7 Best Hoverboards Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

Skateboards are still relevant, but Hoverboards are the latest trend. They are fun and cool-looking self-balancing motorized devices; a real fun to ride.

But in some countries, I witnessed kids and adults taking them a personal mode of transportation.

Well, I would not like to urge you to do the same, but they sure are fun to ride motorized devices.

If you are interested in buying a hoverboard but are fall pretty of decidophobia, let me help you.

I am going to review the top best hoverboards according to consumer ratings and reports available on the market.

These hand-picked hoverboards are top-rated, and trendy, to help you enjoy your ride in a style. So without further ado, let’s get started.


Here are the top-rated products we picked out that you would be interested in depending on your budget…

Best Hoverboards Consumer Ratings & Reports

These are the 7 best Hoverboards based on consumer ratings and reports 2023.

1. TOMOLOO Rhythmed Hoverboard for Kids and Adult

Features at a glance
  • The speed goes up to 7 miles
  • Battery lasts for 7.45 miles
  • Big 6.5 inches tires
  • LED light on the head

If you are buying your first hoverboard and looking for one which exceeds your expectations not just by its performance but its looks and extra nuts and bolts, buy TOMOLOO designed Rhythmed Hoverboard.

The first reason you should buy this hoverboard is its Stellar reviews. People adore this hoverboard due to its smooth gliding, 5-watt speakers, color-changing LED lights, and many more like that.

It got big race-level tires that are powerful and help you easily move through any surface.

It also comes with a compatible app, in case your kid is out there with friends, you could track the location, and control the speed as well.

It can go quite fast due to its racing level 6.5 inches tires that allow smooth gliding through even uneven surfaces.

The tires allow you easily ride through the slippery surface, down slopes, gravel, forest road, and muds.

It got a pretty powerful motor, a 600-watt motor. The motor helps the machine to go up to 7 miles per hour and covers around 7.45 miles in the one-time battery before it needs recharging. The board is good for kids as well as adults to easily endure 220 pounds of weight.

Its shiny aspects include built-in 5 -watt speakers, and a cool-looking LED light. The speakers really create an incredible ambiance, you can connect your hoverboard to the smartphone Bluetooth and play your favorite songs.

It is pretty easy to use a hoverboard. Even for kids, its self-balancing technology helps them easily ride and stay on the hoverboard.

The speed is increased by slightly applying pressure forward from the front foot and decreased by leaning downward.

What We Like!

  • Different color LED lights
  • 5W built-in speakers
  • Self-balancing technology integrated
  • Good weight range up to 220 pounds

Things to Consider!

  • No battery percentage indicator

2. SISIGAD Hoverboard for Kids Ages 6-12

Features at a glance
  • Speed up to 6-miles per hour
  • 2X motors of 300-watts
  • Speed up to 6.5 miles
  • 15-Degree climbing angle

If you are looking for a hoverboard to present a gift to your kid, I strongly recommend SISIGAD designed Hoverboard.

It shares bright metallic red shiny LED lights to make the ambiance colorful for your kids to show a style.

It’s not just for a kid’s party, you check its reviews. Adults also find this hoverboard appealing, even grand-parents also rave about this self-balancing scooter.

It is not just the aesthetic appeal that makes it stand out. It is equally powerful, shares a 300-watts powerful but compact motor which helps this scooter goes up to 6-miles per hour.

In 3-5 hours of charging time, the distance it can cover is around 6 miles, more than enough for kids to maneuver in surrounding to have some fun.

The hoverboard for kids comes with an advanced motherboard which ensures a self-balancing system.

This mechanism provides easier access and use and makes it smooth to control using your front foot.

Lean the food forward to increase the speed and backward to decrease and so on. It can also be stopped safely and quickly.

With the maximum climbing angle of 15-degree, it goes smoothly from all-terrain. With 6.5 inches big tires, it can easily endure weight up to 200 pounds, equally good for kids and adults.

In case you want to sync it to your smartphone, install the app and track its speed, location, and many other things.

You can connect it to your smartphone Bluetooth as well, for music purposes. Play your favorite music while you are riding, it has 4.2 Bluetooth speakers to have fun.

What We Like!

  • The self-balancing mechanism which helps in easier controls
  • Bluetooth speakers for music listening
  • The 15-Degree climbing angle helps easily glide through slopes
  • Two 300-watts motors for the required power

Things to Consider!

  • Short coverage in one-time battery up to 6 miles

3. H1 Hoverboard Electric Scooter

Features at a glance
  • Customizable lights
  • Covers 9-miles distance
  • Goes up to 9 miles per hour
  • IPX4 water resistance

H1 Hoverboard Electric scooter is one of the modern designed and wealthy features integrated a self-balancing scooter.

The hoverboard is at the forefront of motor and modern technology. I find this hoverboard the most powerful ones, and most efficient in battery consumption.

It comes with a powerful DC motor which provides the hoverboard required power to smoothly glide around uneven terrain, slippery surfaces without any issue.

Most importantly, it easily reaches up to 9 miles per hour speed, to help your kid enjoy with friends.

It comes with a 20-cell lithium-ion battery. The battery lasts for 9 miles in one charge. The motor is very lightweight, compact and with the backing of a powerful motor, it becomes one of the best packages to date.

Don’t worry the hoverboard also comes with extra accessories including a Bluetooth speaker to add up your fun experience.

The embedded Bluetooth 6-watt speaker lets you heighten your experience and enjoy all your favorite songs by connecting them to your smartphone.

And on the head, it also comes with LED headlights that give your hoverboard an attractive sci-fi look. You turn on the LED lights at night and roam around the malls, or in a house with friends.

It also has a battery indicator that shows battery percentage to help you quickly learn how far or how long you can go.

What We Like!

  • Power DC Motor to produce the required power
  • Long-lasting battery goes for 9 miles in one charging
  • LED Headlights with a battery percentage indicator
  • Big 6.5 inches slip-resistant tires

Things to Consider!

  • Relatively high price tag

4. Razor Hovertrax Prizma Hoverboard with LED Lights

Features at a glance
  • 2x 150-watt motor
  • 2 V Lithium-ion battery
  • Goes up to 10-miles per hour
  • Razor’s patented Balance Technology

Kids love bright colors, for a kid’s present, I can’t think there can be a better option than Hovertrax designed Hoverboard which presents Prismatic light show.

Yes, here with this Hoverboard, it is not just the LED headlights to present a colorful ambiance.

It has lighted Wheel hubs as well as acing bars which produce a prism of pulses color to catch attention when you go out with your hoverboard.

Well, we must not rate a product just by looking at its aesthetics. This Hovertrax Hoverboard in performance stands out from the rest.

It easily goes up to 9 miles per hour due to its powerful 150-watt brushless hub motors. It has dual motors, which make this hoverboard go as fast as mentioned.

It has powerful battery support too, to make you cover more distance in one go. With its 25.2 V lithium-ion battery back it lasts for around 40-minutes or 10-miles in one charging.

There is a battery percentage indicator to help you learn the current status of your battery.

The scooter also integrates Razor’s Ever Balance technology to empower your rides. This technology helps you either go with training or normal mode and enjoy the required balance.

It goes as smooth as you require, anti-slip rubber pads provide you with due firmness.

If you are buying it for your kid, you must be concerned about the security. The model shares UL2272 certification, which ensures that the hoverboard is safe for kids.

The hoverboard does not come with all the extra nuts and bolts kids like to witness.

Such as it has Bluetooth music connectivity, app connectivity, which surely help parents to learn the location, and top speeds, etc.

What We Like!

  • Anti-slip rubber pads for standing
  • Big 6.5 INCHES tires for smooth gliding
  • LED lights bar on the head, and in the wheel hubs
  • Lasts for 1-2 hours

Things to Consider!

  • No speaker or Bluetooth connectivity

5. Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1 Hoverboard Electric Self-Balancing Scooter

Features at a glance
  • UL2272 Certification
  • 250-W motor
  • Bright LED lights
  • Top speed up to 8mph

Swagtron is one of the biggest names in producing Hoverboard. The credit of making hoverboard good enough capable for personal transportation goes to the brand and their advertisement schemes.

The T1 hoverboard of the Swagtron targets entry-level users, those who never ride a hoverboard. So, if you are kind of inexperienced, or terrified of riding a Hoverboard, this is the option to get hands-on.

More than the specs, performance, and built the biggest edge this hoverboard has is satisfaction.

The rate of satisfaction plays a huge role, and that’s why T1 Swagtron receives huge sales. People like this product, rely on it, and show their trust in it.

Swagtron T1 Hoverboard is an affordable option. As I mentioned, it hits the entry-level users.

So, the features or construction has been done by looking at the user’s experience. Still, it manages to pull more than just basic features and competes with the top-runners.

It comes powered with a 250-watt motor with gear stabilization to provide a smoother experience.

It also has two bright front-facing LED lights, a battery life indicator to help you learn how far and how long you can move ahead.

It goes up to 8 mph and can cover up to 11 mph distance. That means you can easily ride it for a few hours in one charge.

It takes around 2-3 hours to reach full charging. Its UL2272 Certification ensures that it meets all safety and security standards, and is good to ride for your kids.

The only drawback of this hoverboard is its cheap construction. It is built using cheap quality material, which is likely to break with added pressure. It is suitable for kids and lightweight adults, not for young normal adults.

What We Like!

  • UL 2272 Certification ensures all safety standards
  • 250W motor with gear stabilization technology
  • Good battery hours last for 2-hours in one-time charging
  • LED lights with battery indicator

Things to Consider!

  • Cheap material construction

6. XPRIT Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speakers

Features at a glance
  • Top speed up to 6 mph
  • LED lights on the front and wheels
  • Weight limit 165 pounds
  • UL2272 certification

XPRIT Hoverboard is another great hoverboard with very few learning curves. It got light on wheels, a trendy design that is ready to help you make a stylish statement.

It is simple to learn a hoverboard, anyone can learn it within a few hours of practice. That’s why it is better for kids and senior citizens, to master the riding and head out for the next family trip with your favorite hoverboard packed along.

It is an entry-level hoverboard but shares a sturdy chassis. It shares a solid thick casing for durability, with 6.5 inches of non-slip tires, it allows you to ride through the uneven surface and sloppy surface.

With 19-pounds of its weight, it is easier to take around, weight endurance falls at 165 pounds.

Like most of the hoverboards in our list, this too shares LED flashing lights installed on the wheels and fenders to look great when you go out in the dark.

The Hoverboard is great for kids, though it can be used by any family member due to its good weight range.

With max speed support of up to 6 mph, it runs for 45-75 minutes in one-time charging. It requires at least 2-3 hours of consistent charging.

You can connect it with your smartphone, to get a blast of music. Tune in to your beats, and enjoy your favorite song on the way to riding.

It also supports the application, installs the app on your phone, to track the top-speed as well as the location, for safety purposes.

For safety and security, you should look at the UL2272 certification. This Hoverboard too is UL2272 certified, which ensures a safe and secure ride for your kids.

It got anti-slip rubber pads, gyroscope foot sensors for easier maneuvering, and great control.

What We Like!

  • Gyroscope sensors for easier maneuvering
  • Built-in speaker for music
  • LED lights on the front and wheel hubs
  • Speed up to 6 mph

Things to Consider!

  • The LED lights sometimes just do not turn on

7. LIEAGLE Self-Balancing Hoverboard

Features at a glance
  • 200W Brushless motor
  • RGB LED lights and sidelights
  • 15-Degree incline and decline angle
  • 360-Degree local rotation

If you are looking for a hoverboard for your teen, LIEAGLE Self-Balancing Hoverboard is definitely one of the top considerations.

This hoverboard comes with more than just LED lights, there are other lights to brighten up your surrounding, your kids would love to head out even in the nights.

The LED lights and sidelights illuminate the pathway, enhance visibility for riding in the night or late.

It shares an all-terrain design. With 15-degree of incline and decline, 6.5 inches big tires, it can easily glide through gravel, grass, sand, slopes, and even on the beaches.

It is easy to learn and master a hoverboard. It allows you to go straight, and rotate 360-degree locally.

With a 200W brushless quiet motor, it makes it easier to go through all-terrain without any trouble or issue.

Built-in speakers are also there. You can connect your smartphone Bluetooth to the hoverboard, and let your friends move on your beat.

It also supports the application, installs the app on your phone if you are a parent, and tracks the location as well as the top speed of your teen.

Yes, it also meets and exceeds all safety guidelines and standards. It has earned UL2272 certification, which reduces the risk of short-circuiting or overheating.

The only issue with this hoverboard is its battery hours. It lasts just 20-30 minutes on the top speed, which really impacts its overall performance and useability.

What We Like!

  • RGB LED lights and sidelights illuminate the surrounding
  • 200W powerful brushless quiet motor
  • 20-Degree incline or decline angle
  • Uul2272 Certification ensures your safety and security

Things to Consider!

  • The battery does not last long

Hoverboards Buying Guide

Shopping for a hoverboard is all about buying the one that matches your preferences. Not all hoverboards are made for all. This section will help you to learn what makes a hoverboard stand.

UL 2272 Certification

Safety is the most important aspect or feature to look into a Hoverboard. Look at hoverboard’s UL 2272 Certification, because if a hoverboard is certified from UL 2272 certification it means it would not pose any risk such as catching fire or exploding.

Because, such incidents have already happened, and due to the same, in some countries, even to the date, Hoverboards are banned.

Weight Endurance

Another important attribute is to make your purchase worth it. Weight limit helps you learn whether or not a particular product can endure your weight.

If you weigh 220 pounds, and the hoverboard you purchased can endure 150-pounds, there will be no use of it at all.

Look for a higher weight limit range even if you are buying it for kids because sometimes, you might find yourself in the mood to have little fun.

Tire Size

Sturdy, good-sized tires help you maneuver through any terrain you hit. I suggest buying a hoverboard with 6.5 inches tires, even if it is a beginner or entry-level hoverboard.

If you hit off-road more than often, go with 8 inches or 10inches tires, which surely are expensive but make your experience jerk-free, and smoother than ever before.

Speed range

Maybe when you start learning hoverboards, you don’t like it at top speed. But once you learn the basics, you would love and appreciate a decent top speed.

In starting your hoverboard, don’t just let it catch 9 mph speed, let it warm up and reach the maximum speed.

In my view, for a hoverboard for kids the top speed should be 6 mph, and for adults 9-10 mph.

If you want the hoverboard as a means of personal transportation, it should not go more than 15 mph.

Battery Timing

A hoverboard is a battery-operated self-balancing scooter. The battery hours determine how long you can go.

Well, the total battery hours get directly impacted by the speed and weight range of the user.

But on average, a good hoverboard should at least last 40-50 minutes at top speed. It should cover at least 10-12 miles in one charge.

I see many hoverboards require to be connected to the charger all day. So, be careful, and buy the one with 2-3 hours of charging time.

Final Verdict

When it comes to Hoverboard, everyone can have unique requirements. Every person is different so are their needs.

Maybe you want a hoverboard for fun, and the other person can take it as a model for personal transportation.

So, the needs and requirements are different with weight range and the roads they will be hitting.

So, in this long guide, we tried to pick different products by looking at different requirements and unique needs to help all.

Still, it is you who should and can decide which one among the above reviewed is best for you.

Have a bird’s eye view of the options, and by keeping your requirements in mind, pick a hoverboard.

FAQs About Hoverboards

How does a hoverboard really work?

Well, if you are using it for the first time, you might not be as comfortable as you should be. The science behind making the Hoverboards work is really outstanding.

There are sensors in the wheels that tell the gyroscope when you are learning and the system keeps up with the help of tinny logical boards.

Can you ride a hoverboard on grass?

It depends. If you get a Hoverboard with tires that support smoother gliding through grass or gravel, you can ride a hoverboard on grass.

But if the tires are tiny, with no support of off-road roading, you still can ride but the ride would be full of turbulence and stops.

So, if you like to ride a hoverboard on grass, buy the one with off-road rides and tires integrated.

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