of temperature conditions, oil won’t break down.

If you usually opt for high-speed highway operation, then your Engine will survive extreme driving conditions without any doubt.

This Engine meets and exceeds some industry specifications such as ILSAC GF-6A, API SP/SP-Resource Conserving.

Ergonomic bottle design lets you handle and pour the bottle quickly.

What We Like!
  • Meets industry standards
  • Fight with sludge and deposits
  • Suitable for extreme driving conditions
  • Oil breakdown resistance
Things to Consider!
  • The jug may leak.

Things To Consider Before Buying Synthetic Oil 

Different companies bring their version of synthetic oils, and some are 100 percent synthetic while others are only a blend.

You must know what things you need to compare among different versions to make the right choice. So, here is my guide to help you during a comparative analysis.


You need to check the viscosity of motor oil. It is a measure of fluid resistance to flow.

When you look at the bottle, you read terms like 5W-30 or 0W-40. W stands for winter.

The first number defines viscosity in cold winter, and the second number explains viscosity in summer.

People living in the low temperature helps you get benefits from 0-5W viscosity.

On the flip side, when you drive a car at a high temperature, oil shouldn’t come out quickly.

A thick film around engine parts keeps it well-protected. For example, 10W-40 will thin out quickly at higher temperatures than 10W-40.

You should take these figures in mind and try to go with one that deems suitable for your climate.


Another thing to consider is additives in synthetic oil. You can easily find details of additives in the back of a bottle.

You should know what a specific additive does for your engine protection.

  • Detergents: Keeping your engine clean is an essential thing for its ultimate performance. When synthetic oil blends with detergents, they will inhibit deposits’ growth and prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Antiwear: Try to get oil with antiwear additives. Metal parts of the engine will be well-protected.
  • Viscosity-index improvers: When you live in a high-temperature area, you should focus on this index. It will reduce the tendency of thinning oil in extreme temperatures.
  • Foam inhibitors: When the crankshaft rotates via oil, it produces foaming, affecting the oil lubrication process. Thanks to inhibitors, the foam will disperse and won’t cause issues.
  • Friction modifiers: When engine parts are well-lubricated, they reduce friction that in turn boost mileage.


Before you buy any synthetic oil, please check its primary application. Some oils are designed for higher mileage, while others are designed to extend overall engine performance.

High mileage is your best bet if you want to drive your car in extreme conditions and rugged areas.

Short city trips can be settled well with high-performing engine oil.

Also, some oils are suitable for only motorcycles, while others are meant to speed up your car performance.

Know the basic application and pick the right one as per your needs.


You need to look into your vehicle age and mileage before you start using synthetic oils. Some vehicles outperform with this oil while others don’t work well.

It’s good to check your owner manual and only go for this oil if the manufacturer recommended it.

When your vehicle only required synthetic then its performance and mileage will be boosted with only premium oil.


Some synthetic oils are pretty expensive and stop you from making a switch from conventional to synthetic.

Others are affordable, and you can make oil changes without any issue. An expensive product doesn’t always mean the best one.

It would be best to compare mileage, viscosity, and other aspects to select the right oil for your home.

Oil Standards

Some oils are good for only European countries, while others work best for American vehicles.

Every oil manufacturer needs to fulfill some quality standards to ensure the best engine performance.

Before you pour any oil, you better check for different standards such as API, ACEA, ILSAC.

Top oil providers make sure that their oil meets the latest standards so that customers can buy products with confidence.

Final Verdict

Synthetic oil creates a strong film around the engine’s moving parts and minimizes the resistance.

The less drag on the moving parts results in less power and fuel loss. You save money on monthly fuel.

When you buy a good quality oil that maintains its viscosity, less oil breakdown, and disintegration, it is an ideal fuel to use in either high or low temperatures.

With the right brand of synthetic oil, your engine gets the protection it needs against wear, friction, power loss, and oxidation.

As oil remains clean and doesn’t build up contaminations, engine performance and lifespan improve greatly.

Would you mind checking my buying guide to pick a synthetic oil as per your mileage, budget, and driving requirements?

My list highlights top-performing synthetic oils that meet and exceed industry standards for their viscosity maintenance and low deposit formation.

I’m sure selecting the right oil for your vehicle becomes a no-brainer after you read this post.

People Also Asked About Synthetic Oil

What are the benefits of Synthetic Motor Oils?

Longer engine life: The first benefit of using synthetic oil is that it extends your engine life.

Few Oil Changes: If you only use regular oil, you need to change the oil frequently. Since synthetic oil doesn’t oxidize, break down, or experience sludge formulation, it requires frequent changes. Fewer changes mean saving money on fuel expenses.

Less Friction: Parts of your engine experience less friction, less power loss brings excellent and smooth engine performance.

Turbocharged Engine: Newly-made turbocharged engines only require synthetic oil, which is resistant to disintegration in high temperatures and brings the speed you need.

Can I Mix Different Synthetic Oils Together?

Yes, you can blend it with other oils. However, you should keep in mind that adding other oils may affect the quality of your synthetic oil.

What Differentiates Fully Synthetic Oil From A Semi-Synthetic Motor oil?

Every oil is a combination of base oil and additive. Full synthetic oil is a combination of premium-performance fluids 100 percent.

A synthetic blend oil isn’t 100 percent premium-fluid. It may only include a fraction of it.

What’s So Fantastic About Synthetic Oil?

People are ready to spend more on synthetic oil, and you may be wondering what is so special about it.

Well, it is finely refined base oil as compared to traditional oil. So, you can expect premium performance and protection for your engine.

They prevent wear, keep your engine clean while giving benefits of rust resistance, low friction level.

Regardless of temperature, this oil maintains its viscosity.

Why Switch From Regular to Synthetic Oil?

If you want to protect your engine and desire from expanding its life, you need to switch from regular to synthetic oil.

You should know that synthetic oils are chemically processed, and they bring great traits such as high performance and reduced wear.

More than 70 percent of today’s latest cars rely on synthetic oil for smooth and quiet engine performance.

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